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Charlie Gard, the terminally ill British baby whose medical care


was the subject of a court battle has died, a week before


The Pentagon confirms that North Korea has test-fired a second


It flew for 45 minutes before landing in the sea.


Donald Trump takes cover after a setback in the Senate and a public


row between two of his closest aides.


Also, volunteers trying to save Canada's wild horses from hunters


before it's too late. Hello and welcome


to World News Today. In the last hour it's been confirmed


that the terminally ill baby Charlie Gard has died,


a week before his first birthday. It's thought he was moved


to a hospice today from Great Ormond Street children's


hospital where he was being treated. This is Charlie Gard without


breathing or feeding tubes, before his devastating genetic condition


emerged, which causes progressive By his side throughout


have been his parents, They refused to accept Charlie had


suffered catastrophic brain damage and raised funds online for


experimental treatment in the United Great Ormond Street Hospital applied


to court to end Charlie's life-support, and every


judge backed them. At the UK Supreme Court, with


Charlie's parents sitting behind, the hospital's barrister


said his suffering should end. The reality is that Charlie


can't see, he can't hear, he can't move,


he can't cry, he can't swallow. Immensely sadly, his condition


is one that affords An American doctor offering


to treat Charlie with this experimental powder had not


seen his full medical records and it took six months before he came


to London to Finally, at the High Court,


Charlie's parents abandoned their legal fight, saying


that time had run out. Our son is an absolute warrior


and we could not be prouder of him His body, heart and soul may soon be


gone, but his spirit will live on for eternity and he will make


a difference to people's A private family tragedy


was fought out in public. Doctors and nurses at


Great Ormond Street, renowned children's hospitals,


received abuse and even death threats, which Charlie's


parents condemned. Pro-life groups adopted the cause


and Charlie's plight became an international issue


when both the Pope and Donald Trump The judge said it was


a pitfall of social media that people commented


without knowing the facts. Charlie would have been


one on August the 4th. His parents said


they were sorry they could not save him, but would set up


a foundation to help other sick The Pentagon says it believes


North Korea has conducted another There are reports that the missile


landed in Japanese waters. The Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary


said it flew for about 45 minutes. That's longer than the missile


tested in July which Pyongyang claimed was an intercontinental


ballistic missile capable Our correspondent,


Rupert Wingfield Hayes - who's in Tokyo - says this latest


missile test is not a surprise. What do we know about this latest


test? We have just heard from the department of defence in Washington,


who say their telemetry shows that it flew for about 1000 kilometres.


They say they are still working on the exact data to try to work out


what range this missile might have been, but they say it was an


intercontinental ballistic missile. That is what they called it,


although strangely they said it posed no threat to the USA. There


some other specialist who disagree with that because North Korea's


recent test, this one tonight and the one on July four, clearly are


aimed at extending the range of North Korea's missile force well


beyond Japan and the Western Pacific. And having a missile


capable of reaching the mainland US. The fact that this one a night


sleeper 45 minutes may be some indication that this a longer range


missile than they have tested before because that is the longest any test


flight has taken so far. How concerned are Japan for what is


happening right now and what it means for the months and years


ahead? Japan is deeply concerned about these tests. Not only because


of what it represents in the growing capability of North Korea's missile


arsenal, but because these are falling close to Japanese waters and


this one tonight in side -- inside Japan's exclusive zone. There will


be shipping and fishermen out fishing tonight. We don't get anyone


in these tests and so even these tests are a threat to Japanese


people and Japanese livelihoods and the Japanese Goodman is deeply


concerned. Thank you very much. Even by the standards


of his chaotic administration, its been a wild few hours


for President Donald Trump. The Senate has rejected yet another


attempt to repeal the health care And two of his top staffers appear


to be virtually at war. The BBC's Jon Sopel


reports from Washington. The history books will


record that before 2am this morning, Donald Trump's


promise to repeal and replace Obamacare that he said


would be so easy, crashed and burned


on the floor of the Senate. Outside, opponents who had


been waiting celebrated. The coup de grace was delivered


by Senator John McCain To gossips and sharp intakes


of breath, the person the president had hailed as a hero earlier


in the week from returning from treatment to vote,


now the villain of the piece. It left the Senate leader ruing


a humiliating defeat. This is clearly a disappointing


moment, from skyrocketing costs to the plummeting choices,


and collapsing markets, our constituents have suffered


through an awful lot under But that wasn't the only


drama unfolding. Here at the White House,


the most extraordinary bare knuckle cage fight has broken out among


the three most senior people in the West Wing


who aren't the president. The new communications director


Anthony Scaramucci talking in abusive and obscene terms


about the Chief of staff, and Anthony Scaramucci has apologised


for the language used, In his conversation


with the New Yorker magazine, Anthony Scaramucci said


of the Chief of staff: And earlier in the week,


Anthony Scaramucci told the BBC that his style was


going to be more direct. One of the things I cannot stand


about this town is the Where I grew up, we are front


stabbers, we tell you where Donald Trump left Washington


a short while ago to fly to Long Island, New York, to look


at efforts to curb into gang rivalry Laura Bicker is in


Washington for us. Donald Trump is touching down. We


will go to his speech as soon as it begins. This has been an incredibly


tough week, a tough few days for him again. Well, it started off the week


on Monday with Jarrod Krishna, his son-in-law being questioned by those


investigating the alleged Russian meddling in the US presidential


election. They tried to draw a line under that and then the weekly to


get more and more tumultuous love there was those transgender in the


military tweets that he put out early in the morning, catching the


Pentagon off-guard to the point where, in fact, they are not quite


sure what the policy is going forward. And now here we are as he


takes the stage, his own White House appears to be at civil war and at


loggerheads. We have yet to hear how on earth that debacle is going to be


sorted out. Let alone when it comes to the health care vote. One of his


key promises, his key pledges that he made from coast to coast. Today


he is concentrating on gang violence and disrupting drug cartels. Spent a


lot of time right here. I was in Queens, so I'd come here and this


was like the luxury location for me and I love it, I love the people


here. Even coming from the airport, I sat with Nicky Helly who is here


someplace. Our ambassador who was so incredible. She has seen crowds in


her life and she said, boy, those are really big crowds. Rows of


people... If Donald Trump refers to any of the questions that have come


up this week, we will go back to that speech. On the question of


health care, which is a key policy pledge, what happens next? Part of


the problem is we have now got a Republican party that is bruised and


battered and trying to pick up the pieces. How do they move forward?


The Speaker of the house, Paul Ryan, said earlier today that he is


disappointed, frustrated, but he wants to move forward. John McCain,


the one person who cast that decisive vote, a veteran senator, 80


years old, came back despite having that diagnosis of brain cancer to


cast that decisive vote. He too says he wants to see more working across


the aisle. How Democrats and Republicans worked together on the


health care bill is something else entirely, because simply working


between party lines just doesn't seem to work. How they move forward,


we will just have to wait and see in the next few days. Thank you very


much indeed for that. We will keep across Donald Trump's speech in case


there is any update on health care or his Warringah team in the White


House there. Let's move on. Supporters of Pakistan's former


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif say he will use all the legal options


available to defend his name. Mr Sharif was forced to resign,


after the supreme court disqualified him from office


for life over It's the climax of a saga


prompted two years ago by the Panama Papers -


leaks which linked Mr Sharif's three children with offshore companies


that allegedly enabled money laundering or tax evasion


during the buying of Our Pakistan correspondent


Secunder Kermani reports. For opponents of the Pakistani Prime


Minister, today's court decision is a huge and unprecedented victory


for accountability in a country where politicians often


have a reputation for corruption. Today, Nawar Sharif resigned


after the highest court A panel of five judges unanimously


decided he had not been honest when explaining his and his family's


financial dealings to The Supreme Court has


led from the front. And insha'Allah,


democracy will strengthen. Democracy will evolve in Pakistan


and insha'Allah, we will be able The allegations against Sharif


revolve around four luxury The documents from the Panama Paper


leaks revealed were linked The Pakistani Supreme Court has been


trying to establish where the money The Prime Minister's


daughter, widely seen as his political successor,


as well as her father, will now face further inquiries


by the national anticorruption body. No Prime Minister in


Pakistan has ever completed Sharif served twice in the '90s, but


was overthrown in a military coup. Some of his supporters have claimed


the allegations against him now are an attempt by the country's


powerful army to oust him again. His family have always


denied any wrongdoing and outside the court some


of his ministers remained defiant. TRANSLATION: No matter


who becomes the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister in the hearts


of the Pakistani people The ruling party will now have


to nominate a new leader, but with elections due to take place


by the middle of next year, the country is


facing real uncertainty. We're going to return to our top


story. News has emerged in the last hour that the baby Charlie Gard has


died. Of course it was very tragically expected news, but it is


incredibly sad. It has been such an awful saga. This was a boy that was


born in 11 months ago, apparently are normally healthy boy, but it


soon became apparent he had this rare genetic condition that lead to


terrible brain disorders and also muscle wastage and doctors in March


in London decided that his life was no lover tenable. To ease the


suffering they would have the right as doctors did turn off his


life-support systems and his parents thought that to the snail. This


became a very protracted, public battle between the parents, who said


they had the job's best interest at heart and they should be able to


take into the USA for what they said was revolutionary treatment, was


unproven, never been tested on anybody before. They have the money


to do that. But the courts and doctors were acting in their belief


in the best interests of the baby, a baby who was clearly not very well.


The doctors said it would not have been in his best interest to taken


away. It was a very public protracted battle and sadly the boy


has died. It was awful for the parents. They have released a short


statement. Our beautiful little boy has gone. We are so proud of you,


Charlie. That was Connie Yates, Charlie's mother. She has had an


awful time. She believe right up to the last midst that the hospital


have let them down. She accused yesterday of denying them their last


wish. The parents having accepted in the court this week that Charlie


could no longer be saved. They wanted to take him home to spent the


last few days with him, but doctors again said that would not have been


possible because the conditions, the medical equipment simply wasn't


there and that Charlie had to be allowed to die in a medical


environment. He was taken to a hospice and his life-support system


was turned off. Great Ormond is a world-renowned children's expert


Centre. It has been very difficult for them. What does this mean for


future difficult cases? I am not sure it will change much. Of course


the parents have a right under the law in the UK, but still the courts


and doctors will act in the child's best interest. At the start of this


case, great Ormond contacted specialist from around the world in


this condition to see if anything could be done and they clearly


decided nothing could be done. Thank you.


Let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news.


Police in Germany say a man armed with a knife has attacked people


in a supermarket in the northern city of Hamburg.


Police say one person was killed and four others injured.


The police say a man - who attacked apparently


people at random - has been detained.


The police say they have no clear idea of the motive and are not


One person has been killed in Helsinki after a man


Four others have been taken to hospital.


Police say the driver - a man in his 50s -


They say the man appeared to be drunk.


A court in Istanbul has ordered the release of seven suspects


in the controversial trial of staff from a prominent Turkish


They were jailed on charges of "supporting terrorism",


in a trial seen as a test for press freedom under President


The judge ordered that four other journalists from the Cumhuriyet


Aid workers in Greece say they're dealing with hundreds of extremely


vulnerable refugees being held on the island of Lesbos.


Many have been tortured and sexually abused by members of the so called


Those who ARE classed as extremely vulnerable,


are supposed to be moved to Athens for specialist treatment.


Life inside Moria migrant camp, Lesbos.


Rare footage from a place journalists are banned.


It shows tents have been replaced by containers,


a reflection of Europe's waiting room being made more


long-term for the 4,000 being held on the island.


Violence, writing and fires are becoming routine. The camps are full


and migrant boats are still going. Since so-called Islamic State


started to lose ground, many who have arrived in Greece have escaped


detention. Men tortured by firefighters, women used as six


slaves. Some are pregnant. It is worsening problem on an Origi


volatile island. We're very worried, we think we need


to improve the healthcare If they're vulnerable they need


to be recognised as such and may need to move somewhere


where they can get care. The reality is there isn't this care


here on the island and they need to move to the mainland


to receive it. Scars from years of torture,


Osama was once a Syrian policeman but was caught by rebel groups


and sold to IS. He said he was regularly beaten


and sexually abused by his captors. TRANSLATION: I've been


in captivity for three years, I lost my family, I lost my wife,


I haven't heard anything about them. He tells me he was able to escape,


hoping for a new life in Europe. TRANSLATION: The tension


will only rise here. Sometimes I feel if I had been


killed in Syria it would be better The Greek refugee policy is clear


that extremely vulnerable migrants should be taken off the island


quickly for specialist I would like at this point to remind


that 30,000 people have come through the island since March,


2016, so there can be individual cases, some individual cases,


where they may not have been The Greek government is promising


to take extremely vulnerable Those needing the most help,


for the moment, are still This weekend Europe will mark


the centenary of the First World War The campaign, fought north


of Ypres in Belgium, lasted over three and half months


and led to around half One of those killed


was George Baxter Lowson. He was 30 and came from


Tottenham in London. His story has inspired


two local teenagers - who have learning disabilities -


to pay their own musical tribute, Jonathan and Zach from


the Vale School in Tottenham are about to record their tribute


to a man they'll never meet, but a man who's become


part of their lives. We looked up where the grave


of George Baxter Lowson was, Because we've got disabilities, it's


very hard, but I feel me doing this song has made me more confident


because I'm not doing it for myself. This isn't just a tribute -


it's an expression of # All I see is death, death, death,


death in those places # Names, the names,


the names with no faces # Soldiers lost and


gone without traces As Ypres prepared for this


weekend's commemorations, Vale School performed


their tribute in a city Their words and music are a new


connection to one man from I think he would be proud of


this music, proud and pleased. He's not with us,


but with this song, So we just wanted


to give him something. For more than a century horses known


as wildies have roamed free But recently their numbers


on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains


have been dwindling. Natural predators and culls


to prevent them from harming Today less than 800 wildies remain


and now a team of volunteers is taking a new approach


to save them. One only has to go out


there and watch a herd roaming the hills just to really get a sense


of what it used to be If we lost the Alberta Wildies,


I think we'd be losing a big part They were just


considered feral, stray. Nobody cared about them,


nobody wanted anything to do with them, and so they were rounded


up, they were killed, In the wild horse herds,


one that lived closer to the private land and the forest,


the young boys get kicked out by themselves and maybe


join up with a couple Most of the boys that we have


in the barn right now, They got onto private land,


trying to get close to find The contraceptive is administered


via a dart, so it's a disposable It is a true contraceptive,


it's not sterilisation. The mare will get bred


and she will have normal behaviour, I didn't start with horses


until about ten years ago. My daughter got a horse


and when she went off to college, Every day, there's something


you learn and can teach them, too. I go out in the woods and I'm on my


horse or I'm just in my vehicle. I still get really excited


and my heart just, oh, it just warms me up


inside and the more people I can bring out there to show them


and the more people I can tell Don't forget you can get


in touch with me and some of the team on Twitter -


I'm @geetagurumurthy We will be speaking to some from the


Japanese Embassy a little later. Stay with us if you can.


So we come to the weekend. The last weekend of July and it's looking


more autumnal than


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