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Remembering the fallen from one of the First World War 's worst


battles. 100 years after the start


of the campaign at Passchendaele, commemorations for the 500,000


soldiers who were killed, Venezuela's opposition says it


will keep fighting on the streets, following Sunday's controversial


vote for a new assembly. And a life in film -


one of the great names of French cinema, Jeanne Moreau,


has died at the age of 89. Hello and welcome


to World News Today. Commemorations have been taking


place at the Tyne Cot cemetery in Belgium, to mark 100 years


since the start one of the bloodiest Over three months, British


and Allied troops clashed with German soldiers in what became


known as the Battle Around 500,000 soldiers


on both sides of the War were killed, wounded


or went missing. There are few more peaceful places


than the gentle slope of Tyne Cot. Today, among its white headstones,


families look back across the years The battle we know today


as Passchendaele would We remember it not only


for the rain that fell, the mud that weighed down the living


and swallowed the dead, but also for the courage and bravery


of the men who fought here. Tyne Cot overlooks the rolling


farmland, streams and fields that once formed no man's land -


a score of liquid mud Bert Fearns joined


the Lancashire Fusiliers Bert Fearns began his attack here,


beside the German bunker that now The Lancashire Fusiliers


made their way uphill And a spot which Bert later said


he would never forget. We came across what would be


about 100 yards square of bodies that had been caught


in an artillery shrapnel attack. Private Edward Michael Baton,


13th platoon, D Company, 45th Battalion, Australian


Imperial... Private James Monroe,


South African Infantry Regiment. My great, great grandfather,


Rifleman Stanley Dorrit... My great, great uncle,


Private Walter Stevenson, Voices and stories that inspire


acts of remembrance. Like the story of


Captain Noel Chavasse - surgeon and Olympic athlete,


he was awarded the Victoria Cross His great, great niece


chose to carry a daily Perhaps we won't have such


big Government-funded events as this today,


but what we will have are stories that we can pass down


the generations in a way that For something that


is so significant. Flanders means blood


and scraps of human bodies. The story of Passchendaele has


been told for 100 years. Tyne Cot is likely to remain


a place of pilgrimage Let's go to Venezuela now,


and the international condemnation of the vote to elect


a new constituent assembly. Sunday's poll is being


seen as a further move towards a dictatorship


in the country. But President Nicolas Maduro


has hailed the result, and said the assembly should declare


a state of emergency and take Ten people died in clashes


on polling day, the bloodiest Here is what one resident had to say


about the boat. TRANSLATION: The biggest fraud I have seen in years.


It is inconceivable that the Government had more votes than when


Chavez won. Particularly where I live, or the polling stations were


deserted. There were no dues anywhere.


With me is Javier Farje - he's a Latin America


What have you made of this international condemnation?


Argentina but not recognise the vote, America has been critical.


Argentina are a right-wing Government. It is not uprising that


Argentina will not recognise it. Also not surprise that Colombia will


not recognise that because Colombia and the biggest US ally in South


America. I am not surprised that right-wing governments have


condemned this. This note is perfectly legitimate, because it is


based on Article 348 because the tuition. Even if we except that it


is illegitimate vote, some countries did not change the constitution at


all. Yours is looking to change it for the second time in 20 years.


They are not going to jail because the tuition. That is precisely what


this assembly does. This constitution will introduce nine


reforms to the current cars the dues in. It will remain the same but well


add, they were added... Sony will change it. Why is anything there?


Certain elements of society which were not reflected in the 1999 cars


are choosing, it is a very simple process. They have reformed the


constitution to modern times. There is no reason to think that he is gay


to extend his power, Nicolas Maduro, that is not the mandate. But there


are practical challenges here. If you go about adding to the


Venezuelan constitution, that is a detailed process, there are supposed


to be presidential elections next year. The thing will happen on the


Tigers I don't see why not. Because the dues and is not going to clash


with anything that has been planned. We are talking about one of the


elements, we cannot release all of them, but to diversified the economy


which heavily depends on oil. There is nothing wrong with that.


Organisations created by the Government and grassroots to deal


with health, education, and all different aspects. That didn't exist


in 1999, now they want to give them constitutional status. Some question


as to whether this work can be done and an election in happen next year.


Even if it happens next year, the election, we now have a constituent


assembly which is completely at odds with the National Assembly which is


dominated by the opposition, so isn't Venezuela in danger of having


a parallel political process? No, it is going to reform the constitution,


they are not going to rule the country. The opposition could have


taken part, according to the article, the National Assembly could


have called themselves if... They didn't do that. The opposition since


2013, I have quite different leaders, have been asking for


because it usually assembly, why didn't they in Congress called for a


constituent assembly? They could have taken part. Why didn't they


take part? Goals they say they don't trust the process. We cannot get it


the rights and wrongs of that now. It's finally talk about the


challenges for Venezuelan. Extreme inflation, and economy which is


struggling, food shortages, medical shortages in some cases. This,


whether you agree with the vote or not, continues to divide Venezuelan


and makes resolving this bomb and harder. These are two separate


issues. Because it usually is dealing with legality, at the same


time yes, you are right, the Government and indeed the opposition


will have to agree to work together to solve the economic crisis and


Venezuelan, because buyers prevent investment and a dissolution of


food. We have seen gangs tried to stop this convoy of food, they have


to come into dialogue. We have to find some kind of agreement to


enable Venezuelan to achieve some peace and is the economy crisis. We


must not forget that oil prices are very low and it depends heavily on


oil prices. Even the opposition if they were in power they would not be


all to manage this. Thank you very much.


Sam Shepard, the celebrated avant-garde playwright and actor,


Shepard received the Pulitzer Prize


for Drama in 1979, for his play Buried Child.


He was nominated for an Academy Award


for Best Supporting Actor in The Right Stuff.


Other film performances include Steel Magnolias, Black Hawk Down


He died of complications from ALS, or motor neurone disease.


Vice President Mike Pence has told Nato allies that an attack by Russia


on any members "is an attack on us all."


Mr Pence's remarks, whilst on a trip to Estonia, come


Russia has ordered a cut in US diplomatic staff numbers.


The move was in retaliation for new US sanctions against Russia.


Our correspondent Rajini Vaidyanathan joins


Let's be clear, these new sanctions voted on last week, but Mr companies


to approve them. That's right. They have not yet passed his test,


although we are hearing that year is likely to approve them, so in many


ways people here see that as a formality, which might be why we got


this response in Russia over the weekend. There is a White House


briefing due shortly, we might get more of an idea of what the White


House is thinking in terms of a response. The State Department has


already called the something of an uncalled for a nominal. What are the


practical implications of over 700 US diplomatic staff been giving


their marching orders? I think what is interesting is that many of these


people, could be as many of the Hunter, are actually Russian locals.


What some commentators are saying is that the blow somewhat soft and to


some extent because it is not just 755 US nationals and their families


that will have to go back. We are hearing that one US diplomatic


compound on the outskirts of Moscow, diplomatic cuts will try to go there


to retrieve documents and other equipment, and ever already locked


out. It is already in a very practical level proving difficult


for people to actually move out. If what we are hearing is correct. It


has turned to another big story in Washington, the present has a new


chief of staff. Yes, a gentleman called John Kerry. You may remember


the former chief of staff left office last week at the end of last


week, a somewhat unceremonious exit, he says he was offering his


resignation the day before and you may remember that President Trump


just tweeted that John Kelly was to take his place. John Kelly Boult


pass is a mammoth one, he has to bring order to what has become a


disorderly White House. President Trump may think he has picked the


right person, John Kelly is a former military man, he used to run the US


Southern command, he also ran the commanding forces in a rock


President Obama. He has military credentials. The challenge for him


which many people say, is that President Trump will always be


Trump. He operates in his own sphere. Many have his actions come


to twitter as well. Ringing order to a White House even with a military


man could prove complicated. Cross keep us posted.


Let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news.


Just a week ahead of the presidential elections,


the man in charge of Kenya's computerised voting system


Chris Msando had only been on the job for two months, having


taken over after his predecessor refused to cooperate


The electoral commission said there was "no doubt


The creators of several VPNs or Virtual Private Networks,


Floods please end Malawi have offered an arrest warrant... Police


say they weren't related to the cash gate scandal which helped and a


downfall in 2014. Bandar has yet to comment on those allegations.


The creators of several VPNs or Virtual Private Networks,


which allow users to hide their online locations,


have criticised Apple for removing their products


Apple says it had to, because they didnt comply


Many people in China use VPNs to get around the government's


There was a very uncomfortable wait for 75 people who had


to be rescued from a damaged cable car, suspended about 40 metres


over the River Rhine in the German city of Cologne.


Rescue teams used a crane to bring the passengers to safety


after they were stranded for several hours.


The Islamic State group has said it carried out a suicide attack


on the Iraqi embassy in the Afghan capital, Kabul.


The Afghan interior ministry says two Afghan employees of the embassy


were killed and 3 people, including a policeman, were injured.


BBC's Harun Najafizadah reports from Kabul.


It has been confirmed to us by the officials


in the Afghan Interior Ministry that, after several hours


of gun battle, their operation to repel


the militants' attack on the


Iraqi embassy has ended with all three assailants killed.


We now know that at least two local employees of


the Iraqi embassy were killed and three others, including


However now life has returned to normal in the Afghan


capital of Kabul, with the route to traffic, people moving back


It is very rare to have militants attack Islamic


This is a single incident, but the Iraqi embassy


recently hosted an event where they celebrated the


success against Islamic State in Mosul.


The ambassador promised to root out IS militants in total from


This incident is a very worrying signal for the Afghan


authorities, because it shows that a IS militants can carry out


large-scale attacks in main cities, such as Kabul.


Diana, Princess of Wales, grabbed the headlines


throughout her life, and she's doing it again now, 20


One documentary, called 'Diana:In Her Own Words',


is creating considerable controversy, as it is built


around video conversations in which she speaks candidly


and informally about her upbringing, her marriage to the Prince of Wales


The tapes have never before been broadcast on British television,


and have opened up the debate about the right to privacy


I've been speaking to the BBC's Matt Cole about this,


They have now been sold by that speaking coach. They had previous


been put out pass by NBC television in the United States, but never in


the UK, and Channel 4 in the UK says there is going to be material never


before seen in them. They say that these tapes represent a very


important historical source, a historical document. They say they


had been travelling which clips to choose, it is a 90 minute


documentary which contains other interviews and material than just


from these or five hours' worth of tapes. They say it is in the public


interest that these are seen. The question of privacy. These were


tapes that were not interviews by the likes of you and me, they were


not given by Princess Diana to be broadcast later, not like the big


interview she did in 1995 with Martin Bashir, the journalist who


famously did one big interview. The only major broadcaster interview she


ever did. This is Diana in her own words.


The award-winning French actress Jeanne Moreau has died


Her career spanned six decades and she starred


in dozens of films, including Jules et Jim, La Notte,


Dangerous Liaisons and Viva Maria, for which she won a Bafta.


The French journalist who is Latin for others from Paris. Thank you for


your time. People who have never seen her on can you convey what made


her so special? She worked more than 60 years in French and international


cinema. She was a good friend for us, she did not like to be called a


grandmother, she was the Old Lady of French cinema. She was a free


actress and a free woman. She was very... She told a lot about film


makers, she had love affairs with them, her work was very important,


because it was part of her life. Especially of course what she did at


the beginning of the 1960s, she became an icon for ours in those


days. I guess that film just did not just launched as an actress but that


is a singer, because one the most famous scenes is where she serenades


us. She always told of how the movie was written, the director were


staying at her place and a lot of people were coming, and among them


there was this guy, a poet and novelist from Iran, and he was


writing songs and one of the songs was is not in the film, she started


a new career as a singer. That's right used in the film. She was also


singing, and this song is really iconic of a way of, the way French


cinema talked about ours with Frank feelings about it. She was great in


that. The new a lot of film-makers from Orson Welles to Ingmar Bergman


and the Swedish director, she was friends with them. She had worked


with them sometimes. Sometimes she didn't work. She was very close to a


lot of great intellectual figures of the 60s. Before I let you go, many


people watching will have seen her films, but what film of hers should


they watch? That is a tough question. She did another movie with


Truffaut called The Bride Wore Black. It is interesting because you


will see she has a very different kind of beauty than other activities


of the time. You can see also a movie by... Called Lovers. It do a


lot of scandal in Paris in the 50s. And of course you can see her in


movies by the inventors. You have a lot of choice. We appreciate you


joining us, I give much indeed. Children in China suffering


from terminal illnesses often receive little


or no palliative care. One woman though is trying to help


some of those children, The main difficulties were trying to


get people to understand that we were not killing children, that we


were not just fighting for them. My name is Lenny Gould. I am the


co-founder and CEO of Butterfly Children's Hospices. We Pioneer


Palliative Care For Children. When we first moved to China, our care


for adults was blossoming. Care for children was nonexistent. So we had


to start from a very basic level. There was completely no


understanding of what we were trying to do. Culturally, it is considered


very bad if you do not fight for your child's live right up until the


moment they die. Families will feel criticised. If you talk about


palliative care, people immediately think about you giving up. Whereas


actually, you're not giving up, you are just adding quality and life to


the days that the child might have left.


We kept seeing parents who had abandoned their children at the gate


of an orphanage, and you realise that families have tried everything


within their means to get a cure for that child to get help for the


child. It is only after a lot of heartache that they decide they


cannot do any more. It is just at the point where a child is the most


needy, to see the child and the family separated was heartbreaking.


What is relatively easy to deal with is their physical symptoms. What is


more difficult is the effect of their abandonment. And there is that


huge sense of loss, that confusion that hurts, that mummy and daddy are


not there all. What have I done deserve that?


As though we have to work very hard to teach the staff and the


importance of touch, the importance of speaking gently, the importance


of cuddles. So that we can start to give the child the wheel to live,


eat and even if they cannot live a long time, they will know that they


are laughed and that they had been touched and that they were worthy of


somebody loving them. And the first time a child smiles, it is like, you


know, we have achieved something really to Medicare.


When the child has gone, the nannies will watch the body, with them in


beautiful new clothes, maybe give them one of their favourite toys and


perhaps wrap them in some material covered in butterflies, and then we


carry on. Commemorations have been taking


place at the Tyne Cot cemetery in Belgium to mark 100 years


since the start one of the bloodiest Over three months, British


and Allied troops clashed with German soldiers in what became


known as the Battle Around 500,000 on both


sides of the War were killed, wounded


or went missing. Things remain unsettled over the


next few days, showers to the day-to-day and more and forecast for


tomorrow. There


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