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Turkey holds its largest trial yet over last year's attempted coup.


Nearly 500 people are marched to court, heckled by


Two Venezuelan opposition leaders are taken from their homes


After the way he was taken and beaten we were desperate


because I don't know my father's physical condition.


Anthony Scaramucci's time as Trump's communications


But late night comedians in the US are making hay.


A White House media briefing is about to start.


Hello and welcome to World News Today.


We begin with Turkey and there's been dramatic scenes outside


a courthouse near the capital, Ankara, where the trial has started


for nearly 500 people accused of plotting to overthrow


the government in last year's attempted coup.


Forty of the plot's alleged leaders were marched in,


heckled by government supporters and relatives of those


Some of those on trial are facing charges from


attempting to assassinate the president, to murder.


The BBC's Middle East editor Sebastian Usher reports.


One by one of the alleged leaders of the coup were marched up to the


court. An angry crowd including both relatives of those killed during the


coup and some of those wounded in the violence and child that demand


for the return of the death penalty which was abolished in Turkey years


ago also for some of the crowd, the treatment of the accused was already


lenient. TRANSLATION: It is not normal that the state is feeding


these assassins, we want to see them with chains round their feet. They


did not even come with civilian clothes on but instead with their


prison clothes -- should not even come. The last time some the suspect


like the act forced the money was seen in public it was in the


immediate aftermath of the two when their faces were bruised and


bloodied. No doubting the anger that the attempted coup provoked, not


just among the President's 's borders but many other Turkish babe


as well. With the streets of Ankara and Istanbul commitments attack and


more than 250 people killed on July 15 last year. The first anniversary


of the defeat of the coup with celebrated two weeks ago with a huge


rally in Istanbul that was addressed by President Erdogan who inaugurated


a monument to those who died. His position has been strengthened by


the two of his critics say he has used it to dogged all his opponents.


Some 50,000 people remain in detention in connection with it but


the man the Tigers government accused of being behind it, this


Muslim cleric, remained in the United States despite Ankara's


repeated demands for his extradition. He has been tried in


absentia for this, the biggest trial far off suspects. I thought now they


face life imprisonment if convicted but the calls for them to receive


the ultimate punishment are only likely to grow at their trial


continues through the rest of this month.


Aykan Erdemir is from the Foundation for Defense


He is live with us here. Thank you for your time. Do you approve of the


use of mass trials in these circumstances? This is a historic


trial because as you know Turkey have had a string of creditors,


failed or successful, and rarely has anybody been brought to court -- a


string of coups. Turkey has a culture of impunity and lack of


accountability is a bit is a turning point fully Turkish justice system


and as you can see across the political spectrum there is support


for the trial of the plotters. Having said that, there are major


concerns among the opposition that there is a lack of rule of law and


due process. There are concerns that the ongoing trials could be used as


part of which chance to go after opposition figures who had nothing


to do with the coup and also there are concerns that some of the State


officials who had been culpable or negligent in the run-up to and in


the aftermath of the coup could be spared from these trials. There are


still questions of transparency and accountability. You say some


opponents have concerns these trials could be used for political means.


You were an opposition MP, do you have there concerns and do you


believe these trials will inevitably become political? What I think most


people including the agreed on that come all plotters of the coop should


be brought before court and they should be an example for Turkish


politics, that there is accountability... I understand that,


very few people in Turkey would suggest coup plotters should be


brought to court but I was asking if you believe these trials can remain


apolitical? Actually from what we can see so far with the number of


people detained there certainly are a large number of individuals who


had nothing to do with the coup, with the plotters, and who have been


targeted simply because they are in the opposition. This is a growing


concern not only for me but for the opposition across the spectrum in


Turkey. Thank you for your time, we appreciate you joining us today.


Two Venezuelan opposition leaders who were taken away from their homes


overnight have been transferred to the Ramo Verde military


Leopoldo Lopez and Antonio Ledezma were already under house arrest.


They were taken back to prison after recording videos urging


the Venezuelan people to protest against the government


Mr Ledezma's daughter told the BBC that her father felt


He had a moral responsibility with the Venezuelan people of saying


that what happened last Sunday was an electoral fraud,


and my father, as the current mayor of Caracas, knew that he has


the responsibility of addressing the Venezuelan people and telling


all of us that we need to keep protesting peacefully


What happened to my father last night at 12.45am in the night


was nothing else but a kidnap, a kidnap because the Maduro


political police just took him without a warrant or anything


My father was violently taken for a lot of hours.


It wasn't until one hour ago that we have the confirmation


that my father was actually taken to the military jail


of Ramo Verde, the same destination as Leopoldo Lopez.


Until this moment I don't know my father's physical condition.


He was beaten, he was taken in a very violent way and I want


the world to know that we're talking about the elected and re-elected


The only mayor in the world who is arbitrarily detained.


We're talking about a man whose only crime has been demanding


the dictatorship we are suffering in Venezuelan, demanding the lack


of food, the lack of medicine and demanding the humanitarian


There is more information on the situation in Venezuelan on line on


the BBC website. Let's take a look at some of


the other stories making the news. Explosions at a mosque


in the western Afghan city of Herat have killed about 20 people


and injured many more. Police said the attack was carried


out by a suicide bomber and another assailant who threw


a grenade at worshippers. The mosque is in an area mainly


inhabited by Shia Muslims. Three suspected gang members have


been killed in a shoot-out It was during a hearing involving


a group of central Asian nationals accused of murdering motorists


in the Moscow region. Police say five defendants


tried to seize weapons The three were killed


trying to escape. China has formally opened its first


overseas military base. The event, in Djibouti in east


Africa, was timed to coincide with the 90th anniversary


of China's People's Liberation Army. Authorities have dismissed


concerns about China's expanding military prowess,


arguing the base will be used A great day at the White House -


that was Donald Trump's assessment last night after his new director


of communications, Anthony Scaramucci, was sacked even


before he'd formally taken Not for the first time the president


seemed at odds with many observers Here's our North America


Editor Jon Sopel. It's being billed


as the Last Supper. Anthony Scaramucci last night having


dinner at where else? The restaurant in the Trump Hotel


just hours after he had been At roughly the same time


came this extraordinary The swearing in of General John


Kelly as chief of staff being seen as a new beginning


for this administration. He will do a spectacular job,


I have no doubt, as chief of staff. So could this mark the end


of what has been a turbulent, dysfunctional six months


for all the President's men? The former National Security Adviser


was the first to go, fired after just 24 days in the job


after he lied about his contacts Three months after being fired,


Trump's first communications director, the rather anonymous


Mike Dubke, handed Then came the super sacking,


the high profile and brutal dismissal of the former FBI


director, James Comey, infuriating the president


with his investigation into links between the Russians


and the Trump campaign. 11 days ago it was the turn


of the press secretary Sean Spicer. He walked, furious that


President Trump had hired Anthony Scaramucci


as communications director. The departure of Reince Priebus


came as little surprise after he was subject to a vicious


verbal attack by incoming After just ten days into the job,


Mooch was front-stabbed The profound hope among those close


to the President Trump is that, with General Kelly in charge,


there will be a fundamental change A change in personnel leading


to high expectations followed But in the meantime, the late-night


comedians are making hay. The president has been


very busy repealing and replacing his staff,


most notably Anthony Lasted as communications


director for only ten days! And then he left us


with nothing but memories, But some things are still


refreshingly familiar. Donald Trump tweeting


a short time ago... Keep an eye on Twitter for updates


on that story. When Waheed Arian was a young boy


growing up in Afghanistan, Many years later he's now


an emergency medic living in the north west of England


and using augmented reality to help today's victims


of violence in his homeland. His "tele-medicine" system allows


doctors in war zones to get help Our world affairs editor,


John Simpson, reports. We hear plenty of depressing


stories about Afghanistan Afghanistan has one


of the lowest standards Doctors often aren't


very highly trained But they can contact


Doctor Waheed Arian, an Afghan who qualified as a doctor


in Britain, and he can give them detailed medical


advice using social media. From his home in Chester he takes


messages a day and night. So I'll take the arrow


and we place it... Now Waheed Arian and his team


are developing new ways of showing We discussed a medical case,


we solved the problem. It was a live medical case in one


of the hospitals in Kabul, Afghanistan, and using augmented


reality we discussed it As a boy in the 1980s,


Waheed had to escape from the Russians who had


invaded his country. He and his family


were lucky to survive. When civil war flared up


in Afghanistan his parents sent him He was 15 and didn't speak much


English, yet within four years he was studying


medicine at Cambridge. And he became passionate


about helping people Waheed doesn't get much time


with his family in Chester. He's taken leave of absence


to develop his tele-medicine ideas but in order to pay the bills he has


to work every weekend Yes, he is away a lot,


and it can be hard and it can be lonely at times when you're


on your own and you're seeing But on the other side I know that


doing amazing things for humanity, he's going to be saving thousands


of lives so I look at the positive. Helping others in Afghanistan


to survive is, he says, his therapy. Medical researchers have revealed


details of a new approach to treating people with pancreatic


cancer, one of deadliest Scientists in the UK say a pilot


treatment increased the number of patients whose surgery


was successful, by almost 30%. Our health correspondent,


Michele Paduano, reports. Kate Rigby was amazed at how


smoothly the NHS worked, when she was diagnosed


with pancreatic cancer. Within seven days she'd had surgery


at the Queen Elizabeth I can't control NHS budgets


and all the other things for the poor people who aren't as lucky


as me, but what I can do is spread Normally, patients with jaundice,


like Mrs Rigby, have a stent put in to relieve symptoms,


which delays the main operation. A nurse was employed


to speed up treatment Cutting out the stent also saves


the NHS ?3200 per patient. We save the NHS


potentially ?200,000 per year with the number of patients


that have surgery within our team. So that, then, is a reproducible


model that other units up and down At this point in time,


you would want to go forward for your operation


next week if you could, rather than to go off and have a stent,


and your operation seven Pancreatic cancer has


a very low survival rate. The survival rate is only


about 7% in the UK - I think what this provides us


is a glimmer of hope for the future. It provides us with that


all-important surgical technique faster, and with proven


results in terms of outcomes. It will be two years


before doctors can say whether treating patients more


quickly actually means that And if they do, that will beg


the question as to whether or not other aggressive cancers


should be treated more quickly. For now, Kate Rigby


knows she's been given the best chance possible


to survive pancreatic cancer. The US Secretary of State, Rex


Tillerson, is making an appearance in Washington and talking at the


moment. ... Very experienced a battered and diplomat and he knows


the area well and knows Russia well and our partners well and he is very


clear about his mission, to see if we cannot engage to move the process


in Ukraine forward. It has been stalled for quite some time as you


know. This announcement has been welcomed both by the Russians and by


the Normandy group that has been engaged with Russia in effort to


move the discussions forward. We are hopeful we can make some progress in


beginning to move the situation in Ukraine to a place of engagement and


movement towards achieving a true ceasefire because the outbreak of


violence this year has been just heartbreaking to watch in east


Ukraine. We are going to continue to uphold our commitment to the


transatlantic relationship and the president has been quite clear on


our commitment to Nato and on his expectations of others in Nato and


all that appropriately so. We have affirmed the commitment to article


five and unquestionably that should not be an issue in anybody's mind


any longer and in working with Russia and the difficult issues


there, I want to acknowledge Brian Hook, Mike director of policy


planning, who has worked with his team to give that a number of


options. Two important ambassadors in the regions, John Teft the


ambassador in Moscow who is dealing with a tough situation and altered


the ambassador in Ukraine who is to outstanding job working with


President Poroschenko to help the government in Ukraine, to strengthen


its own governing standards and continue to make progress on the


anti-corruption campaign and strengthen their own justice system


which we think is important to their stability going forward. I want


return to the Middle East and against the destruction of radical


Islamist terrorism in the form of Isis or Daesh and also Al-Qaeda and


the many other names you all know. The coalition has integrated


civilian and military efforts and I think it has achieved remarkable


success since President Trump came into office. He made some very


significant shifts in military authorities to put battlefield


command decisions closer to the fight and the results are evident.


More than 70% of Iraqi territory that was once held by Isis has been


liberated and recovered, Isis has been unable to retake any territory


that has been liberated. That is the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson


got talking about the US-led coalition's efforts to push the


Islamic State group out of the territory it hold in Iraq and Syria


and he has been praising the president for the decisions yet


again and is claiming those decisions have born benefits both in


Iraq and Syria. Before we started Syria and Legg listening he talked


about China and North Korea, saying the US does not blame China for


North Korea. If you read President Trump's tweets over the weekend on


the subject you would have heard a man blaming China. We did China


could resolve this easily and said he was angry it had not happened. A


different there but not for the first time, between the president


and some of those in his administration. Mr Tillerson said no


regime change was planned for North Korea and he acknowledged how China


has changed and the relationship between China and the US is at a


pivotal moment and on that I think everybody would agree. We will keep


listening to that if there are any other significant statements. Now,


the magazine British Vogue has a new editor today, the first man at the


helm in its history. He has taken over from the editor of the last 25


years. The UK fashion industry is worth ?26 billion a year to the


economy so people will be watching very closely to see how the new


editor shapes the magazine. He has already made some startling changes,


as you will see in this report from our arts correspondent, David


Sillito. Hi, my name is Edward Enninful,


I'm the editor in chief He looks really eccentric


and that is going to I was spotted on a train when I was


16 years old to be a model. I think it's a massive change


for British fashion. Edward Enninful is today


in charge of one of the most important names in fashion,


Vogue. The last editor of British Vogue


was in place for 25 years They have gone on to Snapchat and


there is a new, more diverse team. He has over 500,000


Instagram followers. He has appointed Steve McQueen,


Naomi Campbell, as you say, All these independent professionals


who, to a certain extent, rely on social media to keep


building their brands. Vogue is the top of the fashion tree


and features clothes It has, though, been a pretty torrid


time for the magazine business over the last few years because of,


well, the new competition. News agents have been closing,


sales of glossy magazines And it is people like Whitney


who have been changing the business. Nearly everyone wants everything


right now, fashion today. They want to know what's cool right


now and that's why social Indeed, people have been predicting


the death of print for a good few For me it's flicking the page,


it's the excitement. It's when you're waiting


for the shoot to come up, you're waiting for the new trend,


everything. It is a new era then and a new name


in charge for a business Eight time Olympic gold


medallist Usain Bolt is due to run his last race


at the World Athletics He will run his last ever 100 metres


race at the world of ex-champ Richard in London. His final sprint


relay will be one week later -- world athletics Championships.


You guys know, if I show for the championship, if I'm here,


you know I'm fully confident and ready to go.


You know as long as I show for the championship my coach


I'm confident in my ability is always because I know when I go


out there I'm ready to go, you know what I mean.


You would not bet against him. And a reminder of our top story, nearly


500 people had gone on trial in Turkey accused of involvement in the


coup attempt at last year and there were traffic scenes outside the


court as 40 alleged plot leaders were marched in and heckled by


government supporters. Thank you for watching, goodbye.


Good evening. This rather disappointing spell of weather


continues, looking out to the Atlantic for more rain to come our


way and it will


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