Episode 18 Film 2011 with Claudia Winkleman

Episode 18

News, reviews and interviews with Claudia Winkleman and Danny Leigh. Featuring a review of star-studded romantic comedy New Year's Eve, and Antonio Banderas's Puss in Boots 3D.

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Hello and welcome to Film 2011. We are live and if you want to get on


touch here are the details: coming up on tonight's show: An all star


cast assemble for New Year's Eve. There's double trouble in Another


Earth. And David Fincher talks social


networks and dragon tattoos. Plus Terry Gilliam talks to us


about the making of Brazil. First, New Year's Eve, a Newcombe difrom


director Garry Marshall. 3, 2, 1. The biggest night of my


career. All these people have come from all over the world just to be


here. It only happens, once a year. It is a story revolves around a


life of several different people on New Year's Eve.


What I like about it is it's not just about love stories, there are


a lot of different things going on. I want to go to Times Square


tonight. I'm 15, this is not a training bra. This is not girls


gone wild. Every year when New Year's Eve when it ends, you feel


like you have a fresh start. My new year resolutions, I just took care


of the first one. You quit your job? Paul is a young energetic, guy.


The first baby delivered in the new year gets $25,000. Tess is very,


very pregnant and is going to go into labour at any moment. My water


broke. That's too early, can you turn it off. How do you suggest I


do that. Do a down ward dog or upward dog or


Happy new year! Nothing beats New York on New


Year's Eve. Danny, I think it is important to always have answers to


questions you might be asked. What is your favourite pudding, cheese


cake, what is your favourite animal, otter. What is your favourite


season, spring. What is the worst film of all time. Could it be show


girls, could it be Australia, I have news for you, search is over.


The panic is over. I have found the worst film of all time and it's


called New Year's Eve. Tltss a moment in it when Lee Michelle


starts singing. There should be a warning sign. If you had anything


sharp you would hurt yourself. It is a painful two hours. What do you


think? I loved it. I didn't love it! Let's talk about the cast. The


cast is the big selling point. If ever there was a group of actors


assembled for an Apocalypse movie it is this cast, but that doesn't


happen. They pair off and teach each other life lessons about


second chances and listen to your heart. You have Sarah Jessica


Parker, her daughter running away. You have Robert De Niro, just at


the point when you think it is not sentimental enough, he used to be a


credible actor. You have Catherine Heigl and Jon Bon Jovi. You think


the whole cast will slap each other across the face, that film I would


go back on Friday and pay money to go and see again. I would take the


wife, make an evening of it. I would buy the DVD. Unfortunately


they haven't made that film, they have made this one instead. What is


embarrassing about it, you have all the actors, Robert denear ra,


Jessica Biel, all there, isn't it easier to make something good,


isn't it? You have Michelle Pfeiffer who is the best thing in


it, the whole thing... What I loved in the screaming, go if you are


bored, go, because we were all there and there was physical


groaning, there was, like, stop. Catherine who wrote the script,


though script is a loose term, I mean, maybe I am not the right


person for this... You have ears. It is time for the top five this


week. My favourite film cameos and it does contain some strong


language. Even the lit littlest cameo moment


m a movie can go the deepest. Here are my top five.


At number 5, Orson Wells in the Prepare the standard rich and


famous contract for Kermit the Frog and company.


At number 4, Silvester still own in bananas.


The 25-year-old still own as subway thug number one complete with


goatee and Cuban heels, some things At number 3, Alec Baldwin. One of


the greatest thrills cinema has to offer is when an actor turns up for


Let's talk about something important. In this brutal monologue


about how to be a better salesman, Alec Baldwin is the most foul


mouthed sergeant imaginable. Attention, do I have your attention.


Interest. Are you interested? I know you are, because you close or


you hit the bricks. Decision. Have you made your decision for Christ?


At number 2 Deborah winger in Rachel getting married. I know it


is not a cameo because she turns up in several scenes but her


appearance as the estranged mother always feels like a cameo.


everything all right with the wedding?


The sheer thrill of seeing her so beautiful, tightly coiled in this


confrontation scene is a prod from At number one, Spike Milligan in


The Life of Brian. The pythons adored Milligan in the


Goon Show. When they heard he was in Tunisia where they were filming,


they asked him to make an Comeeth to us like the scene of the


grave. A brilliant top five. We have had


many tweets. Lots about Alfred Hitchcock.


What is your favourite? Martin score say see After Hours.


Next Dreams Of A Life, a drama I am looking for any information no


matter how minor... A woman lice dead for three years and at the


moment I saw it, I thought I am going to make a film about this.


Three years and nobody has come looking for her. I didn't want to


concentrate on the circumstances of how she was found. I wanted to


concentrate on bringing her back to life and resurrecting her in the


sense of creating the person that so many people thought she was.


People gravitated towards her. Everybody fancied her. She reminded


me of somebody I would like to be. People said she looked like Whitney


Houston. The project came through to me like any other really as a


jobbing actor. I think in a lot of documentaries, you get a kind of


somebody explaining something and then you see it and I wanted to


move away from that because the beauty of film is you can begin to


create something that is unsaid. One thing she was clear about was


to keep me away from the interviews you see in the film, and your first


port of call, you want those real- life testaments. I felt I was


pursuing the puzzle to be solved. It is like she never really existed.


She was a story. It was like someone we made up almost, partly


because of the fact way... I think some of it is inexplicable, how


this could happen. I think about her a lot really.


did she get herself into this situation.


Dream of a life is a very special movie. You have this tragic story


and a mystery of how anyone falls through the cracks to this extent


but particularly someone who was very beautiful and talented. But


that mystery, what is so impressive, it is the incredible investigation,


she clung on to this news story which everybody else forgot about


and has pieced it together and has pulled together the people around


her and people who know her. I think she's made something


remarkable here. It is original, imaginative and it is a fine piece


of filmmaking and detective work. Orson Wells, it is a strange


comparison to make, it was a cameo film made out of a nugget of a


person and expanded. Strange comparison, dreaming of a life does


something similar. I think you might have liked it more than me. I


found it incredibly heartbreaking. There were certain lines in the


film you never forget, somebody said "How did she melt into her


sofa ". I cannot get it out of my head. I read something, somebody


said, I have seen 40 films and this is the one, I cannot forget her.


People will take the film different ways but anyone who sees it will


find it difficult to get out of their heads. There are aspects of


this movie are are horrific, but you don't come away feeling


horrified as much as just touched. People will respond differently.


The brave decision is the casting and having this reconstruction, the


risk there is that it comes across as an episode of Crimewatch.


thought the end shot, which I won't give away, is absolutely phenomenal


and it's very very cleverly released at this time because at


Christmas you think about reaching out. You watch it and think who


have I not contacted. That is something everyone will have, I


hope there is not a Joyce in my life. It's such a strange irony,


someone said this film does exactly what New Year's Eve spent so much


money trying to do. Dreams Of A Life is on limited


nationwide release from Friday 16th December.


Director David Fincher is not very keen on giving interviews so when a


rare chance arrows for us to talk We need to talk. Who do you think


you are? Put some clothes on. I want you to help me catch a killer.


You have been quoted in the past about talking about making movies


and making films and there is a difference between the two. Which


is is The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It is a very popular


adaptation of a mass culture phenomenon.


Hopefully there is stuff in it for repeat viewings, little touches and


Your report is light in another area. Anything you chose not to


disclose? He's had a long standing sexual relationship, it wrecked his


marriage, but not hers. Earlier in your career, there were


headbuttings with Hollywood, is that somebody you feel you don't


have to deal with now, you get the respect of those? I don't think it


is about respect. I think if you are involved in an endeavour where


you have to get $100 million from somebody to do your craft, you are


going to have differences of opinion about how it should be


spent. It is creative Darwinism, the best ideas usually win out.


terms of being fatalistic, there have been films in the past which


haven't got the reception, is that something that bothers you or do


you finish the film and move on. The reception of Fight Club was,


other than what I had hoped for, it was other than I expected. I


thought people would understand I don't want to die without any


scars. Hit me before I lose my nerve. People who are responsible


for trying to get asses on seats, they felt the movie wasn't funny,


that it had no wit to it, it was just a bare knuckle boxing picture.


The fact that it was completely misunderstooned by people whose job


it was to solicit an audience only created more of a disparity between


what the audience's expectations was. People that went, went to see


violence. Thinking about Fight Club and The Social Network, both films


were talked about, films which said something about contemporary


reality, is that something you feel obliged to deal with? The Social


Network was a script I read that I thought was amazingly facile. But I


think the notion of it being an indictment of a culture was


something that was trialled on, a little bit heavy after the film


came out. Is For my mind it was better as a piece of entertainment.


If it talked about a larger issue which is American or cultural


exceptional. Facebook is cool. You don't know what it is yet. How far


it it can go. You know what's cool... A billion dollars. How do


you balance the relationships on set, I don't think it is


dictatorial at all. I will say this, if the movie is great, I am going


to get too much credit. If the movie sucks I am going to get too


much flap. My first movie was a disaster. I stupidly felt that the


people financing it had more to lose than I did if it was bad. I


allowed myself to be to be steered into this communal making and then


when the shit hits the fan, all of a sudden, you are the guy standing


there, going who has got a suggestion now. If I am going to


take the blame, the brunt of it, I am going to make the decisions.


you had to choose one piece from your career so far that you were


ploughedest of? I don't know, do the best you can, try to live it


now. A good motto to live by. I love the hand shake. Also we will


be bringing you, we will be discussing the girl with a dragon


Is anyone out there? Another Earth, I guess I would


describe it as epic, minimalist, science friction dramatic thriller.


It is basically a drama with someone science friction element


that serves the purpose of the metaphor. It does have a science


friction element. All 6.3 billion of us are also living. People


coming in expecting aliens and lasers and blood and guts and


nuclear weapons and things growing out of people's heads, that is not


in the movie, but using the science friction literature ideas, the


twist on reality to understand something about humans, that is the


idea. It is about a girl. She does something unforgivable. She goes to


apologise, she lies to him. Here we have two characters that are


isolated and when they come together they lift each other's


spirits up, they find this joy. Even though it is built on a lot,


she doesn't reveal her identity as the killer of his family. There is


something bittersweet that is beautiful and joyous about it and


yet the underpinning is so tragic and you know with all secrets there


is an expiration date and eventually it is going to pop. It


is quite beautiful on the one hand We don't know what's out there.


Let me say, lots of tweets about this. One says very good, very


promising, fantastic to see original writing in the age of


remakes. I really, really like this film. It is small, it's deeply


unsettling. I talked about dream of a life, the girl who created it,


very impressive, she wrote it, and is in it and it is sci-fi but small


and I really believed in their relationship. I found it


heartbreaking. I think I liked it less than you. But it's got a lot


going for it. The other earth, this very simple idea, nicely executed,


visually it's perfect. You sense this Apocalypse movie. There is


this human drama at the centre which works brilliantly, a


brilliant scientist who causes the car crash, where the wife and child


are killed and she ingraishiates herself into his life. It works


very well and a lot of that is due to chemistry. A lot of is it is due


to the way they move around each other. Two damaged people doing


this strange dance around each ear. It works beautifully. I don't think


it is perfect, it is just short of what it could be but it is very


good. A great ending. A fantastic ending. Antonio Banderos dons a hat


It is about Puss In Boots and how his legend came to be. The centre


of that the friendship with the egg. How dare you show your face to me.


I know you are angry, you have every right, but it is good to see


you Puss. He is an outlaw that is obsessed with a great sense of


justice. Puss, can you help us, there's no time to waste. I will do


it. Considering all the energy and the size of Antonio's personality,


I can't think of anyone other than Salma who could really match that.


You are dangerous. Humpty says you like danger. Just think of all the


trouble we can get into. Fur free to create your own character. They


suck very much from your personality to create your


character and that is the way to create it. She is making faces,


You made the cat angry. You don't want me to get angry. How dare you


It's not not Shrek five and no singing involved, but actually it


has a lot to be said for it. There is a story, which is great, not all


kids have a story but there is one here. It is a spin on Jack and the


Beanstalk. There is a lot of personality here. More than


anything else, everyone seems like they are having fun. There is a


sense of glee and everyone is having a laugh. The dancing is


brilliant. You know I like any animal dancing. I am the only


person who thought that Happy Feet 2, marvellous, they dance. Anything


dancing. But the dancing is brilliant. I am not sure about the


story. Salma Hayek is brilliant. It is definitely enjoyable. I'm really


not a fan of grown up jokes in kids movies. I got tired of it in the


Shrek series, but there is a couple here too good to miss, about what


might happen to a young innocent egg in prison. There are times


where you can't argue. The way he drinks milk. What is your film of


the week. Dream of a life. Directors cut now, Terry talks to


I was sitting on the beach in Port Talbot. I guy was picking up tunes


from somewhere in South America, there is a grim reality in this sun


drenched world. It was about a welling up of my frustrations with


reality. It seemed like a good beginning. I wrote it for a younger


man, a slimmer man, a better looking guy. I was offered Tom


Cruise and all sorts of people. Jonathan was hassling me and he was


astonishing me. He surprised me every day, because he is inventive.


There is one moment all these troops have surrounded a girl, he


suddenly turns up and takes charge. I'm in charge now. That is not me


directing, that is Jonathan creating a moment, it's brilliant.


Terrifying and funny. I will include your fine handling of the


situation in my report. Great. is my moment, to give him all the


credit he deserves. What was great was take what exists and adapt it.


It was done in an old mill and there was all this milling


equipment and we turned it into the clerk's pool. We only had one bit


of the clerk's pool so we had to find a point, so we had to go back


to the original and do it again. I don't think I have done anything


quite as interesting, the energy, the the madness, it is saying so


much about the husbandel and businessle of bureaucracy. Then


this man at the top with the horizontal striped suit.


We used a power station for the under workings of the place. The


space was utterly phenomenal. I didn't design the film to be a


seriously, once I saw the cooling tower, I said throw it out, let's


He was a huge star, the idea of him turning up in a bit part was


shocking to an audience. I came here for the action, the excitement,


get in, get out. Now they got the whole country sectioned off.


became obsessed about this part and how he did it right and we had we


had to build a set for him. He was going in New York, to watch brain


surgery. He has a quality, when he is acting, I don't see what is


going on and just being off two degrees, you don't see it, the


camera sees it, but I couldn't see it half the time.


There are so many things I didn't like about Hollywood, and so the


studio decided they didn't like the film. It was like years of


frustration with the Hollywood system H H most of the time I was


convinced I was going to fail, but I did have a certain arrogance and


a sense of human or. 7 -- humour. The finest moment for me is out of


Africa was having its premiere, it was biggest day of the year and it


was announced at an expensive dinner, best picture Brazil. This


is the LA critics. The film didn't make any money but it didn't matter,


it is out there, it's alive. You can see more from that interview on


the Film 2011 website. We have lots of tweets about New Year's Eve.


"New Year's Eve is a must watch based on that review, I can hardly


wait ". Next week we will be talking about Sherlock Holmes and


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. We will be discussing our films of the


year. Playing us out is the exotic Your first time in India? Yes.


Welcome to the best exotic Marigold hotel.


I have a dream to create a home for the elderly that is so wonderful,


The programme features a review of New Year's Eve, a romantic comedy with an all-star cast; science fiction goes art-house in Another Earth; and Antonio Banderas unsheathes his sword for Puss in Boots 3D. Plus Terry Gilliam talks about the making of his masterpiece Brazil.

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