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Dramatic scenes in Charlottesville as an organiser of last night's


rally is for to wait from the microphone.


The US top military chief arrives for talks in South Korea as tensions


between the United States and North Korea intensify.


Kenya's defeated presidential candidate urges people


Also in the programme: Streets turned into rivers in Nepal


as the death toll from flooding and landslides rises to at least 49.


Hello and welcome to World News Today.


One of the organisers of Saturday's far right rally in Charlottesville


that resulted in a woman being killed by a car was for to abandon a


media briefing following protests. Meanwhile the White House defended


President Trump after it was claimed he didn't go far enough in


condemning violence by white supremacists. Laura Bicker reports.


After a violent day of division, Charlottesville has come together


to pray, to show that this city condemns the hate brought here


The Virginia governor went from row to row,


hugging worshippers in this Baptist church.


He promised to keep politics out of the pulpit,


but there is a message he felt he had to give.


It is about politics in that the political rhetoric


in this country today is breeding bigotry.


The streets here simmered with tension yesterday before


finally erupting into violence, as white supremacists


The group, which included members of the Klu Klux Klan, said


Counter-protesters and anti-racism activists challenged them.


Police tried to disperse the crowd but this day


A car, at speed, rammed into protesters.


Shocked witnesses captured the aftermath.


The crash killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer, who had fought


Many others are still being treated in hospital.


Those who captured the scene on camera said they were not shocked


The police have charged a 20-year-old James Alex Fields


The Nazis who came to town yesterday clearly had the intent


You don't come to town with shields and helmets and weapons


and have a militia with automatic or semiautomatic weapons


around their shoulders if you are here to peacefully


Others, who have lived here all their lives,


say the scenes do not represent Charlottesville,


and they want politicians to challenge those responsible.


It is important to call these people what they are -


I don't understand why that is so difficult,


They're not hiding this behind a statue, they didn't come


here because of a statue, they came here because


just as David Duke said yesterday, they came here to fulfil the promise


of President Trump and take their country back.


This city did not want bigotry on its streets.


Its people now want to remember those who died trying to challenge


Well, within the last couple of hours, Jason Kessler,


one of the organisers of the Unite the Right Rally, has been giving


a statement about the trouble that flared up at the weekend.


But that media briefing had to be cut short after protests.


The BBC's Joel Gunter is in Charlottesville


We're in downtown Charlottesville where Jason Kessler, the organiser


of yesterday's white nationalist rally, tried to give a press


conference but he was drowned out by shouts from the cloud of shame and


thug and murderer. He spoke for a few minutes before the cloud chased


off the street. He was met riot police who got into the police


station. The riot police formed a defensive line with shields and it


looks like Kessler has now been taken out in an armoured vehicle.


There are still a large group of protesters on the streets making


speeches. Tensions in Charlottesville remain high.


There is no imminent threat of a nuclear war with North Korea -


so says the Director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, amid heightened


Mr Pompeo says the US intelligence had a good idea


of what was going on in Pyongyang and that he wouldn't be


surprised if it carried out another missile test.


Meanwhile, the head of the US military, General Joseph Dunford,


has arrived in South Korea for talks on the two countries' defence


alliance, as well as North Korea's nuclear and missile threats.


He will meet President Moon Jae-in and the Defence Minister on Monday.


General Dunford will also visit China and Japan


On the Pacific island of Guam, people turned out in large numbers


They are now potentially in the firing line as the stand-off


between the US and North Korea continues.


Pyongyang has threatened to fire missiles toward this island


which is home to major US military bases.


We're here to pray for leaders of those countries to remain calm


and think about the people and the lives of the


In Japan anti-aircraft systems were deployed at the weekend


to shoot down any North Korean missiles aimed at Guam.


This area of southern Japan would lie on the flight path.


This is the most serious crisis in the region since the end


of the Korean War in the 1950s, according to some military experts.


There is a real risk by miscalculation probably more


than anything else and by rather unbalanced rhetoric of something


happening that no-one intends and I think it is very dangerous,


I think we are closer to there being some sort of fighting


in the Korean peninsula than we have been since the ceasefire in 1952.


Despite this, US President Donald Trump is not


turning down his rhetoric, including his recent statement


that the US military was locked and loaded.


I hope that they are going to fully understand the gravity


of what I said and what I said is what I mean so hopefully


they will understand exactly what I said and the meaning of those


words, those words are very easy to understand.


On Monday the US' most senior general, Joseph Dunford,


will be in the South Korean capital for meetings with


The Americans say there is no imminent threat


of conflict and the diplomatic track is continuing.


But tensions are likely to rise even higher in a week's time when yet


more planned military exercises involving the US and South


Korean Armed Forces take place in the region.


Another show of force to try to convince North Korea to


Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci says


there are people inside the white is working against Donald Trump. He has


given his first TV interview since being sacked after just ten days in


office. Speaking to BBC News, he said there were parts of the


establishment trying to reject the President. The president is not a


representative of the political establishment so people have decided


to reject him. It's like he has opened the doors for billionaires to


open the Washington political system. The members of the political


class do not like that. So ease fighting an enemy within the White


House? There are members inside Washington, also in the White House,


that are not necessarily abetting the President's interest. Name


names. I have named some names and there were some strategic changes


and there will be more, the president is realising he has to


bring in the witness to him and he has to bring in a different


strategy. The Kenyan opposition leader


Raila Odinga has given a defiant response to international calls


for him to respect the results of At a rally in the capital Nairobi,


he urged his supporters He said he would announce his full


course of action on Tuesday. Our correspondent


Alistair Leithead has more. They believe the election was stolen


and have taken to the streets. Opposition presidential


candidate Raila Odinga toured his stronghold


in the capital, the first time he has appeared in public


since losing the election. He urged his supporters not


to accept the result. They knew they would be defeated


and would have to steal, he told the crowd, that is why


they had come to kill innocent people, shoot them,


put them in body bags Dozens have been injured and some


people killed this weekend The question was whether


the opposition would accept They are calling for mass


action and for people Much of the country has


accepted the result. I wish to declare


for Uhuru Kenyatta. President Kenyatta was declared


winner on Friday night, beating his rival by a wide margin,


and has a second term in office. International observers declared


the process broadly free and fair and the Electoral Commission


dismissed claims the ballot In a place with a history of ethnic


post-election violence, The opposition leader has done


little to urge peace and is now taking his election challenge


to the streets. In Nepal, 49 people have been killed


in floods and landslides, and there are fears that


number will rise. Rescue forces have been deployed


and the Prime Minister has called BBC World Service's environment


correspondent, Navin Khadka is in Kathmandu and has more


on the worst affected areas. We are talking about the plane lands


that border India so this is the rivers and river alerts, where they


meet the Ganges, so this is massive rainfall in a short space of time.


The rivers have broken the embankments and so you have water


everywhere, but the scale we are seeing now, a similar thing was seen


in 1993 and since then there have been other incidences but not of the


scale. Scientists predict this will carry on with the longer prediction


of massive rainfall in a short space of time. The issue right now is


about the maroon and submersed places everywhere, houses, schools,


farms, and the government has admitted it is overall brand, the


resources are not there and people are stranded so there is a huge


challenge. There is no electricity or telephone so communication is a


huge issue and that is a massive challenge and the movement has been


hindered, and there for a government rescuers and officials have admitted


it Let's take a look at some of


the other stories making the news. Iran's parliament has overwhelmingly


approved a bill giving more than half-a-billion dollars of extra


funding to its missile programme It's a response to the latest US


sanctions against Tehran. Iran's chief nuclear


negotiator said the new bill - which also sanctions US military


officials - does not violate Gay rights activists have been


assaulted after taking part Dozens of people held flags


and banners in a peaceful parade While leaving the event,


a number of the activists were targeted with pepper spray


by unidentified men. At least 11 people have been


arrested for looting containers that had fallen from a cargo


ship in Brazil. Locals went out in small boats


to the floating containers, They took consumer goods,


including bicycles, air Stay with us on BBC


World News, still to come... More on the mystery of what happened


to a Swedish journalist who went missing after riding on this


privately built submarine. The big crowds became bigger as the


time of the general approach. But the lines of fans became longer,


police prepared for the huge job of cloud control.


Idiot Amin, Uganda's brutal former dictator, has died at the age of 80.


He is being buried in Saudi where he lived in exile since being


overthrown in 1979. 2 billion people around the world have seen the last


total eclipse of the sun to take place in this millennium. It began


its journey off the coast of Canada, ending after the sunset over the


coast at the Bay of Bengal. This is BBC World News. The latest


headlines... One of the organisers of Saturday's far right rally in the


US city of chocolate spill was booed after he tried to give a news


conference at City Hall. The US top military chief says in North Korea


there is no threat of an attack by the dated states.


More on the mystery of what happened to a Swedish journalist who went


Police in Denmark searching for a missing Swedish woman say


they've found no clues on the submarine where


The owner and designer of the submarine escaped when it sank.


Investigators have begun scouring the Nautilus, looking for clues to


help solve the mystery about what might have happened aboard on


Thursday night. A freelance journalist whose work has been


published internationally has not been seen or heard from since. This


was raised off the sea bed on Saturday and brought to learn


overnight it was drained. No one was found inside that forensic


specialists will continue their work. After he was arrested on


Friday, the owner said he had dropped the journalist off on one of


Copenhagen's Islands on Thursday night. A police spokesman said he


had not given a different explanation of what happened during


the voyage. The spokesman would not elaborate. He also cast doubt on the


account that the Nautilus sank when he was trying to repair an issue


with the ballast tanks. He told journalists that the submarine had


been sunk deliberately. Meanwhile the search for the journalist or her


body continues. Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari


has broken his silence after spending much of this year


in London for medical treatment. He said there had been


a "tremendous" improvement in his health and that he feels


"ready to go home". But it is still not clear


what he is being treated for, and his prolonged absence has


sparked protests in Nigeria. Haruna Shehu is from the BBC's


Hausa Service and explained more. The presidency has not disclosed


what the president has been suffering from and although a lot of


people have been criticising the silence of the disclosure of the


President's illness, what people, especially the presidential aides


are saying, is he is entitled to some kind of privacy, that it is not


necessary for him to disclose what they want he is suffering from. The


fact that the president has been awake in London and has appointed an


acting president is enough so people should not worry about what he is


suffering from. A lot of people are saying that the president should


either go back to the country or resign and allow the acting


president his own full presidential powers to discharge the duties of


the office of the President but what the people who were closed to the


president are saying is that there is nothing wrong, the president has


transmitted power as the queues at -- as the constitution says, if he


is going to be away for a period of 90 days, he should hand over power


to his deputy, which she did, and in that case there is no constitution


clause that had been violated, and then the acting president has been


performing smoothly so there is no cause for alarm, according to those


who were close to the president. It's time to get all the sports News


now. Lucy, thank you.


The 16th IAAF World Athletics Championships are nearing


a conclusion in London with seven golds on offer on the final night.


South Africa's Caster Semenya took her third world


Semenya, the defending Olympic champion, ran the fastest


time of the year so far, Kenya's Hellen Obiri took gold


in the 5000 metres after picking up the silver at last year's Olympics


in Rio while Kenya's Elijah Motonei Manangoi upstaged his teammates


Timothy Cheryiot and Asbel Kiprop to win gold in the men's 1500 metres.


Romelu Lukaku scored a double on his official Old Trafford debut


as Manchester United beat West Ham 4-0.


Jose Mourinho's team were a constant threat against a poor Hammers side,


Lukaku finishing smartly with a goal in each half.


Antony Martial made it three in the 87th minute,


and Paul Pogba rounded things off with a well taken finish


from outside the box in the 90th minute.


It was a good performance with confidence level is very high, with


a team coming through the second half, winning 1-0 and playing to win


in their more comfortable way and I think it was a very positive


performance with a good reflection of the confidence levels we have.


So United move top of the table on goal difference courtesy


of their victory while the team who finished second last year,


Tottenham, were also winners in their opening match as Delle Ali


and Ben Davies second half goals saw them win 2-0 at newly promoted


Newcastle United who had Jonjo Shelvey sent off


The world's most expensive footballer, Neymar,


made his Ligue Un debut for Paris Saint-Germain


But it was in the relatively smaller surroundings


The forward, who signed for over 260 million dollars,


Is now part of a team that is winning 2-0.


Defending champions Monaco opened their campaign at Dijon


Neymar's former club Barcelona are currently in action


against Real Madrid in the opening leg of the Spanish Super Cup.


It is still currently goalless after about 20 minutes played but


Barcelona have looked more likely to take the lead in that one.


While the Italian Super Cup which is played over just the one


leg at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome features Juventus and


Lazio Ciro Immobile with a penalty at 32 minutes.


The final round of the US PGA Championship sees overnight leader


American Kevin Kisner tie for the lead.


He and Hideki Matsuyama are both on seven under par.


Pre tournament favourite Rory McIlroy finished one over.


Jordan Spieth was looking to become youngest to achieve career grand


slam but finished well back on two over.


World Number one Dustin Johnson four under for day


Defending champions England scored ten tries against Italy as they made


it two wins out of two in Pool B of the Women's Rugby World Cup.


Arguably their only downfall was goal kicking that saw them land


England's next game on Thursday will be a pool decider


against the United States who beat Spain 43-0.


Elsewhere New Zealand and Canada scored second wins in Group A,


the Black Ferns 121-0 winners over a hapless Hong Kong who've


conceded 209 points in two games while scoring none.


While hosts Ireland were 24-14 winners over Japan in Group C


and France are leading Australia 34-0.


After weeks of public divisions between members


of the Cabinet over Brexit, the Chancellor, Philip Hammond,


and the International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox,


have made a joint pledge that any transition period will not be


The two have previously put forward opposing views on Brexit.


Here's our political correspondent, Ben Wright.


Not always heading in the same direction.


While the Chancellor Philip Hammond wanted Britain to stay in the EU,


Trade Secretary Liam Fox has long believed in Brexit,


and in headlines over the summer, their disagreements over what should


happen after Britain leaves the EU in March 2019 have been clear.


Writing a joint piece in the Sunday Telegraph,


they say there must not be a cliff edge break when Britain leaves


They will seek a time-limited transition period with the EU.


But during this period, Britain will leave the EU single


I think it is actually very encouraging because over the last


three or four weeks we have seen conflicting signals sent out


by various numbers of the Cabinet, and now it does look as though


someone has said to Mr Fox and Mr Hammond we need to see unity.


The customs union sets EU-wide tariffs.


The single market allows free trade and the movement of people.


Ministers say the UK can leave both while still giving business


confidence during our departure from the EU.


It sounds worryingly to me as if the price Philip Hammond has


had to pay for a transitional arrangement has been to sign up


to us leaving the single market and the customs union.


I think that is a dreadful mistake for the future of our economy, jobs,


It's in Brussels all this will have to be hammered out.


The EU insists progress must be made in sorting out the terms


of the divorce before the UK's future relationship


And one issue the EU wants clarity on is how the border


between Northern Ireland and the Republic will


This week the government will publish its formal


position paper on the issue, expected to include


plans to give Irish citizens the right to move


Shooting stars littered the sky last night as the Perseid meteor shower


You've been sending in your pictures from around the country.


Up to 100 shooting stars an hour were visible,


there's another opportunity to see the display tonight.


That's all for now. Thanks for watching.


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