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President Trump backtracks on his campaign pledge and decides


Moving into Tal Afar - Iraqi government forces say


they have pushed their way into an Islamic State stronghold.


The ringleader exposed and plans of a larger attack -


the four Barcelona attack suspects reveal all in court.


And a victory for Muslim women in India


as the controversial practice of instant divorce is


Hello and welcome to World News Today.


President Trump has announced he's to send more troops to Afghanistan


It represents a reversal for the President who,


whilst campaigning, had called for a quick withdrawal


from a conflict which he'd called a "total disaster".


Washington is expected to send an additional 4,000


They'll join around 8,000 who have already been deployed there.


But together that's still far fewer than in 2011 when there


Our North America Editor Jon Sopel reports.


Donald Trump loves being a crowd pleaser


and throughout the campaign he delighted audiences


with the promise to pull US forces out of Afghanistan -


a gigantic waste of money and American blood, he said.


So this speech was going to take a bit of navigating,


because above the sound of the band playing Hail To The Chief was


My original instinct was to pull out, and historically


But all my life, I've heard that decisions are much different


when you sit behind the desk in the Oval Office.


But what this flip-flop means in practical terms is hard to assess.


The president wouldn't say how many additional troops he would send,


nor commit to how long they would be there.


The mission would be judged by results, not timelines.


He called the policy strategic realism,


Some of his harshest words were aimed at the Pakistani


government, whom he accused of harbouring terrorists


while taking billions of dollars in US aid.


And although Kabul may be a long way from Charlottesville,


recent events in Virginia were clearly in his mind


Loyalty to our nation demands loyalty to one another.


Love for America requires love for all of its people.


When we open our hearts to patriotism, there


is no room for prejudice, no place for bigotry


More than 2,000 US troops have already lost their lives


in Afghanistan, and the president would have liked nothing more


But the strategic importance of not letting Afghanistan fail as a state


again means that Donald Trump has had to sign his name to a policy


that means there is now an open-ended commitment


Though Donald Trump has tried to dress this speech up as marking


a significant shift in policy, the most striking thing


about it is the sense of continuity with the Obama White House.


And one other thing - now that this major policy


announcement has come, this is Donald Trump's


Not Barack Obama's, not the generals'.


He now has ownership of something he never wanted to buy.


Divers have located bodies in the flooded compartments of a US


warship that collided with an oil tanker near Singapore on Monday.


Ten sailors from the USS John McCain went missing during the accident.


A Malaysian vessel has recovered another body.


Rupert Wingfield-Hayes reports from Singapore.


These are the latest pictures of the badly damaged USS


John S McCain as it limped into port in Singapore, a massive


Today, the news from here has only got worse.


Speaking to media tonight, the commander of the US


Pacific Fleet said the first bodies had been found.


One body that has been reported by the Malaysian Navy has been found.


We have discovered other bodies during the diving on McCain today


but it is premature to say how many and what the status of recovery


It is only two months since this happened off the coast of Japan.


An almost identical collision that took the lives of seven US sailors.


Now there are maybe ten more to add to that list.


Back in the US, naval families are suggesting it is no coincidence.


Is there an issue of negligence here or is it just that your men


and women are exhausted from being overworked?


I was on the McCain this morning, looking


Even after their heroic efforts yesterday, I didn't see exhaustion,


so that view is not a view that I see reflected to me in the 140,000


But these are quotes from some of the US Navy


And from one former sailor, "I went without sleep for so long,


I began to see things that were not there."


In Singapore, this maritime expert agrees the US Navy is overstretched.


If you look at all the demands put on the US Navy, in the Middle East,


the Persian Gulf, and increasingly out here in the Pacific,


basically we have a 300-ship navy and we are asking it to do the job


of a 400-ship or maybe even 450-ship Navy.


So you may just about be able to see the outline of the John S McCain


The search and rescue operation continues here tonight,


and then there is the question of how this all happened,


and that is a big and deeply disturbing question for the US Navy.


Rescue workers on the Italian island of Ischia say they've pulled


alive three children, including a seven-month-old baby,


from the rubble of their home after an earthquake


It hit the holiday island off the coast of Naples, killing two


Minutes after the earthquake, dazed survivors


Around them, in a blizzard of dust, buried cars and rubble-strewn


streets, several buildings in Casamicciola collapsed.


Rescuers worked frantically to get to those buried.


Here, the faint sounds of a baby crying and,


after some careful digging, a small miracle.


His brothers, though, were still missing.


The earthquake struck as people were sitting down


The homes of some 2,000 residents were damaged.


TRANSLATION: The house is destroyed, we can't even get in.


Falling masonry remained a threat as the emergency services


Both of little Pascale's brothers were found alive,


Others, though, are counting the cost of a terrifying night.


Let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news.


Copenhagen police say a headless and limbless corpse found in waters


off Denmark was deliberately mutilated, but they say


it is still too early to say whether it is the remains of Swedish


She was last seen alive on the 10th of August as she departed on a trip


with submarine inventor Peter Madsen.


Johnson Johnson has been ordered to pay $417 million to a woman


who says she developed ovarian cancer after using products


The California jury's decision marks the largest award yet in a string


of lawsuits that claim the firm did not adequately warn about cancer


The Spanish football club Barcelona says it will demand at least


$10 million from its former player, the Brazilian striker Neymar,


It follows Neymar's world record $260 million move to the French club


Advancing Iraqi government forces say they've pushed


into the outskirts of the city of Tal Afar, one of the Islamic


State group's few remaining strongholds in the country.


The army and its militia allies began their major


Tal Afar lies on a key route into Iraq from Syria,


and it's been regarded as an important centre


But the US says that despite recent successes against IS,


With me is Haider al Safi from BBC Arabic.


We spoke this time yesterday. What has changed? The Iraqi forces have


advanced insight Tal Afar and there are many photographs on social media


from inside Tal Afar where the Iraqi forces captured the main town


centre, a quarter in the town. It has not yet been confirmed but the


Iraqi forces reached that part of the city. I have a meeting


resistance? The Iraqi forces talked about the defeat of Isis, being on


the retreat. There were some videos exchanged of dead bodies of Isis


fighters. And celebrating an easy victory. But they didn't so far.


Neither the Iraqi or supporting forces faced fierce fighting as yet.


But we know that sometimes Isis fighters tried to drag the Iraqi


forces into street fighting were their heavy machinery would be kind


of neutralised and it would be soldier to soldier fighting, snipers


and IEDs. The fact that the Islamic State group is losing territory in


Iraq doesn't necessarily mean that it reduces as a threat. It means


they go back to the old techniques, suicide bombing in busy


neighbourhoods, and they have started this already, a few suicide


bombs in Baghdad, and other cities under Iraqi government control,


recently taken back from Isis. They are what the Iraqi government calls


sleeper cells and they are becoming more active. For people watching who


do not know Tal Afar, how big is it and how many civilians might be in


the city? According to recent reports, they are talking about


100,000 civilians and there is an expectation of over 20,000 refugees.


The Iraqi government announced they have created safe routes for


refugees to go through and also other is a kind of high


collaboration between Iraqi forces, the Peshmerga, backing the Iraqi


forces, and also responsible for checking the people who flee


fighting from the city to make sure Isis fighters will not penetrate


with those people and leave the city. That is supported by a lot of


intelligence being provided by the Americans and Iraqi authorities.


Thank you. Four Moroccans have appeared


in court in Spain suspected of being part of the Islamist cell


which planned and carried out the attacks in and around


Barcelona last week. 15 people were killed


and more than 100 injured. The four men are the only surviving


members of a group of 12. In court one of them admitted that


a bigger attack was being planned. From Spain, our correspondent


Tom Burridge reports. One by one, they were led


into a high-security They are suspects in a plot,


linked to attacks which killed 15 This morning, they were driven


in for questioning in a closed Taken there in his hospital pyjamas,


Mohamed Houli Chemlal. The 22-year-old was badly injured


when an alleged bomb factory blew up Here, police found 120 gas canisters


as well as explosives. Investigators believe the terror


cell was planning a more Also in court this morning,


Mohammed Aalla, said to be the owner of the Audi A3 used in the attack


in the coastal resort of Cambrils. A speed camera clocked four


of the attackers as they drove to Paris in that very car,


the week before the attacks. And this man's passport


was found in the van, The driver of the van,


Younis Abuyaaqoob, was shot dead by police yesterday


in countryside outside Barcelona. This new video shows police raids


in Ripoll on the night The town is where the Imam,


Abdelbaki es Satty, is thought to have driven young men to carry


out violent jihad. One of the suspects apparently told


the court that he and his accomplices were plotting a much


bigger attack than the one here on Las Ramblas


and they planned to use bombs. The buzz of everyday life


in Barcelona goes on, past the mountain of tributes


for lives lost, young and old. Tom Burridge, BBC


News, in Barcelona. is speaking at the daily


State Department briefing. It is relatively unusual


for Mr Tillerson to speak at this briefing -


let's go there now. The fighting will still be done by


the Afghan forces, military and security forces, but we believe we


can turn the tide of what has been a losing battle over the last year and


a half or so, and at least stabilise the situation and hope we start


seeing battlefield victories on the part of the Afghan forces who have


fought very bravely at they have been fighting with less than full


capabilities that we can give them. On third diplomatic front, we are


going to adopt a conditions -based diplomacy. We will condition our


efforts along with the progress we see being made by the Afghan


government who must continue their reform efforts. In particular, much


more rigorous efforts around and I corruption. -- anti-corruption. Part


of the challenges have been about the methods we have used ordering


our aid and we have not been as accountable as we could have been in


making sure results are delivered as intended. It is difficult for many


aid workers to operate in Afghanistan so as the security


environment improves we expect to adopt a different approach as to how


we deliver development and assistance to the Afghan government.


The president was clear that this entire effort is intended to put


pressure on the Taliban, to have them understand they will not win a


battlefield victory, we may not win one but neither will they. We have


to put some point bring them to the negotiation table saw this ends.


Part of why this effort took as long as it did is we chose not to just


focus on Afghanistan but we undertook a fairly comprehensive


review of our relationships with Pakistan and India and we see this


approach requires integration of all three strategies and using Pakistan


and India to also bring pressure to bear on the situation in


Afghanistan. Pakistan and in particular can play an important


role, particularly bringing the Taliban to the negotiating table.


Pakistan has suffered acts of terrorism as dramatic as any we have


seen anywhere. We stand ready to help artist and address terrorist


organisations inside their country but they must adopt a different


approach themselves. Pakistan and the US historically had very good


relationships but over the last few years there has been a real erosion


of confidence between both governments, and erosion of trust.


We have witnessed terrorist organisations being given safe haven


inside Pakistan, to plan and carry out attacks against US servicemen,


officials, disrupting peace efforts inside Afghanistan. Pakistan must


adopt a different approach and we are ready to work with them to help


them protect themselves against these terrorist organisations but


also to start to end attacks disrupting efforts for peace. We


will be conditioning our support and relationship with Pakistan on their


response. We want to work in a positive way but they must change


their approach. India is emerging as a very important regional strategic


partner with the United States and it has played an important role is


porting the Afghan government and their economy. Providing


developmental assistance and economic assistance, and hosting an


important economic conference in India this week, and that is


all-important for stabilising Afghanistan as a nation, getting


their economy functioning and stabilise the country and they can


provide more opportunities for their citizens. This will all lead to


stability and peace agreement. But regionally it is to put pressure on


the parties to understand that fighting will take things nowhere.


It will be a lengthy process of reconciliation and a peace accord


and Afghanistan can choose its former government that best suits


the needs of its people as long as it rejects terrorism, never provides


territory in Afghanistan as a safe haven for terrorists, and


accommodates all ethnic groups inside Afghanistan. How they want to


organise themselves is up to them but we have to recognise their


culture is tribal and their history accommodates the nature of those


relationships, and there is no reason the government cannot


accommodate that as well. We want to facilitate reconciliation and peace


process and then coming to the conclusion of how they want to


govern themselves. For taking questions I want to make one comment


on North Korea. I think it is worth noting that we have and no missile


launchers or adoptive acts on the part of North Korea since the


unanimous adoption of the UN security council resolution and I


want to take note of that and acknowledge it and I am pleased to


see that the regime in John Yang -- John Yang... Has exercised


restraint. We hope it is the beginning of a signal that they are


ready to restrain their provocative acts and perhaps we are seeing our


pathway to sometime in the near future having some dialogue. We have


to see more on their part but I won't acknowledge the steps they


have taken this far. Please keep your questions... I will be brief.


It seems to me that with the no nation-building concept the


president laid out last night, the main difference other than the


timetable part of the military staff, the main difference between


the new and old approaches is that your eliminating two thirds of what


used to be known as the clear hold and build strategy. If that is


correct what happens to them and to corruption -- anti-corruption,


counter narcotics, education programmes, and what is that going


to mean for Afghan women and girls who have been assured for the last


16 years by two administrations that things would go back? As you point


out, there are many enormous strides achieved in Afghanistan in terms of


the numbers of children now in schools, the role of women in the


Afghan economy has been dramatically changed, I don't expect any of that


to be rolled back, I think it has been part of the Afghan... Rex


Tillerson speaking on Afghanistan and also mentioning North Korea.


Lets go to our correspondent Gary O'Donoghue in Washington.


I think it was crucial that the aim was to push the Taliban back. He


said we may not win this war but we will push it back to a point where


political solution is the only outcome. What you're seeing is a


realisation which has been around for a long time that actually you


can only get a settlement in Afghanistan, you cannot beat the


Taliban, they are Afghans and they will have to live in some sort of


togetherness with the Afghan army. At the same time, the pressure on


the Afghan government to clear up the corruption problem. He said the


US had to take some of the blame itself for the way it was delivering


aid, getting lost in the mix, and he also said that as things got easier


in security terms on the ground, that should be able to be cleared up


as well. But you also have the counterterrorism effort in the East


with the Islamic State affiliate groups, they are to be eliminated,


no question of a final political solution, unlike with the Taliban.


Reinforcing the message of the president, saying that is what


they're going to do militarily diplomatically.


I will have much more analysis on outside source in 30 minutes.


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