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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me,


Welcome to NorthWest Tonight, with Roger Johnson


Celebrations as Chorley's A re-opens after nine months,


But campaigners but say they'll continue to fight


Protesters are opposing the closure of walk in centres and do not


believe promises from NHS bosses that it will not put pressure on


accident and emergency departments. Also tonight, Manchester United


becomes Britain's first football club to hire


its own counter-terrorism expert. BAe scientists develop an invisible


shield to combat the laser Nine months ago, Chorley Hospital


shut its Accident and Emergency Department,


saying there weren't enough Campaigners feared it would be


permanent, but this morning, But while A across the region


are under unprecedented strain, in Bury health officials have today


decided to close two Our Health Correspondent,


Gill Dummigan, is at Chorley Hospital for us this


evening. Yes, safe to say people


are pretty happy here. Campaigners clapped staff


in at 7.30 this morning - there's a candlelit vigil coming


down the road at the moment to herald the end of


the first 12 hours. It's been a long battle and some


are saying it's not over yet. There's been a demonstration outside


this hospital every week But this was a celebration -


finally, their A was back. We are very pleased. It has been a


long road. It has been 40 weeks outside the hospital, demonstrating,


and it has been a real community effort. We are really quite proud of


what we've achieved. Between 8am and 8pm,


the service will run in tandem with a 24 hour urgent care centre,


now run by a not-for-profit We will be seeing patients who are


deemed fit for primary care, to be seen by a GP, nurse practitioner, or


a nurse or health care assistant, therefore taking the pressure away


from the A department. The idea is to have people pointed towards the


service most appropriate for them. If you turn up here under your own


steam, you will go through that door and a member of staff will decide


whether it is urgent care you need all the full services of A


A similar system also started in this trust's other


They're hoping it'll relieve the pressure on A


Today, the patients we interviewed were impressed.


We want to improve the experience for our patients. Nobody wants to


wait for hours to be attended to. And we are hoping that streaming at


the front door, we will reduce that waiting time for patients.


Fantastic. Staff are brilliant. Really helpful. Really friendly.


Kind. Gentle. We got a few words of advice as well, which was really


nice. It was brilliant. We were only in their 20 minutes. The service was


good as well. Everyone - campaigners


and clinicians - is still saying the ultimate goal is for a 24 hour


A once more. Meanwhile in Greater Manchester,


there were angry protests this afternoon as health bosses


voted to close two walk-in centres. The centres, in Bury and Prestwich,


will close later this year despite a survey in


which 83% of people said The local NHS says they were


ineffective and insists the local A won't bear the brunt


of their closure. The walk-in centres in Bury


and Prestwich were opened in 2004, as a result of a flagship policy


of the then Labour government. They were meant to relieve


pressure on A units Around the region and the country,


walk in centres have been closing. I have not used it personally but I


have with my husband and he was directed straight to hospital. This


is really helpful, this place. I don't see why they should close it.


I do feel it is a shame actually. Of course I do. There is always times


when people cannot access the daughter. The clinical commissioning


group found that the number of patients attending the services had


fallen by nearly 13,000 over 18 months. But 83% of people disagreed


with closing the centres. The centres might be popular with


patients but a review pointed out that they don't have access to


people's medical records and the walk in the centres are often simply


redirecting patients to other services. Most of the people who


attend walk in centres are for minor things. There is a considerable


proportion of people that can be managed by themselves but others do


get passed on to other parts of the service, appropriately. We would


like to get them to those services first time. There is undoubtedly


some duplication because people don't know which service is best for


them. local Labour activists protested


outside a meeting where CCG members Thousands and thousands of people


use them on a yearly basis and they reduce the pressure on the A


department in local hospitals. The other services are bursting and they


need these places where you can just go in.


The Commissioning Group later voted unanimously to go


It insists the money saved will be spent locally to ensure more


appointments are available with GPs and extra minor care staff


But it admits it's closing a popular service.


People in the report saying that they are concerned, the effect this


will have on A departments but the local NHS says it is not gone to


affect the emergency departments. That is right. They said that it


will not make any difference to that A The nearest A is North


Manchester General. Interesting to note that at the end of last week,


some figures came out showing which ones had been under pressure and had


had to declare alerts over the past couple months. North Manchester


General had not declared any alerts at all. I would imagine that


campaigners will be watching those figures like a hawk over the next


couple of months to see a fat changes. Thank you very much indeed.


An eight-month-old baby has been recovered safely from a house


in Birkenhead where a man was involved in a six-hour


Raffles Road was closed while the man, who had


a number of weapons, barricaded himself in


Specialist negotiators persuaded him to come out and he was arrested.


A crossbow and a machete were found at the house.


Due to a major gas leak, it has become necessary


for emergency services to close at the above location, in both


British Gas Transco are also at scene, and local residences


Avoid Liverpool City Centre if at all possible.


The operator of London's Docklands Light Railway has been appointed


Transport infrastructure firm KeolisAmey has been awarded


Transport for Greater Manchester says the new agreement will create


more than 300 jobs and provide an "increased staff


The inquiry into the death of an unarmed man who was shot


by police has heard the officer who fired thought they


Police thought Anthony Grainger was plotting armed robberies.


Today the inquiry heard details of the accounts given by some


of the police officers who were part of the operation.


Our Social Affairs Correspondent Clare Fallon's been at the hearing


and you've been given more details about the events leading


Yes, we did. Today was the first time we have heard what happened on


that night in 2012, almost five years ago, when Anthony Grainger was


shot dead by police. 16 firearms officers were sent out by the


Greater Manchester forced to a car park to arrest their three suspects,


men who they believed were about to carry out an armed robbery and we've


been told about the accounts that were given by the police officer who


fired the fatal bullet. We only know him as Q9. He said, I saw the driver


lower his right hand to his groin. That is the moment when police


officer Q9 fired his gun, shooting Anthony Grainger and we now know


that he was not armed. We have heard some criticism of the way this


operation was run by Greater Manchester Police. What issues have


been raised? Today we've been told that during the briefing to those


firearms officers that evening, before they went out on this


operation, some of the information was inaccurate. We've also heard


about issues with one of the weapons they had with them, a CS gas


canister which was thrown into the car in which Anthony Grainger was


sitting. That weapon had not been authorised for use by the Home


Secretary. Greater Manchester Police should not have been using it. And


even though there were 16 firearms officers with something like 40


weapons with them, they were no cameras. It was not standard to wear


body cameras at that point and man of the vehicles had cameras on them.


There is no video footage of what happened. Thank you very much


indeed. In four months, Greater Manchester


and the Liverpool City region As part of Greater Manchester's


deal, the new office will control Powers over policing,


health, social care, and housing are also being moved


away from London to the region. And in preparation, firefighters


have already started taking on extra roles to help


support other services. Our political editor,


Nina Warhurst, explains. I see you've got your markers


on the oven now, which is fantastic. Roberta is a trained


firefighter but she's not Adam is blind and over a few


visits, she is making sure he is eating and sleeping well


and doesn't feel isolated. It's now her job to support


vulnerable people in her community. It's a fantastic job,


to be able to change a person's livelihood or lifestyle,


to make it simpler. Just a simple change


to make all the difference. She touches me all the time


to see what I need. While helping Adam, Roberta is also


lifting pressure from social care services and devolution promises


more of this. At the moment, policy is decided


by the fire authority, which is made up of 30 elected


councillors, but from May, fire and rescue will come under


the new elected Mayor's office. He or she will have a much


smaller committee there to help but ultimately,


decisions on budget, on policy and food to higher raw


fire come down to the new mayor. People in greater Manchester might


be saying, what is the point We'll be making decisions


at the heart of the community, I think we'll have councillors


who will be able to support the mayor in making those decisions


because we'll be working very closely the public


that we represent. But 200 jobs are currently at risk


and one union told me, we are concerned that underlay


mayor, the existing democratic And this comes at a bleak


time financially. We hope devolution isn't used


as a vehicle for further cuts. But Mike believes that


learning new skills could He regularly goes out


with paramedics to cardiac arrests. What is that feeling like then,


thinking that man is walking about because I was there,


supporting the ambulance? We have made a great


outcome of a really poor The outcomes of devolution


are still unknown but the hope is that people like Adam will end up


feeling better supported than ever. Nina, it's a big ask


for firefighters to also become Well, the logic of devolution is if


you have a smaller team taking bigger decisions closer to home, all


of those services will become more streamlined and work together. For


example, Roberta if she saw Adam was not feeling so well, she might make


sure that he was treated in the community, rather than heading to


accident and emergency. But there is a concern that if the lines are


blurred too much as to who does what, something might be missed and


what if this new Mayor takes on too much and is not the right man or


woman for the job? That is potentially very damaging.


Manchester United has appointed a full time


counter terrorist expert, thought to be the first


The new post has been filled by a former Greater


Manchester Police inspector, whose arrival follows two high


profile security breaches at the club within a year.


May 2016, thousands of fans are evacuated from Old Trafford


after the discovery of a fake bomb, accidentally left by a security firm


I am absolutely devastated that a lapse in wording protocols has led


to people being inconvenienced and frightened.


Months later, two fans spend a Friday night undetected


Both security breaches came with Britain's terror threat


Since then 38 people were killed in bomb attacks following a top


We understand that in the light of recent terror attacks the Premier


League forwarded updated security guidance to clubs but that many of


these clubs had already received it from the authorities. It is also


understood that security decisions are in general taken by individual


clubs working with their local police forces. You look at


Manchester United, it is more than just a football club, it is a


national brand, an international brand. So if I was a terrorist and I


was looking at a sporting stadium to attack, which we saw similar in


France, in Paris and in Turkey recently, it could be a prime


target. I understand the club taking these measures.


measures are already in place at Old Trafford.


There are searches at turnstiles, while vehicles


This afternoon, fans welcomed the club's counter


It is always in the back of your mind now when they did not used to


be but it is a sign of the times. If the club feels that they have to do


something like that, it it just gives the fans peace of mind. I


would rather them spend what they do on a counterterrorism specialist and


wake up on a Sunday morning and read about a disaster that occurred.


We've contacted the regions' four other


Premier League sides regarding their


Only Manchester City responded, saying "We take security very


seriously and have a team of experts dealing with all aspects of safety".


While no terror attack's have taken place at a ground in the UK,


ongoing precautions reflect ongoing concerns.


Richard's here now with tonight's sport and a chance for Liverpool


Eyebrows were certainly raised over Jurgen Klopp's team selection


for the Reds' original third round tie at home to Plymouth.


It was the club's youngest ever starting eleven which drew 0-0


at home to the League Two side and while the boss made no apologies


for his choices ten days ago, he's also not promising wholesale


changes to that team for tonight's replay down in Devon.


Probably, probably, it will be different to the team we had in the


first game but that is not 100% sure. We will have to wait a little


bit. But we will be good. And there'll be full match


commentary from 7.45 tonight on BBC Radio Merseyside,


all the build up begins at 7. Onto last night's action now


where this Sam Vokes goal and one from Andre Gray helped Burnley


to a 2-0 win over Sunderland. They'll host Bristol City next


after the Championship side edged And despite this fabulous


goal from James Henry, Bolton lost 2-1 at Crystal Palace


who know play host There was an eye-catching win


for Blackpool in the Cup last night. The seasiders, currently


in League Two, dumped out Barnsley from the Championship in thrilling


style deep into extra time. But for many fans it doesn't give


them too much reason to cheer. The heady days of top-flight


football at Bloomfield Road are a fading memory,


with many supporters blaming the current owners,


the Oyston family, for failing to invest enough of that


Premier League windfall. A terrific performance and a morale


boosting result. Blackpool 's win at championship Barnsley was one of the


shocks of the third round, with two goals from Samuel the highlight of


an excellent display. It was brilliant. The lads were


unbelievable. It is a fantastic effort from them. Enormously proud


of the effort from them. But for Blackpool, the backdrop of


infighting and the rest is never far away. The major shareholder and


president are in dispute in the courts and supporters protests,


thousands are staying away from matches, have intensified over the


last couple of seasons. They are boycotting, not because of the


position we are in the leak but because of all the different things


that have gone on that are well documented, because of the way the


football club is being run, it has gone on too long, too much has


happened and it needs to stop. All things being equal, Blackpool


supporters should be looking forward to what is an excellent fixture


against Blackburn Rovers in the FA Cup. But it is clear that for a


large number of them, they are simply not willing to put money into


the pockets of the current owners added will be very interesting see


just how many Blackpool supporters make the journey. I would imagine


quite a few will go. I tend to think a lot of the Oyston out brigade will


be there. It is so sad what has happened to Blackpool. What do you


say to the fact that if results were better, people would start coming


back question mark no, absolutely not. Those people they have a heart


for Blackpool but not for Oyston. Blackpool are now in the fourth


round of the FA Cup and have been playing some good football but with


crowds down to 2000, for many fans, the focus is not so much on staying


in the cup as trying to force the owners out.


TV personality and speed enthusiast Guy Martin will return to the Isle


of Man TT races this year where he'll team up


with the Morecambe Missile John McGuinness on the Honda team.


They're both big stars of road racing but Guy has


The crowd favourite didn't take part last year,


he was taking part in an 2,700 mile mountain bike race


He has had plenty of second places, maybe this one will be the one where


he wins. The Liverpool team news is in. Daniel Sturridge and Philippe


Countinho bold start. Jurgen Klopp is putting out a much more


experienced side. We will have the best of the action


on the late news at half past ten. Thank you very much.


It sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but a Lancashire based


defence company says powerful laser beams could replace bullets


So BAe Systems at Warton has a team working on ways to develop invisible


shields that would protect ships and planes from such a threat.


Dave Guest has been finding out more.


It is Nick 's job to look into the future. I am a futurist. But there


is and a crystal ball inside. He works for BAe systems at Warton in


Lincolnshire. It really is about what the future means to us and what


do we need to do about it. And this is the future he is investigating at


present. A future where powerful lazy beams could replace bullets and


shells in the theatre of war. In ten or 20 years' time, we could expect


to see laser technologies being used fairly extensively on the


battlefield. What we are looking at doing is essentially deflecting an


incoming laser beam. A bit like an invisible protective shield. It is


an invisible protecting shield, yes. Powerful laser beams capable of


blasting a pain out of the sky, deflector shields, it all sounds


like the plot of a science-fiction film but it is an idea that has been


raised as a real possibility in the past. I know this is a technical


task. Back in the 1980s, Ronald Reagan unveiled his strategic


defence initiative, the so-called Star Wars programme. It never came


to pass. What is to say that this will proceed to reality where


Reagans policy failed? We are seeing a revolution in new types of


solid-state laser physics. The laser technology we are talking about is


different to the laser technology of the past. If the British government


could not afford to buy this, what's to say you would not sell it to the


Russians or the Chinese? The defence industry is a heavily regulated


industry. There are various rules in place to prevent anyone doing that


in the UK. How far off in the future before these graphics become a


reality? In terms of a deflector shield, we might only be 20 or so


years away. It is still on the horizon but not as far away as it


once seemed. Almost a quarter of a million pounds


has been raised for charity after model trains collected


by an Oldham solicitor Many of the valuable items,


including trains in mint condition and some which had never been


removed from their original packaging, sold for almost


double their estimate. A staggering ?230,000 has been


raised for charity after 4,000 model trains and carriages acquired by one


Oldham collector went The rare items, collected by former


Oldham Solicitor and model train collector Antony Adler,


had expected to fetch around ?150,000 during the two-day auction


at Wright Marshall Fine Arts last Let's catch up with the weather


forecast. Nothing has changed for about 48 hours. And for another 48


hours, nothing else will change either. This cold air is coming from


the continent. The weather is coming towards us from the West. For the


most part, we have very weak weather fronts and an awful lot of cloud


cover. The sea is relatively mild at this time of year, as the air comes


across it, the temperatures are not falling away at all so we are


sitting pretty. However with the shift in the high pressure towards


the weekend we will start to see the wind coming towards us from the


continent. Conditions will get much colder. But maybe some bright


weather now and again. That has been in short supply. It is more of what


we have had recently. Plenty of cloud cover. Visibility is quite


poor out and about. Some mist and fog forming. In terms of rain


amounts, negligible. There is hardly anything out there. It is a very


weak weather front. We are just seeing a few spots here and there.


You might just catch one or two in these places but nothing to write


home about. Been there is a pretty good. Seven and eight tomorrow


morning. For tomorrow, the picture does not change. The sun comes up


and you will not see it at all. Behind the cloud for the whole of


the day. You will catch a little drizzle but for most of us, it is a


dry picture. Nothing to stir that cloud cover. Once again, eight or


nine is where most of us will be. It is very mild.


What are you laughing about? I am feeling sorry for anyone who sat


through the programme waiting for the weather forecast.


It will change by the weekend though.


Those grey skies, they are so depressing. We need some sun.


Don't bother tuning in at 1025 because she will tell you the same


again. Please do. Goodbye.


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