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This is BBC World News today. Our top stories... Karacan are continues


its deadly rampage across the Caribbean. And now, there's another


hurricane coming up behind it. In Barbuda, where is already


overwhelming destruction, a mass evacuation is happening to escape a


second hit. Everything just started to decay and just crumble. What have


you eaten in the last few days? Hardly anything, because there's


nothing to eat. You can't cook. Irma is heading to Florida, where those


who can leaving. Others are hunkering down and hoping for the


best. This storm is wider than our tyre state, and is expected to cause


major and life-threatening impacts from coast -- our entire state. We


will have the very latest from the affected region, and we will be


looking at whether worth so much worse is yet to come. The worst


earthquake in a century hits Mexico. Dozens are known to be killed. And


we have the story of the girl who gave eight people life, after


deciding just days before her death to become an organ donor.


Hello, and welcome to BBC World News today.


Hurricane Irma has torn across the Caribbean, leaving death


So far, at least 19 people have been killed, and more


The massive storm - one of the most powerful Atlantic


hurricanes ever recorded - has passed through the Turks


and Caicos, and Haiti, after causing widespread damage


It's forecast to pass between Cuba and the Bahamas


in the next few hours, before heading towards Florida


And there's another hurricane coming up behind Irma in the Atlantic.


Hurricane Jose is strengthening to a category four, with driving winds of


200 kph. That is around 105 mph. Forecasters warned it could


strengthen still further. Laura Bicker is the first foreign


journalist to reach Barbuda, already devastated by Irma, where the


islands are racing to evacuate before hurricane Jose makes


landfall. The island of Barbuda was once


a Caribbean paradise. Hurricane Irma has


reduced it to rubble. The ruins lie scattered,


torn and ripped apart. Having survived the worst


storm in living memory, and knowing another is on the way,


people are exhausted, I'm just waiting to get


evacuated from here and then I'm going to come back and try


and salvage something and help. Everybody will tell you the same -


they're not coping. Everyone is in the same situation,


and nobody can help one another. Don't worry, we're


going to get you off the island and we're


going to get you to safety,


and you'll be taken care of. The Prime Minister has travelled


from neighbouring Antigua Be patient, we're going to get you


all out. He knows this is a race against time


before Hurricane Jose We heard him haggling for every


boat, helicopter or plane to help But fear starts to spread that not


everyone will get out in time. This woman has been told she does


not have a place on the next boat. The sheer horrifying scale


of the devastation here means barely That means that the whole island


will have to be rebuilt, and the government has already


admitted it simply The Prime Minister knows he'll need


to find funds from somewhere. We're hoping that friendly


governments and international partners will step up to the plate


and assist us. They should not see this as a form


of the Prime Minister and the people of Antigua and Barbuda coming


with a begging bowl, cap in hand. This is a disaster,


a national disaster of epic proportions, and we really


need external assistance. The fragments of people's


lives now lie in ruins. They can only hope that one day


they will once again call the island home,


but for now they must leave by any means possible,


including this towed barge and they don't know


when they will return. The Netherlands is sending more


forces to contain what it calls serious post-storm looting


on the island of St Martin. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said


more soldiers and police would be deployed on the island


which is shared between France and the Netherlands,


amid reports of people with guns Neil Crase, a resident


of St Martin, gave us an update on the situation, and told


us what it was like Well, the storm was terrible, and


the damage was unbelievable. And a lot of people were left homeless.


But the big problem has been the looting that you've referred to and


the total lawlessness. We heard this morning that tourists who had been


sheltering were robbed at gunpoint. And that mobs were going


door-to-door, robbing people. We've seen no evidence of the soldiers


that we understand on the island. In our area, we've not seen a single


one. Very quickly sticking to the looting, do you think this is an


opportunistic event, or are people desperate? Are they trying to get


food and water? Well, I think it started off maybe a little bit like


that. But this in the end has been organised. We are only high point,


we saw yesterday it of all traffic jam of people to the supermarket of


the island, which has been completely stripped bare. The whole


car park was for the whole day of people, and not the side of a police


officer or anything. I understand that Saint Martin is essentially


split between the French and the Dutch. The Dutch side being a bit


more industrious, do you think there has been more recovery efforts


targeted here? Is that where the airport is located as well? Yes, the


main airport is on unserviceable at the moment, as I understand. A


couple of small planes have landed with relief supplies, but that's it


at the moment. Do you think, Neil, that there was enough preparation


put in place? Well, obviously not. I mean, one would hope that there was.


There were a few days to get ready. We certainly made our preparations.


But the response so far, the roads are still blocked, which means we


haven't seen anything being moved, there's nothing happening. You're


describing a situation of lawlessness, almost. That's the


problem. The roads are clogged. There's supposed to be a curfew in


place which they keep saying on the radio, nobody should be on the road,


and yet I'm viewing, you know, people driving up and down. A little


later in the programme we will get all the latest from Florida, where


the governor has won all 20 million of its state inhabitants that they


really do need to be ready to evacuate -- has warned.


And as if the destruction in the Caribbean wasn't bad enough,


an earthquake has hit Mexico, it's being described


It had a magnitude of eight and struck just off the Pacific


Buildings shook in the capital, Mexico City, hundreds of miles away.


The tremor is reported to have lasted about a minute.


A bowling alley in Chiapas, the closest state to


This is a country used to earthquakes, but not


600 miles away, the tremors rocked Mexico City.


Frightened, some people preferred to stay outdoors.


Many can still remember the earthquake of 1985


which was similar in magnitude, and which killed


I never felt anything so scary in my life.


It was small at first, but then it started shaking a lot and it felt


As pictures have emerged from the most severely hit


areas, the death toll has continued to rise.


The fear is there may be more shocks to come.


TRANSLATION: So far there have been 65 aftershocks.


However, it's possible that over the next 24 hours we could see


a shock that's as strong as the earthquake.


In less than a minute, Juchitan's town hall was reduced


to rubble and at least 17 of its citizens were killed.


Daylight has revealed the extent of the devastation and the huge


effort which will be required to rebuild.


For more on this, I'm joined by a geologist who is an expert on


earthquake preparedness. Thank you for joining us. First, what was your


initial reaction when you heard about the earthquake in Mexico?


Well, I remember the earthquake that hit my city in 1985, that was a huge


earthquake, and more than 10,000 people died that time. And I was


praying for the Mexican people. Where use a price that the country


had been struck? Well, unfortunately -- were you surprised. Where it has


taken place, the reason for earthquakes to happen, the plates


are moving. Earthquakes happen where they happened. You have a lot of


experience with Nepal. How did that particular earthquake, I believe it


is the one in 2015 that we are talking about, that earthquake, how


would that compare to what we're seeing in Mexico? Mexico's was


stronger? Well, the Nepal earthquake was several times less than that of


Mexico this time. It is a 7.8. But the death toll was 9000. And that


was considered well below. You know, all earthquakes are different.


Earthquakes sometimes behave differently, you know, the


topography, the people, what is the exposure. I was going to say, when


you say they behave different, do they behave different because of man


being in the location of the earthquake? What is the greatest


danger is Matt the earth man being there with these buildings and what


have you? Right, the earthquake... It takes place, but when it causes


damage, it is the man, it is the way that man lives there and constructs


there. What is the exposure, you know. If the exposure is big and the


vulnerability is there, the exposure is vulnerable, then the damage is


big and the cost of the earthquake... Is there any way to


prepare for an earthquake? The reason I ask this is that at the


time of the Nepal earthquake in 2013, there had been some prediction


that we would never have another strong earthquake in the poll again


because of the timing, you note -- in the poll. We might have small


ones, but certainly not of that magnitude. How long does it take for


that accumulated energy in the earth's cost to build up? Well, in


our case the relation is... The moment is about two centimetres per


year. For a century, that makes it quite a significant build-up, and it


releases. So one can never say that, you know, the earthquake is not


going to take place. You never know, you know. Depending upon how long


the rapture is taking place, it is the Earth... Do know, we were


preparing for the earthquake, you know. Every eight or nine years, and


earthquake effects Nepal. So we were preparing for that. But it depends


on the preparedness, how prepared you are, how you build, how you


live. And if you do not do that, you suffer. In the case of Nepal, we are


not as prepared as Mexico is now, you understand? Although, the death


toll here, I mean, the preliminary figures that we have seen of the


deaths that have taken place, it is well below what could have been


there. Thank you very much for your insight. More in a moment on the


hurricane has linked towards Florida. -- hurtling.


Freedom itself was attacked this morning, and freedom will be


defended. The United States will hunt down and punish those


responsible. Bishop Tutu now becomes the spiritual leader of 100,000


Anglicans here, in the black Soweto township as well as the white


suburbs. We say to you today in a loud and clear voice, enough of


blood and tears. Enough. The difficult decision we reached


together was one that required great and exceptional courage.


It's an exodus of up to 60,000 people, caused by the uneven pace of


political change in Eastern Europe. I am free!


At least 14 people are known to have been killed by Hurricane Irma -


with one organisation claiming that more than a million people have been


The Mexican government says at least 35 people are dead after an


earthquake shook the country's south. It struck just off the


position -- the Pacific coast, and was felt hundreds of miles away in


the capital. Let's get more on hurricane.


The Governor of Florida has warned its 20 million residents


that they should all be prepared to evacuate in the face


of Hurricane Irma, which is wider than the entire state.


500,000 people have already been ordered to leave their homes,


and the highways out of the state have been clogged with cars.


They are now calling this one of the biggest mass evacuations


The roads heading out of Southern Florida are clogged,


This is a storm of absolutely historic destructive potential.


I ask everyone in the storm's path to be vigilant and to heed


all recommendations from government officials and law enforcement.


Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our people.


At Miami's airport, people scramble for the last chance to get out


But basically most of the flights are sold out, so we're not


The worst case scenario that we're going to get hit by a hurricane,


and it's terrifying, and we're going to be


I had to purchase another ticket yesterday costing $8500 to go one


way back to London, and I've already paid once.


So, I'm just hoping they're going to get me on this plane.


The area of Miami normally packed with tourists


is within the evacuation zone, and has been left


Just extraordinary to see Miami's iconic South Beach


as deserted as this, but it is an indication of just


how seriously people here are taking the warnings,


particularly having seen the type of destruction that's been wrought


If they are coming here, it's to fill pillowcases with sand


to barricade their homes before Irma hits.


Donald Trump himself will be affected.


His Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago, has been forced to close,


and is in the projected path of the storm.


The National Guard has been deployed here.


They're stockpiling commodities that could become scarce in the coming


days, like drinking water, but they're also preparing


for what's likely to be a massive rescue operation.


Right across this State, there's a sense that time is running


Aleem Maqbool, BBC News, in Miami, Florida.


So, a clear message there to be prepared.


You can read about the situation there on our website -


A 13-year-old girl who died from a brain aneurysm has helped


a record eight people, including five children,


Jemima Layzell, from Somerset, died in 2012, her parents


said she was clever, compassionate and creative -


and would have been "very proud of her legacy".


Officials were able to transplant her organs into eight other people.


It was just before her mum's birthday party five years ago that


Doctors tried to save her life, but her parents were


We'd seen the scans, and there was such a huge shadow


on the left side of her brain, she would never, ever recover.


By chance, Jemima had spoken to her parents about organ


donation just a few days before she collapsed.


When she died, they felt they had to follow the schoolgirl's wishes.


She did specifically say that she wanted


And Sophie, how did that help you then make


It made that decision so much easier.


You know, it's like an automatic thing, yes,


Five years on, Jemima's family have now been told that her organs,


including her heart, lungs and kidneys, have helped more


Freddie is one of those Jemima saved.


He had been given just weeks to live before


he received her liver in a transplant.


This week, he started secondary school.


Thank you - but that just doesn't seem enough,


that they actually stuck to Jemima's wishes and let


So it's really tough, but we can never be thankful enough.


This month, the two families will meet for the first time


at a charity ball organised in Jemima's memory.


Her parents know that not everyone would make the decision they did,


but with more than 6,000 people waiting for transplants,


they're now campaigning for more of us to register as donors.


John Watson has all the sport for us. James Anderson reach 500 Test


wickets, joining the likes of Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath to reach the


total. His 500 was soon followed by his 501st to remove both West Indian


openers at the start of their second innings. The West Indies finished


the second day of the third and final Test on 19-3. Of the


floodlights, play continued long into the evening after early rain


delays. James Anderson's 500th wicket was the landmark achievement,


of course. The first English player to do that, just the third fast


bowler, and after close of play he said he's happy to carry on,


debated, energised, feels he still improving as a bowler. He also know


that so what of work to do in this Test match. -- knows that there's


work to do. It been bowler friendly conditions throughout this Test


match. The West Indies resume on Saturday. They will feel they are in


with a shout. Mind you, James Anderson, of course, will come back.


You're always improving. I just try and soak up as much as I can from


coaches or other players, and try and add that to my game, if I can.


So, you know, it's endless how much you can do that. Kylian


Mbappe-Lottin scored on his debut for Paris Saint-Germain following


his much-publicised loan move, which is set to become permanent next


season. He was an the scoresheet in the second half. Neymar added a


third. They lead 3-1. He is expected to join him on a full transfer,


making him the second most expensive player of all-time behind team-mate


Neymar. Paris Saint-Germain on course to make it five league wins


from five so far this season. Tennis, the first men's semifinal is


about to get under way and there will be a new Grand Slam finalist.


Kevin Anderson and Pablo Carreno Busta have never reached this stage


before. Chris Froome has taken another step towards winning the


volta is by no. Less than two months after his fourth Tour de France


title -- Vuelta is by no. Chris Froome finished in the peloton more


than 12 minutes later. There is just one meaningful stage to go before


Sunday's ceremonial finish in Madrid. Andrew Parsons has been


elected the new president of the International committee. The


Brazilian beat three other candidates at the IPC General


Assembly in Abu Dhabi earlier today. He succeeds Sir Philip Craven, who


had headed the organisation since 2001. Sir Philip oversaw the growth


of the Paralympic movement, which is now the world third biggest sporting


event behind only the Olympics and the World Cup in terms of global to


guess. That is all the sport. Back to you.


STUDIO: Thank you, Tom. A reminder of our top story: Relief


efforts on Caribbean islands hit by Hurricane Irma


are being complicated by the imminent arrival


of another powerful storm. Efforts are being made


to rescue all 1600 residents of the island of Barbuda before


the category four Hurricane Jose Don't forget that Florida is also


preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Amer. You can keep


up-to-date with that on our website. -- hurricane Irma. Also get in touch


with us here at world news. You can find me on Twitter. Stay tuned,


plenty more coming up shortly. Hello. We are still dodging some


downpours this evening. But some of us will be turning drier as the


evening goes on. Although overnight we will keep a feed of


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