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America warns that North Korea is begging for war


America urges the UN to take the strongest possible measures against


North Korea. It comes after North Korea performed their sick than most


powerful nuclear test. The US ambassador to the UN said America


does not want conflict, but its patient is not unlimited.


His abusive use of missiles and his nuclear threats sure that he is


begging for war. As thousands more people


flee to Bangladesh, pressure grows on Myanmar's


government to end the military campaign


against the Rohingya Muslims. Angela Merkel has faced down her


opponent in Germany's televised election debate. And sacked from


L'Oreal but still defiant, we will hear from the transgender model who


says that all white people benefit from racism.


Hello and welcome to World News Today.


The American ambassador to the United Nations has urged the other


nations to take the strong as possible measures against North


Korea. Speaking in an emergency session, Mickey Hayley's language


was blunt. She said, to the members of the Security Council I must


say... But a Chinese counterpart urged


restraint. He said... The BBC's correspondent is in Seoul,


here is the latest report. One day after North Korea's most


powerful nuclear test, the south displayed its might. Missiles were


launched from the ground and the air. It was a test, South Korea


showing off how it could attack Pyongyang's nuclear site. This is a


strong reaction from a country that for months has been desperately


trying to avoid conflict in the Korean peninsula. Across the sea in


Japan, the government gave worrying details about North Korea's latest


test. TRANSLATION: The evidence suggest


that the North conducted a hydrogen bomb test. The government had to


conclude that the test was a success, considering the huge poor


it generated. Pyongyang has successfully test the weapon that


poses a great threat to Japan's security.


A hydrogen bomb is vastly more powerful than the bomb that


destroyed Hiroshima, and North Korea says that is what his leader is


looking at. The country has conducted six nuclear tests so far,


but it has really accelerated since Kim Jong Un him to power. At an


emergency UN Security Council meeting, the US lashed out at the


North Korean leader. Nuclear power is understand the


responsibility. Kim Jong Un shows no such understanding. His abusive use


of missiles, and his nuclear threats, show that he is begging for


war. The people in South Korea have dealt


with the threat from the North for a long time now. But perhaps never


before has a nuclear test and multiple missile tests come in such


quick succession, really ratcheting up the pressure on the government


here in Seoul and its allies. This is America's latest anti-missile


system, designed to shoot down a Rockets. It has now been deployed in


South Korea. The allies might be able to defend themselves against an


attack, but no matter how much North Korea provokes them, striking the


country's nuclear base is not the easy option.


This is most important. North Korea will certainly retaliate, and South


Korea will be the main victim of being sandwiched between the


hardline United States and recalcitrant North Korea.


And so for now, South Korea continues to build an arsenal hoping


never to use it. So what are the options left


for the international community as it tries to curb


North Korea's nuclear ambitions? Here's our Diplomatic


Correspondent, James Robbins. President Trump insists the time for


talking to North Korea has passed, but most countries still hope


diplomacy might work, dissuading the regime not to become a full nuclear


weapons state. As part of that diplomacy, the UN Security Council


has been meeting to discuss additional sanctions designed to


turn tied to the economic screw on North Korea. The UN has been passing


resolutions condemning North Korea, but its weapons programme seems to


be accelerating. Present sanctions include bans on export sales by


North Korea of coal, led, Ireland seafood, almost all of it to China.


There is talk now of a ban of North Korean textiles. The most


devastating sanctions would be a china cut oil supplies, paralysing


an already feeble economy. Only the strongest sanctions will


enable us to resolve this problem through diplomacy. We have kicked


the can down the road long enough. There is no more road left. The


United States will look at every country that does business with


North Koreas a country that is giving aid to their reckless and


dangerous nuclear intentions. The United States will present a new


sanctions resolution and push for a vote at the UN next week. It may


well pass. But the Americans reject China's overall approach, it is that


both the United States and North Korea should wind down their forces


in the region. TRANSLATION: This joint initiative


by China and Russia is practical and feasible, aimed at addressing the


most urgent security concerns of the parties concerned, easing the


tension as soon as possible. But what of talks of diplomacy fail?


That leaves the grim possibility of American military action. The United


States has made clear it could overwhelm North Korea will stop the


trouble with that is the North Korean regime already has its own


massive conventional missiles just back from the border, and Seoul is


within easy range. So the South Korean capital, as well as large


parts of Japan, could be devastated, and military action could rapidly


escalate into all-out war. Amidst all this attention, what is Kim Jong


Un, North Korea's dictator, actually trying to achieve? He desperately


wants to join the elite club of nuclear nations for his own


protection. Not having nuclear weapons makes dictator 's honourable


to regime change -- vulnerable. He has looked at Colonel Gaddafi and


Saddam Hussein, neither had nukes. It is likely he will press on and


try to complete an arsenal of nuclear missiles, the fate of his


country and people are not being stopped.


Joining me now from Washington is Scott Snyder,


senior fellow for Korea studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.


He joins us live here. Thank you very much for your time. What was


your reading of what we heard in the Security Council?


Well, clearly the US is back for another round, or stern round of


sanctions. There was a gap between the Chinese and the Americans, after


only two months and a year after the last North Korean nuclear test, last


year took almost three months to arrive at a Security Council


resolution. One would hope that given the nature of this particular


amount, it would be possible for the US China and Russia to come to


closure much more expeditiously. Some people listening to China


saying there will never be war on the peninsula. Donald Trump saying


all options are available, that is more than a gap, that is a chasm.


Well, the situation is growing more serious precisely because North


Korea, Kim Jong Un is trying to export his own vulnerability to the


United States. The United States finds that export of vulnerability


to the US unacceptable and that the US would retaliate massively if


indeed that is what happens. But the core of that statement in my view


was a defensive statement. It mirrors some of the North Korean


defensive statements with regards to responsible use of the nuclear


capability. But then, I think on the US side, there is not a level of


trust with the North Korean leader, that he can be responsible, and


there is a discomfort with vulnerability to North Korean


threats. We have heard condemnation from


people within the Trump administration. This demand further


sanctions. Some people watching might be thinking, we have had of


sanctions and condemnation, and here we are.


Well, there is still more road in terms of the level of pressure that


can be applied to North Korea. It is absolutely true that pressure is


only one element of what is needed in order to turn the situation


around. There is also a need for diplomatic indication on a variety


of fronts, between the United States and North Korea, if for no other


reason under both sides to understand the rules of the road and


arguably a new situation based on North Korea's expanding


capabilities. Then later on perhaps we can get back to denuclearisation


discussions. But I think the immediate need is for a diplomatic


track, and that is a girl that I think all members of the


International committee should support and facilitate.


Thank you very much for your time. Visit our website for much


more context and analysis There's lots of text and video


including this question and answer Just go to bbc.com/news


for all that. Let's take a look


at some of the other Kenya's presidential


election will be re-run Last week, the Supreme Court


cancelled the results of August's poll, which was


won by Uhuru Kenyatta. It said the electoral commission had


not conducted the vote in line with the constitution and ordered


a re-run within 60 days. A man's been charged


with kidnapping in connection with the disappearance


of a nine-year-old girl The girl was last seen over a week


ago, where the ceremony was held, Police say, the 34-year-old suspect


was one of the guests. United Nations has criticised the


country of Myanmar's leader for failing to protect the Rohingyas.


The situation is really great and it is time for somebody to step in.


These comments come as the number of Mac fleeing to Bangladesh reached


87,000, according to the UN. The refugee agency says the camps were


close to the border and are saturation point.


She is two days old, born inside a refugee camp.


Her parents are Rohingyas, ethnic Muslims from Myanmar denied


citizenship and now fleeing persecution.


The baby's mother says they left after their village was attacked,


TRANSLATION: We fled across the river by boat


We were very scared about what the military would to do to us.


After coming here, we heard that our house has been burnt down.


Do you think you will ever be able to take your baby back home,


There is no one there, we cannot go back.


Their home is now a vast refugee camp.


Along with tens of thousands of Rohingyas now living


Many of them eating their first proper meal in days.


Just four days ago, was nothing here.


It was just a side of a hill with a clump of trees on it.


It is a vast settlement, a temporary home for all the Rohingya refugees


who have come over from Myanmar and have nowhere to go.


And even this place is going to reach its limit in a few days.


Bangladesh is now struggling to cope with the growing numbers


of Rohingyas streaming in every day, especially as many more


To accommodate them we do not have enough land,


that is one important thing, and the problem is we don't have


enough shelters so that we can accommodate them here.


And there is actually the food problem and water,


and the health problem, and actually they are occupying our


That is actually causing huge tensions for the host


Satellite images obtained obtained by Human Rights Watch show entire


More than 400 Rohingyas have been killed in ten days,


It is hard to independently verify the situation.


But in the refugee camps it is apparent that the Rohingyas


are here to stay, and the next generation may never get


The TV debate between Angela Merkel and her rival Martin Schulz


was billed as the last chance to topple the Chancellor before


the country's election in three weeks' time.


But those hoping for an impassioned, or even a furious confrontation


must have been left feeling rather disappointed.


Mrs Merkel's experience showed and she effortlessly fended


Here's our Berlin correspondent Jenny Hill.


You are looking in all probability at Germany's next Chancellor.


Angela Merkel does not like live TV debates.


Nevertheless, most agree she scored a clear victory


against her main rival, Martin Schulz.


It was a lacklustre debate, but it has provoked anger in Turkey.


"If I was Chancellor," said Martin Schulz, "I would end EU


Mrs Merkel, no fan herself of Turkish membership,


TRANSLATION: We agreed that there shouldn't be any


pre-accession payments, and it is clear that Turkey should


not be a member of the EU, so I will talk to my colleagues


to see whether we could come to a common position and end


On the campaign trail, the real story of the selection.


Mrs Merkel's refugee policy is still a source of discontent.


The anti-migrant party is likely to enter parliament


Even so, Mrs Merkel defended her position to open Germany's doors.


TRANSLATION: On September 4th, we had a situation where


the Austrian Chancellor called to tell me that people


And in the life of a Chancellor, there are times when you have


Whoever takes the top job here faces many challenges,


and we heard a lot of them discussed last night.


Domestic issues like pensions and policing,


foreign policy issues, Donald Trump, North Korea, the


So it was perhaps telling that in an hour and a half debate,


not a single word was spoken about Brexit.


Most Americans may be enjoying the Labor Day holiday,


but in the states of Texas and Louisiana, the battle


against the devastation caused by tropical storm Harvey goes on.


In the city of Houston, as people begin to return to their homes,


recovery efforts are starting to focus on rebuilding,


and getting key transportation routes up and running.


The upper part of the Houston ship channel.


What happens on this tiny stretch of water affects


Tankers still cannot get in, choking off supplies of oil.


We went out with an ensign from the US Coast Guard on one


This is one of the major facilities, and one of the missions


for the coastguard was actually to get this restored as soon


as possible for navigational purposes, so that the vessels can


come in and start off-loading or on-loading the product to get it


to where it needs to go across the destinations.


And I guess a sign of just how far we've come in the few days


since Harvey made landfall, we've got a boat here going past.


Right, so, just a few days ago the port was closed,


right, with the hurricane, so now we look at what we


Commodities are starting to move again.


For now, shipping traffic is limited.


The coastguard is assessing the degree and repairing


Normally this waterway would be full of vessels carrying everything


from consumer goods to crude oil, and that is why American authorities


have made this a priority, to get it reopened as soon


as possible given its economic importance.


Exxon Mobil is restarting refining operations at its Baytown facility.


A quarter of all American refining capacity was taken out


And it is not just big business trying to rebuild.


Construction materials were in heavy demand that the local


Spending money on material, money that we don't have.


Mario came for supplies, to fix his grandmother's flooded house.


I work in the refinery industry, so that is one of the industries


At a time when he needs the money most, he is looking


They keep on calling us and sending the message, day by day.


We're not working today, we're working maybe tomorrow,


not today, and then eventually they told us we are not going to be


able to show up until maybe the 5th of September.


And that lack of activity in the wake of Hurricane Harvey


is not just affecting workers but the economy, which is why


there is such a push to get things moving again.


She broke barriers by becoming the first transgender model


to appear in a cosmetics campaign for L'Oreal.


But then Munroe Bergdorf was fired because of a Facebook post


where she reportedly called "all white people" racist.


Bergdorf says she wrote the post in response


to events in Charlottesville, where protestors carrying


Nazi flags clashed with anti-racism demonstrators.


The model told the BBC says she stands by her comments -


Facebook deleted it because once I posted it it was drenched


with alt-right supporters, and just people kind


In the post, I was extremely angry and frustrated,


I think we all were, about the Charlottesville attacks,


about Heather dying, and just the fact that racism exists


and we are not really doing anything to counter it.


I don't think people really understand what


I'm talking about all white people benefit from white privilege.


White privilege filters, well, it stems from white supremacy,


it stems from a society that was put in place and built to benefit white


people above any other race, because race doesn't actually exist,


But the lighter your skin tone the more privilege


For instance, I'm a lighter skinned woman, I will have a lot more


social privilege than, say, a dark skinned black woman.


I did write bookends to that original quote which actually talked


about what people can do if they want to help,


or if they want to help end racism, and obviously it was taken out


of context and all people saw was the angry middle bit.


I don't think I've thrown it away, I think L'Oreal threw it away.


I think that they have the opportunity to actually talk


about why we need diversity and talk about why racism actually


exists in the first place, as that is all I did.


They cannot hire somebody and expect them to keep


their mouths shut when it comes to inconvenient truths.


L'Oreal says it supports diversity and tolerance


towards all people irrespective of their race, background,


There's going to be a new addition


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have announced they're


Our Royal Correpsondent Nicholas Witchell reports.


The Duchess of Cambridge last week with her husband and Prince Harry.


No news then the announcement of the third baby. Kensington Palace was


forced to disclose the information because the Duchess had to pull out


of an engagement because of morning sickness. She is now resting at


Kensington Palace. According to the statement, the Queen, opening the


Queensbury Crossing near Edinburgh this morning, and other members of


the Royal Family, are delighted by the news. It will be the Queen's six


great grandchild, fifth in line for succession to the throne. It is more


than four years since the birth of Prince George in July 20 13. This is


an important week for him, he is due to start at his new school in


London, something his mother said he will not want to miss. The couple's


second child, Princess Charlotte, was born in May 2015, fourth in the


line for succession, and will retain that position even if the new baby


is a boy. On a visit by the Cambridge is to Poland, Catherine


joked about having another baby when she was given a gift intended for a


baby. It did not seem significant at the time. Today, Prince Harry said


he was delighted at the prospect of being an uncle again.


Fantastic, very happy for them. How is your sister doing?


I haven't seen her for a while but I think she's doing OK.


The news comes just as Williams beginning full-time royal duties.


Soon the team of four will become five. Kensington Palace has not said


when the new baby is due. It must be assumed that it will be around March


of next year. Just time to show you some


astonishing pictures from Australia, frightening as well, 12 people were


injured in a drag racing event at Alice Springs, you will see why in a


moment. That car is spinning around and then suddenly that happens. It's


praise burning fuel over a number of spectators, and one man has critical


injuries, which you might expect. Organisers shut down the event,


which is now being investigated by the police. That's it for this half


an hour, a reminder of the lead story, the US ambassador to the UN


has urged the UN Security Council to take the strongest possible measures


against North Korea in response to its most powerful nuclear test. We


will pick up on those issues on Outside Source.


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