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As many as 2,000 people are rescued from rising floodwaters in Houston


Emergency services are pushed to the limit.


If you are there and there is a need, we will get to you. I would


simply ask that you will remain calm and remain patient.


Tropical Storm Harvey is the most powerful storm to hit


mainland US in a decade - destroying homes and businesses.


Thousands of Rohingya Muslims escape fighting in Myanmar,


only to be turned back by Bangladeshi border guards.


A sombre opening for London's Notting Hill carnival.


White doves released for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.


Hello and welcome to World News Today.


Emergency crews in Texas are battling to save thousands


of people from the massive floods caused by Tropical Storm Harvey.


Hospitals have been evacuated, airports shut and many people


are trapped in their homes as waters continue to rise.


People have been told to stay off the streets.


Weather forecasters have called the situation unprecedented.


There's been extensive damage around the town of Corpus


Christi where Harvey - then a category 4


Now it's Houston further north, that's bearing the brunt.


Harvey arrived in Houston with a vengeance.


No longer packing the full force of the hurricane but still deadly.


In just 24-hours, more than two feet of rain fell on the


fourth largest city in the United States.


This appears to be either the worst or one of the worst floods Houston


We are measuring not in inches but in feet.


Houston has ground to a halt and with the


rain still teeming down, the waters keep on rising.


Police are urging people not to venture out, not to


Pedro told us he was almost swept away.


I have to walk all the way there and the rescue boats are over


there but I was helping somebody else.


There is a rescue happening up there?


The storm has crippled transport and left people struggling


Right now it is hard to believe that this is


You get a sense of how quickly this situation


The flooding clearly caught these drivers by surprise and


still the rain is coming down with no sign of it stopping.


The authorities are struggling to cope.


They are calling for more boats to be sent in.


More than 2000 people in need of rescue have called the emergency


services and the mayor is trying to stem a sense of panic.


If you are there and there is a need, we will get to you.


I will simply ask that you remain calm,


remain patient and we will get to you.


16 years ago the city was devastated by the most serious


I spoke to James a short while ago. It is very difficult to operate here


for us. You can only imagine how difficult it is for the people who


are trapped. There are many of them. More than 2000 calls to the


emergency services by people who are asking to be rescued. They are


trying to prioritise those calls in order of those who are most at risk


first. The emergency services are being stretched to the very limit.


We have seen boats moving up and down the street and into the water.


I heard a helicopter overhead. There are rescue is being made by water


and the error. By any other means available as well. This is a very,


very serious crisis that is engulfing Houston at the moment. The


authorities are saying the worst is not over yet. That is right. I think


the concern is this rain is going to continue. It has been pouring with


rain and teeming down for many hours, if not days. As the remnants


of what was Hurricaine Harvey now sits across the country. That storm


is not moving very much at all. It is not that close to here, a couple


of 100 and mutters away from Houston at the moment. But the rain on the


eastern side of it is very, very intense. That is what is causing the


problem. We have just heard from the National Weather Service that this


may be a record setting rainfall for the entire modern history of Texas


and the entire recorded history. There could be 50 inches of rain


falling as a result of this storm. On the line is Majorie De Vries,


who's in her home in Houston. Her home is badly affected. Thank


you for talking to us. How bad are things where you are? Well, we have


been very lucky. Our house has not flooded. However, one street away


from us all the way down to the river, it is like a river. It is


incredible. I think there is one metre and a half of what. People are


trying to get out of their houses by boat with their pets and any kind of


belongings that they can take. We are looking at the film that you


have taken yourself and sent us. It is truly remarkable. It is a


completely outside of your house. Yes, it very much is. Like I said,


people from other neighbourhoods have come over with boats. It is


incredible. It is a lovely neighbourhood to be living in and we


have not seen any of the emergency services as yet. I think they are


all struggling just to get into the area. How long did this flooding


take to appear and rise to such a level? Very quickly. We arrived and


got back last night at quarter past nine. What I heard from the


neighbour at who said that 230 in the morning it really started to


flood and people were evacuating their homes. We just had a break in


the rain but it is kicking off again. All the way up to Monday


evening they are saying now. Is it clear what you are being told to do?


Whether you are being told to stay where you are are to leave, is that


information coming through to people clearly? It is. I think a lot of


people are saying to stay in your house. That is what we are all


doing. However, the people who have been badly flooded, they are all


going around to neighbours houses who have not been flooded. I think


the biggest problem is that the whole city has stopped. They could


continue for days on end. Is it difficult to stay indoors and remain


there when you know there must be people who need help? Yes, and we


work this morning just to try to help people. We're lucky with our


house. We are higher. We have been helping as much as we can. It is a


disaster, actually. I know you only moved to Houston at the beginning of


this year. The people who have lived in the neighbourhood all of their


lives have never had anything like this. No, never. I spoke to one of


my neighbours who has lived here for a 40 years. He has elderly parents


just a couple of streets down from us and they moved all of their


furniture up as much as they could. Everybody is gobsmacked. We do not


understand what is going on. I getting a sense that when the rain


is going to stop and the worst will be over? Are you getting a sense is


mac tomorrow evening they say it. . To get all of the cars and this will


have a major affect over the next months. Lots of people need people


to fix their roots and all sorts. We really appreciate talking to us. --


fix their roofs. Thank you very much. We will have plenty more on


that and there is more on the BBC website.


Thousands of people have left their homes after two days


of violence in a deepening crisis in the Myanmar's Rakhine state.


People from the Muslim Rohingya minority have escaped


But Bangladeshi border guards there are turning them back.


Bangladesh has said it will turn back Muslim Rohingyas trying


Some though have managed to cross the border, as fighting


This morning, there was a huge number of fighting,


What I think is the reason this morning - Rohingyas again came down


Looks like they are running for fear of their lives.


The clashes began on Friday, when Rohingya militants attacked 30


People are being told to stay indoors.


4000 non-Muslims are being evacuated from their villages


Six people were killed when they strayed into the wrong area.


The government in Myanmar led by Aung San Suu Kyi has blamed


Bengali is the derogatory name given by the government to the Rohingyas,


Just last week, the former Secretary General of


the United Nations, Kofi Annan, said more needs to be done


Those words were spoken just before this latest round of fighting,


which will make a political solution to the problems more urgent,


Let's take a look at some of the other stories


Five mountaineers have died in a climbing accident in the Austrian


Officials say the climbers were in an area below


a glacier near Krimml where there is a heightened


Some of the eight people killed in a crash on Britain's M1


They include several Indian visitors travelling in the minibus that


The drivers of the trucks have been charged with causing death


A deal has been agreed in Lebanon that allows so-called Islamic State


fighters to leave an enclave on the border with Syria.


The Lebanese army launched its much-awaited ground offensive


Here in the UK the opposition Labour party has for the first time,


committed to keeping the UK in the single market


union during a transition period after leaving the EU.


The shift in policy would mean continuing to accept the free


It is a softer position than the Conservatives.


Labour campaigned to remain but since the result of the EU


referendum in favour of leaving, the party has faced criticism that its


policy on Brexit was unclear. Now Jeremy Corbyn and Kia Starmer had


agreed on their version of the way forward. A transitional period is


this the centre. Writing in the Observer, Mr Starmer criticises the


Government of constructive ambiguity and says they should be no mixed


messages. A credible solution is needed to one of the most takes to


the important issues. Labour has not said how long the


proposed transitional period should last. Only that it should be as


short as possible they may find themselves torn between supporting


what many will see as a soft Brexit policy and representing their


constituents, a lot of whom voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU. Here


Starmer has suggested keeping the benefits of the single market with a


effective management with migration. Some pro-Europe Labour MPs want the


party to go further. What people would like to see building on this


important step forward is for the Labour Party to commit to single


market membership and custom union after the transitional period. The


Government has dismissed Labour's policy saying the party has no


vision for Britain Post Brexit. Their plan for a transitional period


is now set. Stay with us on BBC


World News, still to come... All the sport as Hamilton wins the


Grand Prix. The latest headlines... The city of


Houston in Texas bears the brunt of tropical storm Harvey. 2000 people


are rescued. Thousands of Rohingya Muslims escape


fighting in Myanmar, only to be turned back


by Bangladeshi border guards. A self-styled Indian guru,


Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, is due to be sentenced on two


charges of rape on Monday. News of his conviction trigerred


an explosion of violence 38 people were killed


and more than 200 injured. Thousands of police and troops have


been deployed to try Some of his followers


are travelling to Rohtak, Our South Asia correspondent,


Justin Rowlatt is at his headquarters in Sirsa


and sent this report. Behind this wall is the vast temple


complex that is the headquarters of the sect run by the man


who became known As well as this cinema,


there is a hospital, But today, his followers were in no


mood to welcome visitors. Other journalists have been attacked


and their vehicles burnt. Guru Ram Rahim is a flamboyant


and controversial figure who stars in his own movies


but he commands His claim that he has 60 million


followers worldwide, may be an exaggeration,


but one army officer told me he thinks there are at least 40,000


devotees inside the compound Driving away from the temple


complex, you get a sense of how The local town has been under


a strict lock down for days. The shops are closed


and there are many roadblocks. We were turned back when we asked


for permission to pass. Guru Ram Rahim is due to be


sentenced on Monday in a town The fear is, it could


spark yet more violence. All day, there has been


a steady stream of devotees We all love him, God has gifted him


with special powers. These guys have all


left the compound. They are heading away,


getting into vehicles I asked them if they are going


to the town where the sentencing They said no, but whether it is true


or not, I don't know. Local people have retreated


into their homes, The authorities have


ordered the Guru's assets, including the temple


complex, be seized. But the devotees don't look ready


to give it up without a fight, Now it is time for sport. Thank you


very much. We will start with the English Premier League.


Liverpool produced a dazzling attacking display at Anfield


Two goals in either half for Jurgen Klopp's side moves them


second in the table, two points adrift of


First half efforts from Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane


put the home side in a strong position at half time at a ground


that hasn't been kind to Arsenal in recent years.


Mohammad Salah compounded the Gunners woes


and Daniel Sturridge added a fourth but more importantly for Klopp


perhaps is that Liverpool have kept four clean sheets in a row


at Anfield in the Premier League for the first time since September 2013.


We were really good organised. If you give Arsenal space and time they


will do what they want to do. Also you are a loss before the game


starts and so I do not think that they did what they wanted today and


that is all for the credit to the boys because they worked really


hard. The performance was from back to forward was not at the level and


they took advantage of it. It raises many questions and I still believe


that you have not to think that these parents are not good. They are


good players but it was sure to date we were not at the level.


Title holders Chelsea put two goals past Everton at Stamford Bridge


After a disappointing opening day loss to Burnley


the Blues have struck back heading into the international


break with goals from Cesc Fabregas and Alvaro Morata


Tottenham saw a late Chris Wood equaliser deny them all three points


at Wembley as Burnley salvaged a 1-1 draw.


Delle Ali had put Spurs in front but Mauricio Pochettino


saw his side's woes at the national stadium continue as the New Zealand


international Wood grabbed the goal to deny his side victory meaning


they've now won just twice in 12 matches at their temporary home


while White Hart Lane is being rebuilt.


Spanish Champions Real Madrid have just kicked off at home to Valencia


in their first home game of the Primera Division season.


It is goalless in that one after six and a half minutes. In other news...


Lewis Hamilton held off the championship leader -


Sebastian Vettel - to win a thrilling


and led without much incident - until the 30th lap -


when a safety car was brought onto the track which


Hamilton in his 200th race managed to hold his own though and claim


the win and he's now within seven points of the German in the drivers'


standings as they head to Italy and Monza next weekend.


England will take a two run lead into day four of the third


test against West Indies at Headingley on Monday.


Captain Joe Root remains unbeaten on 45


with his side set to resume on 171 for 3 after the tourists had made


Floyd Mayweather moved past the great Rocky Marciano to make it


50 wins and no losses after his 10th round stoppage of Conor


The 26-year-old Irishman who's the current lightweight UFC champion


struggled to keep pace after the opening few


rounds but his opponent still had praise for him.


I told you guys in would be blood, sweat and tears and I've told you he


is a hell of a fighter standing up. He shocked me. Our game plan was to


take our time, to keep rocking him down. It took as longer than we


expected but we did what we said we were going to do. I guarantee the


fight was not going to do the distance, I was going for the knock


out with going straight ahead you have to take contact, I understand


that. Money you and I can only dream of. Thank you very much.


Europe's biggest street party the Notting Hill carnival in London


has opened with the release of doves in memory of those


who died in the Grenfell Tower disaster in June.


The carnival takes place in west London,


Carnival-goers have been asked to wear something green,


to remember those affected by the tragedy.


# When you are down and out. When you are on the street. It started


with a song to heal broken hearts. A promise of strength. Grenfell be


united. And then... With the joyous sounds of vibrant colours of


carnival they celebrated the lives of those taken by tragedy. Many wore


green, the colour of growth and renewal. It is to honour the


victims. My own relatives died. We love the carnival and she loved the


carnival. We participated every year, go to their house, people


would come from Europe. Her house to be full of 16 people sleeping on the


floor. We are bringing back, life. At times, those watching were


overwhelmed, sad and for those who once had a front row street the


biggest carnival. With laughter and love, Carnival paid respect in the


way it knows how. To bring us all together in a shearing community


that we are one love and one community and together we are much


more successful and together we celebrate the best of Britain. There


have been moments of reflection, stillness and solitude as well as


gratitude for those who saved lives. Carnival has always had its roots


firmly within this community. It started in the 1960s by west Indian


immigrants who were facing racism, inequality and poor housing. Many of


this resonates on the streets of Notting Hill today. It is important


we have a sense of team unity. We have had a minute 's silence for


them. In the moment of madness, everyone heard that minute. It is a


good spirit right now. Good vibes. Notting Hill Carnival will always


symbolise celebration but in the shadow of Grenfell Pitt has a new


purpose, the voice of a committee trying to heal. -- Grenfell it has a


new purpose. He became interested in film using


his father's camera. The Texas chainsaw massacre was banned in the


UK for being too violent in 1974. His other films included the fun and


poltergeist. Thank you for watching. Goodbye.


It has been a fine Sunday across much of the British Isles. Our


Weather Watcher pictures are coming


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