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Dramatic rescues in Texas and Louisiana as Tropical


of chaos and devastation reaches neighbouring Louisiana.


Approximately 15 inches of rain have already fallen in the area, and


there is more to come. As North Korea outrages


the world by launching a missile over Japan,


Donald Trump warns the time Angela Merkel fights


for re-election in Germany - but will she be hit by a backlash


over the hundreds of thousands of And Britain's Princes William


and Harry remember their mother on the eve of the 20th


anniversary of Hello and welcome


to World News Today. Tropical Storm Harvey has hit


land again in the US state of Louisiana,


after causing devastation At least 20 people have died


in flooding over the last few days, and 30,000 people are


in emergency shelters. America's fourth-largest


city, Houston, has borne the brunt of the rainfall,


with large parts of After hovering over Houston


for days, the storm moved out into the Gulf of Mexico,


before hitting the town of Cameron, in south-western Louisiana,


on Wednesday morning. Harvey is now predicted


to weaken as it moves inland. from our correspondent


Laura Trevelyan, who's in Houston. Welcome to Houston, where you can


see behind me the absolute chaos that the catastrophic flooding have


caused in the aftermath of hurricane Hardy. As you can see, people have


had to abandon their homes, they have had to abandon their cars.


These are extraordinary scenes. And just this morning, I have witnessed


dramatic rescues. People have come from all over taxes and even out of


Texas with their boats, just to try and do whatever they can in the face


of this extraordinary situation. Now, the flooding behind me has been


worsened by the fact that we are in Houston, where two reservoirs on the


outskirts are full to capacity and they have been over spelling and so


the authorities have had to do time to releases of water from the dam to


stop something even worse from happening and that has increased the


flooding behind me, if you can believe it. My colleague James Cook


has this report on the overall situation.


Still dazed, but at least they're dry.


The people of Houston awoke after a night under


Rodman Young is now homeless in his own city after his house


was flooded when two reservoirs spilled over.


It is sad and you feel a little bit hopeless.


Because you're losing all your stuff.


And they only gave us from the point we woke up,


a couple of hours sleep, and we were fighting


The federal government says nearly 200,000 people here have


For days now, these helicopter crews have been putting their lives


on the line, performing daring and dangerous rescues.


These grainy images capture the narrowest of escapes.


Last night, a woman was swept away holding her young daughter.


The mother died, her child, still clinging on, survived.


Heartbreak for Houston which faces other troubles as well.


The fourth largest city in the United States


was under curfew last night amid reports of looting.


There are too many people from across our city,


too many residents that are out of their homes.


And I do not want them to have to worry about someone breaking


into their home or looting or doing anything of that nature


All of this has paralysed this American energy hub with oil


production in many places coming to a halt.


It will take weeks if not months to fully recover.


Refineries including this one have been shut down because staff cannot


That is not just bad news for the big oil firms, but also


for the many thousands of businesses here in Texas which


And also for the American economy as a whole.


Of course, nothing matters more than saving lives and that has now


This baby is just one of 30,000 people forced from their homes.


With the storm heading east, Louisiana is next.


Well, behind me, people have been rescuing their belongings all


morning, and the National Guard deployment in this state of Texas


has been increased to 14,000. Now, just a little bit earlier, Governor


Greg Abbott, the governor of the state of Texas give this update on


the situation here. The rain that was received in the


greater Harris County area has set Now that rain has moved


to the Beaumont region in Approximately 15 inches


of rain have already fallen in the area, and


there's more to come. The worst is not yet over for


South East Texas as far as the rain There will be ongoing challenges


both during the time that rain continues to fall


as well as for approximately Let me mention specifically flooding


conditions that will continue to be a challenge


for people in the area. Now, all Davis flooded road behind


me has resembled nothing more than a marina. There is yet another boat


trailer being brought in behind me because what is happening is people


are coming with their belt, some of them are National Guard boats, some


of them are Texas police boats, but so many of them are just volunteer


boats and people have been rescued here. I spoke to one month in the


last hour who had been rescued, Jill Strong, anti-doping story. The water


had gotten to the point where it was about two feet into the house and it


was four or five feet deep on the road. It looked like a river and


there was no way to cross it. Yesterday, it was still low enough


that you could walk across, but not today. You needed a boat. That was


the only safe way to go. Fortunately, some guys can buy this


morning and we flagged them down and give them a phone number and then


texted them and said we were ready to come and so they came and picked


us up. It is five days after the hurricane made landfall. Why is your


home flooding now? Is that the torrential rainfall or the


controlled flooding they are doing? It is a little bit of both. There is


a certain amount of run off that keeps adding to the flow, but they


opened the floodgates and started letting more water out, plus we were


informed that somewhat started running over the north side of the


dam and there might be a break in it today that is causing more water, so


it is just getting worse all the time. We kept hoping that it would


received out the rain left up, but it never did. It continued to rise.


That was a survivor comment was rescued from this neighbourhood


where I am talking to you from now, just in the past hour. That was one


of 30,000 people in Houston and the surrounding areas who have been


rescued in the past five days. So just extraordinary scenes here, and


even though the storm has passed by, it is now moving inland in


Louisiana. The National Weather Service warned today that


catastrophic and life-threatening flooding will continue in Houston


for the rest of this week. So that is the situation here now. Back to


you in London. And every national disaster at some point becomes


political. Has that point been reached? Not here in Texas, I


wouldn't say. People who are immediately affected have focused on


picking up their lives, going back into the properties when they can,


when the flood recede. Of course, Texas is a red state, the governor


is a supporter of President Donald Trump. Donald Trump was here


visiting yesterday and he will be back at the weekend and he may go to


Louisiana as well. People I spoke about the President's visit said


they want the Government to give them all of the assistance that it


possibly. There are hard questions that have been asked about whether


or not there should have been an evacuation of Houston, but the


greater Houston area, more than 6 million people live there, and where


would they have gone exactly? As it is, over 30,000 rescues have been


carried out. Undoubtedly and tragically the death toll will rise


as the flood water recedes and people who were trapped in their


homes and could not escape our sound. But I would say, speaking to


you from here in Texas, no, it does not feel at this point as though it


has become politicised, the rescue effort. Laura, thank you very much


for all of your updates. We appreciated.


Pastor Omar Garcia are coordinating water rescues


near Katy, Texas and he joins us now to tell us more.


Thank you very much for your time. Give us an idea of the kind of work


you have been doing. Well, we are doing a number of things. As you


mention, we have participated in some water rescues. We have over


5200 homes that are to some degree under water right now and the only


way for people to get out is by boat. We have also taken in the


homeless to feed them and shelter them. This has been pretty hard on


that population of people here in the community. In addition to that,


we are servicing through partnership with all of the area churches all of


the shelters, we are providing host homes. We have hundreds of people


who stepped up and opened up their homes to invite total strangers to


come in until they are able to get back on their feet. It has just been


an amazing display of kindness here. So tell us more about that. That is


individual families inviting a family they would not have known a


few days ago into their home indefinitely, or how are you


organising it? Well, we have a point of contact for our host homes. It


has been a beautiful thing. I was with a family yesterday. We rescued


them by boat. We got them back to one of the schools that is serving


as a point of contact for connecting evacuees with host homes, and they


connected with the family that they did not know yesterday I received a


text message with a picture of both families around the dinner table,


saying that they had become the best of friends. This is the beautiful


thing that we are seeing happen here in our community. We appreciate you


telling us about it. Thank you very much for your time. There are some


amazing rescue stories from Texas and you can see them on our website,


plus detailed mapping on how far the waters have risen.


It took just hours for North Korea to hit back


after the UN Security Council condemned it for firing


In a statement, the country's leader issued a new warning,


describing yesterday's launch as only a first step in a wider


military operation aimed at the Pacific island of Guam,


In an escalating war of words, President Trump said that the time


Here's Rupert Wingfield Hayes from Tokyo.


These are the first pictures of North Korea's latest and most


As expected, Kim Jong Un was on hand to give his personal guidance.


The North Korean dictator gazes skywards as the missile


And along with the pictures came this statement


The current ballistic rocket drill is the first step of the military


operation in the Pacific and a meaningful preview


North Korea's statement shows the ultimate target of yesterday's


test was not here in Japan, but the US Pacific island of Guam.


And that North Korea intends more such tests.


Last night in New York, the UN Security Council members including


China were unanimous in condemning North Korea.


Today the cracks have already begun to appear.


The US has been talking to North Korea and paying them


extortion money for 25 years, he exclaimed.


Here in Japan, Prime Minister Theresa May said China


We want to work with international partners to see what further


pressure can be brought on North Korea.


And of course, particularly look at what China can do.


In Beijing, China's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman had this


TRANSLATION: Some countries dash forward when it comes


But hide away when it comes to asking for peace talks.


This is not the attitude of a responsible nation.


There is growing suspicion that North Korea could not have developed


There is also agreement that it must be stopped.


China wants talks, the US, Britain and Japan, more sanctions.


Meanwhile North Korea is almost certainly


Rupert Wingfield Hayes, BBC News, in Tokyo.


An update on this - and despite President Trump's


statement that talking is not the answer to North Korea,


his Defence Secretary has insisted there is still room for diplomacy.


No, we are never out of diplomatic solutions.


We continue to work together and the Minister and I share a


responsibility to provide for the protection of our nations


and our populations and our interests, which


is what we are here to discuss today.


And look for all the areas where we can collaborate.


We have already had very strong collaboration.


Let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news.


British Prime Minister Theresa May has urged China


to do more to help end North Korea's weapons tests.


While on a three day visit to Japan, May says the UK is also looking


at ways on how it will play its part on putting further


But she's not just there to discuss North Korea,


she's also trying to ease concerns about Brexit and pave the way


The Kremlin has confirmed receiving an email asking


for help in building a Trump Tower in Moscow.


A spokesman for Vladimir Putin says the email was sent


The US President's ties with Russia are already the subject


of investigations by multiple congressional committees


as well as the US Department of Justice.


And doctors in India have completed the first part


of a historic surgery to separate 27 month old conjoined twins.


The procedure to separate brothers Jaga and Baliya took 22 hours.


The operation was complicated as the boys share the vein that


returns blood to the heart from the brain, but doctors say


The International Organisation for Migration


in Bangladesh has told the BBC that more than 18,000


Rohingya Muslims have fled across the border


from Myanmar's Rakhine state in less than a week.


Aid workers giving emergency shelter and food say about a dozen


of the new arrivals have recent bullet wounds.


It's estimated that thousands of people


are still trapped in an unoccupied zone between the two countries.


Meer Sabbir of BBC Bengali reports from the district of Cox's Bazar


The flow of Rohingya started here since last


Friday, but despite the high alert of the border guards in Bangladesh,


thousands of Rohingyas are coming in every day


from the Rakhine estate in


I have seen in the refugee camps in different parts


of Cox's Bazar many Rohingyas are sitting just in front


of the campus, waiting for


their relatives, holding onto their small sacks with all of their


belongings, holding onto their small children.


The vast majority of them women and children, and I have heard


Some of them are very similar - the security forces came to their


villages, shooting at people, searching for young men, and burning


So they just grabbed anything they can and rushed to the


border, and many of them have relatives in the area who came here


Meer Sabbir on the plight of the Rohinyga.


In a month's time, German voters will deliver


their verdict on Angela Merkel and her refugee policy.


If, as polls suggest, Mrs Merkel's conservative party wins


the general election, it will mean a fourth term in office


Our Berlin correspondent Jenny Hill reports from Germany's north coast.


Don't be fooled by the political calm.


Germany has survived a turbulent year.


It's heading in a predictable direction.


The likely winner of next month's election is not as secure


TRANSLATION: I think she abandoned us fishermen,


She only cares about the big industry and what's


She should look after her own country.


This international stateswoman must please the home crowd now.


"She is the perfect Chancellor," he says.


In truth, Mrs Merkel knows she barely survived


perhaps only because there was no one to replace her.


No real challenge from Social Democrat Martin Schultz,


nor from the anti-immigrant party, AfD.


Even so, they're fielding a candidate in her own constituency.


TRANSLATION: We want to send Mrs Merkel back


It's a challenge, we admit that, but things are turning our way.


He hopes to reel in voters like Enis and Silka.


They will not be voting for Angela Merkel.


TRANSLATION: The refugee policy hasn't changed.


She doesn't really address all these terror attacks.


She should speak up for the German people.


TRANSLATION: This party, that party, they're all the same.


Angela Merkel has been in the job for 12 years.


She has survived crisis after crisis, and that's due


Take, for example, Brexit, and Donald Trump's election.


For many German voters, Mrs Merkel now represents security,


stability, in a shifting and uncertain world.


She will need to find coalition partners.


But in reality, one hand alone is likely to steer


I will be joining Jenny in September along with her colleagues as we


bring you full coverage of the German election.


What's yours, could also be ours, these days.


That's the thinking behind the sharing economy that's taking


off in various parts of the world, including China.


John Sudworth has been investigating in Beijing.


The company behind this venture plan to make 20 million


footballs and basketballs available for hire right across


Princes William and Harry have visited a memorial garden


for their mother at her old home at Kensington palace.


Tomorrow will mark the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's


They met representatives from charities supported by Diana -


as our royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell reports.


The flowers and the tributes are back at the gates


A very small echo of how it was 20 years ago but a reminder of feelings


And this afternoon William and Harry came to view the tributes.


They took their time, they looked, and they read.


And they laughed at some of the photographs showing them as


It was impossible not to be reminded of


how it was 20 years ago when, aged 15 and 12, on their return to


London, they'd come out still numb and bewildered to meet the people


who'd gathered there and to see for themselves the many thousands of


Diana's boys are both in their 30s now.


William's settled and about to begin full-time royal duty.


He was accompanied by Catherine this afternoon to view a memorial garden


And Harry, not quite so settled yet, but not far


And both at this anniversary, one must assume,


reassured by the enduring regard people feel for their mother.


She meant same much to so many people.


That shows by how many people are here today.


William and Harry took some of the flowers


people had brought and placed them at the Palace gates, replaying some


of the moments from two decades ago and acknowledging the desire that


many still have to hold onto Diana's memory.


Today, briefly, they put on their public, princely faces, to


Tomorrow, though, William and Harry will


remain in private, remembering the mother they lost in such tragic


Nicolas Witchell, BBC News, at Kensington Palace.


Don't forget you can get in touch with me and some


Hello. After the contrast of Wednesday, all pretty much in the


same boat going into Thursday. As the pressure


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