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Charlie Gard, the terminally ill British baby whose medical care


was the subject of a court battle has died, a week before


was the subject of a court battle has died.


Donald Trump takes cover after a setback in the Senate and a public


row between two of his closest aides.


Also, volunteers trying to save Canada's wild horses from hunters


Hello and welcome to World News Today.


The Pentagon says it believes North Korea has conducted another


The Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary said it flew for about 45 minutes.


That's longer than the missile tested in July which Pyongyang


claimed was an intercontinental ballistic missile capable


The Prime Minister convened the National Security Council and


expressed his strongest condemnation against North Korea and announce


that our Prime Minister will take every possible measure to ensure the


safety of the Japanese people. It is important at this critical juncture


that such key allies as the United States, South Korea, and Japan


closely coordinate and rigorously implement economic sanction measures


that have been agreed upon, and that were also announced to give pressure


to North Korea so that it would come to its senses. It has been reported


the head of the American and South Korean military has discussed


military response options, what does that mean, does Japan supported? It


has been expressed that Japanese Government supports the American


administration's position that all options are on the table. There is


no question about it. We will continue to closely coordinate with


such key Alex Mowatt the United States and South Korea. At the


moment it is important to recognise that the military option is the last


resort. What is important right now is to implement rigorously and


completely economic sanction measures that were agreed by the


Security Council, that also includes China and Russia, which also have


great influence over North Korea. What should China and Russia to that


they are not at the moment? Russia and China are permanent members of


the United Nations Security Council, the bear a big responsibility in


dealing with North Korea's elastic missile programmes, and as far as


China is concerned, 90% of North Korea's trade is with China. What is


making it possible for North Korea to develop its ballistic and nuclear


programme is its massive foreign currency revenue. It is critically


important. In that regard China can play a far more important role than


it is currently doing. Do you think they are serious about stopping


North Korea or not? China's position on North Korea nuclear and missile


programme is clear, they would never condone North Korea becoming a


nuclear power. They have been quite explicit about it. China is in a


very good position and is serious about declaring North Korea becoming


a nuclear power. But it's obvious that the ballistic missiles that


have been launched our delivery systems of such weapons. Let us know


get more on this from Washington. What does talk of a military


response mean? It could mean increasing the US


military footprint in the region, or a pre-emptive military strike. There


are various options available. The military has recently updated those


options and they are ready to be presented to the President should he


ask for them. That reality has not changed. Secretary of defence


regularly says he does not want this option, a military cough edition


would be a catastrophe, but equally they are watching with concern the


ad -- the advancing technological ability of North Korea with regard


to ballistic missiles and the concern about long-range runs and


the ability for these missiles to ultimately hurt the United States.


What other options are possible? What about the influence of China?


Can the US do more to exert pressure on the Chinese? The US is preparing


to do more to put pressure on the Chinese. A State Department official


said the CPR drawing up a list of things that they said were sanctions


busting. They have started to do that. They have signalled that they


are prepared to do more. But that this within the range of policy that


is being pursued now which is sanctions and diplomacy trying to


squeeze -- trying to squeeze North Korea with the goal of getting it to


a giddy to D nuclear lies. There is the question being asked,


can you convince them to do this at this point. Either you have a


military response or you have talks and agreed to freeze North Korea


where they are in their nuclear programme. That is something that


the administration is not willing to consider, at least publicly, at this


point. It's been confirmed


that the terminally ill baby Charlie Gard has died,


a week before his first birthday. It's thought he was moved


to a hospice today from Great Ormond Street children's


hospital where he was being treated. The hospital has released a


statement sending their condolences to the family.


In March of this year specialists at great Ormond Street that decided


that his treatment should be withdrawn. His parents rejected


this. They said there were doctors in America offering experimental


treatment that could help Charlie Gard. They hang on to the


possibility that they would be allowed to take him to America. But


after further tests they admitted defeat and said it was time to let


him go. Our son is an absolute warrior and


we could not be prouder of him and we will miss him terribly. His body,


heart and soul will soon be gone but his spirit will live on for eternity


and he will make a difference to people's lives for years to come.


The campaign was relentless. A petition was handed and with 350,000


signatures. An online appeal raised more than ?1 million to pay for


experimental treatments. Support for Charlie Gard was global. A statement


from Pope Francis said he was playing for his parents and that he


hoped that they wished to a company and cheat their child until the end


was not elected. -- and treat their child.


But doctors at great Ormond Street and the legal system saw things


differently. Judges at every level up to this European Court of Human


Rights determined that further treatment would not be in the


interests of Charlie Gard and that he should be allowed to die with


dignity. Through out the legal process the relationship between the


parents and the hospital deteriorated stop I cannot get my


head around it. We too him into hospital, they do not want to do the


treatment. They basically just kept him a prisoner there. Our parental


rights have been stripped the military we took in there, in


hindsight we lost him. -- the moment we took him in there. His parents


thank nurses at great Ormond that they said the hospital and the


courts had denied them their final wish by determining that the


life-support treatment should end sought -- shortly after he was moved


to a hospice rather than allowing them to move to a home environment.


The money raised will now set up a foundation to help other desperately


ill children. The parents thank everyone who supported Charlie Gard


and said that by the time his short life came to an end he was loved by


thousands of people. His parents have released a


statement. They say the hospital denied them their final wish. They


just wanted quality time. Most people will not have to go through


what we went through. We had no control over his life or his death.


Let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news.


The court said Nawaz Sharif had been dishonest and not disclosing his


earnings. He has denied any wrongdoing.


Police in Germany say a man armed with a knife has attacked people


in a supermarket in the northern city of Hamburg.


Police say one person was killed and four others injured.


The suspect is no indication. The police say they have no idea of


motive and are not ruling anything out.


The US Government says it plans to rhetoric the amount of nicotine in


cigarettes. They think reducing nicotine levels will make cigarettes


less addictive. They will look at ways of shifting smokers to


electronic cigarettes. The volunteers trying to save


Canada's wild horses from hunters before it is too late.


An independent review will be carried out into building


regulations and fire safety after that Grenfell Tower fire.


The Government has announced an independent review of fire safety


and building regulations. Many of the questions were left their


regulations were adequate. The former chairperson of the


manufacturers organisation will over see this. It will report to the


Communities Secretary and to the Home Secretary. They will explore


many of these aspects of regulation being sufficient. Whether


sufficiently applied. It sounds at this early stage.


The latest headlines. The United States and South Korea discuss a


military response option after North Korea test a second intercontinental


ballistic missile. And Charlie Gard, the terminally ill baby, whose


medical care was subject to a court battle, has died.


It has been an incredible few hours for President Donald Trump. The


Senate has rejected another attempt to reveal Obamacare, and three of


the top figures are, Donald Trump's promised to repeal Obamacare that he


said would be so easy, crashed and burned on the floor of the Senate.


Outside, opponents celebrated. John McCain delivered the news with a


dramatic thumbs down. Two gasps and intakes of breath that person that


the President had hailed as a key role was note the villain of the


piece. This is a disappointing moment. From


skyrocketing costs, plummeting choices, collapsing markets, our


constituents have suffered through an awful lot under Obamacare. That


was not the only drama unfolding. At the White House the most


extraordinary bare-knuckle cage fight has broken out among the three


most senior people in their West wing who are not the President. The


new communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, talking in abusive and


obscene terms about the chief of staff, and the chief strategist.


Anthony Scaramucci has apologised for the language used, but not the


sentiments expressed. In his conversation with the New


Yorker magazine, Anthony Scaramucci said of the Chief of staff.


Of Steve Banning he said. And earlier in the week Anthony


Scaramucci told the BBC that his style was going to be more direct.


One of the things I cannot stand about this town is the backstabbing.


Where I grew up, we are front stabbers. We like to tell you where


we are from and what we are doing. Donald Trump left Washington a short


while ago to fly to Long Island, New York, to look up efforts to curb


inter-gang rivalry and violence. He could have stayed at home.


If the President was disheartened by the Senate's decision to vote down


their health care Bill he was not showing during a speech he made in


the last couple of hours then Long Island. Discussing measures on


immigration and law enforcement he said he would still get the job done


on health care. We need more resources from Congress and we are


getting them. Congress is actually opening up and really doing the job.


They should have approved health care last night that you can't have


everything. They have been working on that one for seven years. Can you


believe that? This one. But we will get it done. I said from the


beginning, let Obamacare implored, and then do it. That turned out to


be right. Obamacare, implored. I spoke to our Washington


correspondent about why Obamacare is so divisive.


I have been speaking to a number of people over the past few months


about Obamacare and health care provision. On the one hand you have


a number of Americans who rely on three health care, on the measures


brought in by President Obama. They typically don't get the treatment


they need. On the other hand you have middle-class Americans who are


working very hard boost unions have shot up. Their health care now costs


more than mortgage or rent sometimes. They cannot understand


why they are paying for health care for those that they believe have


made choices in life that they do not understand, that perhaps they


are paying for health care for people who need certain treatments


or who have had many children. I spoke to one woman who said why


should I pay for another mother who needs to give birth for perhaps


their fifth child? I said is that not the way health care works? She


said that is not how it should work in the United States. That is what


the two camps, that Republicans are trying to coalesce around. They have


a problem. The measures for some of the particle too far. They fear that


millions will lose health coverage. For others in the party,


conservatives, they believe the measures do not go far enough, they


want more of Obamacare repealed. Last night they try to bring those


sides together. It is with some course until John McCain cast that


full. They are bruised, battered, and on recess. It is not likely we


will see health care floor any time soon. On recess that they meant the


number of troubles it has been a difficult week and a difficult


couple of days. It is hard to sum up this week. It started with the


President's son-in-law going to the Senate to give testimony about


meeting various members of either the Russian Government Russian


representatives. It's all these investigations into whether or not


Russia medal in the US presidential elections. Then we Donald Trump


treating saying that transgender people would be banned from the


military, catching his own military off-guard, and that directive is no


uncertain. Nobody from the White House has given the military the


idea of how they are taking this policy forward.


Last night we had the drama surrounding health care. And then


the White House itself seems to be at civil war with the likes of


Anthony Scaramucci. We have not seen a resolution to that either. They


have been on the same plane on the way to that rally that you have just


seen. We have not seen how that situation will resolve itself. It is


Friday afternoon. You just never know what is going to happen next in


this White House. Here is the sport.


How has the crickets gone? It is going very well for England. The


third test. A brilliant day for them against South Africa at the Oval,


particularly for debit and Toby Roland-Jones, 4-39. Alistair Cook


was hoping to make his 31st test century that he fell for it yet. Ben


Stokes was the mainstay, it brilliant 112. Kagiso Rabada took


three wickets after returning from a one match ban at in the first test.


But it was Toby Roland-Jones, a knock of 25 with the bat, and he


also took four wickets. It is a pretty special day coming into it.


We knew that we wanted to try and push ourselves as hard as possible.


Still pretty testing conditions at times out there. I thought it was


outstanding and elevating us to a score that we always thought would


be very competitive in the game. It is very helpful when you have got


players at the end of your remark with the experience of Stuart Broad


and Jimmy. They were calm and be guided me through the opening few


overs and then I'd use the adrenaline to keep me going from


there. The bad they for South Africa has been compounded. Philander will


spend the night in hospital on a drip. He has missed large spells of


the tests so far with a stomach bug. Usain Bolt's Killie could go on and


on according to Justin Gatlin. He is still going at age 35 and thinks


Usain Bolt might reconsider his decision to quit. When they miss


competing at the highest level? It's as not just a figure, it is going to


be filled by such young athletes, athletes who want to make a name for


themselves. But he has the opportunity to come back. Once he


leaves he can still come back. He can have a year of rest and say, I


cannot believe it's too soon stop do you think he might do that? He has


that rock star mentality. He could travel the world, have fun, party in


different places, come back and say he wants to take this seriously


again. The President of cycling's world governing body has hit back at


critics as he seeks free election to meet the body. Lance Armstrong and


Pat McQuaid have both been vocal in their dislike of his tenure.


I could not want better endorsements. Neither Lance


Armstrong nor Pat McQuaid like what I have been doing with cycling. They


are the people in their own different ways who took cycling to


the brink of disaster. I do not want their support. That tells its own


story. That has all the sport for now.


There is more online. For more than a century horses known


as wildies have roamed free But recently their numbers


on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains


have been dwindling. Natural predators and culls


to prevent them from harming Today less than 800 wildies remain


and now a team of volunteers is taking a new approach


to save them. One only has to go out


there and watch a herd roaming the hills just to really get a sense


of what it used to be If we lost the Alberta Wildies,


I think we'd be losing a big part They were just


considered feral, stray. Nobody cared about them,


nobody wanted anything to do with them, and so they were rounded


up, they were killed, In the wild horse herds,


one that lived closer to the private land and the forest,


the young boys get kicked out by themselves and maybe


join up with a couple Most of the boys that we have


in the barn right now, They got onto private land,


trying to get close to find The contraceptive is administered


via a dart, so it's a disposable It is a true contraceptive,


it's not sterilisation. The mare will get bred


and she will have normal behaviour, I didn't start with horses


until about ten years ago. My daughter got a horse


and when she went off to college, Every day, there's something


you learn and can teach them, too. Don't forget you can get


in touch with me and some of the team on Twitter -


I'm @geetagurumurthy


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