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The UN accuses both sides in Yemen's civil war of killing


Real have a special report from inside the country and its


struggling hospitals. All these people have spent all the money they


have two get treatment. Now the electricity is off. All the machines


are all, all the individuals are off.


After its previous handset burst into flames Samsung


attempts a comeback with a new flagship phone.


Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump a creeper standing to close during


the campaign for the White House. Also on the programme -


I wouldn't let it break me - Prince William describes how


he dealt with the death of his Hello, and welcome


to World News Today. The youngest and most vulnerable


are bearing the brunt UN documents, obtained by the BBC,


accuse both sides - the Saudi-led coalition supporting


the government, and the Houthi rebels - of killing


and maiming children. of blocking the delivery


of desperately-needed Yemen has been at war for three


years now and has become the world's The BBC's Nawal Al Magafi has


this special report. You might find some


of the images distressing. Many of Yemen's children have


only ever known war. And Hudaydah Central


Hospital is full of them. Victims of a conflict that has


left their country battered, I first met Dr Abdullah


Al Zuhayri a year ago. He tells me things


are now much worse. TRANSLATION: We have


started to see so many more Now, it's not only


the poor bringing their children here, we are seeing cases


of severely malnourished children He takes me to meet this boy,


just three years old, He needs intensive care


but there are no beds available. As we talk, the doctor


interrupts us. A bed has been freed


and he is rushed This is one of the area's


last functioning All these people have spent all


the money they have to get this far. Now the electricity


is off, so all the machines are off, all be incubators


are off, all the oxygen has stopped. The war between the Saudi backed


government and the Houthi rebels The region's richest nation


bombing its poorest. It's killed thousands


and left millions homeless. Wherever you go, displaced


people line the streets. With all borders closed,


there's no escape. Even the refugee camp offered no


protection for Mohammed and Hudaydah is Yemen's main port city,


it should be a lifeline, but now it's barely operating,


after the Saudi coalition bombed the cranes


and blocked their replacements. Food should not be


a weapon of war, food 95% of all the food


that we need to feed the innocent people comes


through this sport. If this port is bombed


and completely made useless, literally hundreds of thousands


of children will die and millions of But it's not just


starvation that the Yemen now faces the worst cholera


outbreak in the world This 13-year-old caught it


along with 18 members of In the intensive care unit we get


a desperate call from As his father says goodbye,


the family asks us to carry on filming, to show the world


these heartbreaking images. Another child born into a war that


has now taken his life. Fatimah Baeshen is the Director


for the the Arabia foundation and she joins me now from


Washington. Thank you very much for your time


today. There can't be any of us seeing these images from Yemen who


are not moved by them. Would it be to get a dingy country if the Saudi


led coalition where not blocking the extra being delivered? -- to get a


death into the country. A viewpoint, it is unfortunate what is happening


in Yemen but Jabba discussion, we have to take a step back and discuss


several points. -- in order to have a discussion. It was a delicate


situation engines of food, water, and the structure. Need to rain in


Yemen does not lend itself to readily disseminating aided


unfortunately. -- the ground in Yemen does not lend itself. Although


Saudi Arabia is leading this coalition and taking a hard line


defence for defending its borders. There has been a lot of speculation


around the extent of the Houthi led rebels but over the last few months,


we have seen an increase and several indicators have shown are as that


the Houthi rebels are in fact supported by... Let me take your


list of three points and add a fourth, which is that the Saudi led


coalition has a blockade in place which even the world food programme


has said risks making aid a weapon of war. Why does it not believe that


and algae aid to get to the people who need it? -- why do they not lift


the blockade? It is all about proxy fighting and the Houthi rebels, not


being dismissive to human rights issues on the ground and


significantly scaling the imaginary aid efforts not only across Yemen


but across all of it. -- the humanitarian aid. They have taken a


two pronged strategy in terms of dealing with the Germanic Kerry in


crisis with respect to the cholera outbreak. -- the humanitarian


crisis. It is dealing with the contagion to begin with, Colorado


specifically, that was in Yemen, Saudi Arabia did not bring that. --


Colorado specifically. In terms of blockades...


And in terms of some places and the airport, transferring critical


infrastructure to respected Yemen citizens on the ground. They have


rejected the proposal. We wanted to you more but he had to leave it


there because President Trump is speaking in Reno in Nevada. He is at


the American Legion convention which is taking place in Reno and these


are the pictures we have coming in. Let's listen to what he is saying.


The American Legion has told our young people the principles of


American is, you emphasise the need to preserve the nation's cultural,


moral and patriotically values. You encourage the observation of


patriotically holidays. You stress the need to enforce our laws,


including our immigration laws. APPLAUSE


We will keep listening to what President Trump had to say and if


there are matters of note, legal passim onto you. Onto a related


story. In her new memoir, Hillary Clinton


has called US President Donald Trump a creep and detailed how Mr Trump's


behaviour during one of their election debates


made her skin crawl. Mrs Clinton has herself


voiced the audio version of the memoir which dissects her


failed presidential campaign. Gary O'Donoghue is


live in Washington. While it adds to the intrigue of our


understanding of the presidential campaign, I can't imagine Donald


Trump is losing too much sleep over this memoir. Now, I then think so.


It is clearly Hillary Clinton going over the story again in her head,


trying to work out how she lost the election. Clearly something still


very painful to her and that is obviously a moment in time that she


has really focused on. A war if moment, if you like. Interestingly,


right in the end of that extra, a much wider point. -- a what if


moment. Smiling, taking it, not responding. That could be something


you could accuse her of doing very long in many ways. Not really


opening up or doing the human being, the natural thing, which a lot of


people criticise her in all sorts of Sears store. I was at that second


delay and that would have been amazing if he had done that. Bearing


in mind, it was two days after the access Hollywood takes came out


where Donald Trump had joked around... The wrong word, joked


around, but talking about grabbing hold of women and etc. It would have


been electric. Thank you very much indeed. We'll be talking later on


BBC World News. Let's take a look at some of


the other stories making the news... The US Navy - has fired


the commander of its Seventh Fleet, following four accidents involving


American warships in East Asia. The latest, involved


the USS John McCain - ten sailors are still missing,


after a collision near Singapore. The Navy said it had lost


confidence in the ability of Vice Admirial Joseph oh-coin


to command. North Korean state media says


Kim Jong-Un has ordered the production of more rocket


engines and missile warheads. Pyongyang has continued


to develop its rocket and missile programme despite the threat


of United Nations sanctions. South Africa is holding its first


online auction of rhino horns, despite strong opposition from some


conservationists, who fear it Hundreds of horns, which can fetch


tens of thousands of dollars They cannot be exported


from South Africa because of a long-standing global ban


on the international trade. Now, think of an exploding


smartphone and your mind immediately But now the company is hoping


to extinguish memories of that PR disaster with the launch


of its latest device, Last year's global recall cost


Samsung five billion dollars - not to mention the damage


to the brand as one device Let's speak to tech expert


Charlie Brown, who has been at the launch of the Note eight


in New York. Tell us what you saw. Good evening.


The launch was an extravaganza of sights and sounds. What is clear is


that Samsung is trying to convince the world that the battery issues


they had in late 2016 are behind Ben and the new Note, the 6.3 end


smartphone, is an incredible offering for people who want a big


fan and that sort out those battery issues of one of the things they did


say is that they have a new quality control process in place for battery


checking. They did manufacturer battery themselves but they say they


are checking them a whole lot better these days. One in the examples they


used was the Samsung Galaxy S8. They want that and said they didn't get


any problems like they did last year. What does this phone do? The


first thing they did was put to lenders in the phone, most people


when they buy a phone, they are buying a new camera. -- they put two


lenses in. A and a telescopic lens are now in it. It means the venue is


urgently taking the photos, and undo the fact that most of us can't take


you good photos. Another thing is that they have kept a number of


features. -- a wide angle lens. You can write on the phone with a smart


stylus. They have a very clever desktop dock that you can plug the


phone into and use the phone as a desktop replacement. If you don't


want to carry a laptop or have a desktop PC at home, you can actually


use this phone, it's that powerful. You can play video games, make


music, manipulate images as well. They don't all come out in


mid-September, cost almost ?1000 and it releases, the top end of the


pricing structure for smartphones but what is interesting is, any


phone market right now, those Western countries, large format


phones are the largest growing area of the market so it is important


that Samsung get this new Note eight correct. Thank you for being with


us. Now to Syria where, bit by bit,


the so-called Islamic State's In an exclusive report,


our chief international correspondent, Lyse Doucet,


is on the front line of that battle. She's joined President Assad's


forces, as they re-take more territory, held


by the militants for years. This is the man leading the Syrian


army against Islamic state, in He wants to take us


to the front line, to see He vows with a soldier's swagger


to take back all of Syria. Tens of thousands of


men under his command. TRANSLATION: I am


hell-bent on victory. I am a commander on the ground,


and I have been wounded He is on the EU sanctions


list, accused of suppressing peaceful


protest in 2011. The general laughs it off,


insisting he is fighting terrorism. This is now the Army's


forward firing position. Days ago, this area was under


Islamic state control. Now their fighters are


just over the horizon. The soldiers tell us that this


latest operation destroyed the closest positions of Islamic state,


just over that ridge. So that is going to


allow the Syrian army and its Russian and Iranian allies


to move forward by a number They are heading towards


the next province. That is the next big target


for the Syrian army. We are heading back


to the desert town. This military might and everyone


backed militias are crucial here. This town, when Islamic state


arrived two years ago, almost It sits on a strategic crossroads,


gas fields all around here. The soldiers take us


into what they say A box of munitions lies next


to a jumble of women's clothing. The soldiers tell us


IS kept women here. In many houses, they say they found


cords like this, hanging from hooks. They say they have


been used for torture. But there is no one


here now to confirm It is kicked back into


life to be a car bomb. TRANSLATION: We are


proud to get it back. Prince William has been describing


how he did not want the memory of his mother to breaking her fear of


damaging her legacy. Ian Prince Harry have been speaking to a BBC


documentary marking 20 years since Diana Princess of Wales was killed.


This report by our royal correspondence contains flash


photography. 20 years ago they were children,


doing their best to cope with their own grief amid the close


attention of a grieving nation. It had been their father who had


had to break the news to William and Harry


that their mother was dead. They had been at Balmoral


and in the documentary they say how relieved they were that the Queen


had kept them there for a few days. They were grateful


too to their father. But the solitude of


Balmoral had given way They had come out to meet people


outside Kensington palace. And it is clear that they found


the whole experience bewildering. I couldn't understand then,


says William, why people were so upset over someone


they didn't know. The public grieving reached


its height on the day And they start walking


down the road... William and Harry were determined


not to show their emotions. The decision for them to walk


behind their mother's often was a collective,


family decision, says William. More than anything else they wanted


to honour their mother's memory. When you have something


so traumatic as the death of your mother when you are 15,


as very sadly many people have experienced, and no one


wants to experience, You know, it will either


make or break you. I wanted her to be proud


of the person I would become. I didn't want her worried


or her legacy to be that you know, William and or Harry were completely


and utterly devastated by it. And that all the hard work


and all the love and all the energy that she put into us


when we were younger In the years since Diana's


death her sons have taken up many of the causes


that she championed. The pain may have softened,


but in Harry's case there is still anger towards the French


photographers who pursued Diana's speeding car


into the Alma tunnel in Paris. I think one of the hardest things


to come to terms with is the fact that the people that


chased her through, into the tunnel, were the same people that


were taking photographs of her while she was still dying


on the back seat of the car. And those people that caused


the accident, instead of helping, were taking photographs of her dying


on the back seat. And then those photographs


made their way back to news 20 years have passed,


there is a generation now with no But for many it remains


a week in Britain's recent history which retains


its emotional resonance. Now you'll remember the stunning


images of the solar of the the disc of the moon -


as it starts to cross But look at that small


black dot, moving across. That's actually the International


Space Station, effectively It was travelling at


five miles per second - so it didn't take long -


for it to move out of camera range. A reminder of our top story, the


youngest and most vulnerable are bearing the brunt of the war in


Yemen. UN documents obtained by the BBC accused both sides of killing


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