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Jane Hill reports on the 2016 Bafta award winners live from London's Royal Opera House.

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Hello, welcome back. We are now inside the Royal Opera house in


London's Covent Garden. The 2016 British Academy film awards are just


coming to an end. Quite a mixed bag of results. Let's go through


everything we know at the end of another star-studded night. Very


good attendance on the red carpet a couple of hours ago. Jason Solomons


has been watching the ceremony. Always fun to compare what you


thought a few hours ago with what has been happening. No obvious


winner, a couple of big wins for the Revenant. It seems to be pulling


ahead. Leonardo DiCaprio winning Best actor for his role. Also


winning Best Director. That has pulled ahead. Four awards. Mad Max


also with four awards in the technical character is --


categories. They are the films were the most awards. Great win for


Leonardo DiCaprio, we felt it was his time. Probably means it is his


Oscar time. After four five attempts, he may scoop the big one.


We will find that many Oscars only a couple of weeks away. If we think


about Best actress, that has been interesting. Cate Blanchett Mohammed


Fatau editor certainly gave her the award for best outfit of the night.


No doubt about that. She did not pick up the win. The big surprise of


the night, Best actress. Very hard to call. Cate Blanchett winning on


the red carpet, up against Matty Smith. The person who won middle,


Brie Larson, for her role in the film Room. It is an Irish film. Her


performance was superb. Fiercely protective mother, protecting her


child from the outside world. Bringing him up on her own. I love


the film, very pleased for bringing this new, in. To beat Matty Smith


and Cate Blanchett, a big shock. She was not here, she did not fancy her


chances, I think. She's filming King Kong in Australia. She was nominated


in the Rising Star award. That went to a young man with a great future


ahead of him. Very popular and confident on the red carpet. He was


confident, the coolest man in the house, John Boyega, the young star


of Star Wars. That is voted for by the public. Just showing his


popularity. He gave the best acceptance speech, cool, gracious,


dignified. He thanked all the people who brought him up, his agent, with


him since 16. He looked great in attacks either, in thing at the


diversity issue. -- tinting. Great to see BAFTA nominating this young


talented black man. Everybody relieved and delighted for him. Such


a charming man, terrific actor. Interesting you mentioned the


diversity issue. So much criticism at the Oscars nominations.


Unbelievable lack of diversity. It has been a debate in the run-up to


the BAFTAs. You were able to watch the ceremony more closely than me.


Rebel Wilson making some choice comments. The Australian comedic


actress, said she had never been invited to the Oscars, because they


are racist. She made a joke about Idris Elba, up for an award. A lot


of people thought he would get that best supporting actor. In the end it


went to Mark Rylance, for his performance in Bridge Of Spies, the


Steven Spielberg film. Much beloved character actor is superb and the


role. Fede thing we can say that is anti-diversity. A terrific role, he


nailed it. Very pleased Mark Rylance won that. I predicted it, a superb


supporting role. He brings different colour to that movie working


alongside Tom Hanks as an accused Russian spy. Steven Spielberg was


here tonight. We saw him on the red carpet. Mark Rylance, also nominated


for the Oscars. That will be interesting. He is someone getting


such a reputation in the UK, but his initial reputation is very much as


eight superb theatre actor. He's had a blossoming with Wolf Hall, will


that play into the academy's decision? He is liked? I think so.


That was a terrific successful BBC America. Great success on the stage


in New York. That is where he is now. Could not accept the award. I


think he will make Los Angeles for the Oscars. Relative newcomer for


the big screen. That works in his favour. We are not really knowing


him, he's fresh. The trick of Bridge Of Spies, less is more, the less we


see of him, the more you wish this character was more knowable. It is


the BAFTAs, the British Academy Awards. They have two categories,


best film, waiting to hear what has been chosen, but they have Best


British film. Really striking year. Some cracking entries. Almost to the


point, looking at the a few weeks ago, we thought some of those should


be up for best film. We will go with Best British film before we bring


you best film. Best British film, delighted to say that went to


Brooklyn, wonderful tale, beautifully told by John Crowley, a


young Irish girl leaving 1950s rural Ireland to set up a new life in


1950s New York in Brooklyn. At a border house run by Julie Walters.


Charming slow burner, big choice at the end. It has captured hearts.


Best picture nomination at the Oscars. Deservedly winning Best


British film. Beautifully written by Nick Hornby. Well pleased for that


one. It stood head and shoulders with the big hitters. Best film.


Maybe could not cope with the best film, may I reveal it? It is a clue.


Everyone is filtering out. As we thought. It is The Revenant. Finally


it has won. Best picture at the BAFTAs. That means the director


winning Best Director, that is the big one to beat. The success of the


Oscars season. Leonardo DiCaprio left for dead, after being famously


mauled by a bear in the woods. Coming back to wreak revenge on


those who left him behind. A tale of injuries with Leonardo DiCaprio


crawling through deep valleys, snow, eating raw fish, liver, growing a


long beard. Sheltering in a horse-macro. Extraordinary long


movie. -- sheltering in a horse. As spectacular as the Canadian scenery


is, it is enduring. It is extraordinary. The director winning


four Birdman last year, extraordinary run of form for him.


Most people will flock to the film because of Leonardo DiCaprio


committee carries the movie, we are with him every step of the way.


Every crawl of the way. It is a real match a film. If you like survival


programmes, you will like the Reverend. What you make of so much


talk of what phenomenally hard work physically it was, to make this


film? Filming in very cold temperatures. The wonderful


cinematography coming at a price, the cinematographer only wanted to


use natural light, they could only film for several hours a day. They


like to say this is the hard work, stressing that, focusing on the art.


Film crews have warmers for their feet, nice trailers, cups of tea.


I'm surely not -- Sean Leo have a warm glass of brandy at the end of


the night. The most important thing is the picture at the end. Epic tale


of so bridal -- survival, everyone was impressed. It is not a banner


year, because the spread of the awards. Mad Max, the film I don't


understand, they go for a drive, turn back again. It's got a lot of


awards, Best costume, I could wear a T-shirt, winning that award. Carole


the film missing out. Wonderful film, I feel bad about it. It was


very spectacular. Talking at the start of the programme the numbers,


Carole coming in with nine nominations, I think it has not come


away with anything. The cupboard is bare. A real shame. One of those


movies, very cocooned in its own beauty. When they push to vote at


the end of the night, does not quite take flight. It smoulders. A slow


burning cigarette. Without catching fire. That is the problem Carole


had, could not swayed voters to for it, even though it is a swoon of a


film. Best of dementia read. Something I loved, even though I


found it sad to watch. Amy, the director is a wonderful man, works


in a journalistic fashion. Made the film that Ayrton Senna. I was the


last person who thought I would be interested in that, but it was


absolutely gripping. He worked the same here. I'm absolutely delighted


for him. Amy is a London film about a London icon who came to a tragic


end. The story of Amy Winehouse. We are witnessing a tragedy before our


very eyes. He has changed the way documentaries are seen. Not only a


successful documentary, in the cinema is, second most successful


documentary of all time. Changing the way we are perceiving


documentaries. Cinematic events using real-life footage to play a


character. Amy Winehouse plays herself, Ayrton Senna plays herself.


He's beginning work on a new icon, Diego Maradona. Could be here in a


few years' time talking about that one. I'm sure it will be brilliant.


I may enjoy that, and I am not a football fan. That is how clever he


is. A couple of things we have not mentioned. Spotlight, the film about


the Boston Globe, the fantastic undercover reporting that eventually


won a Pulitzer prize, and a covering abuse in the Catholic Church. It did


take home the prize for best original screenplay. A film about


writing, building your case, journalism winning the writing prize


tonight. Please for the film. Tom McCarthy, the director, wrote the


screenplay. He talked very movingly tonight about how he told the story.


Not a story everyone wanted told. They had to fight to get it told.


The story about the investigative team at the Boston Globe, back in


2000. So old-fashioned, people waiting for the phone, typing away.


As journalists, we have a soft spot for it. In America, do not


discounted. Liberal Hollywood credentials, the great ensemble


cast, we will see that making a few steps towards glory on Oscars night.


The only one to beat is The Revenant do. I know the British Academy would


say, we are our own people, these are our awards, what Britain has


chosen, but it is hard not to just think about the Oscars, only a


couple of weeks away. As a closing thought, because I think you are


missing a party, that is the one to watch overall? It is now. The big


story, Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning the Best actor award.


Anything that is the story, Leonardo DiCaprio blossoming as a movie star.


We have seen in grown-up on-screen, the Basketball Diaries, Romeo and


Juliet, Titanic. He is a man now, winning an Oscar, winning a BAFTA.


He is the star of the night. Thanks for talking us through the night.


Jason Solomons. All the results can be found on our website. That is


all, the party just beginning at the Royal Opera house in London's Covent


Garden. Goodbye.


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