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Hello I'm Karin Giannone, welcome to BBC World News.


Violent clashes in Venezuela as the country holds


US bombers fly over the Korean peninsula in response to Pyongyang's


And British Royals lead commemorations to mark 100 years


And coming up in Sport: Germany's bid for a seventh consecutive


Women's European Championship title is over a dramatic Danish comeback


It was always likely to be a highly charged


And Venezuela's vote for a new assembly has been


Several people have been killed - including two politicians.


President Maduro is widely expected to secure a victory


that could allow him to change the constitution.


But opposition parties in the oil-rich nation


The BBC's Will Grant reports from Caracas.


This is a very poor sector other low income neighbourhoods in the east of


Caracas, one of the biggest shantytowns in Latin America and


order a government supporters have been turning out to vote. It has


been a slow and steady stream to the polling stations, not the huge


queues we are used to seeing snaking around the block during the days of


President Hugo Chavez. There are controversial elements to this vote,


particularly these points of registration which opposition


members of Parliament say are basically a form of control to make


sure government employees are voting. Nevertheless, those who have


turned out so far say this process is legitimate and necessary for the


peace and security of Venezuela. Today the people will decide the


sovereignty of this country. So, through the constituent assembly the


people will execute -- exercise popular Power, others do not want


the people to decide the future and want to control things in the hands


of the few, that is what we are taking on with this vote. As much as


some are preparing to vote today, others are getting ready for the


other side of the coin, the opposition protest.


TRANSLATION: We are going to keep turning out to


defend democracy in Venezuela. It sounds poetic to say I am prepared


to give my life but the young people have a beautiful saying, they can


take our lives but not liberty. Anything I can do as an individual


and a Venezuelan I'm going to do. So voting will continue throughout the


day and all though this most controversial of votes in Venezuela


perhaps the most controversial of modern times in the country is going


ahead peacefully so far, it does seem like confrontation is still on


the horizon. What is the latest on the violence so far? Having said


things were largely peaceful and at that stage in the day it appeared


they were, things have gotten far worse as the day has proceeded,


there has been sporadic clashes in the east of the city and other parts


of the country we have heard of several politicians being killed on


both sides so it is unfolding into quite a violent chaotic and anarchic


election day. This is such a controversial vote with the


opposition completely boycotting the election that that will hand victory


to the president, no doubt about that but it will not be a victory


that is clear and is uncontested, it'll be a victory of just his most


supporters and those as I indicated in the report who may have come


under pressure to turn out and vote in the first place. Whatever happens


it doesn't appear this will take those steps towards pulling


Venezuela out of its economic malaise, its security and crime


situation and violence and this will go one way beyond this individual


vote about a new constituent assembly. We'll grant, thank you.


The United States has stepped up its response to the latest


Two US Air force bombers have flown directly over the Korean peninsula.


Earlier, President Trump expressed frustration with North Korea's


neighbour China saying Bejing wasn't doing enough to halt


US B-1 bombers dominated the sky as tensions mount over


Escorted by fighter jets as part of a drill it was a direct response


to what is being seen as an increasingly


The US president is blaming China, Pyongyang's biggest trading partner,


Taking to Twitter President Trump said:


Taking to Twitter President Trump said:


Historic ties have become looser and Chinese imports of North Korean


coal have been cut after UN sanctions last year.


China also condemmed Friday's second ballistic missile test.


This powerful rocket flew faster and further than the one before


and could soon be armed with a nuclear weapon.


It's all about getting America to listen.


The North Korean side is definitely sending a message


The missile is aiming at the United States.


They are saying we are going to talk to you.


More joint military exercises a sign that force is not being ruled out,


though pressure is mounting for a diplomatic solution.


A pre-emptive strike could destabilise the entire region,


but how long is Washington prepared to wait?


Here in Seoul, South Korea depends heavily


But the very presence of tens of thousands of US forces here feeds


into Pyongyang's propaganda, that it is under threat,


With the military on high alert the Korean peninsula feels more


Avoiding an ultimate confrontation is now key.


A visiting professor at Georgetown University Centre for Security


studies in Washington, I asked her how dangerous this current situation


is. I do not think it's any more dangerous than has been Franklin the


last 64 years. We just passed the anniversary of the Armistice and the


tensions on the Korean peninsula have always been high because the


Korean War has technically never ended. Some would say that is


extraordinary given what we have seen with the latest missile test


with North Korea, the most powerful yet. Well, yes it may be the most


powerful yet but the point it is not so much this task test, it is


problematic the series and consecutive and ongoing testing that


North Korea is doing because it indicates North Korea is no


progression towards steady and greater development and it is the


totality of the picture that is alarming. There is nothing


particular about this strike, I think, that raises the threat level


any more than at other times. When we see American bombers flying over


the Korean peninsula, how much of the message is that sense to


Pyongyang but also to Beijing saying if you will not do much about this,


we might? Well, that is certainly one perception that is received by


the audience but I think the bigger and stronger message is one of


deterrence, it is not so we're practising because they're going to


make runs of bomb droppings, that is not what they are for, they are to


show the strength and unity of the alliance which is very important to


South Korea's defence and also Japan and all of US allies in the region.


But when you see Donald Trump sending out tweets which has seen


the frustrated with Beijing, how strong is the Alliance? No, I do not


think the two have are related. It has taken six months for President


Tromso come to the understanding that China is not going to act on


behalf of the United States. That is quicker than previous presidents who


her last 16 years have relied on outsourcing the Chinese role to


solve the North Korean problem. President Trump I think his tweets


are confusing to many people as I do not think this is any different. So


this is misguided and China is not so much a solution of some think it


might be? The point is North Korea is often treated as just this


objective actor that if we can just tweak how we try to change our


tactics towards North Korea we will get the result. You have to remember


North Korea is an independent actor and China is acting in China's


interests. These interest and not much United States or any of its


allies. That is the problem. President Vladimir Putin


has confirmed that seven-hundred-and-fifty-five US


diplomatic personnel are to be expelled from Russia


by September the first. He added that further


sanctions against Washington were being considered,


but would not be imposed yet. New US sanctions on Russia


were overwhelmingly approved by both houses of Congress on Tuesday


despite objections A gunman has opened fired


in a nightclub in the German city of Konstanz near the border


with Switzerland, killing one person Police say the attacker,


a 34 year-old Iraqi, was shot in an exchange of fire


with officers as he left A spokesman said there was no


evidence of a terrorist motive. An Israeli court has rejected


the appeal of a soldier Elor Azaria was sentenced to 18


months in jail for shooting dead a 21-year-old Palestinian man


who was lying wounded on the ground. The court ruled that the Palestinian


man did not pose a "real and present danger" and that Azaria violated


the army's rules of engagement. Police in Australia believe


an alleged plot to blow up aircraft Four men have been arrested


after raids on several homes in the Sydney area ,


and suspected bomb Security has been tightened


at airports around the country, with passengers being warned


to expect delays. A suspect is taken into custody


in the Surry Hills neighbourhood of Sydney, one of four people


arrested in raids across the city by heavily armed police and members


of Australia's domestic spy agency. Investigators say they have


information that the plot to blow up an aircraft involved the use


of an improvised device. As roads were sealed off


and properties searched, it has been reported the operation


was not planned but a rapid The Prime Minister,


Malcolm Turnbull, says the authorities have foiled


what appears to be I can report last night


that there has been a major joint counterterrorism operation


to disrupt a terrorist plot A woman who said her son and husband


were among those arrested in Sydney has denied they had any ties


to extremism, but senior police commanders say the raids were part


of an alleged Islamic-inspired plot. Additional security measures have


been put in place at domestic and international airports


around the country. Australia's national terror threat


level remains at probable, which means the intelligence


agencies believe that groups or individuals have the intent


and capability to carry Since 2014, 70 people have been


charged as a result of more than 30 counterterrorism raids


across the country. Still to come, events to remember


one of Europe's bloodiest ever battles, century ago.


Nasa has investigated investigation after confirmation astronauts were


cleared to fly while drunk. The last foot patrol in South Armagh once an


everyday part of the soldiers Lot Mujdza Judy and danger, now no more


after almost four decades. Six were white lion cubs are on the


prowl in Worcestershire Park and have been wrecked met with a roar of


approval. They are cute. Several people have been


killed in Venezuela - in violence surrounding the deeply


divisive election for a new assembly US


bombers have flown over the Korean peninsula in response to Pyongyang's


latest missile test. Now, the sports news. The match


taking place at the moment England and France, deep into the second


half of the women's Euro 2017 quarterfinal and the winner will


meet the hosts in the semifinals, England to Leeds with Jody Taylor


taking the ball into the net on the hour mark. There is 60 minutes


remaining. Germany were knocked out by Denmark. Their third loss in 26


years of these championships. Denmark face Austria who won 5-3


against Spain. Germany play a wonderful passing game and we cannot


complete them from chances but we were in the way all of the time, it


was not like open chances they got, they maybe got one that they should


have scored but we also had one or two that we should have scored on so


maybe 4-3 us would have been the more fair result but there is too


good goalkeepers in the goals. I do not think we were lucky today, it


was not a lucky win, it was a good win. England are closing in on


victory in a fair test of their series against South Africa. England


declared on 313-8 Jonny Bairstow making 63. South Africa lost their


captain without scoring. Ben Stokes on a hat-trick. The four match


series is currently level at one win each. We have done very well to get


the four wickets. Hopefully we can get these two at the moment and


finish it off quickly. Sebastian Vettel has won the Hungarian Grand


Prix to increase his lead in the F1 championship to 14 points. Lewis


Hamilton had to settle for fourth but the team is taking a four-week


break. As the sun sets on this first half of the 2017 Formula 1 season it


is Ferrari who enter the Formula 1 summer holidays with the biggest


smile because they dominated here in Hungary. Sebastian Vettel is


understandably delighted with his days work but is weekend's work.


Mercedes have been less to lick their wounds because it was not


their weekend at Hamilton has cost himself three extra points because


he gave the third-place back to Valtteri Bottas. His head may have


been more ruthless. It is a three-week break in the F1 calendar


and the season resumes at the Belgian Grand Prix in three weeks'


time. Who will it be, Mercedes Ferrari? Bernhard Langer has won the


senior open, record tenth major title on the senior tour. The


Germany when two masters and more than 100 other titles on the mentors


is in great form. His third senior major of the season winning by three


shots in Wales. It is fantastic to win any tournament but to win the


senior Open Championship means a great deal and to have won it three


times now, second time here is pretty amazing achievement and I


look forward to defending it next year. Alexander Christoph has won


the richest one day cyber race. After 100... Came down to a bunch


sprint on the MoU and Christoph got a late charge from the Denmark man.


That is the way to spend a Sunday afternoon. It looks beautiful. Thank


you very much. A service to mark 100


years since the Battle of Passchendaele is taking place


in Belgium this evening. The battle was one of


the bloodiest confrontations of the First World War,


with almost half a million The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


joined King Phillipe Queen Mathilde of Belgium


for the service at the The ceremony included


a rendition of the last post, something which has been heard


in the town every evening Ben Brown is in Ypres to watched


commemorations. A very moving occasion. Yeah, 100 years after one


of the bloodiest battles in human history, what was supposed to be the


war to end all wars. Passchendaele lasted more than three months but in


its there were some half a million casualties on both sides killed,


missing or wounded. A staggering number of casualties and in the end


the British side and Commonwealth side only gained some five miles or


eight kilometres of territory. The British side faced really some


terrible odds on the battlefield, the battlefield had been swamped


with torrential rain, a sea of mud, many drowned in the mud, machine


guns and mustard gas as well. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have


been here for the commemorative events and Prince William spoke of


the need to remember the sacrifice that was made. The battlefields came


to define the war for many British and Commonwealth soldiers. The


defence of the city at such great cost meant it became hallowed


ground. Winston Churchill said of Ypres a more sacred place for the


British race does not exist in all the world. 100 years ago tonight the


British and Commonwealth soldiers would have marched along the road


behind me whether Menin Gate now stands on their way to the front


line for the start of the offensive, the beginning of the Battle of


Passchendaele but many of them would never return. And would die there on


the battlefield. 4000 relatives, descendants of those who fought at


Passchendaele have made their way from Britain to Belgium this weekend


for the commemorative events determined to keep alive the memory


of their ancestors, they brought pictures, letters and diaries and I


spoke to one man whose father had fought at Passchendaele and joint


when he was only 15 years old who fought amid the mud was gassed but


somehow survived and he told me it is so important that the memory of


Passchendaele should not be allowed to fade and future generations are


taught all about it. I spoke to some of the British descendants started


with Philip Cotterell his great uncle Alfred died in the Battle of


Passchendaele. These people really gave everything so we could have the


lifestyle we Leeds today and I think that we are very lucky. I can't


imagine doing it myself. When you go to the cemeteries and see the number


that fell during the Battle of Passchendaele and the whole duration


of the war, it is important to pay respect and to remember so many


people gave their lives to allow us to be here and live our lives as we


do today. Between the British, the French and the Allies and the German


something like 500,000 people were wounded or killed. Unbelievable


numbers. And we won five miles of land which we then gave up again six


months later when the Germans came back again. It is the lunacy of it,


the bravery and to try to remember that must never allow ourselves to


get into the situations. Well, commemorative events this weekend


began at Menin Gate with the playing of the last post, it is played every


evening here as it has been on almost every evening since 1928 and


on Menin Gate more than 50,000 names are listed of the missing from the


First World War stop tomorrow many of the British relatives who are


here will go to a cemetery where thousands of British and Allied war


dead are buried as the commemorative events continue a century after the


start of the Battle of Passchendaele, one of the bloodiest


battles on human history. Thank you. If you want to read more about the


World War I battle of Passchendaele, you can on our website. You can also


find information about other commemorations which began this


evening. Thank you for watching. Hello, it has been all or nothing


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