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This is BBC World News, the top stories, the results are in,


Kenyatta has been announced the winner of the election in Kenya, the


opposition has rejected the result but the newly elected president had


a consolatory message. I extend the handset Bury hand of friendship and


partnership, this country needs all of us to work together in order to


succeed. Donald Trump says his military solutions against North


Korea are locked and loaded and in the last half-hour yet another


warning to Pyongyang. If he does anything with respect to Guam or any


other place that is an American territory or American ally he will


truly regret it. Two trains collide in the Egyptian city of Alexandria.


Welcome to world News today, the Kenyan President Kenyatta has been


re-elected as a result of the elections held on Tuesday, the


result was announced this evening after the election commission


tallied all the votes. Having filled the requirement by law and having


turnout of 54.27% of the vote, I therefore declare Uhuru Kenyatta...




APPLAUSE I'm not finished the sentence!


LAUGHTER I wish I said I wish to declare


Uhuru Kenyatta as the President-elect. CHEERING


APPLAUSE Speaking after the announcement


Uhuru Kenyatta reached out to the opposition and called for unity


across Kenya. To our brothers who are worthy competitors, we are not


enemies. We are all citizens of one Republic. As with any competition


there shall always be winners and there shall be losers but we all


belong to one great nation called Kenya and I extend the hand of


friendship, I extend a hand of cooperation, I extend the hand of


partnership, knowing fully well that this country needs all of us pulling


together in order for us to succeed and Kenyans want us to succeed.


So like I said to my worthy competitor, especially the Right


Honourable Raila Odinga, I reach out to you, I reach out to oiler


supporters, I reach out to all who are elected on now the opposition


benches, we shall work together, we shall partner together, we shall


grow together, we shall develop this country together and we are there


ready to engage, to dialogue, to discourse together. So that we can


build this nation of ours together. President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta


polled almost 10% votes than his rival Raila Odinga, the opposition


has already rejected the result and complained of broad and hacking of


the counting process. One of the things we need to stress is the


opposition Raila Odinga's people were not at the announcement of the


result. They were not, they were here earlier in the day holding


meetings, they said they raised objections to the commission with


regard to the count and they wanted those objections addressed but the


condition maintained that the result is announced last so they left this


venue in protest saying that they were not going to be party to this


announcement because they were and happy with the process. So what will


they do, go to the courts? How do they proceed? The international


observers appealed to anyone who would dispute the result to go to


the polls but we have had from the opposition coalition, we have heard


it's not a route they would like to take, that they have gone to the


courts in the past and lost, referring to 2013 when they


challenged the result is this Britain court so they say it's not


an option -- in the Supreme Court. So we wait and hear what the next


course of action could be. In the meantime Uhuru Kenyatta received 54%


of the vote, no real surprise about the fact he's a winner? That's


right, the opposition however presented their own set of results


which they said showed that Raila Odinga was in the lead but these


results were rejected by the electoral committee saying they were


the only body mandated by law to count and announce the results. And


we have seen a lot of discussions that have been going on, a lot of


pressure piling on the opposition to follow due process, the country has


been anxious this week, people stayed away from work because they


did not know how it was going to turn out. In the past elections have


been marred with violence but this time around it has been peaceful


save for isolated cases of small protests and just two parts of the


country so far. People hoping the situation is going to continue but


then the voice of the opposition leader is going to be very


important, is he going to appease his supporters, what is he going to


tell them? Is he going to accept the offer by the president to work with


him? We are hearing reports some tear gas has been fired on protests


in one part of Nairobi, these are some of the supporters of Raila


Odinga and happy with the result. Of course it isn't poured on to state


everyone was anxious about the violence which broke out ten years


ago, not taken place than fully this time round. No, not at all. The


reports we are hearing are small, one locality in the city. One slum


in the West and town which is a stronghold for Raila Odinga, we


understand there was protests as soon as the result was announced and


police used tear gas to disperse the crowds. We will maintain, we will


continue monitor the situation and update your viewers. Thank you very


much, from the counting centre, thank you. These are alive pictures


of supporters of Uhuru Kenyatta President-elect supporters, they are


thrilled with the result, 54% of the vote the incumbent President Uhuru


Kenyatta has received compare to the 44% the main opposition Raila Odinga


has received, finally we have been waiting quite some time for this


result to come through but we know finally know Uhuru Kenyatta has been


re-elected as president of Kinga. -- Kenya.


The escalating rhetoric between the United States and North Korea shows


no sign of abating. North Korea accused Donald Trump of driving


situation to the brink of nuclear war and in the past half-hour


President Trump was asked by what he meant by locked and loaded. We are


looking at it very carefully and I hope they are going to fully


understand the gravity of what I said and what I said is what I mean


so hopefully they will understand exactly what I said and the meaning


of those words, those words are very easy to understand. We have tens of


millions of people in this country who are so happy with what I am


saying because they are saying finally we have a president sticking


up for our nation and frankly sticking up for our friends and


allies. This man will not get away with what he's doing, believe me. If


he utters one threat in the form of an overt threats which by the way he


has been uttering three years and his family has been uttering for


years, or if he does anything with respect to Guam or anyplace else


that is an American territory or American ally he will truly regret


it and he will regret it fast. President Trump speaking in the last


30 minutes, the rising tension has forced world leaders to encourage


calm. Angela Merkel said they could be no military solution adding an


escalation of the rhetoric is the wrong answer.


After fire and fury comes "locked and loaded" -


not the title of some Hollywood summer blockbuster,


but the words of America's commander in chief,


to describe his country's state of military readiness.


These are the latest pictures of B-1 bombers stationed in Guam,


the motto of this squadron - "Fight tonight."


President Trump reminded people of that


He's deploying social media to ratchet up his rhetoric.


"Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded,


"Hopefully, Kim Jong-un will find another path."


And last night, there was another personal warning


He has disrespected our country greatly.


He has said things that are horrific.


And with me, he's not getting away with it.


He got away with it for a long time between him and his family.


As the government of Japan deployed missile interceptors to guard


against North Korean rockets, international leaders essentially


I'm firmly convinced that an escalation


of rhetoric will not contribute to a solution of this conflict.


TRANSLATION: When a fight has nearly broken out,


the first step away from that dangerous threshold should


be taken by the side that is stronger and smarter.


Amidst this verbal brinkmanship, it's emerged the Trump


administration has been secretly talking to North Korea


about Americans in prison there, and deteriorating relations.


The news came as America's Defence Secretary emphasised diplomacy.


You can see the American effort is diplomatically led,


it has diplomatic traction, it is gaining diplomatic results.


And I want to stay right there, right now.


The tragedy of war is well enough known.


It doesn't need another characterisation beyond the fact


Holiday-makers on Guam, the island North Korea has


threatened with missiles, still seem unfazed.


But amongst the beach reading this morning,


a fact sheet from the Guam government, warning not


As we heard since the report we had Donald Trump making his statement,


another statement, Anthony, world leaders, even the Trump


administration tried to calm things down, but Donald Trump is not


listening. Key is not once again this afternoon he was leaning into


his original remarks, when said if North Korea makes one threat, one


over threat they will regret it, that's similar to what Donald Trump


said a couple of days ago. It was not the fire and fury warning he


made but he was talking about punishing North Korean threats and


we saw people like Rex Tillerson and James Matus, talking about US


military response to North Korean actions so once again it seems


Donald Trump is saying, the mere threat could prompt response.


Definitely worth flagging that up. He is standing by his earlier


comments but as you say, James Mattis was playing this town, who is


advising him to behave this way? During the campaign Donald Trump


said he is his own best foreign policy adviser, that the generals


are all well and good but he trusts his instincts and his instincts got


him elected and he was going to use them while the leader of the


country, and I think we are seeing that in play. He has criticised


previous Presidents are not talking a strong game, not upping the


rhetoric when confronted by North Korea so his strategy seems to be


match over the top language with language of his own. But if we step


back and look at it, his words are not necessarily being followed up by


American action on the ground, if we were preparing for some sort of


extended military campaign you would see troop movement and preparations


which are not there right now, bombers are flying out of Guam,


there are planned military operations with South Korea, but the


sort of preparations for military action are not there right now. As


always, good to talk to you Anthony. Stay with us, we have lots to come


including all the sport, the opening day of the English Premier League


season. The big crowds became bigger is the


time of the funeral approached. As the lines of fans became longer the


police prepared for a huge job of crowd control.


Idi Amin, Uganda's former dictator has died at the age of 80. He has


been buried in Saudi Arabia where he lived in exile after being


overthrown in 1979. 2 billion people around the world


have seen the last total eclipse of the sun to take place in this


millennium. It began its journey off the coast of Canada, ending three


hours later when the sun set over the Bay of Bengal.


Welcome to BBC World News today. The main headlines, Kenya's Electoral


Commission has announced that Uhuru Kenyatta has been re-elected


president, the opposition has resurrected the result complaining


of fraud. And Donald Trump escalates his direct towards North Korea as he


warns 03 solutions to the stand-off are locked and loaded unless the


regime backs down. At least 37 people have been killed in Egypt's


worst rail accident in several years. Around 120 people were


injured when two passenger claims collided head-on. The accident


happened on the northern coastal town of Alexandria, the cause of the


collision are still unclear. The preliminary cause right now is the


person responsible for warning the coming train did not notice and did


not warn it and this is why the incident happened. Like you said it


was close to the city of Alexandria, the second-largest city, and where


Egyptians head for summer vacation and that is what thousands of those


people on the train were intending to do. You mention thousands of


passengers is that her busy these trains would have been? Actually


these trains are some of the cheapest, one of the cheapest


trains, both of them, to Alexandria, there is no regulation in terms of


having a specific seat allocated by your ticket so this is why it's


always packed, the carriages are packed with passengers. Also an


important contributing factor is the price, the fears for the railway has


not increased in the past year saw the Egyptian government to her


decision to float the pound in November 2016 and left the subsidy


on fuel sending the price of transportation to this guy but


trains remain the cheapest in the country and this was why it was the


means of transport for many of these poor Egyptians who would not have


afforded it otherwise. An update from Cairo. In case you have missed


it the football is back, let's get all the sport.


The 26 English Premier League season is underway starting on a Friday


night for the first time ever and if this evening 's game is anything to


go by its going to be a very exciting season. Two goals in the


first five minutes and four in the first half, Lacazette scoring for


Arsenal then Shinji Okazaki equalising for Leicester City, Jamie


Vardy put Leicester ahead again but Danny Welbeck made it 2-2 at


half-time but Jamie Vardy has scored in the second half, the latest score


a 3-2, 76 minutes on the clock. Liverpool have not started their new


season but are already in a battle to keep hold of star player Philippe


Coutinho. He responded to the club responding saying they will not sell


him to Barcelona by handing in a transfer request. It's turning into


quite a saga, on Wednesday Liverpool rejected and ?90 million bid for


Coutinho from Barcelona but it has emerged Coutinho has handed in a


transfer request. That news emerging just hours after Liverpool issued a


statement insisting he was not for sale and they would not be


considering any offers. Liverpool I can tell you have rejected the


transfer request, they insist he is not for sale but she suspected that


saga is going to run and run. Brighton will be back in the top


division for the first time in 34 years and the formidable opener on


Saturday at home to big spending Manchester city. For us some great


examples of teams that have gone up and stayed up and done well over a


period of time and there are ones that have not, so yes, we will look


for, to try and get as many good experiences and as much knowledge is


what we can do and that's not just over this summer, that's as we go


through this season because everybody will hit difficult periods


and what you have to be able to do is overcome them periods. Brighton


were just attempt to the English championship title last season by


Newcastle, they play Tottenham or earn Sunday and despite missing out


on so of their summer transfer targets, Rafa Benitez insists he is


committed to the cause. Obviously I said how I feel during this summer.


But at the same time I said that my commitment is 100% with this team,


this club, in terms of trying to learn from the first game in the


last one. So my ambition is to do well every single game to get three


points and see where we are in the table. I am pleased with everything,


to say that would not be true, but I'm not saying I will not do my best


to be as high as possible in table. The athletics Championships turning


into a bumper wheat from the USA, and the team have strengthened their


position at the top of the leaderboard with gold. And American


golfers dominating the leaderboard at the USPGA, the final major of the


year, Kevin Kisner the outright lead halfway through his round four shots


clear of Louis Oosthuizen. Rickie Fowler and Hideki Matsuyama both


chasing their first major and are one shot further back on three


under. Rory McIlroy is still struggling however, three bogeys in


his last four holes, Sergio Garcia, Adam Scott and Justin Rose also


struggling to make the cut. That's all the sport for now.


Thank you, babies are a big business and an increasing number of parents


think what is best for their child has a high price tag. In America


that is fuelled by a premium market as parents blow the budget to make


sure they get hold of luxury brands. When we were growing up we never had


these options. Shopping for a baby is not what it used to be. Women


would come downstairs and we would call the stroller pets and they


would start crying because there are so many options. An explosion of


choice. It's an easy fold, a strap like that. Jamie is an expert in


infant gear. A lot of Cribbs but people do the reverse investments,


they will spend more money on the cred than the mattress. For him that


the current boom started with the stroller. They were the catalyst for


the baby gear render songs because they came out with a cool stroller


and then all the others had to step up their game and that trickled down


into other categories. In America women are waiting longer to have


children so by then they have more disposable income and the industry


is growing faster to cater to them. This year the global market is


expected to reach $66.8 billion. For all the cuteness this is a


billion-dollar industry with baby companies focused on trying to


figure out how to get expectant parents to spend more. The choices


can be built will bring. Here these parents are all too well aware of


how daunting it can be. There is an upper tier of product available


which is geared towards people that are extremely wealthy. It's easy to


get wrapped up in it, it's very expensive. You can get so caught up


on it especially at Instagram and lives these families have. They are


always so beautiful and homes are so wonderful and they have so many


perfect baby items so you think you certain things.


Take every parent 's desire to get the best for the kids add to the


consumer desire and big profits seem to be child's play.


Expensive business isn't it? If you would like to get in touch on any of


the stories we have covered I am on social media. Thanks for watching,


goodbye. This is BBC News. The next story is




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