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North Korea claims its latest intercontinental ballistic missile


test proves ANY target in the US is now within striking distance.


The White House War - Donald Trump names General John


Kelly as his next chief of staff after days of public in-fighting.


Done an incredible job thus far, respected by everybody.


An interim Prime Minister is chosen by Pakistan's ruling party,


but he'll only stand-in until the brother of ousted leader


I have a 45-year-old female on the phone who says she has a boa


constrictor stuck to her face. Also in the programme -


the emergency call from a woman in the US who was being attacked


by a Boa Constrictor. Hello and welcome to World News


Today. South Korea says it will speed-up


the deployment of the remaining components of the American


THAAD anti-missile system. It follows North Korea's


latest rocket test. North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Un has


claimed the US mainland is now The launch has been condemned


worldwide with China also From Seoul, here's our


correspondent Karen Allen. Cloaked in darkness,


state-run TV captured the final A potent symbol of North Korea's


defiance in the face its leader Kim Jong-un


there to witness it all. And the moment that Pyongyang


thumbed its nose at the world. The second launch of


an intercontinental ballistic It travelled higher and further


than the missile fired before, eventually splashing down


in the ocean off the coast of Japan. Then came the official


confirmation from Pyongyang. The newsreader announcing that this


test was proof that the whole Pictures show a triumphant


North Korean leader. In Washington, President Trump


described the test The reaction from North Korea's


neighbour in the South TRANSLATION: South Korea strongly


condemns this reckless act, dashing the international


community's hopes of eased inter-Korean military tensions and,


in particular, Seoul's offer These joint US-South Korea military


drills a response to the launch, designed to send a clear message


that Seoul and Washington stand shoulder to shoulder in the face


of an increasingly belligerent The US already has battleships


in the Pacific Ocean. Now it's promised to scale


up its strategic assets in response More aircraft carriers and stealth


bombers could soon be on the way. A jubilant Kim Jong-un wants US


recognition as a nuclear power. Instead, in the wake


of another missile test, he is likely to face stiffer


sanctions, with China and Russia under pressure not


to stand in the way. Terence Roehrig is the Director


of the Asia-Pacific Studies Group This missile went higher and


further, alarming, do you think? Certainly, it is part of the


progression of North Korea improving its capabilities. It is showing,


evermore, it is able to reach the United States and therefore


believing it has a deterrent capability to prevent the United


States, as it believes, from perhaps conducting some sort of a regime


change operation. Is the US in him and in danger? I don't think so.


What you have going on is deterrent on both sides. We have, for years,


been in the goal of trying to deter North Korea of a Korean War style


event. That has been successful for over 60 years. I am expecting that


will be continue to be successful. In return, North Korea is trying to


deter others. So we have deterrence going from both sides of the


strategic equation and the key will be to be able to maintain some sort


of strategic stability, in spite of these changes. We heard in that


report, the US is about to scale up its military deployments, are we


about to see some confrontation? Know I don't. I think we will see


continued posturing on both sides. The United States, is likely to, it


in conjunction with South Korea, conduct a number of things. Efforts


to pass another Security Council resolution. We will see how the


Chinese and the Russians respond. We will see some of these efforts to


bring other strategic assets to the region to reinforce the alliance,


reinforced deterrence. South Korea considering its hesitation to deploy


the other batteries. But the strategic problem is still going to


be there, as very unlikely, North Korea will ever give up its nuclear


weapons. Thank you very much. There's plenty more on this


story on our website, including analysis from our


Diplomatic Correspondent Jonathan Marcus on how the United States


could defend itself. It has been a fast-paced week in


Washington. The latest high profile departure


from Donald Trump's administration is the President's,


now former, chief of He was the subject of


a tirade of abuse last week from the new White House


communications director. Mr Priebus, whose tenure


was the shortest of any White House Chief of Staff in modern


US history, has been replaced by John Kelly, a former General,


who President Trump praised for his work as head


of Homeland Security. Done an incredible job thus far,


respected by everybody. Our Washington Correspondent Laura


Bicker gave us reaction Well, the Republican


party has been praising Reince Priebus, who is,


in effect, one of their own. That could be part of the reason why


Donald Trump never seemed Remember, he was appointed Chief


of staff because he was part He also knew how those levers


in Washington should work. But as the six months wore on,


Donald Trump has reportedly described him as weak and also said


he questioned his loyalty. And now he has turned to someone


outside of the political sphere. He is looking to someone outside


of the swamp, as he called it. He is an marine general,


4-star general, who could impose some kind of perhaps military


discipline on a rather He is also seen as having done


a remarkable job as head So how he'll do in the West Wing,


we'll have to wait and see. And what we are seeing


is a Republican party and a White House who seemed to be


distancing themselves Yes, and the other defeat this week


was of course over health care and Donald Trump has been


tweeting over that. What impact do you think


that might have? Well, the defeat of health care


is something all Americans I have travelled the length


and breadth of this country and it's And that is because for those


who rely on the free health care they now get under President Obama's


reforms, without it, they don't know how they'll cope,


they don't know how they'll And for those who are middle


class, middle income, hard-working families,


feel their premiums have shot up And that is one of the reasons why


Donald Trump is trying to get this done, but his frustration is clear


because there are political And this morning on Twitter,


he's blaming those political systems and blaming the Republicans


for defecting, rather So the effect of distancing himself


from the Republican party could be a good one for the president,


because he then can blame the party for his problems,


rather than his own presidency. Nawaz Sharif, has named his brother


as his ultimate successor. Mr Sharif, who was forced to resign


over corruption allegations, has appointed a caretaker leader


until his sibling, Shahbaz Sharif, It's a move that's been


criticised by the opposition, Rain poured down as the ruling party


gathered to choose a new leader. Many in Pakistan hope yesterday's


Supreme Court ruling that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was unfit to


hold office, would begin a cleansing of corruption within the political


class. The disgraced former Prime Minister


today denied any wrongdoing, before introducing the new leader. His


brother, Shahbas Sharif. An interim Prime Minister will hold the fort


until Shahbas Sharif gets a seat in parliament. You would have thought


keeping the party leadership and therefore the Prime Minister ship


Pakistan within the same family, would be controversial. But the only


rally anywhere near the Pakistani capital today, was of supporters of


the ruling party. Whatever reservations Pakistanis may have


about power staying within this family, the fact is, under Nawaz


Sharif, the country has prospered. Terror attacks are down and the


economy is growing steadily. Let's take a look at some of


the other stories making the news. Poland's nationalist government has


hit back after the European Union started legal action over reforms


to the Polish legal system. The European Commission said


the new rules allowed the justice minister to exert influence


on individual judges by deciding how But the Polish Foreign Minister said


the Commission's actions Two people have been killed


in a stampede during a football Police say too many people had been


trying to enter the stadium, that once hosted the 2010


World Cup final. Kenyan police say unidentified


gunmen have attacked the home of Deputy President William Ruto,


in the western town of Eldorett. Local reports say a police officer


manning the gate was injured. Mr Ruto and his family were not


at home at the time. The incident comes ten days before


Kenya holds presidential, Colombia's president says


he won't recognise the result of Sunday's vote in neighbouring


Venezuela. It's to elect an assembly with the


power to rewrite the constitution. It came as protests


against the government's plans gained momentum


in the Venezuelan capital Caracas. This is the Avenue, one of the main


arterial roads in eastern Caracas. Normally it would be full of traffic


and pedestrians. This is one of the main parts through the city, but


today it is just barricaded completely. The streets are


deserted, every few hundred metres, there is rubbish, barbed wire, young


men and women sitting out, protecting the streets from anybody


coming through, any traffic. This is the environment in which Sunday's


vote is due to take place. It is happening not just in this part of


Caracas, but across the city. Wherever there are neighbours who


are opposed to the administration and Sunday's vote, which they see as


the final imposition of a dictatorship in Venezuela, people


are turning out and closing the streets and they say they will


continue to do so until they can effect a change in the country.


The US space agency Nasa has ordered an investigation after confirmation


astronauts were cleared to fly while drunk.


The last foot patrol in South Armagh, one an everyday part of the


soldier's lot, drudgery and danger. Now know more after almost four


decades. If you are in a private house, not doing any harm to anyone,


I don't see why all these people should wander in and say you were


doing something wrong. Six rare white line clubs are on the prowl at


Worcestershire Park and they have been met with a roar of approval


from visitors. They are lovely, really sweet. Really cute.


North Korea claims its latest intercontinental ballistic missile


test proves that any target in the US is now


Donald Trump has named General John Kelly as his next


chief of staff after days of public in-fighting.


The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has offered her


"deepest sympathy" to the relatives of a man who killed in a knife


Mrs Merkel promised a full investigation into the attack


which was carried out by a known Islamist.


Our Berlin correspondent Damian McGuinness reports.


This mobile phone video shot by an eyewitness,


shows a group of local residents trying to stop the attack


They were in a nearby cafe when he ran past,


attacking people on the street with a large knife.


The men grabbed chairs to bring him under control,


TRANSLATION: A woman ran and shouted, there


People got up and there was panic on the other side of the street.


20, 30 people fleeing before the attacker.


Some people stood up, armed themselves with chairs


and tried to stop him, to surround him and chasing.


and tried to stop him, to surround him and chase him.


He stopped at the crossing and wake the knife and shouted God is good.


He was then cornered further along by other people.


German officials said the attacker came to Germany in 2015


His application for asylum was rejected.


He was known to be an Islamist, but wasn't considered dangerous.


TRANSLATION: I can say at the moment the perpetrator's motive


on the one hand, connected to Islamist motives.


On the other hand there is also evidence of mental instability.


We are currently assuming it is a mix of both, it is not yet


The attack happened on Friday afternoon.


The man went into this supermarket, grabbed a large kitchen knife


from a shelf and stabbed a nearby 50-year-old man to death.


He then attacked other people in the shop, before running outside.


It was thanks to these local men, now being called heroes of hamburg,


It was thanks to these local men, now being called Heroes of Hamburg,


that more people weren't injured or killed.


Sri Lanka has signed a billion dollar deal with China


for the control and development of a deep sea port.


The site is in the strategically important southern Sri Lankan


town of Hambantota, near the main shipping route


The agreement had been delayed because of local concerns


that the port could be used by the Chinese military.


Our South Asia editor, Anbarasan Ethirajan, has more.


Located in southern Sri Lanka, Hambantota port straddles the


world's busiest East, West shipping route. Built with Chinese financial


assistance in 2010, the port was supposed to transform the poorer


regions in the area, but it has been making losses. Now, Colombo is


releasing the facility to China for a deal worth more than $1 billion.


China says the portable play a crucial role in its initiative to


boost trade with the rest of the world.


We will make sure that Hambantota port will gain status as a gateway


to the spending and economics of the African region well we have similar


deals. The Sri Lanka government says the money will be used to repay part


of its debt and the country and mitts it is struggling to repay. Of


course there is debt. We had to carry the burden. We still have two,


as I have been showing in some of the recent press conferences, Sri


Lanka have to pay huge amounts of interest. There have been protest


over the planned Chinese industrial park to be set up near the port.


Villagers are scared they will be forced out of their homes.


Neighbouring India is also nervous, with Beijing getting a foothold


close to its southern tip. For now, Colombo insists the Sri Lanka Navy


will be in charge of the security of the port and no foreign navy will be


able to use it as a base. It is hard to predict how China will respond if


it's huge investments overseas are threatened in the future.


The Netherlands are through to the semifinals of the women's European


football championships. They beat Sweden 2-0. A goal in each half for


the Netherlands, who have reached the last four since 2009. Torrential


rain in Rotterdam has meant Saturday's second quarterfinal had


to be postponed. Germany will now play Denmark on Sunday at midday,


local time. England take on France in their quarterfinal on Sunday who


have beaten the lioness is in their last three major tournaments.


England haven't won against them since Mark Samson took over in 2013,


but that is a record be confident they can change. Mentally, we


believe we can beat them. We have been close in the past. An 87th


minute equaliser in 2011 and then beaten on penalties. We put them out


of the qualification for the World Cup in 2006, but got two draws. It


was an away draw that put us through. We were close back in


March. We are in a different place now, physically better prepared and


hopefully that will get us along. England's cricketers will hope the


better weather as they tried to build a commanding lead in the third


test against South Africa at the Oval. The home side 74-1 in their


second innings when rain stopped play on day three, leader of 252


runs. Toby Roland-Jones got fifth wicket as the tourists were 175 all


out. If we can get up to hoards daily-macro up towards the 400, in


reasonable time, we will be happy with that. I'd hope we can bowl them


out in a day, in a session. We have some big hitters to come in towards


the backend who can speed up the run rate. So that will be the way we


will be looking to go about it, I would imagine.


A 17th test century from Virat Kohli has helped India win their first


test against Sri Lanka. They declared on 240-3, setting Sri Lanka


a daunting victory target of 550 and with injuries, Sri Lanka were out


the 245 all out. Sebastian Vettel will start the


Hungarian Grand Prix from pole position as he looks to extend, what


has become a slender lead in the Formula 1 drivers championship. The


German is just a point ahead of Lewis Hamilton in the standings, but


will be part of an all Ferrari front row after Kimi Raikkonen was second


quickest. Hamilton could only qualify fourth. Also behind his


Mercedes team-mate after completing just one lap in the shoot out for


pole position. Paul di Resta, driving for Williams after Felipe


Massa was forced to pull out to illness. He qualified 19th, his


first Formula 1 race in three years. There is more on all of those


stories on the BBC Sport website and the round-up of all the action from


the world swimming Championships in Budapest.


That is all that daily-macro the sport for now.


Now to a rather unusual emergency call in the US state of Ohio.


A panicked woman on the phone is heard asking for help


because she was being attacked by a large boa constrictor.


9/11, what is the location of your emergency. I have a boa constrictor


stuck to my face. You have a what? A boa constrictor. In her own


backyard, a woman was strangled by the very snake she rescued a day


earlier. When firefighters arrived minutes later, they found the woman


laying in her driveway with the 1.6 metre boa constrictor wrapped around


her body. They used a pocket knife to cut the snake's head. The victim


was treated for nonlife threatening injuries. Just really pleased with


the paramedic' response. To think that quick, to take the pocket knife


out and do they did, but obviously they had to destroy the slate. Boa


constructors are tropical to Central America and while they are


nonvenomous, they squeeze their prey and swallow them whole. The victim


kept no fewer than 11 snakes in her home. Rachel Carey, BBC News.


North Korea claims its latest test of an intercontinental ballistic


missile proves it now has the ability to strike any target


Western experts who have examined data from the launch agree that most


major US cities could now be in range.


That is it from me and the team. Goodbye for now.


It was the central third of the UK that saw the best of the weather.


Across the North, mixture of sunshine and


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