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Hello and welcome to film 2000 12678 we are live if you want to


get in touch. The details are on the screen now. Coming up. Channing


Tatum and Jonah Hill go back to school in 21 Jump Street. I promise


we will be superprofessional. Wahlberg is the man with the swag


in Contraband. I'm coming for you. And Matt Damon goes in search of


the good life in We Bought A Zoo. will give this everything if you


sting with me. First tonight, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum play


undercover cops who get to relive high school in 21 Jump Street.


shady. I haven't seen you since high school. The movie is about two


friends, that went to high school together the first time who didn't


really get along, and then we both join the police force and become


friends through the police academy. Are you ready for a lifetime of


being bad asses. I am. I thought this job would have more car chases.


No-one respects ut and we have a crumby job and we screw up really


bad. I got to read him his rights. Do you even know them. Do you have


to right to remain an Attorney Generaly. Did you say you have the


right to remain an attorney? We get sent to this new unit called...


Jump Street. You are here because you are Justin Bieber look ing kids.


Seven years ago his character is the coolest dude in school. He is


athletic and strong. You have exceptional muscle tone, when did


you go through puberty? Seven? the nerdy guys are cool. Kids are


weird these days. So Joanna is the cool guy right away. It's awesome.


And Chaning winds us having to find out what it is like to be the geek


in school. I don't know who you are.. You are at my party. It is


getting hot in here. It is getting very real. It is like seven


strangers living in one house. Come on. What is your real one?


there are jokes. Some car chases. And some explosions. Some love


making. Let me check out your chest. You OK? Hello. Hello to you. What


did you think? The signs aren't good. 21 Jump Street is adapted


from an 80's TV show we never saw. You have Channing Tatum the potato


that is Channing Tatum. It should be as funny as your first night in


prison. It is very funny indeed. It is difficult describing a comedy,


as soon as you do that the humour drains out. What is nice everyone


will have a favourite scene. Mine is what is the greatest cinematic


taking of drugs I have seen since Performance. You have to hand it to


the producer, who knows what mad stroke of inspiration made them


cast Channing Tatum. Somehow it works. His performance is a peels


of comic genius, he deserves all the cred it in the world. He may


deserve an apology from those who have been unkind to him in the past.


It's a good point. I was mean about him in The Vow. At one point I


laughed so hard I thought I was going to be sick. You weren't


though. I managed to keep it in. It is properly, it is relentlessly


funny. There is no, there is no let up. Not only that, funny and you


care about them. Is that just me? Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are a


brilliant pairing. The writing is great. I want to mention the


supporting cast. Ellie who was in brids made as the teacher who


doesn't know what to say is brilliant. Ice Cube is funny. All


of them, Dave Franco is great. There is an art in making a dumb


comedy this smart. It is credit to the directors Phil Lord and Chris


Miller. Their background is animation. We talked about the


deranged John Carter. They have done the same thing here. This is,


it is like the best of a ka toon -- cartoon, the gags keep coming, when


the gags fall flat, it is also, there is a focus on character and


there is a focus, it sounds weird, people will have seen the clip, you


have to trust me, it is a movie which says interesting things about


school and whether we ever leave school. In that respect it reminds


me of is There's Something About Mary. Which is a movie that was


smart and had a lot of soul and at least one joke which for any man in


the audience will make you cross your legs and never uncross them


again. These two guys, Lord and Miller, give them every comedy in


Hollywood. I always have to mention Rob Wriggle, and the doves. We owe


Channing Tatum a profound apology. We couldn't recommend it enough.


Expect Tays are low for this but everyone who has seen it has had


the same response. It's a pleasant suprise. It is a great comedy.


go and see it in a full cinema. You will be howling this Friday night.


Next Mark Wahlberg is forced to do one last job of course, in the


action film Contraband. There is strong language. You were the best


of the best. The proudest day of my life was when you turned legit. You


started the family and you got out of life. What's going on. Chris,


come home. It's my brother. What happened? I was running something.


And I dumped a package. promised me you would stay out of


it. They're going to kill me. not going to kill you. These guys


are coming off him for the money. If he can't pay they will come


after him. I try to approach him and say we will figure a way to pay


you back. I am forced to go out on one last run. I have to try and fix


this. What are we running? Currency. It is the size of a mini Cooper.


knew a bit about the shipping world and containers and how dirty that


world is, and how much stuff is going on under the surface. So I


was attracted to it. I thought it was an attractive premise for a


good story. You are running something on my ship.. Immediately


when we started bringing up the name, you know, the big name, Mark


Wahlberg, he is perfect. Because I think he has that mixture of boyish


charm, and he is blue collar kind of, and you believe him as a blue


collar guy. You think you are the only guy with a locking gun? You


mention my wife and kids you done. He has a seedy past. He did things


in the past. It is very real to this character. We're going to war.


Open the container, where is my wife? Tell him not to dump it in


the water. You will never find that money. To good news is, I am now


obsessed by shipping and containers. That is good news. I am not joking.


The stuff shot with these extraordinary massive tankers with


all these containers on them is exciting. Mu problem, if you like


with the film, and I want to be nice about it because there is no


point. Don't be nice. So that, let me say that out loud. The problem


is it is always, just a premise, the idea it is one last job, he was


bad, he is now good, for the family has to do one last thing. I was


tire odd of that. The guy he is doing it for, his nephew, just


makes endless bad decision, so just when you think he can't do anything


else thick, he manages it, and I am not sure whether the family


wouldn't group together, hold a meal and say maybe it is time to


cut him off. Maybe he has done too much, you know, let him go. You are


a cruel woman Claudia. I am suprised it has taken this long to


make a movie about smuggling. I would have thought someone would


have snapped that idea up. I think that setting gives it a freshness


and energy, if anyone loves containers and ships more than you,


hard to imagine I know, it is probably Baltasar Kormakur because


he loves this stuff. He lovers the overhead shot, he has a real eye


for detail. That carrys the movie a long way. Two thirds is occupyed


with smuggling and shipping and those two thirds are great. You


have to forgive the cliches a bit. There are creeks and cliches. Kate


Beckinsale, it takes more than a bad bleached hair do to make me buy


her as a hard ass New Orleans chick. It depends on the hero surrounding


himself with people who are so stupid you wouldn't trust them to


order a meal for you. We should say Mark Wahlberg is brilliant, after


Boogie Nights and The Fighter he can do anything. He can play this


character in his sleep. I like the fact they down play the fact it is


in nor lean, you barely notice that, but it is strange from a British


perspective, he is famous from coming from Boston, he is the least


New Orleans actor you could imagine. It is like a crime thriller set in


Newcastle and the crime Lord is Stephen Fry. How did you feel about


the nine different endings? They were a problem for me. The other


thing was Giovanni Ribisi. Giovanni Ribisi seems to think he is in a


different and worse film than everyone else. He has got, an


accent going on, facial hai, he has Kate Beckinsale left over stick on


tattoo, there is a scene he storms in and men nanss maul's kids. They


are not screaming at you, they are screaming at the acting: There is a


lot to recommend about this movie. I enjoyed it for what te it was but


Giovanni Ribisi is not one of them. It is time for the top five. This


week Catherine can't stand her favourite teachers on film. They


say everyone remembers a good teacher. But then again everyone


remembers a bad one too. Either way they make for memorable movie roles.


Here is my pick of the top five. At number five it is Mr Sugden in Kes.


Get changed. Give you a sample of my footballing skills. A rare


delight. Brian Glover's competitive games master is the actor's first


role. He used to be a proetion ifal wrestler. Penalty. Who do you think


you have are? He casts himself as bobby Charlton in the scal's


football match. The referee's decision is final. And he is not


about to let a little thing like fair play get in the way of his


inevitable triumph. And that boys is how to make a -- take a penalty.


At number for it is Election. Matthew Broderick took the role of


Jim McAllister in Election. He is pushed to the edge by the school


captain. Spwr Tracy won the election by a single vote. I was


about to announce my tally when... The sight of Tracy that the moment,


affected me in a way I can't fully explain. Part of it was she was


spying but mostly it was her face. Who knew how high she would climb


in life. How many people would suffer because of her. I had to


And so justice, if not democracy, At number three, it is Miss Norbury


from Mean Girls. As well as scripting it, Tina Fay also stars


as Miss Norbury. Seeing teachers outside of school is like seeing


the dog walker on its hind legs. What's up, guys? Shopping? Just


here with my boyfriend. I'm joking. Sometimes older people make jokes.


It is a brilliant evocation of every out of school in County you


have had with a teacher. There should encounter. This has been


sufficiently awkward. See you tomorrow. That is bleak.


At number two, Mr Chips from Goodbye Mr Chips. There is an


undeniable charm to this British classic about their beloved teacher


looking back over his career. You would have to have a heart of stone


not to be moved by that final speech. I thought I heard you say...


I never had any children. But I have. 1,000 of them. 1,000s of them.


And they were all boys. And that number one, Miss Brodie


from the Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. Maggie Smith's teaching triumph in


the role that would have her Best actress Oscar. A woman in her


private 1930s Edinburgh miss Brodie believes in truth, beauty. Observed


Stanley Baldwin. He got in as Prime Minister and got out again. Our


headmistress retained him on the walls because she believes in


safety first. Safety does not come first. Goodness, truth and beauty


come first. Miss Jean Brodie believes in an art, truth, beauty


and, unfortunately, fascism. Benito Mussolini, ill Duce A. The leader


Supreme. A Roman worthy of his heritage, the greatest Roman of


them all. Brilliant choice. I had a teacher


very much like that. We have to read out some tweets. Gazza says


the best teacher is yoga. Quite a few Henry Winkler in Scream. And


Mathilde. I would like to give another shared out two Election. --


share Ted. Cancel everything this year, just watch Election.


Sebastian Coe has said yes. Next, We Bought A Zoo, directed by


Cameron Crowe and starring Matt You don't have to take a picture. A


why not? Because we are going to live here. The story is about a man


who is a widower with two children and is just looking for a new life


for himself and for his kids. place is perfect. Why didn't you


mention it earlier? It is complicated. Complicated is OK.


What is so complicated? Well, you see... It is a zoo. A zoo?


The through line is the story of this guy who takes on a huge


project that seems a little bit unwieldy and crazy.


I would like to declare us all modern-day adventurers. And


sponsors of animal greatness. OK, terrific.


People will be able to relate to times in their life when they felt


a bit overwhelmed and had a chance to kind of make the leap like this.


That is the posture of a quitting man. He is like your brother, or


your best friend. You just believe everything he says


and you believe that he knows you and you know him. Welcome to your


Zoo. The this is what you want, not what I want. At the risk a stating


the obvious, you are insane. good, thanks. Phyllis that? That is


Kelly. Dump the animals, keep Kelly, that is true joy.


He will walk out and think, I didn't expect to go to that place


and care about those people and miss them a little bit. And that is


what I hope happens with We Bought I don't have a lot, but I do have


enough. If you stick with me, I will give this everything. A like


the animals but I love the humans. -- I like. All you need is 25


seconds of insane courage and I promise you something great will


come of it. The only word I can find to


describe how I felt after this movie is "Molested". Cameron Crowe


is so keen to get his hands on your heart strings and give them a


plaque, but the problem is the story does not have enough drama,


so it keeps falling back on the same things. You have that child


who always looks like she is on the verge of breaking out in songs from


Annie, areas glum looking animals, and more than anything else, we


have the Icelandic music. And don't get me wrong, I like that music a


lot, but anybody who likes it will know that the whole point of the


band is they can make the scaling a kettle in two and potentially --


emotionally intense experience. Cameron Crowe is not the first


person to realise what that kind of music can do, they are run every


advert on British TV, so what should be a big feel-good movie


about the loss feels like a mobile phone advert with the waft of


chopped onions coming through the cinema. Or am I wrong? Well,


highlighted more than you, which wouldn't be difficult. -- I like it.


I am themed. I got so excited by the idea I could work in a zoo. But


I got involved. Never mind that, I like Matt Damon and I love some of


other Cameron Crowe's films. -- at the other. The problem with this if


you like is that the story is so fascinating and so tender, about a


man who loses his wife far too young and goes and rebuild his life,


that it doesn't need the extras shmaltz. It is so schmaltzy at


times. I did solve a lot in it, but I felt a bit like I had been had.


That I did cry. Matt Damon is good, Scarlett Johansson is good. The


only problem is there weren't enough animals. They didn't buy a


zoo, they bought three animals. Matt Damon is the saving grace, he


is so sturdy and likeable, but he has to be because the character he


is playing makes no sense. Although Benjamin Mee is a real person,


nothing adds up. He is playing a character he is pretty much left in


sole charge of his kids and Jacques his job in. Anybody knows that is


the first thing you do when you are in sole control of your child. He


also spent time with Scarlett Johansson making goo goo eyes at


him and he doesn't even notice. And on the subject of Scarlett


Johansson, and talking about the zoo keepers, I have been to a zoo,


I have seen zoo keepers, it doesn't mean it deeper to in a fleece, I


will believe she is a zoo-keeper -- if you put it. The rest of them


look like they have smokers do? Her stars of almost famous are there as


a stark warning as to what will happen if you work with Cameron


Crowe. There is a scene where the bear is depressed, and tries to


escape, running away thinking can I not work with the man who made The


Artist? There will be behind the scenes but it with Matt Damon


trying to do the same thing and Cameron Crowe with a tranquilliser


gun dragging him back by his feet. Shall we move on? I am scared by


that. We are gearing up for a summer full of comic book inspired


blockbusters. We take a look at why they are such big news.


If you like comic books and if you like films, and S the programme's


resident peak, you are in for a treat this summer. Comic-book


movies are huge in Hollywood. Over the last 10 years, they have taken


more than $6.5 billion at the US box-office alone, and this summer


could be the biggest yet with films written from the pages. It is


called The Avengers initiative. And first up, or The Avengers.


Characters like the whole, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. -- the


Hulks. Then the amazing Spider-Man. The Reboot of the favourite word


slinger. The we all have secret, ones we keep than once that are


kept from us. And then the film are promises to be the biggest of the


year, The Dark Knight rises. Christopher Nolan's epic conclusion


to this gritty trilogy. There is a storm coming. Expect those three


alone to add on another $1 billion at least in what could be the most


successful year yet for comic books. Yet it hasn't always been this way.


The for Sam Raimi's Spider-Man broke box-office records in 2002,


Hollywood had hardly endeared itself to superheroes. Boasted,


they were cheap, canopy and contentious of their origins. Three


words, Batman and Robin. I want a car. Chicks feed a car. This is why


Superman works alone. So what changed? We asked people with the


inside track. The problem was overkill. They just could making


and making films, any property they could get their hands on, and


usually they just weren't done very well. One of the Marvel Comics made


indie -- a lot of the Marvel Comics film made in the 1980s and 1990s


have very low budgets, and people tried their best to be political,


but it just wasn't, it was doomed from the start. Computer graphics


really in the late 90s, early 00s, it opened up where people could


figure out what to do and could afford to do it. There hadn't been


a lot of comic book films that had used the comics, the emotion and


the story and the deep characterisation in the comics as


the jumping off point. Generally, it was the kind of guy that what


did yours four doing a comic-book movie -- did yours. Then the good


guys came in. As the profile has risen, so has the Caliber of


director. Many have made comic-book films that a silenced critics that


think comic books are just the kids. -- that have. A lot of kids there


are comic book films themselves and can be appreciated by the World at


large. They also hated when people screw around with them. People


started to take up and -- sit up and take notice when big directors


came in, and then Christopher Nolan and people coming through. There


are certainly a lot more peaks in the upper office than there used to


be, and that has certainly helped. Things like The Dark Knight and


Batman Begins, they hit something special. They seemed to be coming


at it from not a desire to raise the comic book up, just a desire to


tell a great story and be as mature as they possibly can be. It is


despite it is a comic book. audiences ever more sophisticated.


What they want is not only to be entertained but they want to think


as well. But there is an ominous threat on the horizon. Will


audiences get sick of the seemingly never ending onslaught of bigger,


more lavish blockbusters? Will the comic book move the bubble burst?


lot of people have been anticipating the collapse of the


comic-book movie but if anything, it seems to get bigger. It is like


a monster, nothing we have ever seen. The superman symbol is one of


the most recognised in the world, everybody knows these characters,


and successive generations Cape coming back to them. We have been


publishing at Marvel Comics, 50, 100 comic every month, every month


for 60 years. That is a lot of stories. The bobble hat and burst


yet. Can we turn everyone into a movie? Of course not -- the bubble


has not burst. But it can last for a long time. The trick is that if


you tell the story well enough, people will want to see it, even if


they think it has all of the ingredients are something they are


not interested in. I think the bubble can burst, I love -- hate to


sound like Gordon Brown, but I think it is impossible, because


comics is not a genre, it is a medium. Frankly, it is hard to see


it happening. The about of adaptations -- and those moaning


about the lack of variety, it is not all about people in spandex


punching figure people in spandex. With 2013 bringing us Superman and


more, it is clearly the capes, masks and tights that are not going


away. And that is super. No, Next once upon a time -- Once Upon


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 81 seconds


A Time In Anatolia, a Turkish crime As we were watching that I could


feel us getting lost into it again. I think, before we talk about it


and it is brilliant. Some of it is beautiful. We should tell people it


is long. Long and proud of it. know, and you adore it. I want to


say out loud it is about two-and-a- half hours. You have to let it wash


over you. It is phenomenonally slow as well. The thing is it takes you


by suprise. It is just after sunset and you have a couple of murder


suspects to go and find a body. You think it's a crime thriller, a cop


movie but after a while, they can't find the body and you have a crew


of people. You have the prosecutor, soldier, a doctor, the suspect, all


tooling round the Turkish countryside trying to find the body.


You think, the cops are making small talk about biscuits and you


think it is a strange dark comedy, then they still can't find the body


and the night goes on, as dawn approaches you realise it is


something es, the rambling road movie, it is about life-and-death.


The title is a nod to once upon a time in the west, the classic from


1968. Couldn't be more different. They have an epic quality. It is,


it is a two-and-a-half hour Turkish movie in which really not much


happens apart from people talking. But it is fantastic cinema. It


looks incredible. And there is a depth to it. So, I... Two-and-a-


half hours long. It will stay longer in the mind. What is your


film of the week? I am going to say Once Upon A Time In Anatolia and 21


Jump Street, they are both in their ways fantastic movies. I think


people should take the chance to have the weirdest double bill and


see them both. How about you? Probably 21 Jump Street. Yes, both.


Once Upon A Time In Anatolia is on limited nationwide release from


Friday 16th March. Log on to the website to find out where it will


be showing. Now the questionnaire. This week it is Olivia Williams.


There was a generation of buddy movies that I haven't -- I have an


infinite capacity for. I love The Man Who Would Be King. The Sting.


And I love Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid. What is your idea


this time? Bolivia. What is Bolivia? Bolivia, that is a country


stupid: I love the moment, I love the humour in them, I love the


relationship between them. I think it has set off something in my life


of wanting to be a boy. What I love about Paul Newman he had enormous


fiscal humour, that was just made all the more astonish -- aston


anywhereing by his beautiful good I saw as I think most kids of my


generation did, Paper Moon, and wanted to be Tatum O'Neill and


wanted Ryan O'Neal to be my dad. # Keep your sunny side up, up #


Subsequent events have shown that might have been a bad choice of


both life and parenting. They look like they are having such fun but


there was such drama and love, and disappointment, and euphoria in


their story and relationship. It is a kind of buddy movie where the


girl gets to function on equal footing, and sort of asexual


function with the school bloke. What did you find out? He keeps it


in a bin outback. How big it is? big as our car. There is a shack


but he didn't go in it. Honey, how about a walk before daddy puts you


into bed. Goody. It was the fact she got to be mischievous and the


fact she was tough and could, you know, struck a good deal. He was a


tomboy. You are too young to smoke. You will set the place on fire. --


she was a tomboy. Tess. The moment when Tess decides that she will


tell her future husband what happened to her, and the note


instead of sitting on the doormat slips under it and he never sees it.


And that was unbearable. I know plans sci -- plans I can came under


tact for casting Natasha kins I can, I think she did it very beautifully.


I don't know if it was because I was impressionable. Perhaps I could


climb along the back. I have gone to this trouble for your sake


alone.. Polanski is very knowledgeable about Hardy and the


novels but has a tremendously instinctive emotional response to


things. I just wish I could have been Liz ya minutely as Sally bowls


in that astonishing movie. thought there might be a room to


rent here. Not too expensive I hope. Amazing scene where he says screw


max millian. Screw max millian. So do I. To be able to say those


lines and have that revelation, yeah, I want to play the part, I


want to sing the song, dance the dance and wear the costumes but I


think it would be very embarrassing if I ever did. That is all for


tonight. Next week's show will be on Tuesday and we will be reviewing


the hunger game, wild bill and The Pirates, plus we will take a look


at the summer blockbusters coming your way. Playing us out is pusher.


It is in cinemas this August. Thank you very much for watching. Good


night. Good night. Frankie my friend. Got to get hold of some


money. Got a batch coming in. much? That's a lot of gear. Frankie.


You're my friend. This way you'll get the three grand quicker. OK.


the deal. Come back with the money. Don't have the dope, and I don't


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