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The suffering in Yemen only intensifies.


War, hunger and now disease are ravaging Yemen.


The worst cholera outbreak in history is the latest crisis


Many in Yemen are dying needlessly because they can't get basic care.


After two years of war half the health facilities


The palace intrigue at the White House goes public.


The President's top aides are feuding over who's the source


of those damaging leaks. And a new full length film


This father-son drama is performed completely in Yiddish.


For two years a fierce civil war has been raging in Yemen


The Government backed by a Saudi-led Coalition controls


the country's south while Houthi rebels supported by Iran control


Continued fighting has left the already impoverished nation


on the brink of famine and now cholera has swept


through the country - with nearly 2000 deaths


The BBC's Orla Guerin has gained rare access to the country


and a warning her report contains distressing images throughout.


We cross the Red Sea to reach Yemen, past the sunken


We cross the Red Sea to reach Yemen, past the sunken


This was the only way to the port city of Aden.


The Saudi-led coalition, bombing the country, flew us in.


This is the kind of suffering they don't want the world to see.


He is one of many children wasting away across the country.


Since the war, malnutrition rates have soared.


Hunger is menacing this nation, from the very old...


Like Hussain, who fights for every breath.


The United Nations says an entire generation is being starved


In a ward nearby, another threat, a desperate rush


to save Abdullah Mohammed Salem, who came in with no pulse.


They tried to squeeze fluid and life back into his veins,


one victim of an epidemic ravaging Yemen, cholera, and it's the worst


There is now a perfect breeding ground for the disease,


as sanitation services have broken down.


Abdullah's son, Ahmed, has a message for those in power who,


Mosquitoes and flies are everywhere causing illness.


We are demanding that everyone who claims to be our leader should


Instead, they are dying of cholera at the rate of about one every hour.


Another outcome of a brutal conflict.


This hospital alone receives about 100 new cholera cases every day.


Those who get help recover quickly, within hours.


But many in Yemen are dying needlessly, because they can't get


After more than two years of war, half of the health facilities


Like much else in the Arab world's poorest nation,


an ancient civilisation with new battle scars.


The presidential guard mans the checkpoints in Aden.


But the Yemeni President is seldom seen.


He was forced to flee by Houthi rebels,


that's when his allies, the Saudis stepped in.


Their bombing campaign has not restored his authority.


But it has destroyed hospitals, schools and homes,


Their house was hit by two air strikes as the coalition targeted


Senaad tells us, that two years on, the extended family are among


Some of the family still live right here in the ruins,


with no help, they say, other than from God.


But civilians here have been under fire from both sides.


We met this woman and her children waiting for food aid.


10-year-old Imad used to love football, before


TRANSLATION: I brought the kids into the house.


They were in the living room when they were hit.


Since then, she says that Imad and her other children have


never been the same, they have deep psychological wounds


Most of all it is Yemen's children, like ten-month-old Ahmed


The conflict has reached a stalemate.


International diplomacy has failed and nowhere in the world


And joining me now is former US Ambassador to Yemen, Stephen Seche.


We saw there in the report, famine spreading, diplomacy has failed, you


are just back from meetings with officials from Yemen and Saudi


Arabia. What I walk away with a feeling of frustration. There is an


awareness that the situation is going in the wrong direction. There


is no clear way out. Only a political settlement is seen as


there really can get rid of this mess and the political mill --


political will, seems not to be there. Did you detect concern


amongst the officials of Yemen and Saudi Arabia about this humanitarian


catastrophe unfolding? Yes, everybody is aware of it, but nobody


comes up with a plan. That there needs to be assistance or a solution


to allow the free flow of assistance into the inner part of Yemen where


the population is at the greatest risk. Those Pacific material steps


were not articulated to us. Did you get the sense that both sides are


ready to going this out or are they open to a new Department initiative?


I did not detect enthusiasm for a new diplomatic initiative but I


would be happy to see month. A third party administrative element would


be a way to get two warring parties separated, hopefully that will find


traction, but I do not think there is a party that is willing to give


up what they claim as territorial gains. What role could the drug


administration play, the US has backed Saudi Arabia, could it change


that? We need to change that. Our interest and that of Saudi Arabia do


not always converge, we need to say, what is our national interest, that


may enable us to find daylight between our support for Saudi Arabia


which is legitimate, what they went in to do is to distort a legitimate


Government, fine, but the way they are doing it is not going to achieve


that end. What do you feel is at stake here at this or just carries


on as bitters, even beyond the humanitarian catastrophe? The idea


of a destabilised Yemen, geographically, around the red Sea


and the Indian Ocean, where so many energy supplies full, perhaps the


resident Asus population looking to launch attacks, all of that spells


disaster. -- resident Isis population.


Firefighters say the blazes which have caused mass evacuations


in southern France are under control but they warn that


Around 10,000 holidaymakers and residents have been forced


to leave their homes and campsites around the town of


It's from there that Duncan Kennedy reports.


It's been another 24 hours of fires...


This was Bormes-les-Mimosas, west of St Tropez, and the flames


have been spreading again across the windswept bridges.


That meant another night on the beach for dozens


of holiday-makers, forced out of their campsites.


They included Olivia Hall from Sevenoaks, who's


about to spend her third night in a sleeping bag along


What do you think of sleeping on a beach like this?


Well, I mean for me, I'm 18, it's OK, but for old people,


my grandparents for instance, it's not the easiest


Today we went out with this team of firefighters.


This is the kind of terrain they have to haul up their hosepipes,


They're dousing down dozens of small pockets of fire.


After four days, he said, he's tired but holding up.


And it's not just a firefighting effort from the ground.


There goes another load from one of these aircraft, one of dozens


Little patches of fire keep breaking up, they are the most dangerous


ones, they are the ones that can lead to widespread bushfires


And in wave after wave, the planes kept on coming,


trying to control fires caused by combustible undergrowth


TRANSLATION: When the fires combine with the winds,


It's like a herd of bison storming down the hill,


eating up all the vegetation, animals, and unfortunately people.


When the fires have passed through, this is what they leave.


Green turned to black, life turned to dust.


It is part of the natural cycle here, but the effects


Duncan Kennedy, BBC News, on the Cote d'Azur.


Well, when it comes to political infighting -


the White House is a virtual boxing ring right now.


The new communications director Anthony Scaramucci has been


in the job for less than a week, and he's already throwing punches.


This morning he challenged the White House chief of staff


to come forward and explain he's not a leaker.


And on the policy front - it seems even top generals aren't


clear on what the President's Tweet banning transgender people


The BBC's Anthony Zurcher joins us now.


The competent new communications chief goes on TV and challenges the


chief of staff to a duel about leaking, does this happen with the


support of the President? I think the President knew but he


was getting into when he hired Anthony Scaramucci. Sean Spicer


resigned. He had to know that this was going to ruffle some feathers.


It is to only 60s were Anthony Scaramucci to come in and say, prove


you are not a litre. That is like the old saying, tell me when you


have stopped beating your wife. Compared to the weak's other victim,


Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has plenty of defenders, many


defenders for the chief of staff? Not particularly. Speaker of the


host said he was doing a good job and he did not think there was a


problem but Paul Ryan is also from Wisconsin, they are allies. Be on


that, in the White House, nothing really, and nothing from the Hill.


If he has allies they are not rushing to his defence. Yesterday


the President to beat that there would be a ban on transgender people


serving in the US military but what are the actual military people


themselves saying about that? In those tweets, and in the White House


follow-up, they said the reason for the policy was because military


generals asked for it but though we're hearing that the top brass in


the military did not have any advance notice that this was coming


down. It was reported that this may have all been because of internal


fighting in Congress about funding for transgender operations. Maybe


some Republicans didn't want to fund it, asked the White House for help,


and White House said that as no transgender in the military


whatsoever. Policy by to beat, what are Republican lawmakers meeting of


this? A lot of them are very nervous. They do not need this kind


of distraction. The Senate is voting on a health care Bill that is


hanging by a thread. They talk about distractions of the time, this is a


huge distraction, they are seeing one of their own, Jeff Sessions, in


the bull's-eye of Donald Trump, and if a long-standing Ali can be


targeted, no one is safe, people in the administration, in Congress,


they are all looking over their shoulder. -- a long-standing ally.


Violent protests have resulted in more deaths in Venezuela.


Today demonstrators clashed with security forces for the second


day during a 48-hour strike against the government's attempt


More than 100 people have been killed in the last four months.


Yesterday, the US announced sanctions targeting


The BBC's Vladimir Hernandez reports from Caracas.


This group carries out this ritual before every


After almost 100 deaths and thousands of arrests, no wonder


Numerous Venezuelans have taken to the streets to ask


President Maduro to call a fresh election.


Due to severe food and medicine shortages, but also against his


On the frontline of every protest there is a group of young men women


They face the worst of the security forces.


This is what normally ends up happening almost every day.


For more than three months, protests end up in violent clashes,


where young men and young students, boys and girls, can end up injured


Many of the students in the resistance shy away


But a group of them have agreed to meet me at this university.


In my day, we were protesting against rising bus fares.


Today, it is a rather more desperate story.


We have concealed their identities and changed


The way I see it, the Resistance is everybody who is against the regime.


Many people say this is a dictatorship and if you look


at what they are doing, that is what it is, really.


At the moment, they are even trying to change our constitution which is


I think the Resistance is those people who come out to protest


and who are willing to take the lead to confront the police


Many of the students I met come from working-class areas that have


been especially hit hard by the economic collapse.


But the Venezualan government accuses them of staging a coup


TRANSLATION: Some have labelled us terrorists.


I think that all of us youth who make up the Resistance


We are defending our people from the brutal


Venezuela's state attorney has said that the government's actions can be


Others have still been held even after a judge ordered their release.


I'd put these issues to a Venezualan high ranking minister who gave


He passed the responsibility back to the attorney general.


TRANSLATION: There have been over 100 people


But out of these, almost 20 are national guardsman


Why has the attorney general not made any comment about this?


I would not hesitate to say that she is responsible


through dereliction of duty for the deaths that have occurred


As the death toll rises, the protests in Caracas are now


increasingly followed by vigils like this one to remember the dead.


For everyone in this city, the focus is now on Sunday.


That is the date for a vote to elect a new assembly tasked


Vladimir Hernandez, BBC News, Caracas.


Let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news.


Amid chaotic scenes, crowds of Palestinians have again


been worshipping at a sensitive holy site in Jerusalem after Israel


removed the last of the new security measures it installed


But as the crowds arrived at the Haram al-Sharif,


or Temple Mount, clashes broke out and Israeli forces fired tear gas.


London Police have told the authorities in charge


of Grenfell Tower that they may face corporate manslaughter charges over


the fire that killed at least 80 people last month.


Police say the local council and housing association had been


told there were reasonable grounds to suspect them of the offence.


The founder of the Amazon website has become the world's richest man.


This was after a rise in value of Amazon shares on Thursday.


Now, there's no quicker way to end Summer fun than getting sick,


but you might want to think twice before finishing that


Some medical professionals in the UK are cautioning against taking


the full course if the treatment is prescribed, saying it


could risk developing a resistance to the drugs.


The danger posed by drug-resistant bacteria is growing.


Curbing the use and misuse of antibiotics is central


But now some scientists believe that long-standing advice to always


finish a course of the drugs may be wrong and could be making


We need to be careful about using antibiotics


because the more we use them, the more the bacteria figure out how


to become resistant to them, the more resistant bacteria


we select for, and the more bacteria in our environment and living


And that means when we get infected with those bacteria,


the antibiotics just won't work any more.


The world-famous discovery of penicillin...


Following Alexander Fleming's discovery of penicillin in the late


1920s, the belief was that not taking enough of the drug could lead


The modern-day official advice is still to complete the course


you have been prescribed, but today's report says


research to back up that advice, exposing a growing


difference of opinion in the scientific community.


This debate matters because the stakes are so very high.


The number of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics


is on the rise, and we are being told that antibiotics themselves


are a precious but diminishing resource that needs to be used


As questions are asked about how best to use antibiotics,


some are concerned patients will be left confused.


People have always to follow the instruction written on the label


about the course of antibiotics because if they stop the antibiotic


before the end of the treatment, they could develop resistance


and so that kind of antibiotic won't work any more in the future.


Everyone agrees more research is needed before


the finish-the-course advice is changed to something like


"stop when you feel better," but the serious concern


about drug-resistant bugs mean long-established practice


This weekend a full length film in Yiddish will be


hitting the big screen - making it one of the first movies


The father-son drama is set in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish


community of New York's Borough Park.


Tom Brook has gone there to meet the actors and those


It has one of the biggest concentrations of


They reject most aspects of secular culture and that includes watching


Yet a portrait of this community has emerged


The film tells the story of one man's struggle,


to maintain custody of his son Rieven played by Ruben Niborski.


The film was co-written and directed by Joshua


Weinstein, a non-Orthodox Jew, working with a cast


Menashe is this big Charlie Chaplinesque of a man.


He's very funny, he's very endearing, but


And they have this chemistry where just by making a


face they can show all the dynamic and emotion between a father and


Nearly all the dialogue in Menashe is in Yiddish.


The film aims to be the genuine article.


These people speak Yiddish in everyday lives.


To have Holywood actors speaking in English


would have felt so phoney that I don't even know what the point of


I gather that you don't speak Yiddish


so wasn't it rather difficult in a way to


direct a film that's in


We wrote the script in English and then we had translators


But Yiddish is such a language that, block by block, neighbourhood by


neighbourhood, family by family speaks it differently, so we had


huge debates about what the correct words were, how to say certain


But this low-budget film faces a challenge.


subtitles audience appetite for a movie in Yiddish is limited.


Also the group that might be most interested in the picture's


content, ultra-Orthodox Jews, will most likely not go to see this


film because cinema-going is not permitted within the community.


thanks ultra-Orthodox Jews may make an exception for this film because


It's kosher because there's no touching.


Even if there's some females in the movie


And there's no negative against religion, belief, or any


Menashe may be one of the few films in Yiddish in


more than 70 years but its presence doesn't signal an imminent revival


in Yiddish cinema, which blossomed mid-1930s.


But it does show that the Yiddish language, while it no


longer enjoys the primacy of decades ago, is most definitely flourishing


in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in


Don't forget, you can get in touch with me and some


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