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Four members of the same family from Manchester have been killed


Among those killed is a two-month-old boy.


They were on a pilgrimage and were travelling from Mecca


Tributes are being paid by family and friends this evening.


Mark Edwardson has more on the story.


A photo of all six family members killed when a mini-bus crashed


Amongst them two-month-old Adam Anis, pictured here


with his grandfather Mohammed Kurshid who also died.


He was a beautiful little baby and she loved him dearly.


You know, he was just a beautiful child who had gone with


Little did she know that he was only to live


The two other victims from Manchester were Mr Kurshid's


The two other family members were from Glasgow.


Two more relatives are said to be critically ill in hospital,


while Adam's mother Atika is in a serious condition


aged two and three, according to reports.


They've not informed her yet because it's


too traumatising and she's sedated, so I think that she's not well


enough to handle the news of losing a child.


Every year, millions of Muslims flock to Mecca and Medina -


to carry out the annual Hajj pilgrimage or the Umra.


A group of maybe 12-13 cousins, including my own siblings, children


of the deceased, are going to be going over to obviously see their


parents who have passed away and bury them there in the holy land.


The Foreign Office has confirmed that six British people


Meanwhile, a director of Manchester-based Haji Tours


said his staff had been told the crash was caused


Mark Edwardson, BBC North West Tonight.


A man in his 20s is in a stable condition after being


It happened in Stockbridge village yesterday evening.


Police believe the shooting was targeted,


and have increased patrols in the area.


Baroness Helen Newlove, whose husband Gary was killed


outside their home in Warrington, is urging the Government to


strengthen the rights of crime victims.


The Ministry of Justice says it will announce plans in due course.


Baroness Newlove says in the past year


only 15% of victims had been given the opportunity to make


a statement about how it had affected them.


The North West Ambulance Service has been told it has to improve


by the health watchdog, the Care Quality Commission.


Inspectors expressed concerns about staff shortages,


particularly paramedics, and a lack of training


The Trust says it's faced an extremely challenging year


Our health correspondent Gill Dummigan reports.


The Preston control room, one of three in the north-west.


Today, they'll deal with around 1100 calls


and around 4000 across the three sites.


The most important thing to remember when you work in the control room


is that at the end of every 999 call is a patient


and one of our primary focuses certainly on the initial training


of staff is that everything has to be patient-centric.


The report found that the trust was effective and caring


but it found that safety required improvement particularly when it


There were particular concerns with reporting


of serious incidents and that some staff needed more


The CQC was can particularly concerned about the


At the time of the inspection nearly one in six posts


They said this was placing too much strain on


We did find there was low morale in some of the areas amongst paramdics.


A lot of the paramedics were working extra hours and overtime to


There was also reliance on community first responders to attend


The pressures on the system are well documented.


In the last year, 999 calls have gone up by 23%.


There has been an increases pressure on staff.


They have to go out and deal with more intense


situations and experienced staff are leaving to


find less pressurised and better paid jobs.


The service says they accept the findings but they


have already started solving the problems,


Already, they have taken on paramedics


We are not taking anything lightly and we are a learning organisation


and the things that were picked up in this report


we will be learning from and we have learned from


and as I said earlier, we have actually corrected the bulk of them


now and some of the things that are outstanding are things that


cannot be solved immediately but we have plans


This is one of the last of the ambulance trusts


Of the nine so far rated, seven have been found wanting,


It is a challenging time for the service.


The question is whether the response to that challenge can be improved.


One in six secondary schools in the north-west


is under-performing according to new figures


The region has the highest proportion of pupils attending


More than one in eight young people are being taught in schools


that haven't managed to meet new national standards.


Well, these figures show that young people in our region are more likely


than in any other part of the country.


And three of the five worst-performing local authorities


are in the north-west - Halton, Oldham and,


with the worst record in the country,


Knowsley where every one of the borough's six secondary


This was the reaction of parents today.


Most of my son's class actually went out of borough


I was proud of what they put my children through.


The education seems very poor round here.


Knowsley Council declined an interview but told us


it's "naturally disappointed" and is already making changes.


Four of the six secondary schools are now academies and it's recently


invested a million pounds to establish an Education Commission


That million pounds follows years of problems.


Knowsley has long been one of the country's


It has the country's worst GCSE results and,


stops offering A-level courses this year,


it'll make it the only council area in England


Here's what one teachers' union told us.


The reasons that Knowsley is constantly underperforming


Many of those are deep, historic reasons and not simply


It's about the brightest and best of our young people


traditionally, for many, many years, travelling


outside of the borough to other local authorities.


Our three worst performing areas are all Labour-run


authorities, but today the Shadow Education Secretary


and MP for Ashton-under-Lyne told me Government failings were to blame.


We really need to see class sizes reducing again


We need good quality teaching and we need decent schools


for all our kids, not just for those down south.


But all the north-west's worst performing local authorities


And they've also had nearly half of their budgets,


if not over half of their budgets, cut over this period.


We asked the Department for Education for an interview.


They declined, but say that over the last six years, the gap


between disadvantaged pupils and others has narrowed.


The former bishop of Liverpool, the Right Reverend James Jones,


has been given the Freedom of the City.


Bishop James was honoured partly for his work


on the Hillsborough Independent Panel.


Its report in 2012 led to the original accidental death


verdicts on the victims of the Hillsborough


The great honour has been to serve the people of Liverpool


for 15 years and especially the Hillsborough families


The families over the years have always believed that


their struggle with truth and justice has not just been for


themselves and the survivors, it's not just been for the city even, but


Campaigners are asking Preston Council not to push ahead


with plans to renovate the city's Harris Museum.


Proposals have been submitted to the Heritage Lottery to open up


the Grade One listed building by giving it a new


But members of the Victorian Society say the building's classical facade


Good evening to you. Our weather watchers have struggled to find any


sunshine through the week but that should change a little bit as we go


through the weekend but changing type. Cooler air starts to come


towards us as we had through tomorrow afternoon and it will be


with us for the weekends of the will be brighter spells. Interestingly,


when this weather turns up after a very settled, cloudy spell we will


go into a settled, cool and rather bright spell so a definite change of


type but at the minutes, all about the cloud cover. Most places are


dull with a few drops of drizzle. As we head towards the early hours of


the morning, more southern parts of the region may start to see some


breaks developing in the cloud cover but I do not think the temperatures


were altered. Remaining pretty good, five and 6 degrees. Any breaks


across Cheshire may see two here and there but that is the exception


rather than liberal and for tomorrow, a cloudy start, a few


drops of drizzle the wind as well but not long before brighter skies


come in pushing from the Midlands and spread across the region as we


go through the afternoon. It is not guaranteed to reach everywhere. Part


of Cumbria and the more northern part of Lancashire may well stay in


the cloud for a good portion of the day but it will send from time to


time. To the south we will see some reasonable spells of sunshine


working their way through. The breeze is relatively light and if


you look at the numbers on the chart, they don't seem too bad but I


think you will make that temperature at lunchtime and through the


afternoon and it will then fall down by a few degrees. Helen has the


national picture next. I will leave you with the outlook for the


weekend. Definitely cooler and fresher.


looks as though we can, a bit more cloud on Sunday. Now the national


picture. Good evening, it will gradually get


colder in the UK in the next few days, something we don't


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