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Ladies and gentlemen, good evening and welcome to the British Academy


Film Awards. We move on to make up and cinematography and hair. She was


sharp and true in swords of Vengeance, and he was a blockhead in


Sex Drugs and Rock 'n' roll. Annabel Wallace and Tom Hughes.


Good evening. It is wonderful to be here at the British Academy Film


Awards. We are so pleased to be presenting two awards. First up make


up and hair. All the nominees are magnificent. Let's look at their


work. The Danish Girl. And the BAFTA is awarded to... Mad


Max Fury Road. Thank you very much to all of the


members of BAFTA for thinking that our work was worthy of this award.


First and foremost we have to thank George Miller for taking us less --


taking us on this journey. Thank you to our cruise through the globe --


crew. And to friends and family and partners who supported us. Great


respect to the other nominees. It was a great race. Thank you.


APPLAUSE. And now the BAFTA for cinematography. The art of


filmmaking. When done right it can turn a good move into a great one.


Let's look at some of the best examples of this from the last year.


Unfortunately he could not be here tonight so we will look after this


and make sure he gets it. Thank you very much. Congratulations. It is


documentary and original music given the honour next, and to present them


be positively perfect pair. He was triumphant in Trumbo and she was


glorious in Guardians of the Galaxy. Please welcome them now.


This seems to be a running theme, interracial dating. Lucky me. Happy


Valentines. Kiss cam. She is married. Thank you very much. It is


great to be here to celebrate another fantastic year in film and


to be presenting two BAFTA awards. First, the BAFTA four documentary,


and genre which has both educated and entertained in equal measure --


BAFTA for documentary. Let's take a look at some of these sensational


films. My father said, have you forgiven


them? All of this time you have never felt angry? No. Everybody's


got a good side if you look for it. I look like a flowing head. I've got


no hair. I am just on a black screen. There is my hand. What's


goin' on? And the BAFTA is awarded to... Amy.


Thank you so much. Thank you to everyone who voted for the film.


Thank you to everyone who worked on the film. All of the people who


contributed, those who trusted us to tell this story. It was difficult to


make but in the end it was all about Amy. We fell in love with her when


we were making the film. The aim was to show the world what an amazing


person she was, how intelligent, witty and beautiful before it got


out of control and went crazy. I just want to say thank you to


Altitude. Chris King, partner in crime, and Adam Barker. Most people


in this room would know someone who had struggled with addiction and yet


the media thought it was okayed to tear someone apart. Someone like


this comes along let's try to be more grown-up about it. Show a bit


more love. --OK. Now, the BAFTA for original music. Let's take a look at


the five nominees. Shall we? And the BAFTA goes to... The Hateful


Eight. Unfortunately, he cannot be here tonight, but has sent the


following message: I am sorry a car not be in person in London. I am


conducting a concert in Dublin tonight, including the score for the


Hateful Eight. My thanks go to the British Academy Film Awards for this


honour. I would like to thank Quentin Tarantino, the entire team


and the Weinstein company for inviting me to be part of this song.


Collaborations with great directors have given me creative pleasure over


the 55 years since I wrote the first film score. At 87 years old it is


gratifying that my work is still deemed relevant. Thank you.


APPLAUSE. The next awards are for British Short film and British Short


animation, and to present them we are not short of presenters, he was


in between one before and magnificent in The Inbetweeners and


she made waves in Shanghai. Good evening, everyone. It is


wonderful to be here tonight at the British Academy Film Awards at this


truly stunning venue. We are taking our cue from the categories and


keeping it short, so let's look at the nominations for British Short


film. Writing at Pulham, are we? Think we are a bit of Keats, a bit


of a Byron? -- poem. I know that of a sudden... That was


a flash moment way back then. The fire! Try to calm down. Listen,


I need you to stay where you are. The crew are on their way. And BAFTA


is awarded to... Operator. APPLAUSE. Thank you. I will keep this short.


So many people to thank. Kate Dickie and VIcki McLure. The amazing people


who work for nothing. Those who funded the film. The Fire Brigades'


Union, Simon and treat a -- Trita Hall and to my friends and family.


Thank you so much. Now let's have a look at the


nominations for British Short Animation. Edmond.


And the BAFTA is awarded to... Edmond !


Wow. OK. It was already so good to be nominated, I was having a really


good time and it was such an honour to be nominated with Simon, who is


my best friend. And also with Richard Williams, who has actually


taught me how to animate with his animation survival kit. So thank you


so much, Richard, as well. It's been so... An honour to be nominated with


you. And of course we have to thank so many people for this short film.


It took us a year and I think a year ago we were thinking about how this


character was going to be, you know, how we could empathise with this


character, who actually eats the people he loves. But it kind of


worked! So that's really good. I want to thank the team, the national


film television school team and my family and my friends and Adam


Watts, who really helped us with the animation. Thank you so much.


We come now to editing and sound and the present them, the British


Japanese actress and an Irish actor who was legendary in Legend.


Welcome! It is an absolute pleasure to be


here this evening to present the BAFTA for editing. We did have a


very long introduction, but in keeping with this award we have


edited it it right down. Let's have a look at the nominees.


And the BAFTA goes to... Mad Max: Fury Road !


Wow. Thank you. Thank you, BAFTA. I am just happy that the film is being


recognised in this way. You know, this film really was an editor's


dream job and there's really only one person I have to thank. George


Miller. His passion for the language of cinema and the language of the


action film. This makes everyday in the cutting room and adventure. So,


George, thank you so much. This is for you too.


Now it's time to hear the five nominees vying for the Sound BAFTA.


And the BAFTA goes to... The Revenant ! This is quite a surprise.


Thank you, BAFTA, and most of all thank you Alejandro for making this


amazing world. Yes, you are an amazing director but you are in an


even more amazing human being and that's what you can see here. -- and


even. I was very lucky to be introduced to this beautiful country


through the movies. The first time I heard about London and the UK was


through a film written by Alan Parker called Melody. We were kids


looking at... Through the window of the cinema and travelling for the


first time beyond our boundaries. So that's obviously one of the amazing


things that cinema has, it can make you go other places. I'm very


honoured to share this with my friends, so I will be brief. Thank


you so much. A lot of people I have to acknowledge who really help us


through this great journey that we were put on by Alejandro, Lisa


Levine, Tom Meadows, everyone at Regency was such a support. Amazing


support. Universal, everyone at Universal, thank you so much. And


thank you so much Alejandro. Thank you.


Well, we now come to the board for Production Design. To help us with


this one we have two jawdropping actors, who were in a film about the


student days called --of David Cameron and Boris Johnson. It was


called the Riot Club. They went on to ruin the country... Run the


country! Run the country! Max Irons and Douglas Booth! Good evening,


everyone. It is an honour to be here and thank you for mentioning The


Riot Club. It's a shame we had to cut the scene with a pig. I put


effort into that one. Let's take a look at the nominations for


Production Design. And the BAFTA goes to... Mad Max:


Fury Road! Colin Gibson and Lisa Thompson!


It could only be better if Rebel Wilson gave it to me. I've been


fortunate enough to thank my art department crew on a number of other


occasions tonight. I would like to add a few names to the honour roll,


who don't often... Well, who haven't had a chance online for a presenter


tonight. Obviously the marvel that is George Miller. To our producers,


Doug Mitchell and PJ, carrot and stick, a well under way. To the all


dancing and all singing stop him, orchestrated by the lovely and


talented Guy Norris. And to the actors, the ensemble who brought the


pulse, the face and heart. There are things you can't design into


anything. But when Charlie is the Ron sits in a couple of used cars


you get to win one of these. -- Charlise Theron. Thank you all very


much, thank you BAFTAs. A million congratulations to all nominees and


of course all winners. I am going off now to haste in my own demise by


eating and drinking like a wild rattling warthog who knows no shame


and no table manners. And I suggest that you do the same. I will see you


at the trough. Good night. Thank you. Thank you very


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