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Good evening. Wonderful to be here tonight, at the British Academy film


awards, presenting two awards. First up, make-up and hair. All the


nominees in this category are masters of their craft. So let's


take a look at them. Doctor strange, Jerry Lee would head. Florence


Foster Jenkins. And the BAFTA BAFTA goes to J. Roy


Helland, Daniel Phillips, Florence Foster Jenkins. Thank you so much,


Academy, I am thrilled to work in this job. Thank you Stephen, Tracy,


Michael, we had great fun. I am so thrilled with this. Thank you.


APPLAUSE Thank you to the Academy, and thank


you, Meryl. You keep coming up with interesting characters that are just


so much fun to put together. And the BAFTA is awarded to Justin


Hurwitz, La La Land. Thank you to the Academy. Or Russia, either way


it is an honour. It is technically a musical, so I want to share this


without a credible lyricist, who wrote all of the words. To the


songs, and I wish they could be here, mostly so that they could be


the ones talking, and I wouldn't have to think of as much stuff to


say. But this was... I remember talking a couple of years ago to


somebody who came to the Baftas as part of a movie that had multiple


nominations and they said one of the coolest things was getting to know


multiple people who worked on the movie who you may not have known,


and that is not the experience I am having because this was such an


unusually collaborative movie where from the very beginning we were


working under one roof and I got to see these other artists work up


close. I got to see the costumes being designed, and watching them


work, and I was constantly inspired by the work of these other artists,


which is a cool experience for a composer in general, but to sit


under the direction of Damien, who is so masterful at what he does, was


really something will never forget. Tonight's nominees for costume


design brought their films to life with startling colour deep


brilliance, and exquisite attention to detail. Let's take a look at


them. And the BAFTA is awarded to Madeline


Fontaine, for Jackie. APPLAUSE


. Thank you. I am so very move to be


here with the wall. This evening. And so much in awe to be recognised


by my fortunate peers, especially because for me, English costume


designers are a gauge of quality. This movie belongs to history, and


is so much embedded in our collective memory. I hope to be up


to the challenge, and here I am, reassured and fulfilled. Thank you


to all the talented people who supported and accompanied me in this


adventure, and thank you, of course, to Natalie Portman, who gave life


and grace to these costumes. Thank you.


And the BAFTA is awarded to Arrival. Congratulations. Wow, this is such


an honour, such an honour. Thank you so much, everyone. The story of the


sound of Arrival is a little bit like the film. It ended up being an


international collaboration, headed by a Montreal team, wonderful


Montreal team. First, thank you to the producers, Dan Lavine, Aaron


Rider, just to name a few. And that followed the team to Montreal, and


took us to follow him home, and also the film is to talk about the


beautiful score, by Johann Johannsson, and the lovely sound of


Amy Adams. It is lovely to be here in this building, the Royal Albert


Hall, for the 70th British Academy film awards. Yes, and in honour of


the categories we are keeping our entries short and sweet. So let's


take a look at the nominations for British short animation.


Hello, my name is Nush. This is really surreal experience, all kinds


of thoughts in my head right now. I haven't prepared speech, and I


just... I just want to say that, as filmmakers, I realise that I have


become quite shameless in the amount of favours I ask from people, and it


is crazy, we borrowed some lights for three months, we kept them for


ten months. And you know, that is what brought us here. So many people


have just gone beyond, to help us get here. Even this dress that I am


wearing tonight, someone so do it. OK, now let's take a look at the


nominations for British Short film. Wow. This is incredible. This film


was made by many people. Actress and executive producer, Schpat Deda, all


refugees from the genocide in Kosovo. My grandmother was a refugee


from the Holocaust, and I think many people here came from migrant


families, and have somehow been related to the crisis of the


refugees. From my perspective, and I think from all of our perspectives,


being British, our heart is love. Our sole is compassion. And I think


that we need that to be reflected within our government, and we need


that to be reflected in our government's policy, in relation to


how they deal with other countries across the Atlantic, their


administrations, and not put up with any racism, homophobia, Islam


phobia, or anything like that. So thank you for this. I really


appreciated. Thank you. The Bafta goes to... John Gilbert.


Unfortunately, John is not able to be here so we will make sure that he


receives this award. And the Bafta goes to fantastic


beasts. Apologies as I reach for my piece of


paper. I am proud to collect this award on behalf of Stuart Craig as


he unfortunately cannot be here as he is a little under the weather. We


would like to thank after. Congratulation to both Anna and her


lovely team. It is through devotion and hard work and so many talented


people, the seemingly impossible was achieved in 12 acres of previously


empty suit your lot grew into 1920s New York. The nominees for the Bafta


documentary are all powerful films. There's the -- mesmerise in in


different and equal measure. Let's take a look at the films. The Bafta


goes to... 13. Wow, this is absolutely incredible.


My name is Lisa and I had the incredible honour of working with


the incredible visionary. She's so heartbroken not to be here, the only


thing that would keep her from being here is that she's shooting her next


film in New Zealand. Now the award for film not in the English


language. It showcases some of the most inspiring work around the


world. Tragedy, struggle and oppression and they also stress


family and unity. Let's take a look at the nominees.


Who did you say you worked for? This is my... Secretary.


It is a great honour to be here with you tonight. I would like to thank


the lead actor of the film... My producers, who is standing here, the


incredible cast and crew that I had which is a great luck and I want to


thank the distributors in the UK, they did a great job and it was a


great opportunity to meet the British public. And thanks to the


academy. Thank you. And the award goes to Linus Sandgren


for La La Land. Thank you to the Academy. This is overwhelming and


extremely generous of you. I would like to thank the entire La La Land


crew. I think this was a film made with an exceptional amount of, you


know, craftsmanship and first of all I want to thank Damian, you are a


great romantic heart and passion for film and filmmaking and for the


friendship. I want to thank Emma and Brian for your brilliant


performances. I am sure, like me,


many of you will be glad to see It was cold for many,


there was a lot of cloud around. And we closed out the second half


of the weekens ona similar story -


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