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President to president - the critical reaction


to Donald Trump's latest comments on white supremacists now includes


an outright condemnation of bigotry from America's last two


Grief and anger in Freetown as authorities are blamed


for hampering rescue efforts - at least 600 people are still


missing after Monday's devastating mudslide.


Heavy rains across South East Asia have also caused severe


flooding in Bangladesh, India and Nepal -


with more than 250 dead, and millions of people displaced.


Hello and welcome to World News Today.


Donald Trump's determination to blame both sides for the deadly


violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, has brought condemnation


today from some very senior figures on the American right.


In an angry news conference, the president appeared to defend


the organisers of the white supremacist rally, saying that


anti-racist protesters were "very violent" too.


Republican presidents - George Bush senior and junior -


put out an unprecedented joint statement saying: "America must


always reject racial bigotry, anti-Semitism,


Here's our North America Editor Jon Sopel.


The memorial service for an antiracism


white supremacists in Charlottesville on Saturday, but far


from this being an occasion when a nation comes together,


America seems more between divided than ever.


They try to kill my child to shut her up.


This was Charlottesville on Friday night, racist groups chanting


Jews will not replace us, carrying Ku Klux Klan-style


torches and marching to the slogan white lives


Yesterday, the President blamed both sides for the violence


You had a group on one side and you had a group on the


other and they came at each other with clubs and it was vicious and it


was horrible and it was a horrible thing to watch.


There was a group on their side, you can call them the left,


you have just called them the left, that came


violently attacking the


other group, so you can say what you want,


It is true there was violence


But the race hate protesters had come ready for trouble.


the Army, but a right-wing militia that turned up whistling with


Most had clubs, helmets and shields with white supremacists


The antiracism demonstrators were not organisers,


they were mostly local people on whom a small group had come


But Donald Trump seeming to draw a moral equivalence between


swastika carrying Neo Nazis and antiracism protesters has brought


The senior Republican Paul Ryan tweeting...


The only significant voice of support last night came from the


former leader of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke, who said...


There is reported to be deep unhappiness among some senior White


House staff over the President's comments.


He had not been due to say anything and, significantly, a new


intervention, this time from two former Republican living presidents


George HW Bush and George W Bush, saying there is no room for bigotry


and anti-Semitism in today's America.


There has also been significant reaction from the American business


community. Let's go to our correspondent


Gary O'Donoghue in Washington. What has been happening to the


President's business advisers today? We ignore the manufacturing Council


started losing members, one resigned after Saturday and Donald Trump's


words via, the chief executive of the pharmaceutical company, a string


of others then resigned and a separate advisory body called the


Strategic Policy Forum started to resign and now Donald Trump has


disbanded both. Does it matter, advisers? Donald Trump came to power


saying he will bring back manufacturing to the USA and here


was the great and the good of the manufacturing sector lining up to


help deliver that and now he has had to get rid of them. So it matters


not only in how it looks but will also help in how he can deliver on


his promises from the campaign. At least 600 hundred people


are still believed to be missing in Sierra Leone -


after the devastating mudslides that More than 100 children are among


the 400 confirmed dead so far. Martin Patience is in Freetown


and sent this report. In Freetown the ambulances are


rushing not at the hospital but to They are ferrying the dead,


victims buried alive by a The relatives wait outside


to collect their bodies. Daniel wasn't home


when disaster struck. But he tells me six members


of his family are dead, The grief and anger


is tangible here. This is a nation in mourning


the loss of hundreds. And rescue workers say


that authorities are This gaping scar was once


a neighbourhood, but now the scene Diggers have been drafted in


but there are no sniffer dogs, not The fear is disease could


spread unless hundreds A trickle of aid is getting


through but many like Adama Dr Nathaniel Williams works for one


of the main hospitals in Freetown and treated the injured


after the mudslide. Nothing prepares you for this. We


were not prepared for it. With so many countless lives lost, but some


people who were not told they lost their son, there are some people who


are only finding out days after the incident. Also there are a few that


have lost several members of the family. So the case I mentioned


earlier about the man who lost three relatives and also the lady who had


to be called later on. We had to do resuscitation for them, some were in


shock, some were due to blood loss, some had injuries from minor


injuries to very serious ones and fractures, which we attended to,


mostly. But now we are not seeing survivors, sadly.


Days of relentless monsoon rains across Bangladesh,


Nepal and India have killed over 250 people.


This satellite image from The United Nations Institute


for Training and Research shows flood-affected regions


The red areas show that nearly 40% of central


17 million people are believed to be affected by the flooding.


Meanwhile, in the northern Indian state of Bihar alone,


floods have killed 56 people since Sunday and affected


Back in neighbouring Bangladesh, at least 39 people have been killed.


And in Nepal, at least 115 people have been killed,


with severe flooding affecting around 20 percent of


A third of Bangladesh is now underwater after


Rivers flowing in from neighbouring India are swollen,


adding to the woes of this low-lying nation.


The floods have affected hundreds of thousands of people.


Those affected are doing their best to salvage whatever is left


Bangladesh army troops have been deployed across the flooded areas


Many people have moved into one of more than 1000 temporary relief


shelters that have hastily been built for those


In some parts of the country train services have been suspended


after the floods washed away railway tracks.


In Nepal, much of the heavily populated southern lowlands have


This is the situation in one district in the south-east


Residents say they have lost everything.


The Government have been slow to react.


Translation: Cattle were mostly affected.


But our Government is not paying attention.


If Government doesn't do anything who else will?


The focus is now on getting relief to those in need.


The Nepalese Army soldiers are doing their best to come


to the aid of victims, but already aid agencies warn that


Nepal could face a humanitarian crisis if food and water does not


Let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news.


A leading Iranian opposition figure has begun a hunger strike in protest


at being under house arrest for six years.


80-old-Mehdi Karroubi ran for the presidential election


He was detained for his part in mass protests over the disputed result.


The defeated candidate in last week's presidential election


in Kenya, Raila Odinga, has announced he intends


to challenge the result in the Supreme Court.


Mr Odinga said his opposition coalition had collected concrete


evidence of what he described as 'massive irregularities'


The re-election of Uhuru Kenyatta was described as free and fair


The Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte, has said he can


solve the country's drug trafficking problem by killing


His announcement follows raids by police in Manila on Tuesday


which saw 32 people die - something he described


Thousands of people have so far been killed since President Duterte


One of the most challenging issues in Britain's


departure from the EU - Brexit - is how to manage the border


between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland,


The British government has now published proposals on what should


It says, it doesn't want any physical infrastructure,


like customs posts, or the "hard borders of the past".


It's an issue which has profound implications for the economy


and politics in Northern Ireland - given the violent


Chris Buckler reports from Narrow Water on the Irish border.


For more than 300 miles, crossing fields and bridges,


roads and rivers, there is a political dividing line


But it is a border that cannot be seen, and many want


Soft toys and cushions are the latest protest


Where some kind of barriers could divide towns like Belcoo and


Blacklion in the Republic, they are either side of this bridge


and people in areas like this have jobs,


businesses and friends that require them to cross this border regularly.


I trust this board are up to 20 times every day, sometimes moving


goods or sometimes managing staff on whatever is required and my daily


work. If there were any checks that slowed that that would create lots


of logistical difficulties. The Government wants no return


to the days when border huts and customs posts marked


where the Norwich Island This paper seems to dismiss the idea


of a return to infrastructure or And ministers say they are


determined to protect Allowing the free


movement of people across Ideas and aspirations


that will be welcomed beyond these islands


and Brussels, but ones which raise political


and practical difficulties,


with claims that it could allow a back door


for We do want to ensure


that we don't see a return to the borders of the past,


we don't see a return to a hard border and that are able to ensure


that the crucial flow of goods and people between Northern Ireland and


the Republic of Ireland is able to Some have raised doubts


about the UK's ability to forge trade deals


with other countries if it agrees to meet


the EU's standards for


food and agriculture. And if a customs deal cannot


be agreed with the EU, there are questions


about what will happen to the billions of pounds


of trade carried along


these busy border roads. The British Government believes


technology and online declarations could be used


to monitor goods carried But there are concerns about


smuggling and the Irish Government I don't believe the island


of Ireland issue's will be resolved through technology


and I believe this paper but we also accept that, which is a step


forward and I welcome that. It does leave you wondering


what the board it is going to look like and if you are


outside of the customs union how you We are no clearer as to knowing


what that is going to be, That is because a negotiation now


needs to take place. And there is a will to find


solutions in this negotiation because tied up with the politics


and practicalities are concerns about the attention impact of peace


and prosperity at this, what is We can cross to Westminster now


and talk to our political I want to talk about the bigger


picture because the triple triggered the formal announcement about


leaving the EU in March. What progress has been made? More


than one year since the letter ends and there has been some criticism


the UK Government has been slow to get on with it. Now the talks are


underway, formal negotiations are happening, and other violent at the


end of August and what we're seeing from the UK Government is what it


thinks might happen on some of the key issues after Brexit. So we had a


paper on customs policy and now this one on the Irish border. All of this


is still subject to negotiation with the EU who set out their own


position on various elements and we are led to believe there is some


agreement on some issues but still a long way to go on the big picture


stuff. The UK is meant to lead the EU by March 2019, so the clock is


ticking. Now we are hearing that is likely to be a period of transition


after the official date that could last up to three years while all the


new arrangements have time to bed end and that is to give the issue


since two businesses in the UK and on the continent.


Broadly speaking, still a long way to go. Is it fair to say it is not


clear what Brexit should mean both for the Government and also the main


opposition, Labour Party? And there are different factions


within the party about what they would like to see from Brexit. The


Conservative Party have always been deeply split on the issue of the EU,


it has played the party for a long time and many in that party put the


referendum would settle the issue but still some think the UK should


take a hard approach and leave the customs union and single market as


quickly as possible. Now we are hearing from Government ministers


are there could be this slightly longer phased approach before we


reached that point. And the Labour Party also has different views about


whether or not the UK should stay in or out some of the key EU


institutions such as the single market. There is no consensus. That


is to some degree making negotiations harder because the EU


seeks clarity from the UK Government and it is through this position


papers we are seeing today, with the Government setting out its


negotiation position, it hopes to provide that clarity sought


negotiations can progress, but there is still lots questions about how


these ideas can work in practice. Thank you. There is a lot more on


this issue on the BBC website as well.


We may have a solution to the mystery of the Frankenstein


dinosaur - the skeleton found in South America -


and mysterious because the bones appeared to come from many different


Our science correspondent Pallab Ghosh reports:


In the mountains of Chile, researchers discover a dinosaur,


the like of which has never been seen before.


Back in their lab in Buenos Aires, they carefully cut through


the sandstone to find a bizarre skeleton.


They named their dinosaur Chilesaurus.


This animal had a real mix of features from different dinosaurs.


It hip bones were like those of plant eaters such


And its arms and body were like meat eaters such


And so Chilesaurus became known as the Frankenstein dinosaur.


But now a British researcher thinks he has solved the mystery.


Chilesaurus has been revealed to be the missing link


between one group of dinosaur, like the Stegosaurus


and Triceratops, and another group which contains dinosaurs


It really is the missing piece of the puzzle.


Tyrannosaurus Rex and stegosaurus were thought to be in different


branches of the dinosaur family tree.


But researchers have shown that they are both


The Frankenstein dinosaur now fits in perfectly as an earlier animal


that came before them, which is why its skeleton


This reassessment is important, because it will radically change


the theory of how dinosaurs evolved and split into different groups.


Chilesaurus is there at the beginning of one


And hopefully, by understanding more about its biology,


we will understand what the driving features of those big


The skeleton was once a puzzle, but now it might be the key


After months of speculation, Daniel Craig has confirmed


that he will play James Bond again - but just one more time.


So why the change of heart - here's the BBC's Chi Chi Izundu.


Months of speculation, will Daniel Craig comeback


Daniel is the seventh actor to take on Bond and is commercially the most


successful of the franchise with Skyfall being the first


to break the $1 billion mark at the box office,


it was only a matter of time before he was back home at MI6,


regardless of how many times it's been destroyed in the films.


Despite the cars, the Martinis on tap and of course the women,


let's not forget that after the release of Spectre, Daniel


said he would rather slit his wrists than play the fictional


And if you believe what you read in the press,


And while Daniel was mulling over that offer other names


But for the fans, Daniel is The Man with the Golden Gun.


After all of this talk we finally have an answer


Daniel Craig has reinvented bond and his films are among the most


successful and critically acclaimed, so I think we are really glad we got


the answer we are looking forward to Bond 25.


He will be 51 by the time Bond 25 hits the cinemas in 2019


and the stunts from Spectre left him needing knee surgery.


So it's understandable that he says this time is the last time.


Tens of thousands of Elvis fans - have been at a candelit


vigil at his home - Graceland in Tennessee, to mark


His daughter Lisa Marie, and his former wife Priscilla


thanked the crowd for their decades of dedication to his memory.


They have come to honour his swagger, stale and voice that made


them of the most injury artists of the 20th century. This is the moment


fans have been waiting for. Lisa Marie Presley 's stand at the gates


of the great plan to welcome them in, some light candles as they make


the pilgrimage up the hill to pay tribute at Elvis Presley's grave.


She was one of the coolest man in the world, he lost all the people,


no matter where they come from, no matter what your skin colour that


catalogues all the people. Can you remember the first record


you heard? My mother had his music playing in


his womb so I all it took my mother I am an Elvis fan.


What is so impressive about Elvis? I like his snarl. Can you do it?


That's pretty good. At just.


At just 21, Elvis changed the face and sound of rock and roll forever.


Record labels said they were looking for a "white man


Some saw his music as dangerous, as crossing racial boundaries.


Before we discovered rhythm and blues and turn it into rock and roll


your music was your parents' music. Here we have our own music and it


was dangerous music. Maybe religion or politics didn't bridge these gaps


but the music did. An Elvis was right on that edge.


His death broke the heart of thousands.


40 years on, a visit to Greece plan is a pilgrimage for many people and


saw Elvis does live on. His influence in modern music and in his


fans, who believe his influence will never die.


Our top story, more criticism of Donald Trump's comments on white


supremacists. America's last two Republican presidents have issued a


joint condemnation of bigotry, anti-Semitism and hated whatever it


is found in the USA. There is lots more on the BBC website, including a


piece that has just gone up call Charlottesville, What Made Donald


Trump's Remark So Offensive? And that includes eyewitness reports


from the BBC journalist who was there at the weekend. Thanks for


joining us.


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