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Hello and welcome to the last in the present series of Film 2012.


We're. If you want to get in touch the details are on the screen now.


Coming up: Jennifer Lawrence stars in the futuristic drama the Hunger


Games. We want a good show. That is all they want. There is 24, only


one come out. Aardman take to the high seas inth Pirates in an


adventure with scientists. We take a look at some of the biggest and


Best Films heading your way this summer. This is the greatest night


of my life. Plus, Terry Jones talks us to about the making of The Life


Of Brian. First Hunger Games, science fiction adventure starring


Jennifer Lawrence. Welcome, welcome. The time has come to select one


young man or woman for the honour of representing District 12 in the


Primrose Everdeen. Prim! I volunteer. I volunteer as Tribute.


Hunger Games are games that the Government of this new formed


country called Panem forces random boy and girl from these districts


they have split the country into. They go into the Hunger Games to


fight until there is one survivor remaining to show the people they


have the ultimate power over them. They want a good show. There are 24


of us, only one comes out. I heard about it from my kids. They were


the first ones who discovered the book. I had stop them from telling


me the whole book. Their enthusiasm was infectious. I went upstairs. I


started reading about 10.00pm I finished 1.30 am and put the book


down and said, "I have to make this movie, I have to". I went through


all of this in a matter of days. I thought they were incredible. It's


hard to say true about something in the future. When you look at what


is on reality television and history repeating itself it's


relevant. I thought it was a very important story to be told. This is


the time to show them everything. Make sure they remember you. I keep


wishing I could think of a way to show them that they don't own me if


I'm going to die I want to still be me. I can't afford to think like


that. It has a lot of followers. A lot of fans of the books. If a lot


of fans of the books come out to see the movie, I think we will do


all right. 5-4-3-2-1. I want to see it again tomorrow. What did you


think? Hollywood would love this film to be a huge success. The


Twilight series is coming to an end. They could do with a teen-friendly


film. I think the Hunger Games will be popular and successful. It


deserves to be. I will stop mentioning Twilight the comparison


doesn't hold. It is a different money. It's a blockbuster. It has


roots from the Rollerball to Running Man. There is a flash of


Lord of the Flies. It's often very thrilling. Always very, very smart.


Which is very unusual for a movie of this scale. I highly recommend


it. Do you? Yes, I do. I adored. It I love Jennifer Lawrence. If it was


OK, I would like to make a small model of her so we could embrace it.


That might be slightly odd. OK. little bit. It is the last show. I


have play do. Why wouldn't I? with it. She is brilliant,


compassionate, she is hard, but she's cool. What was weird, I like


to read the book and see the film, I did it the other way round. She


is older than is played in the book. She does it fantastically. It's


very, very dark subject matter. This is about children killing each


other. So, you go... All of the kids seem older other than Pru,


this young girl. Jennifer Lawrence is fianceeal. The film is brilliant.


You will be sitting at the edge of your seat. She will be talked about


and talked about. I will mention Stanley Tucci. He is an oily TV


host you can't help thinking of other actors, maybe Robert De Niro


coming in and Lilleteing you know every second they are above this


and slumming it. Stanley Tucci plays it straight and as a result


the performance is chilling and brilliant. That is the hallmark of


the film. What makes it good is that it never insults anyone's


intelligence least of all its teen audience. Utterly brilliant.


Someone on Twitter hates when I say brilliant. Suck it up. Next The


Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!. It features the voice


of the dreamy Hugh Grant, the latest animation from the Aardman


Studios. A set of cheerful, but utterly incompetent pirates. Blast,


I'm the Pirate Captain. I'm here for your gold. This is a ghost ship.


And, they will be fine except the captain decides on no evidence at


all that this year he is going to win the ultimate prize in pirate si.


-- pirates. He fails but bumps into Charles Darwin. It's the scientific


discovery of our age. Here is the plan. We go to London. We get a


huge pile of booty. I enter Pirate of the Year. I win. Impossible odds.


It's only impossible if you think about it. The captain encounters


his evil Nemesis. In this case Queen Victoria. Steady on. And, you


know, surprising, absurdest adventure follows. It is ambitious


in scale. People always assume that we work like in a shed down in


Bristol. Everything is quite large. The boot was like 15 foot long and


20 foot high. There was a positivism about the whole


production. How wonderful to be on that set? A lot of plasticine.


big boat much I could go there and make a small Jennifer Lawrence to


worship. Let's move on. As you would exact it's Aardman, it's


absolutely knockout. It is funny, all I'm saying is Ham Night. Watch


it, it will all come together. The voices are fabulous. Amelda


Staunton is the biggest baddie on a tiny pony. Hugh Grant is brilliant.


Martin Freeman wonderful. I think adults and kids will love it.


is old school Aardman Animations. He has spent many hours wrestling


with plasticine. The sheer volume of jokes is dizzying. We live in an


era were modern animated comedies there are the jokes for the adults


and the kids. The jokes here work with everyone at the same time.


There is a monkey butler. Everyone finds a monkey butler funny, I have


no hope for you. You might as well go to Switzerland to one of those


clinics and finish the whole thing. It's how I feel. There is a


lairyness. It's unusual. Aardman got in trouble before the film came


out. They made a joke about leprosy. It upset a few people. The nudests


Hans haven't got off lightly. The Elephant Man and Charles Darwin who


is portrayed as a creepy fetishness. I think Darwin would have a good


case to Sue from beyond the dead. Hugh Grant having an obscene amount


of fun. Instead of our usual Top 5, Chris, Catherine and Antiona pick


their Top Blockbuster moments. Summer is when studios release


their most expensive movies. Some critics say they dump down the


movies there are some examples of pure cinema. To which Jurassic Park


T-recognises attack sequence. you feel that? He ramps up the


tension like this cup of water that heralds the T-Rex's terrible


approach. Then it appears. Trying to get to the screaming snacks


inside the Jeep, Spielberg doesn't let up for one second. A lot of the


success of this sequence is down to the sound. Not one note of John


William's score is heard. Next up the Joker Unveiled in The Dark


Knight. Chris if fer Nolan's fopup to Batman's Begins grossed more


that its predecessor. That can be Pretty soon he is taken out by the


surviving clown who approaches him for a very iconic unveiling. Look


at you. What do you believe in? believe whatever doesn't kill you


simply makes you stranger. Great choices. You can't talk about


blockbusters without talking about James Cameron. My top choice is


Terminator 2 Judgment Day. You can't beat the sweaty end of the


line scrappyness of Zaire Connor's attack on the T1,000 Terminator.


Only for him to recover. With think it's all over. Then Arnie saves the


day. Of course, blockbusters aren't just about shooting up the bad guys.


They can also be about movie magic. For that sheer ability to create a


sense of awe and spectacle, Steven It doesn't get much bet r than


Elliot and ET traversing the Full moon. It's the best of American


mainstream movie making distilled into a single image. In the grand


tradition of corporate Hollywood it went on to become Steven Spielberg


as's production company logo. Adrenaline, awe, escapism. Try this


one on for size. The opening moments of the 1977 Star Wars. You


are six years old and sitting in Suddenly, there is words scrolling


everywhere telling you about rebel spies and armoured space stations.


Your father drops his mini tub of ice-cream in the confusion. The


audience is totally lost and completely gripped. This is the


most confident opening to a film of all-time. When audiences first saw


Kong crushing through the jungle to sweep Faye Ray into his fists they


couldn't believe their eyes or ears. This was during the lowest point of


the American Depression. Audiences caeved the escapism of the lonely


anticipate man longing for his platinum blonde companion. The


block busting moment when Kong falls to his death from the Empire


State Building is easily one of the best cinema has ever offered us.


They got him. Oh, no. It wasn't the aeroplanes, it was beauty who


A brilliant choices. I've had a lot of tricks. Will Smith punching the


alien in Independence Day, a star is born. Back to the future. And


die hard. Inception. Jaws of. Next, Wild Bill, the directoial


debut of actor Dexter Fletcher. It stars Charlie Creed Miles as a man


who is relesed from prision after eight years and returns home to


find his sons have been abandoned I'm never going back. It nearly


killed me. It's a man who got a to prison for violent crimes. It seems


like yesterday you got sent down. Usual? 10 pints and a punch-up? No


trouble. We hear snippets of his past. By all accounts, he was a bit


of a lunatic back in the day. He comes out of prison. There's


something different about him. is that? Your old man. He goes to


find his two young sons. Where am I? Funny, I said the same thing for


the last eight years. He finds out that their mother has gone to Spain


with her new fellow. She just left you? And you didn't? I didn't have


a choice. That's not what she said. That's my mum you're talking about.


He has to go to social services. It's the story of the man who


learns to be a father. There's not enough room for both of you. What


makes you think I would listen to you, anyway? You are a joke.


are you going to sort this out? It's easy with the name and the


setting and the nature of the characters for it to be another


gangster flick. But it's really just a slice of life, a real story.


His criminal past his second to what the film is really about,


father trying to regain a relationship with his son. Do you


know Bill? Who's asking? One of the film's he has been most


associated with his with Guy Ritchie. The problem with Guy


Ritchie is that, deep down, if he encountered one of his characters


in real life, he would have one of his foot men come down and shoot


them but that's not the truth whip Dexter Fletcher. He knows this


world. His vantage point is better than just being driven through by


your dad show for. Also, Charlie Creed Miles, of casting, because


he's a big bruiser, a character. A fearsome reputation. Charlie Creed


Miles is more wiry, and do you accept him straight away as someone


with a terrifying reputation and the man trying to be a father. It's


fantastic having Charlie Creed Miles back. He starred in Nil By


Mouth, one of the best films ever made. Since then, he has


disappeared for long periods of time. It's good news to have him


back. If he was here, I was going to say I would hug him but that


sounds weird so we would have a firm handshake. It is thrilling,


thrilling. Absolutely brilliant. I think he's fantastic. I think the


boys, they are fantastic. Brilliant directing from Dexter to bring out


the best of them. The choice of music is fantastic. The best ending


of a film I have seen this year and you're watching a man transformed


in front of your eyes, but it feels incredibly real. The performances


are great. You expect that from Dexter Fletcher, an actor. There's


good performances across the board but it trickier to get the tone


right with this kind of film. It is lovely but not mushy. The Olympic


Park is in there which could have been horribly gimmicky for the time.


I have seen lots of crime movies in my time off. Next, The Kid With A


Bike, a Belgian film about a 12 year old boy living in care and the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 117 seconds


relationship he strikes up with a I was about to start off by saying


it's not depressing but of course, that moment is incredibly hard


braking and it is a beautiful, beautiful film. The hairdresser is


a fabulous in it, and so is the young boy but you might think this


is going to be dark. There is something strangely uplifting about


it. Of course, he's a damaged, abandoned boy. But it's fabulous.


They had this mighty reputation, the directors, but it's not an art-


house film. It classically simple and a simple story of a boy trying


to pursue his father and perform a relationship with him. And trying


to make his way in the adult world. Hollywood would have filled this up


with rousing moment and big emotional speeches but the film


doesn't need that. A classically simple story and one I think, even


if people think they hate art house cinema, I defy anybody not to watch


this movie with bated breath, as much as any of the blockbusters.


And he is brilliant. The scene where he is angry, I don't want to


give too much away, but he's fabulous. Yes, the kid is called


Thomas Doret. And he has not been to stage school. He has such an


incredible character. There's something almost cartoonish about


him. There is something of Tintin about him. A Rundle -- a bundle of


energy. An endearing performance, and a weird mixture of total


naivety and cynicism at the same time. It's a lovely movie. The Kid


With A Bike is on limited nationwide release from Friday 23rd


March. Log on to our website to find out where it will be showing.


This is an impossible question. What is your film of the week?


Listen, The Kid With A Bike is a great movie. I would recommend all


of them, Wild Bill. Hunger Games is a special Blockbuster. Yes, but


Wild Bill is brilliant and so is the pirates. Next, Catherine, Chris


and Antonia tell us what movies to look out for while we're off air.


But first here's a round up of some of the films heading your way over


You are sweating like a human. Next, it will be tears. What are you


waiting for? Mirror, mirror, on the Do the deal and come back with the


money. Time's up. What kind of bird You have my permission to die.


club is totally out of control! This is the greatest night of my


We all have secrets. The ones we keep and the ones that are kept


from us. What is your name? Albert. These pages are all stuck together


again? I hate my kids right now. They are all dead. We were set


You have no right to rule the way you do. You don't say? You think


I'm going to kill myself there to make you look bad? Welcome to the


programme. Who the hell is he? is an agent. You speak American?


What are you prepared to do? bringing the party to you!


joining us, Catherine, Chris and Antonia here. Hello. There is a lot


on. Who is the most excited about street dance to? You are. I can't


help it. And I'm an old lady. What should we be looking forward to and


the big hits? What are you most excited about? I have already seen


this. I'm excited about a comedy horror called Cabin In The Woods.


It is about a cabin in the woods. It's fantastic. Bunny, scary.


the trailer and they jumped a lot. It has the balance right which a


lot of comedy horror is don't get right. This gets it absolutely


right, as you would expect from some of the creative team behind


Buffy The Vampire Slayer. OK, quite. I seriously believe something weird


What is bad thing? This isn't right. Good idea. Really? We have got to


Some body cent of those things to That is genuinely terrifying. I


will have to sleep tonight with the lights on. Have a nice hot milk and


you will be fine. It is scary and brilliant and it deconstructs the


horror genre. OK. I totally trust you. Antonia, I can only imagine


you pick something made in the 1930s, by a man wearing a beret,


not a bad way? There's not a single lousy subtitled movie to choose


from this summer for for so, in response, I'm not leaving the house


for anything less than Anna Karenina, out on 7th September. The


director did pride and prejudice. And Keira Knightley is in the lead


and I think she's shaping up to be the best actress in the country.


There was a film called last night which came out last year. Didn't


you like it? Fight! She just turns in the most sophisticated, elegant


melancholy performance. It's incredible. Then I thought she


wiped the floor with Michael Fassbender. One of the finest


actors in the world. Or so I love Joe Wright in pride and prejudice.


The only other actress who has done this before was Greta Garbo, so she


has a standard to reach but it's interesting that the 1935 film was


a small film and I have heard this is an enormous production with


millions of pounds. It may have all It takes place inside a theatre.


You have trains going through the theatre. Maybe he had to re-


calibrate quickly. I have all the inside tracks. As always. If I was


allowed I would be sitting in your lap. What film should we be excited


about? I have been banging on about The Raid. I will not go for that


one. You think I might go for The Dark Night knight Rises. But I'm


going tor Prometheus. This could well be his hat-trick. People are


Yeah, how can you not be excited about that. Is there a plot? Do you


know of one? There is. It's about expedition of scientists who


discover clues on earth that make them believe mankind was birthed.


They go out to this planet and discover things that they shouldn't


tamper with. It could possibly lead ultimately to alien. This is very


much its own basis. It has the same haunted house movie in space that


Alien had. It had this epic scale like 2001 where we tackle themes


like the dawn of mankind and, why are we here! It feels like I've


seen it. I will give you titles. A French movie, Tales Of The Night.


And We Are Poets. And The Raid, best action movie in ten years.


People have to see it. The juicy carrot is The Master. He has made


four films in his career. The idea that he will be back behind the


camera again. My breath is baited already. It's my Movie of the Year.


Dark Knight Rises my choice. I clapped the trailer. It's time for


director's cut. Terry Jones talk to us about The Life Of Brian. There


is, obviously, some strong language. I wasn't there when the idea of


Jesus Christ lust for glory came about. We are three wise men.


We are three wise men. What are you doing creeping around a cow shed at


2.00 am in the morning. That doesn't sound wie wise to me.


started reading the Bible. It wasn't Christ. Everything he says


is great, you know, so we weren't... The idea of making fun of Christ


was quickly put aside. The idea was of parallel massiah came up. They


started following me yesterday. Well, they can stop following you


right now. Now, stop following my son. You ought to be ashamed of


yourselves. Massiah, massiah. who? The massiah. There is no


massiah in here. There is a mess all right, but no massiah. Now, go


away. John was very keen to play Brian. We all that thought that was


a terrible idea. Lock off. What? Judean People Front. We are the


People Front of Judea. We persuaded him he was necessary for all the


other parts. He does it again in Brian, brilliantly. If you want to


join a PFJ you would have to have really hate the rch omans. I do.


How much? A lot. Right, you're in. I could tell you some things that


you may not have seen in the film What about you. Look for Mike with


Chris Lagham, he is pulling a very funny face. When I say the name


because... In themanger scene with the three wise men there is a large


cable with a plug on it, right in the foreground. It's so obvious.


You never see it. # Always look on the bright side of


life... # In Always Look on the Bright Side


Seymour Hoffman quens will is a man wondering about at the bottom of


the crosses. -- sequence" there is a man wondering about at the bottom


of the crosses. I have to like it now -- I have got to like it now.


Christ is playing by an actor Ken Colly. He is treated respectfully.


The camera pans away to someone who shouts, "speak up" they can't hear


him. That utterly undermines his faith in Christ. I started off by


saying this is such a tenth rate film that I don't believe it would


disturb anybody's faith. started out with an open mind.


have never seen Michael so angry really. What Mike said was that


they missed the beginning of the film. The Bishop of Southwark and


Mugridg hadn't seen the first 15 minutes. How could they have missed


it. It's a gad piece of work, I think. That's how I feel. Quite


self-satisfied about it. It's the end of the film. Incidentally, this


record is available. Brilliant. More from Terry Jones on our


website. Danny would like to say something. I'm away Paul Thomas


Anderson has made five films. will be back in October. Playing us


out it can only be The Muppets. Thank you for watching. Have a


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