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We are watching Kenya as we await the announcement of a final result


of their collections. We are eminently awaiting the result. Life


at the commission of the election count centre. Let's listen in. To


each and every one of you for putting the confidence in us to


deliver credible collection. Ladies and gentlemen, this year, like any


other election year, there were a number of challenges which we


overcame in order to deliver a fair and free election. Over 200 court


cases have had to be dealt with, procurement of election materials


and services. Through all this, the commission remained focused on


delivering its mandate. There are many lessons that we have learned


from this electoral cycle that we believe will strengthen our


institution, ways of quicker transmission of election results for


example. Allow me to express our greatest gratitude to those that


contributed to the successful completion of the 2017 elections.


Firstly, the people of Kenya, our number-1 stakeholder. You have


entrusted us this responsibility. To all our staff across the country and


our families for the sacrifices, thank you very much. To the stuff,


you have long hours and sometimes for corn Street. -- for corn Street.


-- to the staff members. The majority of you have demonstrated


core values of transparency and integrity. For your sacrifice and


dedication, we all you all recognition and gratitude, we are


truly proud of all of you. -- we all owe you.


APPLAUSE All stakeholders, parties,


candidates, the country, I believe you will agree that the commission


has been successful and we can discuss issues of concern. In line


with the policy of transparency, we have held many consultation meetings


for which we have been successful. The African Union, United Nations,


NDA, Commonwealth Secretariat, east Africa community, European Union, we


are grateful for your support. We wish to express our special


recognition to the election management bodies within the east


African community, Senegal, Namibia. Especially the professor energy of


your four pence wise counsel. -- in Nigeria for his wise counsel. I'm


pleased to note that all the local and international observers agree


that the 2017 elections regrettable, fair and peaceful.


APPLAUSE -- were credible, fear and peaceful.


We thank the observers for the preliminary report and look forward


to final reports, which will be incorporated in the final evaluation


of the election. We welcome the media for -- we think the media for


their role. We would also like to thank U for our patients as we relay


the information. According to the great American statesman Abraham


Lincoln, the best argument against democracy is the art rich


conversation with the average photo. -- is a conversation with the


average water. Today we have been given the responsibility of


disclosing the results. APPLAUSE


Before pronouncing the results of the election, we wish to remind you


of the results in accordance with the law. The tallying of the


presidential votes is done by the Presiding Officer at the polling


stations after the closing of voting. The result is then signed


for and countersigned by the agents are candidates of political parties.


Once this form is filled in, the Presiding Officer is required to


scan the form and send it along with another document for the returning


officer in the national tallying centre. The result is final, when


announced. All the results are collected, tallied and aggregates


are found in order to inform the fort back. The returning officer and


enters the result of the election and economic -- economically


transmits them. The final decision by the tallying of is final. The job


of the national tallying centre is to collate and tally results from


the 290 returning officers. They record the results. That is our role


and what we have been doing here. The chairman of the commission as


the returning officer in respect of the presidential elections then


announces the results of the presidential election. We are a


candidate has meant the concessional thresholds, garnering 50% plus one


of the total votes cast in at least half the countries, then the


chairman shall declare such a candidate as having been duly


elected as president of the Republic of Kenya. In this regard, Kenyans,


by the powers vested in me... OK. Ladies and gentlemen, I am told that


the results have to be signed first. I would like to thank you for


listening to me... LAUGHTER


I'll be back to announce the results. Thank you very much.


APPLAUSE You are watching BBC World News.


We are watching live. We were expecting that result of the Kenyan


general election. As we heard there, nothing goes completely smoothly. We


will be kept waiting a bit longer because the results have re-signed


first. As we heard, they really were very precise about this whole


election procedure because ten years ago there was incredible violence in


Kenya after that disputed election win 1100 Kenyans diet, 600,000 were


displaced, following that election. This time round, it has been


peaceful and this time we are expecting imminently... Now, we have


been waiting for this result. We are waiting for them to be signed and I


believe that is what is happening right now. Once we see that we can


expect to get this resolved. Whether it's Uhuru Kenyatta, the incumbent,


the president that has been in power for 4-5 years. Or will it be the


opposition, Raila Odinga, the opposition says that they do not


accept the provisional results but they say they are not prepared to go


to the courts to fight those results. It will be interesting to


see finally, once confirmed, what the opposition will do. We assume


that Uhuru Kenyatta will be announced as President. Stay with us


on BBC World News. We promised to bring this results to you when we


get it. Let's move on. President Donald Trump


has stepped up the war of words with North Korea,


saying that the US military is "locked and loaded", with plans


in place if Pyongyang acts unwisely. The rising tensions have forced


world leaders to encourage German Chancellor Angela Merkel


said there could be no military solution -


adding an escalation of the rhetoric Russia's Foreign Minister said that


he believed the risks are very high and offered a plan to ease tensions.


Our North America correspondent Nick Bryant reports.


After fire and fury comes locked and loaded, not the title of some


Hollywood summer blockbuster, but the words of America's


commander in chief, who described his country's state


These are the latest pictures of B-1 bombers stationed in Guam,


the motto of this squadron, "Fight tonight."


President Trump reminded people of that on his


He's deploying social media to ratchet up his rhetoric.


Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded,


Hopefully Kim Jong-un will find another path.


And last night, there was another personal warning


He has disrespected our country greatly.


He has said things that are horrific.


And with me, he's not getting away with it.


He got away with it for a long time between him and his family.


As the government of Japan deployed missile interceptors to guard


against North Korean rockets, international leaders essentially


TRANSLATION: I believe that, I'm firmly convinced that an escalation


of rhetoric will not contribute to a solution of this conflict.


TRANSLATION: When a fight has nearly broken out,


the first step away from that dangerous threshold should


be taken by the side that is stronger and smarter.


Amidst this verbal brinkmanship, it's emerged that the Trump


administration has been secretly talking to North Korea


about Americans in prison there and deteriorating relations.


The news came as America's Defence Secretary emphasised diplomacy.


You can see the American effort is diplomatically lead,


it has diplomatic traction, it is gaining diplomatic results.


And I want to stay right there, right now.


The tragedy of war is well enough known.


It doesn't need another characterisation beyond the fact


Holiday-makers on Guam, the island North Korea has


threatened with missiles, still seem unfazed.


But amongst the beach reading this morning,


a fact sheet from the Guam government warning not


My colleague as their fries. It looks like a bit of a pattern here.


Donald Trump with the fighting talk and then his administration trying


to play that down. Offering some more peaceful measures. We are we? I


don't think there is any sign that Donald Trump is going to let up on


his war of words but what we see is a difference of emphasis coming from


his senior ministers. As we just heard, the Defence Secretary


emphasises diplomacy, Rex Tillerson owner of this week said that


diplomacy is the only way forward. Donald Trump is trying to, Jim Matus


has said that as well, is to show that America does have the military


remains. What is confusing about this is when is the point where


Donald Trump thinks he needs to use these military remains in order to


enforce the line that the US is taking. -- these military means. No


option has been ruled out, everything is on the table and that


seems to include a pre-emptive strike. The concern is that this is


how Kim Jong-un will reject and that could -- will read it and that could


inspire him to pull the trigger first. Thank you very much.


So how are people in the south of the peninsula reacting to crisis


Yogita Limaye in Seoul has been finding out.


Fierce reactions have come to be expected of North Korea.


In the US, it now seems to be becoming a pattern.


The president makes strong remarks, then a member of his cabinet tries


Analysts I've been speaking to say they so far don't believe that


either side will act on the threats they are making but when you are in


such a heated situation, a few days ago in Pyongyang


there was a mass rally, a big show of strength,


anti-American slogans, and in that situation,


when you don't have a line of communication open


with North Korea, even the slightest miscalculation could be dangerous.


We have to remember that war can break out with a really small


That's what people are worried about.


At this point, I don't think they are strategically


But really unfortunate things happen that can trigger the war.


Here in South Korea are concerns about were all of this is heading.


The country's top security adviser spoke to his American


counterpart this morning and, during that conversation,


the US is reported to have agreed that it will not launch any


pre-emptive strikes on North Korea without informing Seoul.


On the streets of this city, people go about their lives as normal.


They are getting worried about this repeated exchange that we are seeing


between North Korea and the US but at the moment they don't see


At least 36 people have been killed in Egypt's worst rail


Around 120 people were injured when two passenger


One train was travelling from Cairo and the other from Port Said


when the accident happened in the northern coastal city


The cause of the collision is still unclear.


Our correspondent in Cairo, Ranyah Sabry.


The sad news is that this death toll is likely to rise. It has already


risen. The number of casualties is 37 and the number of injured as 123.


These numbers are expected to increase throughout the night as the


search for bodies through the wreckage continues. It is a major


accident, if you've seen the pictures. One train was stationary


and the other collided on its back. Preliminary cause is that the person


responsible for warning becoming trended not notice and not


warranted. -- warning for the coming train. It was close to the city of


Alexandria, the second-largest city in a just and where people had to


for the summer vacations. That is what thousands of these people were


intending to do. Just explain to us how busy. You said thousands of


passengers. These trends are some of the cheapest trains -- these trends.


There is no strict regulation in terms of having a specific chair


allocated to you by your ticket. This is why it's always packed, the


carriages, back with passengers. The price for the railway trains has not


increased in the past year, although the Egyptian Government took the


decision to focus the pound in 2016, sending the price of transportation


through the sky and trains remain at the cheapest. This is why it is the


means of transportation for many of these were Egyptians. -- of these


poor Egyptians. With me is our Middle East


editor Sebastian Usher. Absolutely devastating for Egypt by


the string caches -- these train crashes have happened before. What's


been the reaction so far? The president has expressed his sorrow


over what happened and has said, as is normal in these circumstances,


anybody who is found to be responsible will be punished. You


need to go about 2013, 2012, to the last major train accidents in Egypt.


Rather than being trains running into each other, these were trains


at level crossings hitting buses. In one, it was attributed to the person


that was supposed to be watching over the level crossing, they had


fallen asleep. Trained Remainer and inexpensive -- Michael to remain an


inexpensive mode of transport for people of every class. -- Michael to


remain. The management and Ezra structure has backed behind for


years and years. This will be fuelled again by this accident, the


feeling that there isn't enough concerned by the Egyptian


authorities, even though this is a lifeline for people. There is talk


of investment for this particular line. Thank you very much. We will


go back to Nairobi, where we expect the result of the Kenyan general


election. We heard earlier the commission focused on exactly how


the selection has been carried through and, as the result was


expected, we were told it has to be signed. Leadsom gentleman. -- ladies


and gentlemen. Allow me to continue my speech.


LAUGHTER By the power was vested in me, and


will meet to provide you -- allow me to provide with you the final tally


of the election results. These are the results from the countries. The


role requires I read all of them. -- the counties, the law requires. I


will start with Mombasa. 580,006 and 44 registered voters. 580,006 and 44


registered voters. Mohammed, 1004 64. Representing 43%.


Next candidate, 0.4%. The following candidate, 0.1%. The next candidate,


19 Everest APPLAUSE Representing 28.9 7%.


The following candidate, representing 0.2%. Joseph William


1271, representing 0.37%. The next candidate, 69.76%. The total vote


cast, 342,347. This is 100% of vote. This means that there were no


spoiled votes. The next county. 281,102 and registered fortress. --


focus Mac. 3.8%. Uhuru Kenyatta 43,694, 23.59%.


These are life images from Nairobi, the national electoral centre. We


still await the Electoral Commission, McWhirter, to announce


the results. We believe that at the moment the announcement is going


through constituencies. There are 40 constituencies. When we get the


final result, we will bring that, I promise.


36 people have been killed after a coach crashed into a wall


It was travelling from Chengdu in the south west to central China


The cause of the crash is still unclear.


49 people were aboard this bus when it slammed into the wall


of a northern Chinese expressway on Thursday night.


More than 30 of those passengers were killed on impact,


The coach was travelling to Chengdu city to central China.


Highways around the tunnel were blocked for hours,


and vehicles diverted in the wake of the crash.


It is still unclear as to what caused it.


But deadly road accidents are common in China.


Traffic regulations are often flouted all go unenforced by police.


Overcrowded coaches are common across the country.


In 2015, more than 58,000 people died on Chinese roads.


High speeds and aggressive driving contributing to the death toll.


We are still awaiting the results from the Kenyan general election. We


will bring that to you as soon as we can.


The weather was a little bit disappointing for most of us today.


Pretty overcast. The weekend is looking good. Sunshine it will be


around and it looks mostly dry. Potentially a bit of rain.


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