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Spanish police say they have killed the main suspect


22-year-old Younes Abouyaaqoub is thought to have been driving


After four days on the run, he was shot dead west of Barcelona -


police say he appeared to be wearing a suicide belt.


Millions of people are watching the total solar eclipse in America, the


first in nearly 100 years. And Big Ben bongs for


the last time in four years here in London,


due to restoration work. Hello and welcome


to World News Today. Spanish police say they have shot


dead Younes Abouyaaqoub, the main suspect in the Barcelona


terror attack last Thursday. He's thought to have been


responsible for 13 deaths after a vehicle was driven


at civilians on Las Ramblas. After four days being Europe's most


wanted man, he was spotted by a civilian in a village


west of Barcelona. After he was shot by


a police, a robot checked the his body for a possible belt


laden with explosives. But Spanish media say


the suicide belt he was wearing Our correspondent James


Reynolds reports on what's The police say that the hunt for the


suspect on the run for four base is now over. Officers rushed to a small


town after a woman reported a man hiding by a petrol station. Reports


say the police shot the man when he failed to take of a suspected


explosive belt. A bomb squad sent a robot to check him on the ground.


The authorities confirm that it was the man they had been looking for


since Thursday. Since he rented a van and drove it down Barcelona's


Main Avenue. This is the root of the attack. The fan hit pedestrians.


After 500 metres it stopped. The police say the attacker escaped into


the nearby market. The 22-year-old was wearing a striped shirt. And


sunglasses on his head. Police believe he was alone. These stills


appear to show him on his getaway through the market. Now wearing his


sunglasses. The pictures appear to show that he is walking, not


running, doing nothing to draw any attention to himself. Security


cameras picked him up for the last time right here on edges of the


market. Police say he then headed out and later stabbed a man, stole


his car and drove off. The police believe that he was part of a large


network which they have now dismantled. Five suspected members


were shot dead when they tried to carry out an attack last Thursday in


the town of Cambrils. Four more have been arrested. Authorities hope to


gain information from them. And there was an explosion in another


town. The BBC has learned the suspected ringleader left a mosque


in Brussels last year after Elders reported him to the police for his


radical town. Shortly after the attack, these pictures were filmed


from a home in the suburbs. It might show the moment officers found the


car stolen by the attacker. Lots of police suddenly in seconds. The


police intensified their search inside the city and across the


region. Now they say their manhunt is over.


Lets go to our correspondent in Barcelona.


Let's go to the US. This is the first time in 99 years a solar


eclipse has happened like this in the US. There is a path of darkness


crossing from the Pacific to Atlantic coasts of the US. Thousands


of people travel across the country to get the best view. It looks set


to be the most observed, photographed and documented eclipse


in human history. Let's get more now from our science


correspondent, Pallab Ghosh , who is in Oregon in the town


of Madras and sent us this report. And they've come to be awed by one


of nature's greatest spectacles. We are expecting to see the whole


sun blocked by the moon, so excited. Long queues of slow-moving traffic,


and campsites sprawled Problems for the mayor of Madras,


who is also a woodcarver, he has spent the last three years


planning for this very day. The impact on some people has


been that they didn't In fact, I have had some


people tell me, "Why did And I keep explaining to them,


we didn't invite them, So it's going to do


what it's going to do. A total eclipse happens


when the moon passes in front of the sun,


casting a shadow over They happen around every 18 months,


but often over the sea or in remote areas, where very few


people see them. But this time, the sun's shadow


will sweep across the whole It's been dubbed the great


American eclipse. Millions of people could see it


as it travels nearly 2500 miles all the way from Oregon to South


Carolina. The shadow of the total


eclipse is 70 miles wide, and will take 90 minutes


to cross the continent. Even American football pitches have


been turned over to science today. All across, US astronomers


will collect data, We would like to learn


more about how these eclipses affect the planet,


and how they affect the atmosphere, if there is any atmospheric


disturbance, if it causes wind changes or temporary climate


changes in the area. Very soon, this tiny town will


become the centre of the universe, as those here are among the first


to witness one of the great wonders The BBC's Lukman Ahmed


is in Nashville for us, where Skywatchers are also hoping


to get a view of the Let me update you by looking at the


Sunrise now. It is a crescent here. I can see them on -- the moon moving


towards blocking the sun totally and in a few minutes this will turn into


total darkness and a lot of people are here behind me celebrating and


playing music. They are a of 1.4 million people gathered in


Nashville, Tennessee to see this spectacular moment. It sounds like


all normal practice has stopped, almost like a public holiday. There


is excitement, people are very excited to see this phenomenon. It


is almost 540 years for this city to see a total eclipse. It is something


which happened a very long time ago. People are trying to grab this


moment and catch this moment in about a minute. Everybody is putting


their glasses on and trying to see what is happening just now. It is


very beautiful to see how the moon is moving to blocking the sun. We


should explain that the reason you're putting those glasses on us


because if you look at this eclipse without them it can be very damaging


for your eyes. Absolutely. Everyone should not look into the sun unless


you are wearing these classes. That is why I am doing this. I can see


the spectacular scene. Everybody here have these classes. And people


are distributing glasses. It seems everyone is ready to see that moment


. Enjoy it as it passes through Nashville.


The US Navy is to pause its worldwide operations


to reassess its fleet after a collision between a US


Ten sailors are still missing since the incident.


The USS John S McCain was sailing east of Singapore.


It's the second collision involving a US Navy ship in recent months.


Our Asia Correspondent Karishma Vaswani has been to see the ship


This is what happens when a massive oil tanker


A gaping hole in the left side of the USS John S McCain,


an American destroyer with more than 300 crew on board.


It was on its way to Singapore when just before dawn it collided


with this merchant vessel, the Liberian flagged Alnic MC,


an oil and chemical tanker much larger than the warship.


It's still not clear how the collision happened,


but an international search and rescue operation was launched.


President Donald Trump has tweeted about the accident,


saying his thoughts and prayers are with the US Navy


sailors on board, and the search and rescue teams.


And the US Defence Secretary James Mattis says there will be a wider


investigation into US Naval operations after the collision.


The chief of naval operations broader inquiry will look


at all related accidents, incidents at sea,


He's going to look at all factors, not just the immediate ones,


which will fall rightly under the fleet commander's investigation.


But this isn't the first time tragedy has struck a US


The last one in June resulted in the deaths of seven American


sailors and disciplinary action against the commanders of the ship.


This is an international disaster for them.


It's possible that some combination of poor seamanship or some


combination of things going wrong with the ship, actually things


physically going wrong with the ship that could have led to this.


This collision couldn't have come at a more awkward time


It's in the midst of its annual military drills with South Korea


All of this is raising questions about just how effective the world's


most powerful navy is in this part of the world.


Karishma Vaswani, BBC News, Singapore.


Let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news.


The US embassy in Moscow says it will temporarily stop


issuing visas for Russians, to visit the United States


It comes amid a deepening row over the expulsion of diplomats.


The statement says, they'll resume the service on a greatly


The Chinese car maker Great Wall says it wants to buy all or part


of one of the world's leading motor companies, Fiat Chrysler.


The firm says it's particularly interested


Tens of thousands of troops, aircraft and naval vessels


from the US and South Korea are embarking on a major


The joint military exercises, which have taken place


regularly since 1976, are occurring at a time of rising


North Korea has condemned the operation as a highly


Across South Asia, this season's monsoon rains have


devastated huge areas, killing more than 700


people, and forcing more than a million from their homes.


Bangladesh is experiencing its worst flooding in 30 years -


more than a third of the country is underwater.


Sanjoy Majumder sent this report from the capital Dhaka.


The only way around Northern Bangladesh is by boat.


With little sign of the water receding, people are settled on any


A partially submerged bridge is now home to this family.


They have brought with them whatever possessions they could carry,


TRANSLATION: The flood just washed away our home.


We were able to quickly grab some things and our animals.


Many of Bangladesh's major rivers flow through here,


which is why it is the worst affected part of the country.


This is the Brahmaputra River, one of the world's largest.


What's happened is because of heavy monsoon rain, it's breached


its banks and the entire area around it is flooded.


These people here have taken up the only sliver of land that's


Aid workers are trying their best to get relief to flood victims


but there's a mad scramble - such is the need for something


It's now a race against time, to get to those affected


In London, the world famous clock Big Ben fell silent earlier today.


It won't chime again, except for special occasions,


Our political correspondent Ben Wright reports.


As midday approached, a cloud swelled in Parliament Square.


All eyes on the clock, waiting for the bell.


There's about ten minutes to go until we hear it for the last time.


It's just part of being British, isn't it?


You're around in London and it's one of those things


To be a part of all this, and it's going to be the last


time for four years, erm, a little bit sad.


Protecting the hearing of workers renovating Elizabeth Tower is one


reason Parliament decided Big Ben must not be struck for four years,


except for Remembrance Sunday and New Year's Eve.


But a few MPs are mourning, not applauding, badgering


the Commons authorities to think again.


Everybody is interested in what's happening across the world,


so it just shows what a symbol of Britain Big Ben and the Palace


These are the chimes of freedom, and they've got to be respected.


Most MPs are not fretting about the infrequency


of Big Ben's chimes, but a Commons commission has


said it will look again at the timetable for repairs.


Trying to find a fix that would enable the bells to be


struck on the same basis that they are currently I think


It certainly would be a very, very expensive option.


The crowds have thinned, the political rumpus


will recede, and time, of course, carries on.


The renovations are now beginning, and Big Ben...


President Trump will announce his long-awaited


strategy on Afghanistan - in a live TV address


He ordered a strategic review, for America's longest running


military engagement, soon after taking office.


Our correspondent Gary O'Donoughue is in Washington for us.


We have given up predicting what Donald Trump would do long ago. The


options are from total withdrawal of American forces, 8500 currently in


Afghanistan, bring them all home, adding another 4000 or so to shore


up the Afghan army which is taking heavy losses in the fight against


the Taliban, possibly using private contractors to do some of that


training so that some American troops can come on. There are other


idea of options. The most likely is additional introduction of troops.


It goes against what Donald Trump said should happen before he became


a candidate and became president. He wouldn't be the only present changes


mind on this. Obama did the same kind of reversal. This is America's


longest running water. 16 years and counting.


In the last half hour, Catalonian Interior Minister Joaquim


Forn confirmed the killing of Younes Abouyaaqoub in a news


Just before 5pm the Catalan police shot dead Abouyaaqoub, the driver of


the van and direct perpetrator of the attack in Barcelona on Thursday,


causing the death of 14 people. It has been during the controls and


operations deployed by Catalan police throughout the country. This


afternoon I informed the Spanish president, but I have been in close


contact, from the first moments of the terrorist attack. My profound


thanks to the Catalan police for their very efficient task carried


out with utmost discretion and professionalism, in close


cooperation and coordination with all the security forces of Catalonia


and Spain. Let's go to our correspondent


Gavin Lee in Barcelona. This happened about 25 miles from


here. We are talking about an operation, police operation. The


police say it was a woman tipped the police off, she saw someone


described as wearing clothes you would not wear in the summer,


thought it was a suicide device, called the police and told them


where he was. He was by a police station 25 miles west of here in a


remote town. He ran through vineyards. Police say that two


police officers found him crouching in a vineyard, gathered ground in,


got quite close, ordered him to take off the suicide vest, he opened the


jacket and shouted in Arabic and they fired on them from about ten


metres. We have since learned the suicide vest was fake but it is


confirmed that it is Abouyaaqoub, on the run ever four days. He killed 13


people by hitting them with a fan. The terror cell has been dismantled


now, four arrested, eight dead, they're still investigating but they


said the threat has been neutralised. Another pleasant


evening going on behind you. If I were to go to the city and did not


know about these attacks, were to be a difference between now and how it


was before? Possibly but only if you came to Las Ramblas. People are


asking what is going on, not aware of it. Anecdotally, the street


sellers you see all over Las Ramblas, they aren't not there


because the police are there. There were questions about whether Las


Ramblas should be cordoned off after the attacks in Nice two years ago.


Today they Catalan government reinforced the message to reject


barriers. Back to the solar eclipse. It is


believed it will be the most observed, photographed and


documented event in gym in history. We are live to Kentucky. As you can


see it is almost like Twilight at this point. The sun is a thin


crescent and before this it was so bright and it was sweltering.


Everyone behind me is anticipating the moment of totality in just a few


minutes. That is the live stream from Nasa. This is the best seat in


the country to experience it. You will see how quickly the light is


fading. There is just a tiny sliver of son left. Very close to the


moment of totality. Everyone here is overjoyed and excited. People of all


ages are in all at the moment. And now it is gone. You can barely see


it. We have reached the moment of totality. You can see the corona. I


can see a ring around the sun. The temperature has dropped. It is


amazing. It is hard to describe but you can hear people gasping behind


me. My heart is pounding. It is awe-inspiring. It reminds us all,


from different countries, all different ages, all here to witness


this moment. It is breathtaking. The corona is so bright. Even though you


can Europe able's voices still, you do not hear the crickets. Scanning


the horizon, it is viewed a full. Stunning. You can hear people


behind, they can hardly believe it. I have to say, even seeing that


half, it is completely blocked it is amazing. That is all.


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