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Storm Harvey continues to cause havoc in Texas.


As authorities warn of life-threatening flooding


30,000 people are forced out of their homes.


We have a two-storey home and on the first floor,


it's up to here and all the furniture is just floating.


A convicted killer who may have hidden as many as 90 murders.


Could this man be the most deadly serial killer


And plastic no more in Kenya where a new ban on plastic bags


could leave you facing a huge fine or even a prison sentence.


Hello and welcome to World News Today.


The taxes is expected to worsen and spread as waters continue to rise


from tropical storm Harvey. The area's expected to have received


a year's rainfall within a week. Shops and businesses are shut and


travel is all but impossible with roads and airports closed. So far,


450,000 people need emergency assistance


and around 30,000 are in temporary shelters.


And the flooding hasn't even reached its peak,


with estimates that rivers could reach 14 feet


We'll have coverage from across the state starting


first with our correspondent Laura Trevelyan in La Grange,


Welcomer to a small Texan town of 5000 people and 300 forms have been


evacuated here because as you can see behind me, there is extensive,


catastrophic, devastating flooding. The Colorado River- we are inland by


the way that has broken its banks and it is peaking now at 55 feet.


Normally the river level is about eight feet. Flooding level is 24


feet store more than double the usual flooding level of the Colorado


River is what we are seeing here and the impact has just been ruinous on


homes, on businesses. The people who are selling some of these historic,


beautiful homes in this tiny Texan town are seeing them completely


devastated by the flooding. We are seeing businesses submerged. We have


spoken to business owners who do not have flood insurance and do not know


how they are going to pick themselves up. The positive aspect


about being here in the small Texan town is that everybody has rallied


round. The Baptist Church has been where people have been evacuated to


and there is a very strong sense of a community that is resilient and


determined to do all it can to recover from this. My colleague,


James Cook, has been in the hardest hit area in Houston. Here is his


report. Three days after Hurricane Harvey


smashed into their state, Texans are still struggling


in its wake. they called for help all night,


but no one answered. In the end, it wasn't police


or fire fighters who came to the rescue, but some


friends with a boat. They say they called 911


and there was no answer Well, we just happened


to be here and we had a boat And that's what's happening


all over Texas, isn't it? Texans have formed their own armada


offering a helping hand You must be grateful


to these guys here. Grateful to actually the


whole community, seeing Houston being together, helping each other


out, that's really touching and I was telling my mom yesterday


I wish I actually had In moments like this,


we all need it. We didn't expect this


to happen at all. Have you ever seen


anything like this before? This neighbourhood


really doesn't flood, Well, there is frenetic


activity here as boats This little vessel alone has rescued


30 people so far and the situation Even at 75 years old,


this is something For a time, this picture seemed


to sum up the desperation. It's La Vita Bella care home,


and the owner's daughter She said within ten to 15 minutes,


the water went from ankle high to waist high, so immediately,


they were under water and floating. The National Guard saw the photo


and everyone was led to safety. Many more are still waiting


to be rescued though. In desperation, all they can do


is cling on and call for help. We have a two-storey home,


and on the first floor, And all the furniture's


just floating. In Houston alone, more than


20 helicopters are flying rescue missions, but pulling people


from the floods is delicate And the city's troubles


may yet get worse. Parts of those regions


will continue to receive incredibly heavy rain that will


lead to even more flooding Texas is now saturated


and it is struggling. More than 2000 people


have been rescued. Stacy Lamb the US, response director


at charity Convoy Of Hope has been helping those affected


by the flooding. He is in Victoria, Texas, which is


midway between Houston and Corpus Christi. What is your priority right


now in terms of disaster management? Our priority right now is to get


food, water and hygiene items and other emergency supplies to those


that are affected by the storms. And is the hardest hit area for you at


the moment Houston or are you beginning to serve communities in


the suburbs as well? We have been in the area for a couple of days


already. We started in Corpus Christi. We are in Victoria, Texas,


today as you said. Victoria and point south-east of here are the


areas that were hit by the eyeball, so that is where a lot of damage is


still we are serving these areas right now with food, water,


emergencies applies not only during Victoria but places like Ingleside


and areas like that. Beyond here, we will be into the Houston area is in


the coming days as the waters recede. Stacey, how would you


describe with all your experience in disaster relief the impact of the


hurricane and the tropical storm, the aftermath of Harvey? It has been


very widespread. You have the impact of the Hyuri came Hyuri came itself


with the damage, things like that. You can't have that with the


rainfall that has just inundated the area and it is devastating to many


of these communities. The president is going to visit


Corpus Christi in Texas tomorrow. Do you think that will have a


galvanising impact on the rescue and relief effort or is it already very


competently underway? I think it is very well organised already. A lot


of the local State federal officials are doing an excellent job, a lot of


organisations like ours and others in the area along with a lot of


volunteers are doing the best they can to help out the people that are


affected by this flooding and the hurricane. The storm is moving east


of Houston now, moving even into Louisiana. It is forecast to in the


next few days and there is a state of emergency. What provisions are


you making to help at Louisiana? Well, we are continuing working with


local partners, churches, state and federal officials and wherever we


can, we will do so. Thank you so much for joining us. Giving is an


update on the disaster relief efforts. I'm live here in La Grange,


Texas, where the Colorado River has broken its banks. The river is now


55 feet, it is cresting, people here are beginning the process of


cleaning up. Ruined homes and ruined businesses, and extraordinarily


catastrophic event and it is not over yet. Taxi in London.


German prosecutors say a nurse who is serving a life sentence


may have killed as many as 90 people.


Niels Hoegel was convicted and jailed two years ago


for giving lethal drug injections to intensive care patients.


Investigators have since exhumed more than a hundred bodies


of patients who died in clinics where he worked.


From Berlin, Damien McGuinness reports.


This man could turn out to be the deadliest serial killer


In 2015, former nurse Niels Hoegel was sent to jail


But police now say they've found evidence that he murdered


around 90 other patients and that there are dozens of other suspected


TRANSLATION: If the clues had been duly investigated at the time,


even in Delmenhorst hospital, then the deaths of many patients,


in our opinion, could have been prevented.


The nurse injected patients at this hospital with drugs


His aim was to then resuscitate them


There are now allegations that some in the hospital


TRANSLATION: The current circumstances lead to the conclusion


that the former management was aware that Niels H had an awful


That means that German authorities are asking questions


about whether hospital staff turned a blind eye


and about why it took so long for the murders to be uncovered.


Let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news.


European and African leaders meeting in Paris have agreed


on an action plan to curb the flow of migrants


The French President Emmanuel Macron said it would involve


tackling people smugglers, improving security and increasing


The German leader Angela Merkel said there was much work to do


to improve security, judicial procedures and development.


In South Africa, five men have appeared in court facing murder


and conspiracy to murder charges in a story of alleged cannibalism


They were arrested after one of them handed himself over to police


saying he was "tired" of eating human flesh.


In the UK, a lorry driver has been remanded in custody after appearing


in court accused of causing the deaths by dangerous driving


of eight people on the M1 motorway on Saturday.


Four other people were seriously injured in the crash


About 150 people have been treated in hospital and hundreds more


affected by an unknown gas which hit the Sussex coast in the south


Authorities are investigating the cause and have not ruled out


either on-shore or off-shore locations.


The Vatican has announced that Pope Francis will visit Myanmar


in November as the violence there continues involving the


Thousands of Muslim Rohingyas have fled their homes in recent days


as deadly violence erupts between the army and Rohingya


Many have escaped to the border between Rakhine state


and Bangladesh, but are being turned away by border guards.


The fighting has already left more than one hundred people dead.


They've been coming across the border for days now


in twos and threes like this mother and her children


There is shooting going on at the border, she says.


But Bangladesh, already home to have 1 million Rohingyas,


These border guards are telling recent arrivals


It's a very tough message to deliver to people who in some cases


have seen their villages burned down and seen family members killed.


TRANSLATION: During the clash, my father was killed.


I don't know where my mother and my other relatives are


because I left my village out of fear.


There are too many disturbances,


Groups huddle in the grass right up against the border


with nothing but umbrellas for shelter or, if they're lucky,


If they can get to the established refugee camps,


But some Rohingyas have lived here like this for decades.


With what now appears to be an active insurgency


inside Rakhine state, there will surely be more displaced


people coming who will need feeding and housing.


is making the Bangladesh border guards nervous.


They've seen plenty of displaced Rohingyas


before fleeing violence, but this is the first time in living


memory that there have been two sides fighting over the border


with a death toll which over the last five days


The guru whose conviction for rape triggered deadly riots


in northern India has been sentenced to 20 years in jail.


On Friday, clashes between followers of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh


and security forces left 38 people dead.


Thousands of police have been deployed to the region


where his movement is based amid fears of further unrest.


The town where the controversial self-styled Guru is being held


After the explosion of violence that followed his conviction


The normally flamboyant guardsman was subdued as the sentence was read


out. The victim said it was too light and they would appeal.


After the explosion of violence that followed his conviction


the Indian authorities say they are taking no chances.


Paramilitary and troops have been deployed.


The town in which the vast temple complex that serves


Are your troops ready to besiege the Temple complex if necessary?


We are fully equipped, fully ready and fully trained.


Whatever directions are given, we'll implement it.


Guru Ram Rahim is a flamboyant and controversial figure,


who stars in his own movies and command extraordinary support.


Many deportees say that despite the rape convictions, they have not lost


faith in the man they regard as a living saint. TRANSLATION: He is a


true saint at the allegations are false. I was hurt by the verdict. He


will always be with us, he does not matter that he's in jail. The guru


is always the good. Tonight, the Temple complexes effectively under


siege, surrounded by heavily armed police and troops. Inside, there are


reckoned to be 15,000 hard-core disciples. The fear is what happens


when the authorities try to get them out.


The UK's Brexit minister is in Brussels for the third round


of talks with his European Union counterpart


to negotiate Britain's exit from the bloc.


David Davis has called for the EU to show "flexibility


and imagination", but Michel Barnier says he's concerned about


the slow pace of the negotiations so far.


Speaking in the past hour, Michel Barnier said the clock


was ticking and the time had come for Britain


I am concerned time passes quickly. I welcome the UK Government's paper


and we have read them very carefully. But we need UK positions


on all separation issues. This is necessary to make sufficient


progress. Gavin Lee is in Brussels


following those talks. Can we sent a fair amount of


impatience and frustration in what he is saying? Yes, I think the


convivial howl's the weather has gone up. In round one around two,


they were still swapping presence of walking sticks and all sorts, but


now it is all about needling from the EU side through the chief


negotiator saying, hang on a minute. We want to see more from the UK. We


want to see them get serious from the British position saying that


actually the EU can be more flexible and I think that is pretty obvious


especially from David Davis today. Making it clear that he wants not to


be hemmed in and I think that is where we are seeing this battle at


the moment. The EU side says there are three things that they want to


be satisfied on, the Irish border, how much Britain has to pay in


settlement, Bill is potentially, and citizens' rights. David Davis has


published many paper setting out issues like customs of the British


side wants to discuss many options but the EU side says they want to


stick with those three and that has gone on now into the third month.


There are only 14 months left before Britain has to leave the EU come


what may in March 20 19. I haven't heard too many people saying we


should expect very much from this particular round of talks. We have


had the build-up to it. It is hardly McGregor which versus Mayweather.


Both sides are trying to say they are trying to get something perhaps


in September or October but this is the week. This is the week for the


technical bodies which basically means nothing will happen this week.


I think it will be dancing in the shadows with slight nuances where


they try to test each other's positions and give examples. One is


the money, the idea that the EU wants a methodology to say that


explores why equals dead and whether that principle is agreed. At the


moment, Britain says no, we don't agree. The other issue is citizens'


rights. Is the Court of Justice who rules over this? Britain want


something else on the moment there is very little meeting ground. Thank


you. From today, anyone manufacturing,


selling or even carrying a plastic bag in Kenya faces a fine of $45,000


or four years in jail. Piles of waste plastic bags


are a common site across Kenya but there are fears of plastic


contamination in the food chain, because livestock often graze


on these rubbish dumps. Growing mounds of rubbish


at a neighbourhood in It's a common sight across Kenya's


rapidly expanding urban centres. Even cattle here have come to love


browsing through the heaps of garbage looking for kitchen


leftovers which they consume along with the plastic bags


used to dispose of them. With time, they tie around


inside of the stomach and then finally you find a cow unable


to walk or unwell and at the moment because the head of the cow looks OK


but now sometimes the cow can not stand, can not function well,


and then we just take A report by the United Nations


Environment Programme found that cattle slaughtered in Nairobi's


abattoirs had huge amounts of polythene bags in their guts


raising fears of plastic Now the government says


it is determined to implement Even visitors coming


into the country will be affected. I cannot guarantee that on the 1st


September we will be able to confiscate bags


at all of the airports and ports of entry the way others have been


able to do but that is the direction in which we are moving,


which is to say to all visitors coming to Kenya please do not


bring your plastic carrier bags. Consumers have been busy looking


for alternative carriers. I think the ban is good


because first of all you are able Visitors coming to our city will be


happy that the city is clean. I'm so excited about it


because finally our environment will be clean, free of plastics


and personally I've always been feeling


like plastics are choking us. One for fruit shopping


and one for my husband. The plastic bag ban is,


in many ways, taking people back to the old ways,


like these hand-woven traditional baskets were very common early


on but then were replaced by polythene bags but now


they are making a comeback so, in a way, one industry has been


killed, but another one revived. Back in Kajiado, Nancy hopes


that she too will now keep her tradition of cattle rearing


alive and grow her herd. With time, she hopes the environment


around her will become cleaner and the health


of her livestock improves. Notting Hill Carnival in London has


been baiting glorious sunshine on the second day of the event. It is


taking on extra significance following the Grenfell Tower fire in


which at least 80 people died in June.


Everyone can be a king or queen at carnival.


It's flamboyant, eccentric, extravagant.


The heroes of the sound system, playing to crowds


There is fierce competition amongst the DJs.


This sound system, we're giving a message, yeah?


A message of love and unity for everybody.


But, as I hear the music, and that baseline resonates


through my body, like I say, it's a spirit that wakes up,


and it's just higher, higher, higher, until you just go, oh!


Carnival is the Caribbean, with its culture and music.


A celebration born out of the struggle of the West Indian


immigrants living in London in the 1960s.


They refused to be beaten, and so, with colour and pride,


they marched proudly through the streets of Notting Hill.


Today, it's the biggest street party in Europe.


In terms of visitor numbers, Notting Hill is ten times


There are 70 performing stages, and 40 sound systems.


But, yeah, I really enjoy Carnival here.


People that make the costumes, the planet in advance.


We've been doing it for 24 years now, it's part of our life.


Once this is done, we start planning next year.


And so, as the sun sets on another Notting Hill Carnival,


In a statement made where else but on Facebook,


the site's CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a very special announcement.


Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla are expecting a baby girl.


In the post, he writes that he was hoping it would be


a girl and the couple will do their best


For some of us, it's been a very warm


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