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We are going live to Central London for the build up to the Baftas


Hello and welcome to viewers on BBC News and to our international


It's the biggest night in British film.


All the stars will be arriving over the next hour and a half and I will


be talking to some of them. In a moment I'll be joined


by our film critic, Jason Solomons, and fashion editor, Jo Glynn-Smith,


but first let's just take a look at this year's


nominations for Best Film. All right, the originals


were simple. Thousands of triple-A


mortgages bundled together, The modern ones are different,


they're private and they are made Apparently you are not


an American citizen. And according to your boss,


you're not a Soviet citizen either. Nothing in particular,


what do you do? Maybe you would like to come


and visit me sometime. At least there is some pretty


country around where I live. Would you like to come


and visit me this Sunday? We need to focus on the institution,


not the individual priests. Show me the Church


manipulated the system so these guys would not


have to face charges. Show me that they put those same


priests back into parishes Show me it is systemic -


that it came from the top down. Those are the films in the running


for the Best Film. Lots to talk about their with Jason and Joe, who


will be keeping an eye on all the fashion. Here is also our


entertainment correspondent at the other end of the red carpet talking


to the stars as they arrive and as with one of the nominees for


Promising Newcomer. This actress is one of the nominees. How does it


fail to be nominated? It feels really weird because I've watched


the Baftas for years. It is exciting but weird. You have worked hard at


your career. Was that always your aim? Theatre and film are always my


two favourite things to do. I have always aspired to be in the movies.


I will definitely go back and do more theatres soon. What is it like


walking down the red carpet with the people you have been watching for so


long? It is surreal but inspiring. If you want something you can work


hard and get it and eventually it will happen. What is next for you? A


lot of period movies. I'm really excited about them. Thank you for


talking to us. Have a good evening. That is the category where members


of the public get to vote. It is quite exciting because I think that


is where we're going to see the popular vote goal. Twilight won it


when it was up for it. We know that the most popular film is going to


win. My money is on him tonight and I'm pleased about it because I think


he is terrific and Star Wars. It is good to see the young generation


represented. It is a strange award but it means a lot to the winner and


they go on to have Stella Creasy is. -- way careers.


One of the rising stars has been nominated in Best Actress. It feels


like your popularity which is a different aspect. When it is time


for Bafta members to vote for you and admire your art, but no younger


actors bring things like Facebook and instant gram with them will stop


-- and saw the social media platforms with them. We sought Scott


back -- we saw the list for Best Film. We are waiting for the stars


to arrive. Will be the talking about The Revenant all-night? I don't know


who is going to win. It is a close race. The Reverend and there's got


to be in there and it is very popular. I feel like Leonardo


DiCaprio tonight. But the Bridge Of Spies was also very popular. And a


solid film from Steven Spielberg, his 28 movie. But there is also


Carol in there. And that black satire about the financial


situation. They love that one and were very impressed with it. A lot


of members thought that was a smart way into that problem. I don't know


who's going to win. If you want me to put my money somewhere, I'm going


to go for Spotlight. I know as journalists relate to see other


journalists glorified on the big screen, but this makes them seem


normal. It is not hanging out listening to things and twiddling


knobs in meeting contacts in the dark. It is a very quiet film.


Nothing grabs you with the cinematography. But people enjoyed


the story and a remarkable effort on behalf of those journalists. It is


building the painstaking case for the story which reveals systematic


abuse in the Catholic Church in Boston at that time. People come


forward and evidence slots into place. By the end of the film you


are outraged. That great liberal moral outrage that some of the great


Bafta winners of the past have had. That is why I am going with that.


Welcome to our platform overlooking the entrance to the opera house. We


will be keeping an eye on what everyone is wearing. Is it fair to


say that we increasingly have to look at what they would -- what the


women and men are both wearing. It is a big night for fashion. I think


it is important that the men are given some airtime as well as the


women. There is pressure on the actresses to look the part and it is


very cold, but now we're looking at the guys as well and what they are


wearing. This is a platform for fashion and film together. We have a


channel dedicated to red carpet fashion. Much more to talk about


with you as the evening progresses. Now letters go to another rising


star. How are you, John? You had an astonishing 2015 and this nomination


on top of it. How does that feel? I cannot believe that I'm here this


year. I was presenting here last year. I appreciate it. Thank you for


having me as part of your nominations. People have seen you in


Star Wars that you had a working in film for a number of years. It is


not overnight success. How does it feel now you have got to this place?


The hard work is sure not and the results are paying off. I'm very


appreciative of this and I am aware that it is a brilliant opportunity.


This is a moment for me to take him this time in my life in my career. I


feel good. I have to get up at 6am tomorrow. The bar has been set high


by the success of the previous Star Wars movies. Does this one satisfy?


It take some risks and that is the only way to go forward from The


Force Awakens. It is something new in a universe they are used to. We


are very excited for you guys to watch this movie. Thank you for


talking to us. Thank you. To have that level of


confidence at that young age. I was never like that in my early years.


He has been like that for a long time. He was terrific. A very good


actor. In Star Wars he is doing an American accent and hauled in this


part in a blockbuster film and he holds a brilliantly and carries on


so well and he has done this so well. He is very gifted and he is


able boon to British cinema. Here's a black actor and it is important to


see how important that film has been with the lead character as a black


actor. I am glad to have him included. He is nominated for Star


Wars. I think the biggest grossing film of last year and of many years,


but people watching this might think that it shows awards are elitists


because that is the film everyone went to see and where all the money


went. It is also nominated in other categories. People do look at these


awards and think that some of the films are not the biggest hits


around. But it is up to the Academy to be case setters. We need to keep


going with the art. That is hard to do these days. The difference


between artistic film and blockbusters is not always there.


Star Wars is trailing in the biggest films of all time is to Avatar. Star


Wars is consigned to that sort of blockbuster Ben. We will see it


tonight, do not worry. It has been nominated for 4- by technical


awards. -- four or five technical awards. We're looking at the


nominees on the screen for the best actor. You have spoken to Bafta


members who really loved Brooklyn. But we need to think about the


category as a whole. But I'm not a batter member. -- I am not a Bafta


member. I'm with you. There are some very good actresses. She is up


against Cate Blanchett and Dame Maggie Smith, who I have a great


soft spot for. It is a tough category to call. Sydney at the town


would be a big call. It is about a girl who travels to Brooklyn in the


1950s and lives in a boarding house and then blossoms in front of our


eyes. She becomes an independent women throughout this movie. The


best actresses are lining up and chomping at the bit to get up there


on the red carpet and shall ask their stuff. The Danish Girl was one


of my favourite films this year. I'm joined by someone who has been


nominated for two movies. How does it fail to be doubly honoured by


Bafta tonight. It is wonderful to be invited here. I have grown-up


watching British film and now I live here and most of my films have been


done out of the UK. So it is humbling to be here tonight.


Starting with the Danish Girl. How was it playing it in that particular


way? It was an emotional love story that really attracted me and I was


amazed that I didn't know more about these two pioneering woman at the


time. It was almost 100 years ago and they had the emotional strength


to go on that journey together. You're also nominated Best


supporting actress. How did you give a robot sympathy and empathy at the


same time. I thought the script was brilliant when I read it. I got the


chance to read a character who was like a blank page because she is the


first of what she is and then trying to play a robot and get the audience


to connect with this thing was very interesting. Thank you very much.


Perhaps we will be able to talk about the fact that she was


nominated twice. Let's talk about what she was wearing. She looks


fantastic, it is a Louis the tonic dress. It looks really fresh on her,


she could make anything look fantastic. I really love this really


structured address. Is it safe to assume that will have been made to


her? It would have been made to fit her, if not made for her. No one


will allow any of their pieces to walk down the red carpet not looking


absolutely perfect. Banks are now. Just a short while ago Jason and I


were talking about Spotlight, a film about Boston Globe journalist. I


joined by the director of the film. It is up for best movie, Tom


McCarthy, how does that feel? It is very exciting, I was in New York


last night for the right Guild awards, I was on a plane this


afternoon and now we are on the red carpet, it is a real honour to be


here. Do you feel more responsibility that you are making a


movie about such traumatic real-life events? I think so, not just because


of the reporters, but because of the survivors and how they shared their


stories and quite honestly how they continued to come forward and share


their stories. There is a screening at about Bataclan and we feel it is


part of the public discourse. -- at the Vatican. An amazing cast. Rachel


McAdams, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, are you pleased to see Mark


Ruffalo picked out for a sporting actor award nomination. I think it


could have been any one of them, but it could not happen to a nicer guy.


Thank you, great to be here. Interesting that Tom McCarthy was


particularly asked in talking about Mark Ruffalo. I am a big Mark


Ruffalo fan, it is good ensemble work, it is about a team of


journalists, but I did think Mark Ruffalo was particularly good. You


have to give the script some energy and differentiate it. Everyone gets


the sense of the same characters in these journalism films. You have


Michael Keaton doing his tics and then you have this passionate guy,


Mark Ruffalo, he wants to get it out there, he cannot do it because the


photocopier may not be working. I make the film sound thrilling!


LAUGHTER He has the laughter and the tension


and you feel like he has not slept. You are up drinking caffeinated


drinks with him all night. The seal of the newsroom, it is a good memory


for journalists to know that newsroom still count. That film lies


in the hard graft that actors put in. It is an ensemble piece. It


seems unfair pulling anyone out that ensemble piece, they all do such a


terrific job. When we touched on this earlier, when we do watch it,


is it fair to say thinking about The Big Short, you felt a lot of Academy


members liked it because it could be a dry subject, but the film whatever


you think of it is certainly very inventive. It is very clever at


telling a very, the coded story. It tells it very gradually in


Spotlight, but The Big Short cuts away and tries to explain what is


happening in these deals, these terribly structured financial things


that made the world collapse. It cuts away to a bar or a celebrity


chef telling you what happened. It takes a different approach. For me


it is a bit too zippy, I preferred the measured approach of Spotlight.


The big Short has worked and it has these great terms from Ryan Gosling,


Christian Bale, Steve Carrell. It kept on saying look at me though, I


am a film, I am a film! Here are some pictures of Cate Blanchett


arriving. I hope we do find out who created that, that is staggering. I


don't know if you can judge anything at a first glance. It is absolutely


beautiful, so decorative. She always gets it right. She is one of those


actresses who is not only incredible at her craft, but she always gets


the red carpet Right, so elegant and she is an asset to any film company,


an asset to the industry as a whole. She looks incredible, I can't wait


to find out. In terms of how it all works during film season, do we


assume that all the really big names, all these people who were


nominated for Best actress, Best supporting actress that fashion


houses are pretty much throwing designs at them saying please wear


my creation. It is a bit like that, these people have the eyes of the


world on them, the red carpet is one of the best places to PR your


product. You have these amazing women to wear your clothes. You have


a team of people around you, none of these actresses have just left the


house, done their ironing and come to the red carpet, they have teams


of people making them look fantastic. The stylus are all


looking for the best dresses for the actresses to wear, so we can blast


and look at these amazing creations. I can only dream of that, it sounds


wonderful. It is a must do part of the job. On a night like tonight


where it is very chilly, I looked at those cutaway shoulders and I feel


cold just looking at that. We will see a lot of shoulders, they are


very in fashion. I do for them. The adrenaline must keep you going.


People screaming your name. It is a really big deal. There is a lot of


pressure on women and men to look their best. As soon as you put a


foot wrong, it is everywhere as well as if you look fabulous. We would


never say anything negative about anybody, but the light bulb flashes


are on you, it is such a brave thing to do, I take my hat off to all of


them. It is a brave thing to do. In terms of performances, I did think


that Cate Blanchett was excellent in Carroll, but it is a strong


category, I would not want to be calling that one. -- Carol. She has


fantastic costumes in the film. It really is about the clothes. Cate


Blanchett has a lesbian affair with Rooney Mara in 1950s New York and it


is about the blossoming of people through their clothes. It is about


the smoulder of a cigarette and the touch of a hand on some velvet, it


is the coding of those things. That is why Cate Blanchett carries


herself so well on the red carpet, the role is about that, she is


carrying a bit Carol with her. As she was doing it when she did it for


Blue Jasmine a few years ago. It is a beautiful film. You mentioned the


wonderful sandy Powell and some great hair and make up nominations.


It is stunning to look at. There is not a pin or brooch out of place. It


is an absolutely beautiful film. It may be too perfect for someone to


go, I love that film, I want it to win. It is so hermetically sealed,


almost as if it is a dream. I loved it, I thought the writing and the


acting and the cinematography for sure. The director has done a


beautiful job of getting his vision across. It is a vision, it is like a


dream world, very delicately done. It is probably the film I loved the


most, but I know that it does not get over the line may be for people


to vote for it. People may want something like Spotlight, that may


have a better chance. Carol is the one you swoon over. It is a swoon of


the film. Cate Blanchett has already won awards over in the States. It


has started to get incredibly noisy, it is hard to hear anything at all.


I think we can go back to Lizo. You are up for best documentary, what


surprised you most? There are two parts to your answer, as a person I


had no idea how witty and funny, how amazingly intelligent Amy was. There


was a part of her personality I was not aware of. As an artist, her


songwriting was incredible. We really made a point of highlighting


her lyrics, they were like papers from her diary. In terms of


documentary research and preparation, how'd you get it down


to something that is such a short film? That is a challenge, it took


three years of making this film, amazing editing, brilliant


producing, a lot of research. It took a while. This took three years,


the previous film took five years, maybe we are getting there, the main


thing is to get it right. What will your next project be? We are working


on a couple of things, hopefully once this is all over we will know


what we are doing. Good luck. What a wonderful film-maker, you and I are


on the same page when it comes to him, we loved Amy, a desperately sad


film just as we loved Senna before that. There is Cate Blanchett. It is


an Alexander McQueen dress, we should have relied, the


craftsmanship involved in any one of his creations is beyond anything. He


was a true artist and the company continues that trend. The bottom of


this dress is made out of feathers. It absolutely blows in the window.


It is absolutely stunning, if you look at the detail around her


bodice, the colours, the technicality that has gone into


that, that will have been made to fit her perfectly. It just flows


out. It is unbelievably elegant. You could see that standing in the halls


of the end a flop ever -- in the halls of the Victoria and Albert New


Zealand forever. It is so incredibly beautiful. -- in the halls of the


Victoria and Albert Museum for ever. She looks so regal. Imagine if she


does not win, she will not get to show it off on stage, it is


criminal! But she gets to wear the dress and she has won in that way


already! Simple hair, not too much going on with the hair and the


jewellery is very simple as well. Does Cate Blanchett have a


association with McQueen? Some actors have very close ties with


certain brands. She is normally with Armani. We may see how wear Armani


at the Oscars. She does love to experiment with her clothes even


though she doesn't experiment in a weird Bjork way. She has the ability


to spot something that suits her very easily, she is tall and slim,


most clothes will look fabulous on her, she is very lucky in that way.


Fantastic, Cate Blanchett nominated for her role in Carol, adapted from


the novel by Patricia Highsmith. Looking over to the left, I was


chatting to Joe about styling and we can see that Lizo will speak to


Saoirse Ronan. Yes, you have been nominated for the film Brooklyn, did


you find it helpful that you had a personal resonance with the


character's journey, leaving home and moving to a new place? I did and


when you are going through such a similar experience to your character


which is something completely new territory for make, at the time you


feel quite overwhelmed by it all. In hindsight it probably worked out for


the best. It made the whole thing even more emotional for me I think.


Another part of the emotional experience is the difficult choices


your character has to make. Ultimately I think the choice is


about -- I think the film is about a choice, she has to make a for


herself. She is faced with the option of one life or another. I


love that it kind of gets to this point where she has to choose


between the two, it is what is best for her and it is not a decision for


anyone else. It was great to get a chance to play that. Enjoy the


evening. I was just looking behind me because another big cry went up.


You know how it is on the red carpet, lots of people wanting to


get autographs and photos. Let's just talk about the wonderful


Saoirse Ronan, still very young, very early 20s. I think you have a


bit of information on who she was wearing as it were. She was wearing


Burberry which is very fitting for a young actress. They are the


ambassadors of use and they do manage to capture the way that


people are feeling with fashion and they adopted the young punk


generation early on with their clothing. She was wearing a


strapless dress, very sparkling necklace. Actually quite surprising,


a very big piece of jewellery for a young girl to wear. Very colourful.


It did compliment the dress that she was wearing. We are just looking at


pictures of Kate Winslet getting out of her car at the far end of the red


carpet. You were already detecting something of a trend from what we


have seen so far, not with Kate Winslet, but elsewhere a lot of


metallics. A lot of sparkle and metallics, there were lots of those


outfits on the catwalk in the spring, there are also some autumn


winter collections we have not seen yet. There is definitely a trend, a


lot of detail. Another big screamer goes up behind us, I was chatting to


a lot of members of the public earlier... Kate Winslet signing


autographs. Some of the people will be very happy. I spoke to them and


afternoon, my goodness, I could not believe the number of people who


said they arrived in the early hours of Saturday morning. They have


basically been out in the London winter for 36 hours, a lot of them


slept overnight after collecting their wristbands that allow them


into the public section that you can see on the left hand of the screen.


You can go home with your wristband, but hard-core stayed here. I cannot


tell you how cold it is in London, I said to one lady, you are cold. Yes,


I have been cold for 36 hours! Kate Winslet, my goodness, someone that


Jason we have seen on red carpets that so many years, she keeps going,


she won the Golden Globe for her role in Steve Jobs, she pushes on


each year. There is always a performance out there. It is not the


Baftas if she is not here. It is the second biggest award ceremony in the


world. I think she is terrific in Steve Jobs, she gets the accident


right, a Polish American accent. She is the only one who stands up to


Michael Fassbender and gives as good as she gets, playing his PA and his


conscience. It is a very strange film, Steve Jobs. It is not up there


with the best films, Danny Boyle as director. He is such a favourite


here at Bafta. It is like a theatrical beast. Especially when


Kate Winslet and Michael Fassbender are together, they go at it in a


way. It is like watching your ball and John McEnroe. -- Borg. We are


seeing a different kind of aspects to Kate Winslet's performance. She


does a terrific job. She is probably favourite to seal the wind in the


best supporting actress category. -- the wind. We are looking at Steven


Spielberg arriving, director of Bridge of Spies. I really enjoyed


it. He is getting quite good at this, this Spielberg fell oh! This


movie takes its time. -- fellow! It will be a very tight category, Mark


Rylance up against Idris Elba. You watch a film like that and you can


see some shots in there that no one else can do. The light bulb popping


on the floor, just like the cup in Jurassic Park shaking. Spielberg


makes events happen as part of this great drama between Mark Rylance who


is arrested for being a Russian spy and Tom Hanks who has to go out


there and fight for his release foreign exchange in Cold War Berlin.


It is not a film I have ever seen before. Nothing quite like


Spielberg. He injects it with this energy. It is nominated for best


screenplay, the screenwriter worked with the Coen brothers. There is


nothing flashy about it, but the many members they really enjoyed it.


Younger viewers may have gone to see Star Wars, but he can still do this.


It strikes me as one of those films going back to what we were saying


about Star Wars, it is a good watch, critically acclaimed. I think that


is sort of balance. I am just trying to work out who everyone is shouting


for. I think it is the Saoirse Ronan. I think it is. I just spotted


Julie Walters arriving and she is in Brooklyn, going back to the film we


were talking about before. She gets the funny lines. Type camera deal


that the producers are also working on making Brooklyn a TV series. It


will be the first film tonight that has a spin off TV series that will


be set in that boarding house where Saoirse Ronan goes to when she first


arrived in America. I think it is a great idea. Julie Walters has signed


up to be in the boarding house. I think it will be a great series. It


is interesting to see what is happening with movies, they are the


big stuff, but TV is also huge these days. People are looking to have


eight part TV series, things that will run and run on digital media.


We are seeing Idriss Alber nominated for Beasts of No Nation which was


originally all networks -- on Netflix. Best supporting actress


nominee, Julie Walters, what was it like playing Saoirse Ronan's Sara


get mother. She was a sort of Sara get mother. I could take acting


lessons from her. She was 19 when she did that part. Just phenomenal.


She is just so honest, the joy, a lovely person. A great director, a


wonderful script, I loved playing her because it is my childhood, my


mother and her friends and it reminds me of all of that, Heaven.


The film really has an incredibly emotional punch to it, what gives


it's that power? It is a coming of age sort of film. People love that,


getting through, stories about people getting through, but also


about duty and love and being torn and lots of people have to leave


home. Everybody, not everybody, but most people have moved from our


childhood homes and gone on and it wrenches at you and everybody


identifies with it. That separation thing. Thank you for talking to us


and enjoy the rest of the red carpet. Thank you. Julie Walters, I


was quite surprised when we saw the information on the bottom of the


screen that she had been nominated for 15 years, she has been very busy


making television and not films. She is to horrific actress and she lends


great energy Brooklyn. -- she is a brilliant actress. It is a lovely


film Brooklyn, a quiet film, but then you realise that there is this


magic. Nick Hornby's screenplay is nominated, one to watch out for. It


is from Colm Toibin's novel. Was that Valentino? He did. I am very


excited about that. He swept past looking at all the fashions as he


went, looking a bit cold, he is not used to this weather with his town.


He looked very tanned. He did not look like a man used to London. I've


just had a close view of Saoirse Ronan's dress, the necklace she is


wearing picks up all the colour of the bleeding of her dress. On closer


viewing it worked brilliantly. The whole look. It was really beautiful.


I suppose that goes back to what you were saying about stylus working


with them and making sure everything is perfect. It is very carefully


planned. From the jewellery to the way that they style their hair. It


has to be on trend, it has to be forward thinking, these people are


showing us the fashion trends going through. One film that we have not


talked about a great deal tonight is Trumbo and I can see Bryan Cranston


standing on the red carpet. What an incredible talent, how difficult was


it getting underneath his skin? He is a man who did not want this fight


to come to him, but when it didn't he wanted and needed to defend his


Civil Liberties, the right to free speech, the right to assemble, the


right to be a member of any political party he chooses. In any


enlightened society we should be wise enough to be able to embrace


that kind of diversity and not be afraid of somebody else's opinion


that may differ from ours. For you is at a film about the individual or


a film about American history? -- is it. I don't think you can divide the


two, there was an assault on civil liberties and that was a blight on


the foundation of American principles. For me it was just about


being able to get into that man's skin and be able to as honestly as I


could betray that sensibility. How did you research it, did you look at


old newsreels, films? One of the things that is good about a


nonfictional character is the availability of source material,


video tape, his daughters are alive and well and they helped from


industry. Thank you for talking to us. Thank you. Bryan Cranston


playing Dalton Trumbo, a film I felt should have been better because the


story is so fantastic, so much rich material about the McCarthy, the


blacklisting of lots of screen writers. He was really good, I


cannot put my finger on it. I always liked there being a floor mat --


being a flamboyant writer who becomes the hero! People will be


surprised to see how well he changes, he sits in the bar typing


away, the big cigarette holder, drinking whiskey. It is a great


performance, very different to Breaking Bad. John Wayne pops up,


Dame Helen Mirren is in their, but Bryan Cranston is representing


Trumbo at the moment. Lets talk more about Steve jobs. I am with Michael


Fassbender. How tricky was getting under the


skin of a man as complex as Steve jobs? It was tricky! I spend a lot


of time with the script and a lot of time with him however I could


through watching videos, whatever was out there. Just bending time


with the script. It is a dramatisation, the story we are


telling is the script at the moment we are telling are in there, so I


try to focus on that and just get a handle on the words but also the


cadence and rhythm that are rights to and respecting that and doing it


justice. And also trying to integrate as best as possible with


the other ensemble members. If one person loses that rhythm than the


whole piece can sort of fall apart. Really that's a long way of saying


that most of the work was based on the script. What was your approach


to him, if large family man or a creative genius? I think creative


genius for sure. Someone who are robbery wealth of focus, passion and


drive. So much so that he bent the universe, at least the one that we


live in and how we live and communicate. How we shop, watch


movies, listen to music. Bags for your time. -- thanks for your time.


Michael Fassbender, a talented man. We both really liked him in Steve


jobs. But it was a film that certainly did not go down too well


in America, did it? It didn't. I'm not sure what reason, perhaps too


talkative. Michael Fassbender is extraordinary, he gives this


performance of Steve jobs over three different periods of his life.


Michael Fassbender can make working on a computer exciting. And he has


had a terrific year, he was Mike also, many thought that might be


nominated here. -- he was in Macbeth. He has always been a


magnetic star since he broke through with Hunger a few years ago. He has


become one of our greatest actors on screen, magnetic, a hugely popular


guy, very easy on the eye and a cool guy come he brings a fresh air to


stardom and seems to wear red lightly. He is great fun to have at


the after parties as well, and all-round good blog! They could be


that on the film poster, all-round good blog. Julie Walters, there was


an enormous screen for her from the crowd behind me which is lovely


because you get used to them shouting for Leonardo DiCaprio and


Cate Blanchett and the other big names, not that she is not a big


name, but in film terms perhaps less so than the Cate Blanchetts of this


world. And as I looked down at Lizo Mzimba, down at the other end of the


red carpet, he has the director of one of my favourite films of the


year. I am of Tom Hooper, the man behind The Danish Girl. For


outstanding British movie. How tricky was getting head around


subject subject matter? It has been an eight year journey to bring that


to the screen, the writer has an working on it for 15 years. I always


connected with the incredible love story at the centre of this film, I


found it incredibly moving. And I suppose the main battle was just to


get it onto the big screen in the first place so I am pleased we are


here. And we took a lot of advice. Eddie and I met many inspiring trans


men and women who shared their stories and educated us about what


the character might have gone through a hundred years ago. Lily


was going through this at a time when there was no precedent and the


was no word transgender. One can only admire her bravery as we look


at how the world is beginning to catch up with her as a pioneer. It


is an incredible historical story that has relevance today in the


21st-century. Yes, and it is unusual to tell a story that is most 100


years old but is only just coming into its own right now. That is


banks to some other great TV and film making that has gone on over


the last few years, transparent, Oranges New Black there is must be


the tipping point for a trans-drama. Thanks for your time. Tom Hooper,


director of The Danish Girl, we saw Alicia Vikander earlier, she arrived


looking absolutely stunning. And Julianne Moore, this time last year


she was the toast of London and Hollywood given that heartbreaking


but wonderful film, Still Alice. She returns the reigning champion, I


think. And she is still a wonderful start, she has new film out this


week. She can get in promotion for that as well. A film of people


expected to be nominated, has not quite made the grade, but she is


still a terrific start and last year's Still Alice is still fresh in


people's memory, a film about early onset Alzheimer's. The BAFTAs shows


the stars are happy still just a common present, 90 present of people


nominated have turned up. -- 90 present. The magnet of this red is


still strong. It has grown and grown over the last ten years. It has


become a much stronger pool. And we still expect Leonardo DiCaprio to be


here, names like that. Leonardo and Kate Winslet together, since


Titanic. I help we are all safe here! Let's hope so. That was


Benicio Del Toro we just saw. Yes, a wonderful performance in the film


Sicario, a little overlooked. It was about the war on drugs in the


Mexican border. He plays this will like assassin. I think he is


terrific in there. Much was made in the US but he was not nominated,


this diversity issue. In the BAFTAs we're seeing them perhaps slightly


more inclusive than the Oscar race has become. Which I think is a major


coup for BAFTA. And they can perhaps even improve on that and see more


edgy films being nominated. There are some cool stuff going on at


BAFTA. Just remind us, Jason, who votes? Who makes up after? Huge


number of members. 6500 voting members. They are not all film


people. It is made up of film folk, TV producers, actors and writers,


and also gaming, I am no expert on gaming. But there are people who do


gaming to gamble for BAFTA. Perhaps they will vote for The Revenant


because it is like one of those endless running games. That is why


the BAFTAs is different from the Oscars and beget a different kind of


result. I'm with Kate Winslet nominated for Best supporting


actress in Steve jobs. You play almost his moral conscience, his


long-standing love. What was it like working with Michael Fassbender on


that? It was definitely one of the highlights of my whole working life


to work with Michael Fassbender. He is an incredible actor and is so


dedicated and committed. His focus every day was extraordinary to be


around. And I feel very proud of the film and incredibly proud of him and


impressed by his performance. How easy is to betray someone such a


long period of time? And someone who was due to the story but about him


so was known? It was quite hard. I did not know anything about her, and


so spending time with the real Joanna, which I was able to do, was


really helpful because she was able to talk to me about her friendship


with Steve, not just the working relationship. And it was the


friendship that was almost more important for me to know about. All


this shouting, it is probably legal! Yes, it is Leo! Such an


interruption! But it was fantastic to have that time because I was able


to talk with her about Steve, and that is what kept the film warm at


its centre between the two of them. She can get a side on him that not


everyone can get. She got the behind-the-scenes version of Steve


jobs, and that was a lot of fun to play around with. Thanks, Kate.


Alleging Doctor Leonardo, you do have a lot to catch up with! No, we


see job all the time! I can barely feel my toes, I can't imagine what


it is like for Howard! -- for her. Kate Winslet lights are more fitted


dresses. And so she is showing off her figure in this particular


outfit, and her shoulders. One thing we can pick up is that all these


actresses are wearing the most incredible jewellery. A lot of big


dangle earrings. Maybe we will see some more dresses coming through


with big necklaces later on. I love that beautiful bracelet, simple but


stunning. It is, and it is an opportunity for jewellery houses to


show off the most spectacular of their pieces. It is not often the


public will see this type of jewellery. It is incredible, very


high value. And these actresses are the perfect people to wear it.


Unaffordable for us mortals, but we can dream. We can, and there are


other ways of showing them. There is Bryan Cranston. This is the shot we


see just before the guests walking to the Opera house, over to our


left. The reason you could not cure yourself think earlier was because


the most enormous screen went up for Bryan Cranston, quite deafening. And


I am guessing that as people who love breaking bad rather than


Trumbo, dare I say. I was more fond of Trumbo the new, and I like that


period of 1950s Hollywood that it recreates, but you're right, it is


not the most popular of movies and I don't think Bryan Cranston will win


tonight. It is great for him to have broken through from TV, White later


his career, to become a movie star, and here's seizing this moment. I'm


not sure that will happen for him a lot. There are not that many parts


for all directors to come on with and get to award season with. I'm


glad he is living it and enjoying it and glad that the audience are


really picking up on that. It is what we were talking about, that TV


and movie crossover. It really is bubbling under. If you have a TV


hits you are suddenly a movie star. If you are in general thrones or


down to Gnabry, you suddenly can be in movies. -- game of thrones. It


will change the way movies are made. Some of us have been watching Maggie


Smith for our whole lives, and you come up with a 20 old who thinks she


is only famous for Downton Abbey. And we're still waiting for a few


big names. We have not seen Leonardo, but we know he is coming


to light. That'll teach me to mention his name... I think you


might be in that car. He is apparently somewhere at the far end.


There he is, Leonardo DiCaprio, and that might be the man a lot of


people are talking about tonight. One thing we can say for sure, that


film company has made it clear how horrendously hard it was to make the


film, The Revenant, filmed on location in Canada. The only shot


for a few hours a day using natural light. It certainly looks beautiful,


but the conditions were grim. A bit of an endurance test. It is about


Leonardo DiCaprio who gets left for dead, mauled by a bear, left four


dead in the town, and makes his way back, the title, The Revenant, is


French for back from the dead. It is a survival picture. It has done very


well, become a popular film, with big box office. A lot to do with the


star power of Leonardo DiCaprio. The people who stayed out all night here


at the BAFTAs will know how he felt in that movie. But they have made a


lot of how hard and arduous it was to make the movie. I'd treat that


with some scepticism. There is a warm trailer and a cup of tea


waiting for just off-screen. That said, he is a tremendous movie star,


he has been up and down this carpet many times, nominated for times. I


think this is the time we will finally see him crowned. He is not


just the child star anymore, Romeo and Juliet or Jack from Titanic. He


is a bona fide movie star upon which much of this hinges. He is the big


name and I think you will go home with the trophy. I think he deserves


it. The Revenant perhaps not my favourite film of his, but a


tremendous performance full stop he won the Golden Globe and we are a


couple of weeks away from the Oscars. Everyone is saying, could it


be his year at the Oscars? It would be extraordinary for him not to win


it again. And I think he is probably the best star out there. I think the


male actor category is not surely. Buttle Fassbender is terrific but


not as obvious a winner as Leonardo DiCaprio. I will put my big money on


Leonardo tonight, and if I go home poor, that is the perils of this


business. Julianne Moore posing for pictures as she goes in. Let's head


to Lizo Mzimba, and other star of television. Giving away one of the


worst tonight, and Biglia Clark from the series Game Of Thrones. What is


it like walking down the red carpet and getting as many screams as the


film stars? It is amazing. It is cold, but it is nice to be back. And


what are you giving away tonight? Special effects denied, with Matt


Smith. And a little film called Star Wars in their? I think it might get


it, but I'm just guessing! Game Of Thrones at huge success, any chance


of a Game Of Thrones movie? There are rumours. It makes sense, we will


have two wait-and-see. Is a crude was your first big audition out of


drama school? Pretty much. Has it changed your life? It has changed my


life entirely, in the best way, in an amazing way. Dragons, they are


life changing! A pleasure, thank you. Immediate Clark from Game Of


Thrones. Not wearing a necklace, did she not get the memo? Wearing a


plunging neckline and a very bold colour which is on trend. She looked


very simple, a small and perfectly formed actress. Someone who


particularly codger imagination, Julianne Moore we saw just going in.


She swept down behind us, wearing Armani. By the time she got here,


because it is so cold, she had a beautiful black cape on and looked


amazing with the Gjedde earrings she was wearing. Again, I think of her


in the Cate Blanchett category of having a good sense of what suits


her, having an individual style. What is great about the actresses


who are a little older, they have done this for a long time, they know


what will work well on the red carpet because they have experience,


and they can use that experience in situations like this. They will not


experiment. They probably did when they started out. That is really get


these very elegant looks on some of these Morris published actresses.


And we can just see Dame Maggie Smith in the centre of the crowd,


but is our camera at the far end of the red carpet. Expecting quite a


big cheer, it is increasingly noisy hearing Covent garden. Mark Ruffalo


just went past. Someone we talked about earlier. And great performance


in Spotlight as we mentioned. And it is Maggie Smith we hope to hear


from. The lady in the van, equipped essential British film, some might


say. And added from one of Alan Bennett's fabulous works. And now we


can hear from another rising star. I am joined by Dakota Johnson. Or does


it like being nominated for something like this? It is


incredible. I'm honoured and shocked. It is very exciting to be


here and even be considered and surrounded by these incredibly


talented people. It is amazing. Yup and working on your career for quite


a long time, does it feel as if you have achieved overnight success or


does it feel like the end of a long road? Or the start of a long road?


The latter. It has been a crazy year, but only really a year. There


is a lot going on, but hopefully it is not over. And how important has


that movie been for you last 12 months? Amazing. It has changed my


life. It is exciting, every day is exciting. And have you seen the


other movies tonight? Any particular favourites? I have seen most of


them. I am very excited. I have a few friends that are nominated and I


am just looking forward to everybody having a good night. Best of luck


tonight. Dakota Johnson talking to Lizo Mzimba. And Jill, you were


reflecting another peer download, not embellished by jewellery. I


think when you do wear a bold colour it is idea to play down. A simple


look, very fragile, what Dakota Johnson was wearing. She was wearing


strong lips and eyes, so she made up her look in other ways than with


jewellery. The trend is very low maintenance make public, but she was


wearing almost a red eye shadow. It is fair to say as militaries


pictures of Maggie Smith, we have not talked quite as much about the


men as we should. We started off the conversation by saying it is just as


important when we think of someone like Eddie Redmayne, very strong


fashion associations. Has anything I did you with any of the men's


outfits? Is that something fashion houses still want to work on?


Getting mail brand awareness about their? Absolutely, the male fashion


industry has grown, and because of social media and the stars on the


carpet, people are paying attention to what they are wearing. I have


noticed a lot of velvet tux jacket. Also quite a slim cut in tailoring.


The menswear, it is a very important market for designers. And certainly


when you have got an amazing looking actors like Michael Fassbender or


Eddie Redmayne, it is the perfect mannequin for your designs. And


there is the wonderful Idris Elba. Jason, you were explaining the


nuances of his film. Another television linkup. That's right it's


a film that was made and financed on Netflix. It only had a small release


on the big screen here. People were wondering if a qualified even, but


he did get a nomination for his role as a warlord. I to cut you off, but


Lizo Mzimba has a big star. I'm joined by Eddie Redmayne. Nominated


for his film The Danish Girl. How difficult was it externalising the


turmoil of the character? You know, I suppose for me the more convoluted


site for me was at internal journey. I had a long time to prep for this


film and I met a lot of women from the trans community and they were


incredibly generous. And historical story that is real relevance in the


21st perhaps even more so. It has been extraordinary for us as we made


the film as it came out how trans issues have come into the mainstream


media. What a shocking to me is that it is most 100 years since her


story, and whilst there has been progress in the last year two there


were still a long way to go. Hopefully in some way the film helps


encourage the conversation. And your co-star Alicia Vikander nominated


twice, you must be thrilled for her. Thrilled, she is wonderful I can be


more thrilled for. I am presenting the best supporting actress one, so


fingers crossed. Thanks, Eddie. Nice to see you. The ever charming Eddie


Redmayne, also presenting an award this year. Last year we were all


talking about him because of his performance as Stephen Hawking. Yes,


he is back in The Danish Girl. A transformative performance. He did


that last year and does it again here. Playing one of the first


transitioning artists towards a six change operation in the 1920s in


Denmark. I preferred his performance last year, The Danish Girl did not


do it for me. I found it too much acting. As a film overall I liked


The Danish Girl enormously. It is the sort of film at BAFTA likes. It


looks very nice and has lovely furniture, Newbiggin looks lovely.


Another movie that I would want to see much anymore. We would just


knocking about Eddie Redmayne and there he is. He was wearing


Valentino which is a very successful brand at the moment. It was the


catwalk show that the lander decided to launch, it is a very hot label at


the moment, perfect for him to wear. And one assumes that is why we solve


Valentino walking up the red carpet half an hour ago. One assumes.


Perhaps they will sit at the same table. You know far more about the


fashion industry than I do, but Eddie Redmayne seems as if he can do


no wrong. In acting terms as well, but to have that crossover, to be


used as a model by such big names in the way he is. Do traditional


models, people who surely make their living out of modelling, do they get


upset when actors and actresses come and steal their thunder? I don't


think so because it has been going on for quite a long time. We have a


lot of faces who are ambassadors for brands. Adding the models are doing


all right. And I think it is great when you have a personality like


Eddie. He is such a skilled craftsman, it says a lot about their


own brand so I had a stand by the ghost of actors. It has been a while


since we talked about the film The Big Short. Let's back to Lizo Mzimba


for more. I am with the writer and director Adam McKay. Firstly, it


would be easy to read a very serious and intense study of the run-up to


the crash, you took a different direction. Why was that? I really


feel like this information is exciting. It has energy to it, as I


think a lot of people think finance has to be boring, part of my goal in


this movie was to excite people and give them energy about what this


film is about. That's why we chose the path of showing the true story.


How challenging wasn't trying to keep audiences and gazed with a film


full of financial models in terms. It was tricky. I did a lot of


reading and asked a lot of questions. But eventually you


realise it is just about moving their money around. We give us a lot


of fancy names and try to confuse you, it is not that hard at the


root. Once I got that I was able to put the movie together. An


incredible cast, denied of course Christian Bale nominated for Best


supporting actor. You must be pleased for him. Christian Bale is


so amazing. This whole cast is incredible. Some of the best actors


working today. And we really needed that for this movie. We did actors


who would transform and become real people to draw in the audience. And


everyone was on board. I am thrilled for a Christian Bale. The work you


did on this movie is amazing. Adam, thank you for talking to us. Thank


you so much. The Big Short. Will that be one of the winners here


tonight? We will know in the next few hours. And it will not surprise


you to learn that a very large scream has been going on for


Leonardo DiCaprio. Jason, you describe him as the ultimate,


Bournemouth Ideye film star, -- bona fides on star. And that is borne out


by people queuing for a 36 hours for him. That is one of the men they


wanted to see. I hope you took a few minutes to sign autographs because


he really is very popular indeed. We are edging up to the end of our time


here on the red carpet. There will be more later because beatified out


who has won. Let's get some closing thoughts. What has stood out for you


tonight on the red carpet? What stays in your mind?


The amount of drama in some of the outfits. Cate Blanchett looked so


beautiful, she glided down the plaque form, absolutely amazing.


Jason, as we leave with these images of Leonardo DiCaprio, your very


quick guesswork. I think it will be his night tonight, I don't know


which film will win. The only thing I am disappointed about is there


will be a different British film and won Best film, one is American and


one is British, we should say we are good enough to take on the Americans


in the Best film category. I am hoping 45 years wins the Britain. I


think Amy for best documentary is a shoo-in. I cannot tell you for sure


what will happen. There are some very good films here tonight. Many


thanks for being here tonight. We will find out more in the next few


hours, from London's Covent Garden, that is all for now.


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