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Hello and welcome back to London's oil Albert Hall where the British


Academy film awards are just concluding another ceremony for


another year. In the presence of a host of celebrities and the Duke and


Duchess of Cambridge. La La Land has done pretty well tonight. It was a


love letter to Los Angeles, not perhaps the clean sweep we expected.


Jason Solomons has been watching with me. It garnered so many


nominations, it has performed well but not swept the board. 11


nominations, it was led to believe it might be going for a record,


eight or nine would have put it up there with the highest ever Bafta


awards, but early on it was performing very well. By the end it


did, it won five Baftas. Emma Stone for best actress, best director for


Damien Chouly El, and best actor. It is an escapist musical? It is the


film at the moment that is giving people a lift, a bit of sunshine in


an ever darkening world is how it has been pitched. And that is


interesting because for people who haven't seen it, it is so Los


Angeles, so Hollywood, steeped in that world, and I think we were


interested to see whether the British Academy, a different set of


voters from the Academy Awards in the states, from the Golden Globe


is, might not be quite as in thrall to that as an American judge might


be. Indeed, but it turns out that the charm of the leads, Ryan Gosling


and Emma Stone, and the craft of it all, it won for cinematography,


those memorable shots of dancing on the freeware, the levitating people


in the Griffith Observatory, the texture of the film, it has kind of


one people over, and also the music which is rather an interesting


score, because it is not an old-fashioned musical. People think


they are seeing singing in the rain, but it isn't that, it is a modern


musical, young indyref2 and that happens to have singing and dancing.


Yes if you go expecting an outer night musical, might be


disappointed. And let's talk about Ben Affleck's brother Casey, he was


so well known, but that is becoming turned around. Yes, maybe now Ben


Affleck will be known as the less well-known older brother. He is this


frozen janitor from Boston who has to gently thought as he read the --


reintegrate himself into his all live in Manchester By The Sea. This


was a very moving speech, and he said this is why he acts, he isn't


as talented as the guys doing animation or the acrobats, if I was


more talented, I might do that, but I act. And that was a very well


delivered speech, and I think it warned people to him, because it is


not a warm performance, rather chilling one. He is not a likeable


character in it. It is one of those films that you really appreciate and


the script is good and the cinematography, but you don't warm


to his character at all. It is the opposite to La La Land, it is grim


and frozen and cold, but the screenwriter and director, Kenneth


Lonergan, won for original screenplay as well. And we might see


those screen awards repeated at the Oscars. It is almost literary in its


execution, it has different phases. The real action of the film is


buried in the past, and we find that out halfway through the film what


that was, so it is very well structured and it might almost be


French. That is a good way of putting it. You mentioned it picked


up the award for original screenplay, adapted screenplay went


to Lion, possibly some surprise but it is picked up a couple of awards


and is a popular choice when Dev Patel picked up the acting award in


a strong category. Absolutely, you can see the people filing out now,


the ceremony is over. Lion picked up two awards, that is currently out in


UK cinemas, and it is a global story about a kid from Calcutta who is


taken off the streets and adopted by Nicole Kidman in Tasmania, he grows


up to become Dev Patel, and this was a very well received win. Bafta feel


some ownership over him, he is the boy who grew up in British TV, he is


just from down the road, and we kind of feel that we own him in some way.


He said it is a film about family, and his family were here in the


audience, and it was a very warm moment, and sometimes you realise


that the Baftas is quite a small club, and I think he is the poster


boy tonight. It means a big British star is born with Dev Patel, he has


been around a long time but he is only 25, a lot of good performances


to come. Even younger than I thought! And what is so striking,


Luke Davis picking up that award for the screenplay for Lion. And also


the little boy who is in the first half of the film, who plays the


young Dev Patel, and the film you could argue is worth seeing just


him, it is quite extraordinary what they achieve with someone so young.


He was six when they first put him in the film. He was cast off the


streets in India, they saw 2500 children and they found a gem. Not


nominated, possibly unfairly, because if he had been, it would


have been unfair not to give it to him. A few years ago at the Baftas


when Jamie bell, little Billy Elliot, Peter Russell Crowe to the


best actor prize. But the film did very well, it is a tear-jerker about


people trying to find their family and find their sense of belonging,


so it takes many boxes for many people, but able cry in different


places, in the start, at the end. I think I cried at all of it! One of


the things that sets the British Academy Awards parties we have a


separate category for Best British film, and I should not the fact that


most of your predictions are coming tonight, and indeed, the Ken Loach


film, I Daniel Blake took the award, an extraordinary film maker still


working at the age of 80. Yes, he won outstanding British film for I


Daniel Blake. I should have put some money on this! The very first award


they give out here is outstanding British film, and it went to Ken


Loach who has been doing this for 50 years, 50 years, such a titan of the


British film industry, and Cathy Come Home was a famous TV movie, so


it is extraordinary that he is still doing it, it is still relevant, and


that is the point. It is relevant and hard-hitting, and a shocking


film, as Cathy Come Home was, sad because the politics of the country


have not moved on enough. All of the award ceremonies in America have


been making speeches against Donald Trump and stuff, have we been


thinking that we might get that here? Ken Loach gave a searing


indictment of the divide that separates the country between the


haves and the have nots. And he said the film-makers in this room,


despite the glitz and glamour, they know that they have to be on the


side of the people, and that is very important for film-makers to tell


stories that are relevant, and he is right, because if audiences don't


come, the film makers don't make the money, so they have to go for it. It


did hit home. So it thoroughly deserves that, and it is the


outstanding British film of the year, it won in Cannes last year.


I'm delighted that award, sorry for the others that were up against it,


but it is a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon in. We talked a lot about


the winners, but interesting to just pick-up on what we were discussing


out on the red carpet a couple of hours ago. Nothing at all for


Moonlight, which surely is one of the best films of the season, but


sadly nothing tonight. One of the stories to emerge from tonight is a


complete shutout for Moonlight, which I think was one of my


favourite film is going in, and many people's favourites to come out of


the UK yet. It is a favourite at the Oscars and here. And I really


thought it would get some. There was a point when it seemed every film


that was nominated were getting something, 15 films had got


something, and I said, but not Moonlight yet, and I realised it was


going to be the film that suffered. Nothing to Naomi Harris, nothing for


the texture of the performances. It was shutout, and I feel that that is


going to create some waves. I think it is a real shame because it is


such a beautiful film. Bafta had a chance to reward it somewhere and it


seems to have missed that opportunity, and people will be


noting that in America, they might accuse Bafta of some kind of


institutional racism, I'm not saying that that is true, because of course


via the Davis and Dev Patel won, but it was seen as a real flag bearer


for the diversity debate which is occupied the British can and the


Oscar academy. And you mentioned Viola Davis, she has won for Fences


by Denzel Washington, a fabulous actress, always gives a great


performance, but there were others in that category we might have


thought might come through, Naomi Harris possibly Haley Squires, a


searing performance again in the Ken Loach film. Yes, and I always think


the Bafta audience tend to go for the homegirl the homeboy, they tend


to vote for the person closer to home, it is unusual for them to go


for an American actress ahead of them. Perhaps the most interesting


category out there, Haley Squires is terrific in I Daniel Blake, you feel


the cold and hunger affecting her. And Naomi Harris in such a short


time in that film, Moonlight, gives a beautiful performance as a mother


struggling with crack addiction and trying to love her child, but Viola


Davis, you see the picture of her crying, she does snotty crying


better than any other actress on the planet. I am fond of Fences, people


said it was theatrical and it is a adaptation of a performance that


already won her a Tony award. It is almost a film record of that


performance, but there is something with the cameras, doing the


close-up, doing the performance again, and it is hard to argue with


except you might have thought, we are Bafta, we should have awarded it


to a Brit, but that is me being parochial. Oney of the other things


that Bafta does a little differently, the category of rising


star, and that is voted for by the public, a panel chooses the short


list but then the public are able to vote for who they want. And when Tom


Holland stood up and accepted the award, I thought, my goodness, are


you only 20? With that poise and confidence. He has played Billy


Elliot on the London West End stage, maybe that is partly where that


comes from, but what did you make of that? I said on the red carpet


earlier that it is the person who always ends up in the biggest film,


always ends up winning, because the public vote, they haven't seen this,


he is Spiderman in the forthcoming Spiderman movie, we had a taster of


him in the Captain America movie earlier this year, last year, and so


those Spiderman fan boys are voting away on their phones saying, Tom


Holland, he is a great little actor, only 20, seemed kind of think, are


you allowed up at this time? Shouldn't you be in bed? But he is


20. He is the son of Radio 4 comic and pundit Dominic Holland, and he


has been around acting on the London stage, but Spiderman as a whole


other level. These things are not easy to do, and he owns a massive


blockbuster like that, and I think he could be Spiderman 434 films,


which would make him one of the biggest stars on the planet, so he


probably is a rising star that we will hear much more than next


decade. And by then he will still only be 30! On the stage giving the


Curzon chain, she said I got a Bafta award in 1978 for promising


newcomer, who knew I would be back so soon, she said sometimes it takes


a while to repay that. It is getting very noisy here, but let's have a


quick thought about the fellowship, because this is awarded this year by


Prince William, presented by Prince William, to someone you particularly


revere, I know. Yes, I am a massive fan of tonight's recipient, Mel


books, with films like the Producers and Young Frankenstein and tap back


blazing Saddles, the zany comic films, Young Frankenstein played by


Marty Feldman and the wonderful Gene Wilder and his performances, the


ultimate showbiz show in the Producers, which then became a


musical and then a film of the musical. We forget Mel Brooks made


the Elephant Man, he produced that. He has been a Titan for many years,


grew up in 50s stand that American Jewish humour and was great to see


him on the Bafta stage tonight, he has still got it, that Brooklyn


twang going on, and it was great to see that gruffness, but also


elegance. I think on a night when the Baftas were not the most


exciting, a little bit of zaniness and humour was brought by him, it is


a fantastic award for him, and him receiving it from Prince William,


when he satirises royals many times in his history of the world films,


to see him getting an award from one is something he probably never dream


of. Jason Solomons, many thanks as ever. The Baftas are over for


another year, but awards ceremony season is not. We are still a couple


of weeks away from the Oscars, so let's see whether voters at the


Academy reflect the sort of results we have seen here tonight at the


British Academy film awards. You can find the full list of all the


winners on the BBC website of course, and lots of photos from the


red carpet as well. But from a very noisy well but Hall in London, phone


app, for this year, it is goodbye. -- from a very noisy while Albert


Hall in London, for now, goodbye. America and Japan have strongly


condemned North Korea, for test-firing a ballistic missile,


the first since Donald Trump


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