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Our top stories: I'm Tom Donkin.


President Trump arrives in Texas to witness


We want to be looked at in ten years from now as this is the way to do


it. A new flood warning to tens


of thousands of people in Houston - I live in taxes, whether flooding


has been devastated. The president is here being briefed on the relief


efforts. Anger as North Korea


launches its latest missile, China says US and South Korean


military exercises are For two decades it's given us


the best views of Saturn. But now the Cassini mission


is about to go out with a bang. Hello, and welcome


to World News Today. President Donald Trump has


arrived in Texas to assess the damage caused by Storm Harvey,


as floodwaters across In Houston, more than thirty


thousand people have been forced from their homes due


to the tropical storm, which has set a new record


for rainfall in the state. The rain has been falling


since last Friday. Some places have seen more


than a meter of rain. The greatest danger may be yet


to come, with floodwaters rising in several rivers


which are expected to flood. A major dam to the west


of Houston has begun overflowing as Harvey pushes


the reservoir past capacity. Engineers have tried


to prevent nearby communities from being inundated


by releasing some of the water Around 160 kilometers west


of Houston is the small community of La Grange,


that's where we can take you live to our North America


correspondent Laura Trevelyan, Welcome to La Grange in Texas. This


is a small community that is reeling from the devastating impact on the


Hurricane Harvey. It is a microcosm of communities across Texas. More


than 300 homes were evacuated as a Colorado River brokers back. Homes


are being absolutely devastated. Liz says President Trump comes here to


the Lone Star State. He landed in the last couple of hours, and right


now and he has been proved in this situation. -- briefed on the


situation. He is here to see for himself and as difficult questions


about whether the kind of relief is being provided as my people need.


Here is what the president had to stay shortly after landing. We want


to be looked at in five years and ten years from now as this is the


way to do it. Nobody has ever seen anything like this, and I'd just


want to say that working with the governor and his entire team has


been an honour for us. So, governor, thank you very much, we want sick


and gradually since we don't want to do that. -- we want to say


congratulations. President Trump is facing has vast natural disaster as


president. He will of course be haunted by that of President George


W Bush. It is a child anniversary of 911. President Trump is clearly


determined to avoid their flat-footed response to that


disaster. Houston has seen torrential rainfall and the impact


of Harvey leading to extraordinary levels of awareness flooding. 9000


people had to spend the night last night in a convention centre, and


now the mayoral office and is expecting another 10,000 victims of


the flood. My colleague James Kate has all the latest.


The boats have come from all over the United States,


Police, soldiers and civilians all working together.


We're trying to get to a safe and dry place.


From above, they can see the problem,


A reservoir a few blocks away is overflowing.


It was built 80 years ago to protect the


young city of Houston, but no-one then imagined this.


The level of the reservoir is still rising, so


flooding is going to continue along the structures and the homes that


are against the western edge of the pool.


Streets will be flooding and will continue to flood.


For the people being rescued here, this is


clearly a nightmare, but it could yet get worse.


These floodwaters will eventually make their way downstream


to Houston, which is already struggling to cope.


This shelter ran out of beds last night.


More than 7000 people are here, tens of


thousands more are looking for a haven.


Little by little, the human cost is becoming clear.


We now know that four children and their


great-grandparents are among the dead, drowning in their car.


For Houston and for the US, this is a


The millions of people live around the rivers and swamps


At Harvey makes landfall again, it's a question for another day.


The storm no longer packs the power of a


hurricane but remains dangerous and is heading east.


Lying in wait is Louisiana, crippled by hurricane


Back in Texas, those rescues roll on and on as


There are a lot of people who need help, and I'm thankful for these


I've never been through anything like this.


And no wonder - 49 inches of rain has fallen.


This is now officially a record-breaking disaster.


On the line is Jeff Linder he's the Hydraulic operations


Manager with the Harris County Flood Control District.


Thank you for joining us. Can you let is not what the latest age as


but those reservoirs? They continued to rise as water continues to move


down. We do have releases going on right now by the army engineers.


However on the northern side of addicts, we have a small amount of


water going over this ballet, and that is expected to increase over


the next 24 246 hours, and that will additional subdivisions along the


side of the Addicks Reservoir. And side the reservoir, there are


thousands of homes now flooding, some of them up to five feet deep of


water. And on the north-east part of our county, we have water that is up


to the rooftops or higher in some homes. Is that something you have


ever seen before, one of the reservoir is fighting? Or is it a


function of the trillions of gallons of water that have fallen on Texas?


It is absolutely a function of the rainfall. We have never seen these


reservoirs at this level. We have never been to this level since the


1940s. Their previous record was actually said last year. We


surpassed that by six feet already, and it is now rising. We have never


engaged these belly before, so this is something that has never


happened. We are in uncharted territory right now. We are not even


sure how all the systems are going to behave as it the water continues


to flow. The resulting damage is simply staggering. We know that


Houston has more rainfall forecast. That the tropical storm is going to


combat this city again. Presumably that just makes your job even more


difficult. The centre of Hurricane Harvey is located just off of


Galveston this morning. It is over the gulf of Mexico. Hurricane Harvey


is beginning to move back to the north-east, and make by far just to


the north-east. Heavy rain forced us to -- we have recorded almost 50


inches of rain and alas four days, and we have some experts looking at


right now, what kind of record that is. We think it maybe a US rainfall


record. Thank you so much for taking the time away from your very


difficult and important work to update us at BBC News about the


situation there with those reservoirs. Thank you very much. He


just said that that one area in his jurisdiction has received almost 50


entries of rain, which they think is the US record, so the flooding that


happens here and La Grange taxes, whether Colorado River also rose to


as direct high of 55 feet, if ever that is nominally as five feet, once


again if function of this extraordinary rainfall. We are not


on the coast. People here were not expecting flooding, but what the


flooding has done is that they work for mobile homes just a little bit


away from where I was talking to you now. They got picked up by that


flooding is it what went down the main streets. The bangs into one


another, destroying people's homes, their belongings. One of those


people who lost a home was that women who I talk to a little area. I


began by asking Hunt what happened. It is devastating. I have not had a


chance to take anything out, I was not able to go in there. There was


close, and then you just go back this morning, and you can see the 80


over at house is. It is still standing, but as far as water


damage, pretty much everything is rain. The think there is any


possibility you could live there again? Definitely. This is where I


grew up, and there is no doubt that we will be starting all over and we


will get another house right there. There is no way. This is our little


place. Did you have any idea that this was going to happen? Did you


feel you got enough warning that the flooding was on its way? No. We all


know each other. Half of these people didn't think it would be this


bad, so most of them just got some close just for the night so they


could come back, but we never thought it would be a rabbi that


would take most of these homes out. It is hard. -- a river that would


take. Like so many thousands of victims of this tropical storm


across the of Texas, she is trying to put her life back together back


at the moment. President Trump is here in Texas. He has promised a


full response to this disaster. Meanwhile, the tropical storm is out


there lingering in the Gulf of Mexico, heading east to Louisiana.


Back to you in this video. As you can see, the bottle has


receded, but this stance is far from over. Let's move to another story.


Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says his country is facing


an unprecedented threat after North Korea fired


The missile was fired eastward from Pyongyang at six


It potentially has the power to carry a nuclear warhead, and it


fell into the North Pacific Ocean 700 miles off the Japanese coast.


Rupert Wingfield-Hayes reports from Tokyo.


This is how people in northern Japan were awoken at just


A missile is passing, the announcer says,


At City Hall, there are frantic phone calls.


A North Korean missile has just flown overhead.


My phone was by my bed, says this woman.


Suddenly it started ringing with alerts.


We have nowhere to escape to, says this man.


The missile that flew over Japan is thought to be one of these.


It was first seen at this huge parade in Pyongyang in April.


A month later, North Korea shocked the world by successfully firing


Today, it has gone much further, forcing a grim-faced


Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, to address the nation.


TRANSLATION: This missile flown over Japan is an outrageous act,


and a critical threat that we have not seen before.


They will be many who say this North Korean missile launch


is all about politics, that it is North Korean


brinkmanship, and they are probably right.


But it's not much consolation if you live here underneath it.


This was an extremely aggressive act by Pyongyang,


and it sends a very disturbing message to people here in Japan.


He can now hit Tokyo with nuclear weapons, he can hit Okinawa


You know, if you don't want to keep this game of escalation,


we might want to sit down and start talking to each other.


But right now, talking is the last thing on anyone's mind here.


Today, South Korea sent F-15 fighter jets to bomb targets just south


American heavy bombers could follow next.


Each side now feels compelled to flex its military might,


and so the spiral of tension is wound up yet again.


The owner of the Rana Plaza garment


factory in Bangladesh, which collapsed killing more


than eleven hundred people in 2013, has been jailed for three


Sohel Rana faces further charges, including murder.


If he's found guilty, he could face the death penalty.


Concern is growing over the fate of a nine-year-old girl


who disappeared at a wedding in eastern France.


The girl, Maylis de Araowjo, was last seen


Extensive searches of the area around the wedding hall


using a helicopter and police dogs have so far failed to find


A kidnapping investigation has opened and police have issued


Heavy rain has brought India's financial capital Mumbai


to a virtual standstill, flooding streets and


Dozens of flights and local train services were cancelled as rains


lashed the coastal city of nearly 20 million people.


British actor Ed Skrein has pulled out of a Hollywood movie role


after he was cast as a character of Asian heritage,


The initial casting of the Deadpool star prompted accusations


Mr Skrein said he wasn't aware of the character's mixed-Asian


heritage when he accepted the role in the comic book


a professor of Sociology at Biola University in California.


Thank you for joining us. I just want to get your thoughts about how


significant you think this pool out by Mr Skrein is, given the


controversy do we had some years ago. Haven't begun beyond this?


Apparently we haven't, because whitewashing is still endemic in


industry. I think it is really significant that Mr Skrein, who is


not as well-known as an actor as some others, has courageously gone


about declining this role after finding out that it should be cast


as a Japanese American actor. Indeed. Many people saying it could


be likened to career suicide at this stage, but obviously he has had lots


of support already. What is your take on this? How do you think that


we got to this point that there aren't the right act has been cast


in the Rye", there has been a lot of excuses, like there aren't actors


with the financial bill are the right colour. But Mr Skrein is not


that well known, and a has-been actors who don't necessarily carry


star power and Thames are being cast in these characters of colour, and I


think that is why it is so significant that he has taken this


step towards remedying this. Thinking about that recent movie


with Matt Damon, The Great While, where he plays a role by an actor of


easy heritage, that is a huge example of what we are talking


about. As countries like China get into the movie business even more,


and we naturally going to see odd pieces from these parts of the


world? I think the ACE is that Hollywood style isn't there yet.


They are really risk averse, so they want to cast what has worked before,


and I think that they are hesitant to cast an Asian American actor in


starring roles, but it is part of the problem is that they are not


recognising the demographic changes, and that people are growing up in


more diverse worlds, and so they want to see people on screen that I


like themselves are like their friends, and Hollywood is Jess not


dead yet in terms of film. In television, it is a little bit


better. Thank you very much forgiving us your thoughts. It will


be entered arresting to see who they cast in natural for Hellboy. This


gets more the situation in North Korea.


We are going to talk about what else is left to do in North Korea. No


country should have mass is flying over them like those 130 million


people in Japan. It is unacceptable. They have violated every single US


security issue that we have had. Let's get the latest from Barbara


who is at Washington monitoring the events that are happening in the UN.


When a provocation like this happens, the attention of the world


just to the UN to see what the response is going to be. We have had


plenty of these responses before, but nothing has really carved North


Korea's actions. At the UN out of options when it comes in North


Korea's it Kevin De Bruyne sadly, because they recently passed quite


tough sanctions Elia in the month. -- it kind of looks that way. They


slashed many experts, which could cost the country up to $1 billion.


The response was more defiance, not less defined. If the UN wants to


make a difference, it has two apply eight fill an economic embargo. I


think the Chinese are just not ready for that. They have surely a


willingness to put the squeeze on North Korea, but they do not want to


rebel village in to the extent that there might be if all of the regime.


Absent that, there might be an attempt that another round of


sanctions, particularly cutting of hard currency to North Korea. That


is a strategy at the moment, being led by the US. They are doing it


through the United Nations but also separately with them on at


sanctions, so we might see more of that. You detonate in China there.


They are the gatekeeper when it comes to North Korea, and terms of


economic sanctions and diplomatic channels. Yes, that is true. It is


the only major ally that North Korea has, although it has to be said it


is a very difficult relationship, the leader has really floated all of


China's concerns and has an even vetted the country since he took


office. Certainly, the Chinese feel they will support the sanctions and


negotiations alongside, even now, with this latest test, they have


said we are reaching a critical juncture, but perhaps this will open


the door to negotiations. That is something that seems not likely to


happen, at least in the short-term, because the Americans, the secretary


of state, although he has said the US is open to talks with North


Korea, they have to be done on the basis that North Korea will be


willing to give up its nuclear weapons, and more and more experts


and observers are saying that it doesn't like it is going to happen.


The only realistic option might be to have talks based on a freeze of


these weapons, and that is something the US is not ready to do so far.


For the moment, thank you very much. The countdown has


started for the end The spacecraft - which has spent


two decades in space - has performed its lowest orbit


before it's destroyed Scientists say they're hoping this


final phase of close-up exploration will solve


some long-standing mysteries. Our science correspondent


Rebecca Morelle has more. Instantly recognisable,


Saturn and its spectacular rings. The Cassini spacecraft's revealed


this planet in incredible detail and these are some of its latest


close-up images, from its hexagonal North Pole to its ring


system and even an aurora. But this mission's very


nearly at its end. Cassini's been in


space for 20 years. It's set down a probe,


spotted plumes on one of Saturn's moons and discovered colossal


storms, but now it's It's final days, though,


will be crucial. We've learnt so much,


but in that process we've also One of the things that we still


don't understand about Saturn Over the last few months,


Cassini's been exploring a region where no spacecraft's been before,


swooping between Saturn and its rings and, in its final


days, it will get closer still, giving us our best ever


view of the planet, revealing its atmosphere


and what lies beneath its thick clouds, but these last dives


could also show us what's hidden within its rings,


including a mysterious We noticed this smudge


right at the edge... The blurry speck was spotted


by Carl Murray in 2013 on his mother-in-law Peggy's


birthday ,and the name stuck. The ball of dust, more than a mile


wide, is either a moon being born or one in its death throes,


and this is his last We need to understand


what object Peggy really is. We've only got, literally,


now a matter of days. Our last look at Peggy will be


on September 14th abd I can't wait Our last look at Peggy will be


on September 14th and I can't wait Time's running out, but this


spacecraft will go out with a bang. Its last manoeuvre will be a death


dive into Saturn's atmosphere, bringing this blockbuster mission


to a close. Don't forget you can get


in touch with me and some of the team on Twitter -


I'm Tom Donkin BBC. Well, for most of us today it's been


certainly a lot fresher


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