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More than 300 are feared dead after a hillside collapses


Residents use their bare hands to pull bodies from the mud.


Donald Trump, finally, explicitly condemns


white supremacists - in his second statement


on the violent protests in Charlottesville Virginia.


Racism is evil, and those who cause violence in its name are criminals


and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists.


70 years after the end of British colonial rule in India, we bring


How do you live in Pakistan, ASCII high hopes of independence have been


fulfilled. -- asking if the high hopes of independence have been


fulfilled. A sound


we won't hear for four years - from next week Big Ben will be


silent while repairs take place. Hello and welcome


to World News Today. More than 300 people


are feared dead and others remain trapped after a huge mudslide


in the West African After heavy rains, an entire


hillside on the outskirts of the capital Freetown collapsed


before sunrise, leaving many homes Around 250 bodies have


been recovered so far. As our diplomatic correspondent


James Robbins reports, this is a country still recovering


from the ebola crisis Snatched video on a mobile phone


shows a torrent of mud and water carrying away


everything in its path. This driver risked his life


on a bridge all but overwhelmed Freetown is an overcrowded,


coastal city. About 250 bodies have


it has few defences They come every year but not usually


with quite such ferocity. been recovered so far,


the authorities fear there could be many more trapped in


the ruins of houses. I went down to the spot myself


and you could see people using their bare hands,


pulling up corpses The road itself is a disaster area,


the road is almost impassable. There are massive rocks and this


area, called Mount Sugarloaf, caved in in the early hours of this


morning and it has covered literally Hundreds of people are feared


dead under the rubble. There are some ambulances parked


here, but it is becoming a recovery The victims in Sierra Leone are


among the world's poorest people. Survivors risking everything


to salvage a few possessions, trying to hang on to whatever


they can despite the rising water. Two days after a women


was held in the American city of Charlottesville during a rally


by white supremacists, Donald Trump has spoken out


against racist violence. It follows a huge outcry


at his area statement In a statement at the White House,


the President finally named the far Our North America editor


Jon Sopel reports. The president has returned to


Washington from holiday this morning to meet the director of the FBI


and the Attorney General following Meanwhile in the University of


Virginia town, there were scuffles outside the court


where James Alex Fields appeared this morning on murder


charges after a car ploughed The President's everyone's


to blame response and silence since led to a firestorm


of criticism so why has Donald Trump been so unusually


tongue tied over this? While the number of fully paid-up


white supremacists may be relatively small, the number


who have sympathies is probably far They were among the most vociferous


supporters of him last November. Certainly, his surrogates have


condemned the far right but Today, 48 hours on,


a marked shift in language from the


embattled president. Racism is evil and those who cause


violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK,


neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant


to everything we hold dear We are a nation founded


on the truth, that all of us are We are equal in the


eyes of our Creator. We are equal under the law


and we are equal under But this was too little,


too late for Ken Frazier. Today, the boss of one of America's


pharmaceutical companies resigned from the President's


industry forum saying: Within minutes, Donald Trump fired


back at this prominent Donald Trump has bent to criticism,


something that has not happened often, but it has left many asking,


why didn't he deliver these remarks The BBC's Gary


O'Donogue is in Washington. Let's take a look


at some of the other The World Health


Organisation says the number of suspected cases of cholera


in Yemen has reached 500,000. Almost 2,000 people have died


since the end of April. A WHO statement said


an estimated 5,000 new cases The epidemic comes against


the background of Yemen's civil war, and the country's collapsing health


service is struggling to cope. Burkina Faso's


president has condemned what he called a despicable


and cowardly terrorist attack At least 18 people died and ten


wounded when two assailants The authorities say the two gunmen


were killed, and that the dead include at least seven Burkinabe


nationals and eight foreigners. Officials say more than 175


people have died and thousands have fled their homes as monsoon floods


wreak havoc in Nepal, In Nepal, officials say several


settlements are unreachable and the casualty figure could rise


as the extent of the In Bangladesh at least 20 people


have been killed and thousands displaced Bangladesh


after river waters flooded The man who dominated international


chess in the 1980s and 90s is coming out of retirement to take part in a


turn and in the US. He was famed for his thorough preparation and


attacking style and became champion in 1985, beating the Soviet trash


champion. He held onto that title for 15 years. He has tweeted, "Ready


to see if I remember how to move the pieces". Going back to the story


about Donald Trump ayes reaction to the events in Charlottesville at the


weekend. He was under pressure to make a statement and he did make a


pretty explicit statement. These were strong words. The language was


very clear. He named those groups that people had called on him to


name, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazi sympathisers, white supremacists. He


called them criminals and thugs. He went about as far as people had


asked him to go. To that extent, this will be welcomed by friends and


for the like. It's not the first thing he has said is matter. The


initial statement he made on Saturday immediately after the


violence in Charlottesville talked about violence on many sides. That


is something that upset people, costing a lot of grief, anger and


outrage. And a lot of suspicion that Donald Trump was trying to avoid


upsetting those far right groups in particular. We have today is a


written statement delivered in front of reporters, no questions, turned


on his heel, went out and didn't answer anything shouted at him.


Let's see what he says in the coming days when does those characteristic


of peace, ad-libbed moments. If we get the same sort of thing then,


people will believe him. The moment we have two Donald Trump, sets of


apparent views or approaches to what happened and people want to know


which one he really believes. Just listening to his statement, which


you say was delivered from script, I heard him use the phrase no resource


will be spared, so I is a buzz before the asking what the follow-up


is here on racist brutality? The FBI are involved. The Justice Department


will be involved. That is why the Attorney General and the incoming


director of the FBI were with the president this morning when he came


back from New Jersey for these meetings. There will be those


investigations. We have had the court appearance this morning of the


main suspect. He has been denied bail. He is facing a charge of


secondary degree murder as well as other charges, too. I think the


tragedy itself of Charlottesville is one thing, the political aspect to


it has given it a toxicity. It has touched a nerve in American society


and politics. It's incredibly raw. It goes back decades and decades.


Right back to the Civil War and the struggles for emancipation. This is


something that still a very real issue and problem in modern-day


America. Given that, Gary, do you sense some relief in the White House


that Donald Trump has done what many politicians would call the decent


thing today glove well, I don't think he would have done this today


if he hadn't had some pretty strong and united unified advice that this


was the right way to go. He's not to changing his mind in that sense or


at least acknowledging that he was wrong are being told what to do.


This is a pretty substantial flip-flop in terms of the language


and the sentiment. I think the view will have been taken that this is


doing enormous damage, this is again distracting from the main agenda.


You will notice that very odd moment at the beginning of the statement


where he talked about the economy for 30 seconds or a minute and then


suddenly launched into this business about Charlottesville. That didn't


feel quite right. They will be telling him, if you want get back on


your agenda, tax cuts, infrastructure, investment, these


kinds of things. Going down these political rabbit holes, toxic issues


is not the way to did. Thank you for bringing us right up to date.


This week - India and Pakistan mark 70 years


of independence from Britain that came after almost 200


There have been celebrations in Pakistan today to


mark the anniversary - tomorrow India will do the same.


Seven decades ago, after months of political deadlock,


Britain agreed to divide the country in two.


The Muslim-majority state of Pakistan was created,


to the west and east of India - with Muslims travelling


in one direction, Hindus and Sikhs in the other.


It triggered one of the great calamities of the modern era,


perhaps the biggest movement of people -


outside war and famine - that the world has ever seen.


Around 12 million people are thought to have fled


the violence that erupted, with communities


A million people are thought to have died.


Reeta Chakrabarti is in Lahore in Pakistan for us.


Despite that very violent beginning, the centre of Lahore has all day


felt like a giant street party with horns and flags and of course


fireworks. Pakistanis are celebrating two things, the end of


British colonial rule and also be splitting off from India. Pakistan


was created by the homeland for the subcontinent's Muslims, but a debate


has been going on in this country for quite some time now about what


sort of country it should be. I've been looking at the hopes of the


country putts founding father, Muhammed Jinnah, and looking at how


different the his vision is being funded today. -- interpreted today.


In Pakistan's former capital, Karachi, Muhammed Jinnah's


home is preserved with care and reverence.


Muhammed Jinnah led the creation of Pakistan,


but today his legacy is hotly contested.


Just what sort of nation did he envisage?


Muhammed Ali Jinnah, Pakistan's first Governor general.


As the British left Colonial India, Muhammed Jinnah was desperate


to secure the rights of the Muslim population.


The answer was a separate state, Pakistan.


Our object should be peace within and peace without.


But peace seems often to have eluded this nation, both within


Poverty and security remain major issues, and the debate


For this leading politician, Muhammed Jinnah's


was for a secular Pakistan, one that hasn't


I think Mr Jinnah would still be looking at


moving us forward if he were here today.


He made it very clear, it tolerated all religions, but we


haven't seen exactly the epitome of moral inclusion that he sought.


That's because others see Islam as central


The Constitution, they say, is Islamic


in nature, and successive governments have failed to


What otherwise was the point, they ask, of creating Pakistan?


TRANSLATION: Muhammed Jinnah rebelled and struggled against


There was secularism already in India, but the Hindu,


British, Muslim identity was at risk.


That is why he made Pakistan - an independent Islamic state.


But others say Pakistan's real problem is not religion, but


Its might is on display every evening at the border with India,


with troops strutting and goose-stepping in a full-blooded


Over a third of Pakistan's 70 years have been under


What would Muhammed Jinnah have made of that?


Because the military was supposed be a


subordinate organisation to politics.


So I think he never, never could have imagined that the


military would have played such an important role, and would have


He will be turning in his grave if he came to know of that.


Muhammed Jinnah's resting place is this


magnificent mausoleum in Karachi, a fitting tribute


He bequeathed to his people self-government and a democracy, but


Pakistan still struggles with what its true identity might be.


Along with independence came partition, with shocking violence on


both sides. Our Pakistan corresponded has been speaking to


people who fought, people who fled and people who helped shelter


potential victims from slaughter. In 1947 as British colonial rule


ended, India was divided Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims who had


lived in relative peace Amongst those involved


in the violence was Mohammad Akram, He helped attack a Hindu politician


who had been calling for calm TRANSLATION: Someone struck him


on the head with a brick. "Whoever doesn't hit him,


isn't a real man!" Me and the rest of the crowd


beat him to death. Do you ever regret your


role in the killing? TRANSLATION: Our people


were being murdered. Up to one million people


were killed in 1947. Many of the most brutal attacks


were on the trains carrying refugees into and out of Pakistan,


across the divided Naseem is the eldest of five


generations of her family living The train she and her five-day-old


baby were travelling on to Pakistan TRANSLATION: We hid


under the luggage. They came on board, slashing


everyone, cutting their faces, There were piles


and piles of bodies. Naseem lost nearly all her immediate


family in the unrest. The horrors she witnessed


continue to haunt her. TRANSLATION: The fear


never leaves you. I still clearly remember


how they used to strip Even now, I feel scared,


that any time someone Atrocities were committed by both


sides across the country. Even here in these peaceful


valleys north of Islamabad, But amidst the horror,


there were heroes, too. Mehboob and his father secretly


hid their Sikh neighbours TRANSLATION: One night,


there was a knock on our door. She said, "For the love


of God, save us. Mehboob is proud of what


he and his family did. He remembers fondly the time


when Sikhs and Muslims In Pakistan though, many prefer


to look to the future, But each anniversary of partition,


there are fewer left Sikander Kermani,


BBC News, Islamabad. There is optimism in present-day


Pakistan, particularly among younger people who see opportunities opening


up for them. But there are challenges, too. Only last month,


the Prime Minister was forced to resign over corruption charges and


security remains a major issue, with two bomb attacks in the last few


weeks. One here in Lahore, another in the night of the country. That is


set from Pakistan. Tomorrow, I'll be reporting from India. As that


country celebrates its 70th birthday. For now, from a very


festive lot poorer, it's back to you. -- Lahore.


Thanks, Reeta, and you can also visit our website


for more information on the partition.


You'll find personal stories of horror and humanity,


told for the first time to BBC from people who went


More now on our top story. Welcome to BBC News. Have you seen Mount


Sugarloaf are what is left of it for yourself? We went past the area


where Mount Sugarloaf is this morning. We happened to be going on


a mission when you're driving through the region, the community


were meant Sugarloaf is. Basically, there was a lot of rain. It was


raining very heavily. We noticed a woman running towards the main road,


gesticulating and crying bitterly. She ran towards a woman on a bike in


front of her. After a brief conversation, we noticed something


had happened and something was seriously wrong. Not long after


that, we had a man also running towards the road and a pushover


vehicle, crying desperately, telling us something had happened. He was


afraid that many lives had been lost from a landslide that happened that


morning. Basically, this is when he contacted our offices to inform us


there was something wrong in the area. Do you think it's probably


right to say that hundreds of people have died here? It is difficult to


say right now, but at the moment, based on the information coming from


the morgue, over 300 lives had been lost and there are still report of


bodies scattered around certain areas in the city. We are really


concerned. Our biggest concern is for the children, who really have no


clue what is scoring on. We don't all her many have been lost during


this tragedy. One of the factors that the vice president has raised


is that some of this is possibly due to illegal building, a huge amount


of pressure on this and other cities. Would that time in with what


you know? In many ways, yes. There are a lot of settlement in those


fields. We know that with regards to Charlottesville, there have been a


lot of migration over time. -- Freetown. Of course, in terms of


those hills with the kind of rain we tend to get over this period of


time, in the year, it is more at risk because the homes are not very


safe. There are a number of forests on the hills and the land is


becoming more and more insecure. We are seriously concerned that a lot


of lives may have been lost in this tragedy. Much like what are you able


to do with putter Save the Children, I suppose you're trying to look


after those who have survived? At the moment, we're in discussions


with the office of national and of course we have partnership with the


Government to plan the way forward. Already we have an emergency plan in


place, where we are going to be looking at how we can support the


communities in that area. But also with regards to protection and


medication. The immediate concern right now is how to reach out to


this community and trying to see how we can support with regards to


finding children, identifying children who may have been lost, and


to try and see whether we can start working on getting these children


back with their parents or with their families. That is our concern


right now. I can tell you're really busy and we appreciate your time in


telling us something about what is happening there in Freetown.


Here in Britain, the bongs of London's Big Ben will fall silent


next week for four years so that major conservation work can be


The chimes will still be used however, for important national


events such as New Year's Eve and Remembrance Sunday,


The silence is designed to protect the workers who will be working


around the famous bell. Don't forget you can get


in touch with me and some


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