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Hello. Welcome to Film 2011. We are live and if you want to get in


touch, the details are on the screen. Coming up - Robert Downey


Junior and Jude Law return in guy rich's -- Guy Ritchie's game game.


-- Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadow. The new Mission Impossible


and we have an early review of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.


the past 40 years someone has been trying to drive me insane. Plus,


we'll discuss our films of the year with Antonia, Chris and Catherine.


First, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadow with Robert Downey Junior


and Jude Law. This is the most important case of my career. What


are we up against here? The most formidable criminal mind in Europe.


Professor James Moriarty. We could stop the collapse of western


civilisation. No pressure. He's chasing Moriarty, the greatest


super-villain of all time. Are you sure you want to play this game?


He's become obsessed with this kind of hard theory that Moriarty is up


to something super no good. This isn't the first occasion that Mr


Holmes has inconvenienced me recently. The question is, what to


do about it? In a way, he's like Kryptonite to super man. He's a way


to introduce mortality and fal built into the Holmes character.


forgot the rest. It's coming back now. It's about the excitement that


Holmes can derive by knowing that there is someone that can be a


worthy opponent. It's surprising to Watson to learn that Holmes has a


brother. Sherlock Holmes seems such a unique one-off creation, this


strange man, with his incredible knowledge, his weird habits. In the


future there will be one of those machines in every town in Europe.


Loitering in the wood shed again. Good evening. I see your boot maker


is ill, dear brother. Not only that, he's much smarter and brighter than


I am. May I point out that the chimney is in great need of a


cleaning out. You can't imagine what the parents were like. What


dark knight of the soul -- dark night of the soul when they named


him. He's been around for 130 years, Sherlock Holmes and he does endure.


In case of Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes he's flying through the air


and punching people and doing extraordinary things with swords


and weapons. Just follow my lead. Make it count. I'll say that


counts! I made Christmas trees. charmed. What did you think?


first Sherlock Holmes had the huge advantage. If we are going to be


frank, we low expectations, so when it came out and it was oddly


fantastic it was a surprise. What they've done is Guy Ritchie goes in


thinking let's make the same again, only more so. More of that kind of


visual CGI and Victorian London. I am quite partial to that. There is


more Robert Downey Junior and more power to him. Long may he last.


He's home. Equal parts 77 Iggy Pop and Henry Higgins. He's a magnetic


lunatic and he's stoked up and he's wonderful. The canny casting move


which makes it tick is Jared Harris into as Moriarty. Most actors, if


you put Robert on the one side of the screen they would fall off. He


has the charisma to hold his place. It's an interesting character,


because it's not conventional villain. There is no cackling. It's


much more quietly psychotic and it works a treat. They are in perfect


synchronicity and I would watch the two of them orderering chips for


two hours. Could you? What kind of chips? Any chips they like. Dusted


with chilli. I have a question, do you think Guy Ritchie like guns?


Genuine question. You will see 900 slow-mos of bullets. If I see


something coming out of a barrel, I wanted to hurt myself. However, I


just want to mention the women. One woman is killed off before the


opening titles. The other one Noomi Rapace isn't given anything to do.


In every seen that you see she is eating. You have to watch this.


Call me. You will agree. She is holding it together or drinking.


She doesn't speak and the plot doesn't make any sense. However,


what saves it is the insane campness of it. The naked wrestling


is absolutely brilliant. There was homoerattic subtext in the first


one, but they've abandoned that now and it's very clear. The story is


not very comprehensible. The last 20 minutes or 30 minutes suddenly


it clicks into gear and become gripping. I'm very happy with this


film. I'm happy with Stephen Fry in this fill. He's delicious. I loved


him before -- film. He's delicious. I loved him before though. I would


recommend this has a Christmas panto of a movie, so in the same


way stuffed full of pant mine dames. The ending is properly laugh-out-


loud brilliant. I hooted. I didn't laugh. Next, Tom Cruise is back in


Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The mission is to stop a nuclear


war by swinging off buildings. are live. Normally there's a


mission and Ethan has to put together a team and go to get the


mission done right. This is completely the opposite. Ethan,


what happened?! It was a set-up. They are classifying this as


undeclared act of war and the blame points to you and your team. The


President has nicheated glos protocol. The entire IMF has been


disavowed. What is now? Your mission, should you choose to


accept it... It's big. It's exciting. It's a crazy, fun, action


movie. One of the signature things in the movie was a see quepbs on


the tallest -- sequence on the tallest building in the world.


didn't have a lot of test time. They built walls for me to practice


climbing and I would do drills, so I spent poz actually working on


that and getting my enduerst -- I spent months actually working on


that and getting my endurance up. Infra-red sensors. Don't have time.


How am I going to do this? I love making the movies and enjoy the


challenge of coming up with the sequences. There's a great sense of


humour. I'm grifg you the broad strokes and the tone -- I'm giving


you the broad strokes and the tone. It will have a different sense of


humour. That is from Brad Bird and crew. I just jump? And I catch you.


Yeah. Why is that so hard to grasp? What? Why? It's a 25-foot drop.


would be more worried about the heat. Then there's that. What heat?


If you switch off the fan it will get really hot. Of course.


Relatively. We have got explosions and we've got car chases and hand-


to-hand combat. We have villains and heroes and what do you want,


Come on. I'm not going to come on. That's exhilarating. Let me say


this, it's Tom. Risky Business, Tom. I can't be angry with him. Let me


say this, he's over 50 and he looks 12. He's jumping and racing and


standing and it's Mission Impossible and it's Chris imagine


the minute the music starts, the opening sequence is about an hour


long. You see the back of his tiny head and he's throwing a rock at


the wall. It's like The Great Escape in miniature. The star is


Simon Pegg. Every time he says anything he plays it so well. He


doesn't go over the top, but he's fantastic. I liked it. It's


interesting, because the third was terrible and the franchise had run


aground, so they had to do something big and quite adventurous.


Brad Bird has got a CV of wonders and dreams. Never directed human


beings. He has worked on Pixar. He has never directed humans. It would


be a gamble. What he brings to the table is this huge visual


imagination and the sense of anything which possible and the


sense of choreography. That half works, because the spectical is


awe-inspiring. The sandstorm. the hotel in Dubai, which is the


money shot. It is Tom 130 floors up and he's genuinely awesome and if


you see it on the big screen it will induce the feelings of vertigo


and you will feel clammy. In terms of looking it great, it does. The


action sequences are fantastic. My problem with the movie, for a start,


it hangs around too long. It outstays its welcome. You can


either finish half an hour earlier or do something different for the


last 30 minutes, because unlike Holmes, things are very saggy and


confused. The whole immeant prospect of if you clear war seems


dull, which is not what they were going for, I'm sure. I know it's


terrible, but I have a problem with Tom Cruise and the status of Tom


Cruise in this film. It's his production. It does say, "Produced


by Tom Cruise." It is almost like - - They made walls. Jeremy Renner is


a fine actor. Simon Pegg does very well. He's fantastic. Really well


judged and to make room for himself. Tom Cruise didn't make room for


anyone. He's this 50-year-old who is eager to mark his territory,


threatened by what he might see as competition. It's like watching an


ageing tomcat musking everywhere. Mr Cruise, if you are watching.


that a verb? I think you're marvellous. I apologise. I'm going


to send him a Christmas present. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol


is on nationwide release from Monday, 26th December. Now the top


five. We have the favourite dramatic exits. Whether you are a


secret agent, escaping from a ticking time bomb, or a super-


villain disappearing in a cloud of smoke, or a shakes sphere character


pursued by a bear, there's a lot to be said for making a dramatic exit.


This is Up. In this greatest film by Pixar Karl thinks that modern


life is rubbish, following the tragic death of his wife, so given


that this is a cartoon he does what all right-thinking pensioners


should do and leaves it all behind by tieing several thousand balloons


So long, boys! I'll send you a postcard!


We have all been in meetings which have poured us out of our minds but


we have never been in one like this one in the Cohen brothers


magnificent screwball comedy. He climbs on to his desk and postponed


At number three, it is Hard Boiled. We have all seen action heroes leap


out of windows. Been there, done that. But in this 1992 Hong Kong


Classic, there is a bit of a twist. He leaps out of the building with a


gun him one hand and her baby in the other. Take That, Bruce Willis.


At number two, it is Tim Robbins in the short shank redemption. Exits


do not come more dramatic than a good old-fashioned jailbreak and a


jailbreak does not come more dramatic than the Houdini attempt


in this prison drama. Andy has vanished, seemingly into thin air


but actually through a tunnel he has been digging for decades,


hidden behind a poster of Raquel Welch. In flashback, we see the


escape when he crawls through a sewer and emerges into the rain,


the redemption of the title. At number one, it is Kevin Spacey


in the usual suspects. Man walks out of a police station. That is


not dramatic, right? Wrong. We have seen the Kop question him about the


criminal mastermind. I am not a rat. He is allowed to leave the police


station. Only to realise, the First, we see his limp begin to


straighten out. And then it hits cars. -- and then it hits us. And


like that, he is gone. Brilliant. Next, David Fincher's


remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Steig Larsson's best-


selling story about a journalist and a troubled young computer


hacker who team up to solve a 40- year-old murder case. I need your


help. We will be investigating the most detestable collection of


people we will ever meet, my family. This is Harriet. Someone in the


family murdered Harriet. For the past 40 years it has been driving


me insane. It is interesting and a different kind of crime story. And


it has definitely a different kind of hero. She is one of the best


investigators I have. But. She is different. The character Lisbeth


Salander is one of the most interesting female roles which has


ever been created. It is a story about secrets, secrets of a family,


secrets of a society, her secret. need a research assistant. I know


an excellent one. She did the background check on you. What?


It is a story which deals with violence against women, it is a


story which deals with an abused human being who has been beaten and


got tat since they were a child and has somehow managed to survive.


What are you doing? Reading your notes. They are encrypted. Blue is.


Rape, torture, fire, and was, torture, religion, and a missing


anything? It asks a lot of questions.


A new way here that day. I came in a bit later after the accident on


the bridge. I have had a terrible day. And the days after, searching,


not finding, even worse. Every good film has the atmosphere,


the expression of the director that makes it and David Fincher has


always been very strong in expressing himself through his


films. Being a very smart director, what he is asking for his life. The


good thing about doing maybe 40 takes his there is nobody who can


stick to an idea for 40 takes. You get too tired and everything


crumbles and suddenly, there is beautiful real live. -- real life.


We should warn people that this version of The Girl With The Dragon


Tattoo, it does have the most wildly of putting credit sequence


that I have ever seen in my life. It is like a bond credit sequence


conceived by it a bass player. Be good news is the credit sequence


ends and actually, the film, if the credit sequence is your worst


nightmare, the film itself is as good as you would hope it would be.


I think what it does is it takes Steig Larsson's novel and it hangs


on to what is important from that. It takes this Swedish horror story


and it is faithful and ambitious. It takes the writing and applies a


coat of lustre to it. It is a fantastic movie. I think if you


come as a fan of the original three films you can embrace it. If you


come as a David Fincher fan it is even better. You have Bibles,


corpses, a lot of raw edges and blood being spilt. It has the 15


years of film-making which has gone on since. Fincher has grown into


this incredibly eloquent director and he has you in the palm of your


hand. He builds up tension and he builds up sexual tension. There was


a huge risk and a lot of people had baited breath with this film but it


is a success. I think it works from well. Stellan Skarsgard was talking


about the joy of working with venture and the 40 takes. The


proven benefit is up there on screen. I did really like it. But I


felt wrong already going in because I loved the original and I loved


Noomi Rapace's Lisbeth Salander which is how I pictured her when I


was reading the books. I felt unfaithful when I was -- as if I


was going on a date with a different but same person, if that


makes sense. But I thought it was excellent. Often you leave a


Fincher film but you go straight back and watch it straight away.


The films we are discussing this week, it is like someone who is


playing musical chairs. Geraldine James is in everything. And the


girl with a dragon tattoo is like Sherlock Holmes. The script is


excellent. He has compressed everything. He has turned it into


something which is very eloquent and economical. I'm going to stick


up for Rooney Mara. I love her. She is brilliant. Noomi Rapace was a


tough girl but Rooney Mara his skinny and feral and more


vulnerable and kind of Wilder. is your film of the week? It is The


Girl With The Dragon Tattoo but Sherlock Holmes is also fun. Go and


see them. It is Christmas. Go and see everything a million times. Or


come round mine, I am making mince pies. The bill with a dragon tattoo


is on nationwide release from 26th December -- the girl with the


dragon tattooed. Here is a round-up of films which we are looking for -


- looking forward to in the new It may be the season to be jolly


now but the coming weeks and months are filled with films of intense,


complex and challenging subject Martha, Marsay, May, Myleene is


about the story of a woman he in a cult and when she is suddenly free.


Are if I guess it is most about internal struggle with identity and


who to trust and how to find yourself and how you identify


yourself within a group. They think the question here is what is your


place in the world and how do find that place? Someone said the review


are postulated, where did Martha find more love, in the community or


with her sister and brother-in-law. It is an interesting question.


Elizabeth has already gained plaudits for her performance.


not have time to second guess my self. I felt like I had the tools I


needed. I do not feel like that anymore on anything. I am happy I


was naive enough to think I was super confident enough to take the


role on. Director Steve McQueen's follow-up


to Hunger is A shame, film about sexual addiction. It is about his


routine, his daily life and it is interrupted by his sister. I am


trying to help you. How are you helping me? You are a burden.


and has become very introverted and regimented -- Brandon. He controls


his life and he shut people out. did not want to give an excuse for


these characters for their behaviour and set it definitely in


stone and say this is the condition and this is the cause.


The Descendants sees George Clooney trying to connect with his children


and facing up to some home truths about his marriage. My wife was


launched from a powerboat and hit her head. You might not be over to


hear this right now but she was lonely. Who is he? I would like to


know who the guy is that my wife was seeing.


What I liked about it was this man who has been cuckolded decides to


go find his wife's lover and tell him that she is going to die, even


though he wants to murder the guy. Why are you looking to hang me?


Wendy Hurrell son plays a dysfunctional cop in the film


Rampart, who has gone road. Are you in on this? Are you kidding me? Let


me remind you that you killed an alleged serial date rapist Prix


meditatively. You first read the script and you think, this guy it


is an asshole. Do I look like Santa Claus to you?


Personally, I was not sure I could pull it off because I cannot even


imagine playing a cop. It is the only profession I cannot imagine


playing. I don't know if his character redeems himself in the


course of the film or even, what his Arc is necessarily. It might be


like that Paul Simon line, after a change we are more less the same.


You were a dirty cup and you have dirtied all of us up by default. --


30 cop. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as J Edgar


Hoover in a biopic directed by Clint Eastwood. He is amazing that


when you think by the age of 22 he had graduated from law school and


then he starts this Bureau of Investigation, later to become the


Federal Bureau of Investigation. Saved it for the press. He air is


an incredibly instinctive director. He has a tight knit group of people


he has worked with for years. Very similar to J Edgar Hoover. He has


almost a splinter sell unit, an elite squadron of people. You can


never get out of your head the image of him with this tiny monitor


piercing at you and it motivates you to tell the truth. You feel


like he is looking right through you.


Sex. Male. Family. Child. Divorce. Keira Knightley stars in David


Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method. this movie, Jung is 29 years old


when we meet him and at the beginning of his career, handsome


and charismatic. Freud is 50 years old, he is charismatic, witty and


funny. Not what people think of when you think of Freud but that is


who we are dealing with this -- who we are dealing with it in this


movie. It is human frailties. The fact that they are not so different


but it is their personalities which affect the course of psychoanalysis


and their friendship. Don't you think we ought to stop? Do you want


to stop. Where there is discord, may we


bring harmony. Mamma Mia director terms Thatcherite as she read teams


with Meryl Streep for these Iron Lady. I think if you ask Meryl


Streep to play whoever it is, you are going to get a human and a


humane character. Dennis. I feel very humble and daunted by


the prospect of what she really took on her shoulders. We do look


at public figures as if they are monsters or gods and the truth is,


everybody falls sort-of in the middle. With all due respect, when


one has been to war. With all due respect, sir, I have done battle


every single day of my life. I have good news. We have the film


2011 family in the studio. Thank you so much for coming in. In a


moment we will talk light of the arms of the year but first of all,


Antonia, what is your answer? The great masterpiece. This is


Viggio who inspired all the great French new-wave directors. He made


the movie about a young couple coming to terms in their marriage.


He died before the premiere and it was released in the mutilated form


and this is his cut. Excellent choice. And you? I'm going for


James Watkins, The Woman In Black. With Daniel Radcliffe, based on the


Susan Hill novel. The play is terrifying and the TV movie from


the 1980s is terrifying, so hopefully this will follow. And


also The Raid. Indonesian action film. Directed by Gareth Evans. It


is phenomenal. People went bananas for it. They did in Toronto. It


lives up to the hype. You've had two, but I won't get grumpy. It's


Christmas. Catherine. I'm in the going to be greedy. 2012 is all


about psychoanalysts, spel Freud and Yeung. I like A Dangerous


Method. It's directed by David Kronenberg and Michael Fassbender


spanks his patients. I'm in. I've changed my own choice. Danny?


I'm saying nothing more. Come back if January. OK. Love it when he's


strict. For me it's The Muppets, but I'm a moron. Was it a difficult


choice for film of the year. Did you think it was a good year?


but I'm always depressed by the end of the year. Ghastly year. Really?


I thought Senna was pretty good. Amazing year for British films.


top eleven years of the century so far, but pretty good. Blockbusters


were terrible. Pretty much awful, but British cinema fantastic.


Antonia, one film? If you had to pick one? It's a little independent


American movie called Beginners, starring Euan McGregor. With


Christopher Plummer, his father, who comes out as gay in his 70s.


It's the most tender, excentric and peculiar, quiet, grown-up, little


masterpiece. I loved it. Here's a clip. Maybe you should take out a


personal ad, where you can explain your situation. My situation?


You want to be in a relationship and you can't stay in one. That's


your fatherly advice, personal ads? Well, a lot of people use them. I


did. What? Why should I be monogamous. Pop. It's romantic and


funny and Christopher Plummer, 84 yesterday and still going strong.


Fabulous. Chris? I love Fast Five, but I'm going to pick The Artist,


the French black and white silent film. You'll come out floating on


air. It's directed by Michel Hazanavicius. It stars Jean


Dujardin. It's about a silent movie stars who star begins to fall as


talkies come into vogue. Here's a MUSIC


It's knock-out. I saw it on Sunday. There is a blog and I saw a review


of this film on it. There is a picture of a cat jumping. And the


dog. It's not even out. The dog and the cat. Amazing. It should win


every Oscar known to man. It's great. One of the movies where


people say, "They don't make them like they used." It's made exactly


like they used to, but with a modern twist. After that festive


high, my film of the year is about Australia's worst of ever serial


killer, Snowtown. It's about John bundy. -- John Bunting. It stars


Justin Kurzel and Lucas Pittaway. You will see in this clip the work


by him. There you go. Good on ya. Come here. Chuck it at the house.


There you go. Chuck it at the house. Go on.


LAUGHTER Come here. Come here. Have a look.


Come on. It's absolutely brilliant. Even when you watch that clip again


and you go, of course it's going to be film of the year. You can see


from the clip it's not your typical serial killer chasing blonde with


big boobs down a corridor. It's like if Mike Leigh made a movie.


It's the social realist thing. Fascinating. Very disturbing to


watch. Not something you'll go, "Let's watch that again." What is


your favourite? Necessitated, which I spent the entirety of January


talking about, but if I'm pushed it's Melancholia. I think it's


beautiful. It's by Lars von Trier. Let's see a clip. I want in the


church. I don't believe in marriage. You arranged this great party.


Until death do us part and forever and ever, Justin and Michael. I


just have one thing to say, enjoy it while it lasts. I myself hate


marriages. Please. Especially when they involve some of my closest


family members. They are all fantastic choices. I liked We Need


To Talk About Kevin and The Smurfs. I'm kidding. It was terrible. I


wept during it. We've had so many tweets. I can't read them all out


and lots of people like Melancholia and Snowtown. There's a lot of love


on the net. Guys, thank you. Let's be merry. We are playing games. We


are off for Christmas, but we'll be back on 11th January. Thank you so


much for watching. Have a fantastic Christmas and this is for Antonia.


# Have yourself a merry Lil' Chris mass


The programme features a review of David Fincher's highly anticipated adaptation of bestselling Swedish novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Claudia and Danny also cast a critical eye over Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol, the fourth film in the Mission Impossible franchise. Plus, a look ahead to some of the films due to be released in early 2012.

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