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This programme contains strong Hello and welcome to Film 2012 with


me, Claudia Winkleman. And me, Danny Leigh. We are live and if you


want to get in touch, please tweet or e-mail.


On tonight's show: Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones find


breaking up is hard to do in Celeste And Jesse Forever.


totally fine. And Charlotte Rampling falls for


crumpled cop Gabriel Byrne in I, Plus, Kristin Scott Thomas in


French thriller Love Crime. And Chris Hewitt is here with his top


five psychopaths. First tonight, romantic comedy


Celeste And Jesse Forever, co- written by and starring Rashida


Jones. You guys have been separated for six months. You're getting


divorced, and you spend every day together as if it is no big deal.


We are separated, and we are friends. It is the perfect break up


of. She is so angry. She is uber- angry. You are acute. Love you.


Love you. You and Jessie are clearly not ready to let go of the


job of. You should start a bidding. I am trying. I have a date tonight.


My next is here. You should leave her. This is going to be hard to


believe. But I met another person. What? I am sorry, so lest. Are you


OK? I am totally fine. I do having regrets about Jessie? One? No.


you ever need it somebody to be with you and hold you and caress


you, I could be that guy. No. Of good. Did you even though he was


seeing someone? The barely knows her. I am not gay. I know, I meant


a boy. Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy? For do you


love her? You are my best friend. She obviously has an amazing fringe.


What did you think of the film a? Despite the title, this is a film


about one person, and that is Rashida Jones. It is such a


showcase for their talents that by the end, you expect her to be doing


handstands. I did not stay for the credits, so maybe that happened.


did, and if she didn't sing songs from Annie. He doesn't like the sun


will come out tomorrow? At is a genuine question. My problem is


that she is incredibly watchable and so is he, but it is utterly


unrealistic. These people keep going like that. I think it is a


heart. They are so irritating. You would think they would still be


together, and then they are not. It is meant to be a rom-com, but I did


not find any of it believable. is frustrating, because there are


so many times here where it is better than the average rom-com.


You get nuggets of originality, but you also get these huge lumps of


cliche. At those moments, it is as average as the average rom-com. You


can almost see Rashida Jones morph before your eyes into this


nightmarish combination of Jennifer Aniston and Reece Witherspoon. I


hesitate to say this, but also Catherine Hegel. Also, there was a


sub-plot with Willey, played by Emma Robert. She was perfectly good,


but none of it was believable. Maybe that is what happens in LA,


that she is suddenly looking after Britney Spears. None of that


happens. I don't think we should be blase about what is good about this


film, because a lot of it is sharply written. She is an


interesting character, because she is not particularly cute or


Adorable. There is a wistful tone to a lot of it, but you expect more.


People will have seen Rashida Jones here and there. She is a face to


watch, but this is a disappointment. If you were to go on a date with


this movie, you would probably not do a runner while it was in the


bathroom, but you would ignore its text the following day.


Next, blag, the seven psychopath, a writer-director Martin McDonagh's


follow-up to the hugely successful In Bruges. The way you are feeling


today, depressed and alcoholic, you should put it into your writing.


is kind of a black comedy about a guy trying to make -- write a


script called Seven Psychopaths. am sick of these stereotypical such


a bad movies. He wants the film to be about peace and love, but it has


to be about Seven Psychopaths, so he is in a quandary. Life-affirming.


But it is about seven fucking psychopaths! And his friends have a


kidnapping scheme. Billy has this scam going on where he kidnaps a


dog and takes it home and whizz until posters are put up and then


he brings it back and receives the $200 award. At a one-day, he steals


a little shit soup dog and it belongs to a dangerous man who.


are you? They said they were looking for a little dog, and then


another punk killed those punks. you want to go to the bathroom and


clean some of the blood and Duke of? It does completely obey the


rules of guns and violence and the usual gangster movie. But as we go


through, I hope the nature of wanting to get away from that


becomes more evident. A put your hands up. No. But I have got a gun.


I don't care. How about we changed the title from Seven Psychopaths to


seven lesbians? There is a friend who just wants to help his friend


write the script. We could take on the bad guys in a desert. What


about in real life? But his version of a good script will not be the


same as Colin's version. shootings or pay-offs, just human


beings talking. Are we making French movies now? He would be a


terrible writer, Billy, as we see in the campfire scene. I like it.


It has got layers. Are you going to cry? By just think it is a really


funny script, very imaginative. have to get this dog off the street.


The every now and then, you read something and it jumps off the page.


This one slaps you around the face and gives you a kick in the arse.


It takes you on a wonderful ride. An eye for an eye leaves the whole


world blind. And it, there will be one guy left with one eye. How is


the last blind guy going to take out the eye of the last guy left?


Well, if Seven Psychopaths was even half as good as it thinks it is, it


would be the greatest movie ever made. As it is, it is half a lot of


fun and half a kind of lazy mess. It is blood-soaked and filled with


in-jokes. When it works, it works because of Christopher Walken, who


sidesteps onto the stage as a dog thief in a cravat and dancers off


with the movie. He is a joy and a treasure. There are 30 minutes here


of Manichean durable stuff. But what audiences are supposed to give


the remaining one hour and ten minutes, I don't know. I thought it


was drivel. I don't use that word enough. Maybe I am being harsh.


Christopher Walken is good, but the rest is nonsense. It thinks it is


clever. Because In Bruges was so fantastic, my expectations were


probably too high. I thought they were going to create this magical


thing. The actors are good. The script, I did not understand. Like


Celeste And Jesse Forever, it did not feel real. You have an out of


work screen writer and an out-of- work actor. They have drinks and


they have flats with huge windows. I was on Woody Hulse and's side and


I wanted them to die. You are being uncharacteristically cutting. I


agree with you about In Bruges. You feel like an anxious parent on


Sportsday. You are willing this film to be better than it is


because of In Bruges. I like it more than you, but I concede that


in In Bruges, Colin Farrell is the funny guy. Here, he is the straight


man. Colin Farrell is not, in a professional context, a straight


man. And that is a huge headache. Abbey Cornish is in it for eight


seconds and then makes a joke about the women getting killed. That is


not enough. Secondly, there are massive signposts, going, somebody


is going to mention the credits, and then the credits happen. It is


not good. Let me finish. It is all about the dialogue. So was In


Bruges. Sometimes in In Bruges, you have a dialogue where it feels like


you are over here in two digs in a pub and they happen to be having a


hilarious conversation. Other times, you are just overhearing two digs


in a pub, and the film can't always tell the difference. We have had


one tweet saying it is a pointless waste of time. But somebody else


loved it. Nice commentary on Hollywood and violence in film, too.


I think this film and Celeste And Jesse Forever should go on a date


together and then go home and have sex while thinking about themselves.


Hello and welcome, Chris. Nice Did you love soccer baths? I did,


but it also kept me awake at night thinking of other names. There are


so many to choose from. What makes a great psychopath? I wrote some


doubt, characteristics. Manipulative, impulsive - sorry,


that is describing me. Basically, people not afraid to break the law


or people not afraid to kill. But I wanted a movie cycle paths, not a


real-life psychopaths or obvious choices. And that is clever. As you


can imagine, there is violence, nudity and strong language in some


of these clips. If you are easily offended, but the bed. These are


psychopaths. Have a nap. At number five? Not all movie psychopaths


should be genuinely chilling. Most of these people, you don't want to


be stuck in a lift or a car with them. This guy is hilarious. It is


Bennett from Commando, has played by Vernon Wells. Lovely moustache.


He wants to kill Arnold John, I'm not going to shoot you


between the eyes. I will shoot you between the balls! Let off some


steam, Bennett. Vernon Wells started out as a male


model. Up modelling what, we can only guess. And such a beautiful


segue into the next psychopath. what way? Tell me. What is number


four? Number four is Silence Of The Lambs, but not Hannibal Lecter.


That has been done. And if you met Hannibal Lecter, he might kill you,


but you would have a good time. Bit of culture, opera, a nice meal. But


Buffalo Bill, Jame Gumb, is terrifying. He is a complete


psychopath. He will put you down a well and cut off your skin and


dance around and get naked. It is A brilliant choice, truly


terrifying because there is no reasoning with him.


No, nonepm. Psycho paths don't want a chat. Others, you think if I made


a toasted sandwich. It is one of the many advantages of going out at


4am, we can have that clip. Who hasn't done that? Who hasn't


indeed? Well, me! What's your next clip? My next clip


is, not a supernatural figure and this is John Ryder in The Hitcher.


And he wants someone to stop him. You want to know what happens to an


eyeball when it gets punctured? Have you got any idea how much


blood jets out of a guy's neck when his floodlight has been slit?


do you want? Not the best drive of your life


that. Let's go to Twitter. They have


picked up on something that needs addressing here. You You talked


about tucking. There is a lack of female psycho ins your list -- fibg


owes in your -- psychoes in your list. They mentioned Misery. Glen


Close in Fatal Attraction. From you... Most serial killers are male.


So my list reflects that. Have you go home tonight and find


your ankles slashed. What's your next clip? It is Robert


Mitchum as halfy Powell. Here is a clip.


John told a lie. The Lord is talking to me now. He


is saying a lie is an abomination before my eyes. Speak boy. Speak.


Speak or I'll cut your throat. up. Save him. The doll.


Now that's the film that should be on after the Queen's Speech annual


tradition after tradition across the country.


Tell us about The Simpsons. In the great episode Great Fear. Simp


Simpsons characters only have three fingers.


What's your number one? I assumed it would be Darf? Who is your


number one? It is not Darf Vader. It is Good Fellows.


You have met somebody like this? have met somebody like this.


Stop going out. Move in with me. All of a sudden,


you are having a laugh and Danny will say something and the


atmosphere will change. Let's have a chip.


You are -- clip. You are a funny guy.


You are just funny. It is the way you tell the story and everything.


Funny, how? I mean, what's funny about it? Anthony, he is a big boy,


he knows what he said. Funny, how? What? Just, you're funny.


Let me understand this. Maybe my memory is fucked up, like funny how,


like and I am a clown, I am here to fuck and amuse you? How am I funny?


You know how you tell the story. No, no, you said I'm funny. How the


fuck am I funny? Tell me what's funny?


Best choice in the world. How many times did did Joe Pesci


have somebody come up to him in the street? You are brilliant. Bold


choices. I admire Animals are Horrified. I really want a Frank


Booth. A self imposed rule, I said no Frank Booth.


Flawless top five. Flawless. Next, Kristin Scott Thomas stars as


a ruthless business woman in the French psychological thriller, Love


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Well Love Crime is the kind of thriller where everyone involved


seems to live in a show show home. It has a nice slow burn quality to


it and by the end, the director wouldn't be ashamed to put his name


to. My only problem with it, it does have the most appalling


soundtrack. There is a honking musician who plays over entire


scenes and if the world's worst busker is on set and they can't


restrain him. I really enjoyed it. I thought both


girls were really, really good. It reminded me a lot of Damages if you


have seen that and Rose Burn and Glen Close. I loved it, my problem


was the last 30 seconds of the film where for me, it just turned into


mayhem. Listen, if people are going to go and see this film and they


should if they fancy it, they have to accept certain things. Touf work


with it -- you have to work with it and you have to accept for the plot


to function the police force has to be employing the sons of Inspector


Cluso. It has been remade already.


That's quick. It is under the title of Passion.


It is a lot more unhinged and more sleazy.


And in a good way. I I like that and I liked both


films. Love Crime is released on Friday,


14th December. Next, Charlotte Rampling and


Gabriel Byrne in I, Anna, a noir thriller written and directed by


Rampling's son Barnaby Southcombe. This is your first time.


Is it obvious? Have we met before? We seem -- you seem familiar?


Sunday morning at the Barbican. haven't seen you at the Barbican


for years. You must have the wrong woman. It is a noir thriller. There


is a psychological aspect. There is a murder investigative aspect, but


really it is exploring the themes of loneliness and that's really


what drew me to it and the story of this woman and this time in her


life. You won't really know what is going


on and hopefully you will be intrigued and you will want to


follow the story, I guess you could say she is a woman on the edge, but


you don't know if it is that or just an impression.


Detective chief inspector to be precise, though I do more


shovelling of papers these days than I do.


I see it now. The sleuth thing, not the shovelling.


Loneliness means you are not happy being on your own and there is no


way that anybody seems to be able to come into your space and make it


feel better. They are two people who are lost in their own


# Oh tonight # Oh tonight #


I sent the script to her agent and just because it was such a kind of


important thing for me to do and the idea of her saying no to it was


just too much to bear. He sent it to my agent, because he


did send a draft idea of this story to me about a year-and-a-half which


I really didn't like. She has been frank and brutal with things I have


done in the past so I was kind of expecting this strong and direct


reaction, but thankfully we ended up getting a positive reaction.


So did Allegra get lucky? You say like that it is easy.


Mum, you have to get out more. It is a good looking movie and it


has bags and bags of atmosphere. I think there can be such a thing as


an excess of style if a film that's that's too stylish and I think it


falls into that trap. I know you are much keener.


I loved it. I found it compelling. Gabriel Burn if case he is watching,


whatever you want. I love the man. Charlotte Rampling is excellent. I


didn't didn't see the end coming. It is my film of the week.


It is the kind of film where a character can't make the tea


without looking like it took three- and-a-half weeks to set the shot up.


That's my problem with it. There are good things going on and there


is a couple of good movies trapped under the surface. There is a drama


about two middle-aged lost souls on the dating scene. I think it


collapses in the middle. Did you? I'm interested to see what


Barnaby Southcombe does next, but I'm not interested in seeing this


film again. I am nervous about asking you what


your film of the week is? If people go late at night in a large crowd


and while I wouldn't advice bad behaviour, if you have a drink or


two, Seven Psycho paths, have more than a couple of drinks.


We are on at the earlier time of 10.45pm next week.


We'll be reviewing The Hobbit, Smashed and documentary West of


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