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antiques to the highest bidder. Ten people will discover the excitement


of selling at auction. Our experts value their antiques, they decide if


they'll sell them. You can never tell what'll happen.


You'll be feeling vulnerable, being nervous about selling this... Yes.


And you're admitting to owning THAT. ..Well, it's gone, Bob. That's


excellent! That's excellent! Well done, James!


(Arriba! Arriba!). ..Oh, dear. Brilliant. How d'you


feel? Great. Good man! What'll you spend it on? I WAS gonna spend it on


the Meissen. It's a lovely day in the


the Meissen. eager to delve into people's boxes


and bags. I love Bournemouth. I used to live


down here. Russell-Coates Museum is nearby -predominantly 19C in


concept. I hope we'll emulate some of the pieces from that museum.


Lovely objets d'art. I've realised my weakness is 20th-century


ceramics, so I'll be steering away from the Carlton ware today.


Judging by the number of people here, there's going to be plenty to


choose from. How long have you had these? About


ten years. Did you buy them as a complete


ten years. Did you buy them as a of great value. Probably about ?20,


?30 each. This is Wade? Yes, it is. That's


quite nice. Very sort of late-1930s, '40s, with this tapering rib shape.


Very typical of that period. Not of tremendous value. Wade now


collectable for the Wade Whimsies, not this type of pottery. BUT...the


prize piece today is this Dunhill lighter. I think this is superb!


What can you tell me about this? It belonged to my grandparents. My


grandmother gave it to me before she died. Remember it being used? Yes.


Were they great smokers? Yes. Really? Definitely. This is good.


Dunhill do collect their Really? Definitely. This is good.


eight years ago and they said ?250-?300. Take into account


inflation. Right. This is good and this is in better condition than the


one we had. This is a moulded plastic and they had to paint from


the inside. So all this design is painted from inside. And then they


would put this component in, secured by the screws underneath. I'd like


to see it with a reserve in the region of about ?480. Would you be


happy if we put it up for sale? Yes, I would. Excellent!


This is one of our busiest valuation days, with nearly 1,,000 people


waiting to see the experts. All sorts of things are revealed.


What have you got here? A carpet. sorts of things are revealed.


Something like that. See David Barby(!) Pretty, though. Yeah. Oh,


well, good luck. Thank you. This lovely mahogany table, which


uses the very best materials, with the best design, is often a hallmark


of Gillow of Lancaster. Started by Robert Gillow, in the late 17th


century, they moved their premises to London, in 1761. It's a very


well-designed piece -sort of Regency period. Sort of 1820, 1830. It


would've been lovely to have seen a stamp "Gillow" somewhere, with a


design number. Regrettably, we haven't found one. How did you come


by this? I bought it, two years ago, from an auction.


by this? I bought it, two years ago, We've got these mouldings here.


Cock-beading, with flame-figured capitals at the top of the legs.


Moving down, we've got this nice reeded column here, going down to


the brass cappings and casters. They're gilded. All I can see going


against it is it's slightly bruised. There's a couple of bashes here. But


I'm a gambling man. I think if we put ?1,500-?2,000 on it, would that


be acceptable? It's about what you paid for it last time. ..Yes. Yes.


I'd be delighted if it made ?2,000, but I think we've... Two years is


not a long time since it was sold. What's prompting you to sell it? I


live in an old cottage. It's a little too big for the space I have.


It's funny, that, because it's quite a small Pembroke. So you'll


a table of this quality. OK. We don't get much furniture, so it's


a privilege to handle such a quality item. Shame there's no Gillow stamp.


Were you happy with the valuation? Yes. About what you paid. We hope to


get it back. You paid ?1,500. Yes, I did. How long ago? About two years.


Yeah. Not a lot of time for it to appreciate. Let's hope it makes


?1,800. It's quality. Gonna buy a smaller table with the money?


Definitely, yes. A bit more narrow would be better.


Did you use this, as a child? No. It was given to my wife when we


married. I was away at sea, and the lady opposite had it in a little


box. She said it was so ugly she didn't want it, did we like it?


Melba ware. It was produced, oh, from about 1925 to 1952.


Melba ware. It was produced, oh, carousel. For a nursery. I like the


cockerel. I can understand why people think it's ugly. Almost


frightening. Would they use this in the nursery? They would, yes. It was


a separate institution. The nursery was separate from the main


accommodation. Nanny served tea then brought the children to see the


adults, before bedtime. And what's so attractive -these sort of


tarpaulin-type covers, with all the designs on the top there. That's


very nice. Now, if it goes up to auction, we're not thinking in terms


of hundreds of pounds. Almost novelty. We're at a stage where this


type of pottery is just coming into the collector's field. I think we're


only looking at the lower end of the market. ?100, ?120. I think we must


tuck What a memory. The picture is


without the lid to the... That's the picture in there. The price


underneath it is ?320-?350. The retail figure. Retail. Well, I think


we're on board, then, if you consider the auction price is


normally a third of retail. So around ?100. I'd like to see the


reserve about ?90. Excellent. Thank you for bringing it. Thank you.


Good morning, sir! Good morning. What do we call you? I'm the Charlie


Chaplin of Bournemouth. Oh. I'm a fundraiser for children's charities.


Do a lot of fundraising. This is a part collection of my father's royal


collection. You brought all this in. My father was a royal artist. He


also was the one that painted Margaret Thatcher three times... Why


did she need painting three times? Didn't she sit down


did she need painting three times? We'll catch up with you later. God


bless you. Give us a funny walk. LAUGHTER.




Thanks very much, Charlie Chaplin! What can you tell me about this


Thanks very much, Charlie Chaplin! Very little. It was handed down by


an aunt, about eight years ago. We've had it around the House. We're


in the process of moving, so... It's not something you want to hang onto?


No. This brown, salt-glazed stoneware isn't one of the most


colourful things around, is it? No. It's an exercise in brown. But the


thing I love about it is it's a political memento.


thing I love about it is it's a Disraeli. And I love this quote


here. This is a quote when he was 33. "I will sit down now, but the


time will come when you will hear me." They heard him. He and


Gladstone, two of the leading politicians of the 19th century. The


sad thing I notice is there's a bit of restoration. D'you know when this


had the calamity? No. Haven't got a clue. Not since we've had it. No.


Unfortunately, the handle's come off and some damage to the lip here.


Um... It's terribly well done. The only reason you can tell -it's very


matt here, whereas, this orange peel salt glaze, here, gives off a


reflection. salt glaze, here, gives off a


would put ?70-?100 on it. We're much in politics at the moment, so who


knows? Well, the experts are working hard


and people seem very keen to sell. Let's see what we have for the sale.


Laura's Dunhill lighter is amazing. What have fish to do with smoking?


..Unless you're a kipper. Bob's nursery tea set is not his cup


of tea, and it isn't mine. Let's hope someone likes it.


Sharon's table cost ?1,500, two years ago. It'll be tough to make a


profit. But she hasn't got room for it.


Jim's Doulton jug has been mended so the collectors might be put off.


It's still a good character piece. Is there a market for this sort of


novelty tea set? There certainly is. Anything a bit unusual, and


particularly the teapot -that's the key thing. If we had an entire set,


but no teapot, we'd be struggling. There are teapot collectors. Big


ones. Yes, and anything unusual... I haven't seen this pattern before.


It's called Merry-Go-Round and it looks like a merry-go-round. A


carousel. And it's a raised pattern, a moulded pattern. Hand-painted.


Hand-painted. All the decoration on the lid here is hand-painted as


well. Does this do something to you? I wouldn't actually collect this


myself... Nor would I! ..but, of its sort, it's very good. When we first


saw it, we thought, "What on earth is this?"


saw it, we thought, "What on earth little Dunhill lighter. We have sold


an early lighter before, not a fish-tank-type one. Gorgeous. Real


Deco piece. With a faded quality, which is nice. Don't know whether


people will use them, I imagine not. Paperweight. Our experts have valued


this at ?500-?600. I think this will sell. It's an unusual example, and,


more to the point, in good condition. It's lost its silver


plate. We can see, more particularly underneath there, that is was


silver-plated right the way across. But it's honest. It would devalue


it, if anyone plated it again. Yes. And it looks fine, as it is. I'm


pretty happy that it will sell. Collectors come from a very long way


away to find things of this sort. So Collectors come from a very long way


your table. We can't buy them, otherwise, we would. But there's a


chap over my shoulder from the Cotswolds -he's a dealer. I know


he's here to buy. If it's the right price, he'll have it. Oh.


Lot 80, a Regency mahogany Pembroke table. And ?1,200 is bid. ?1,200.


(He's bid!). ?1,300...


?1,400. ?1,500. ?1,600.


?1,700. ?1,700. Beyond the arch, at ?1,700.


At ?1,700. Are


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