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Hello and welcome to Film 2012 with me Claudia Winkleman and Danny


Leigh.. If you want to get in touch please tweet or email. The details


are on the screen now. Coming up: Having a ball with Clint Eastwood


and Amy Adams in Trouble with the Curve. You don't even like baseball.


I love baseball. Ralph Fiennes and Helena Bonham Carter do Dickens in


Great Expectations. There are caravans and car carnage in black


comedy, Sightseers. I've had a brilliant holiday. Plus, Thomas


Vinterberg's new film The Hunt and Antiona Quirke is here with her Top


Five road movies. First Trouble with the Curve, starring Clint


Eastwood as an ageing baseball scout and Amy Adams as his long


suffering daughter. He is one of the guys who has earnt these


players. I'm not a poledancer. is an old baseball scout. He is


having problems with his vision which is esession for a scout. He


is very stubborn. He doesn't want anybody to help. He doesn't want


anybody feeling sorry for him. His daughter, who is a lawyer in


Atlanta. Trust me, I can handle it. Wants to come out and see what is


the mat we are him? I'm do it for Pete. He thought you could use


company. He's wrong. Wait until I see that horse's ass. It must be so


rewarding one one -- being one of your close friends. Fathers and


daughters can be the best relationship of your life and it


can be the most challenging. Daughters want so badly the


approval of their father. Why don't you go home I feel this sense of


responsibility to make sure you are OK. It's not the, you know, father


knows best Brady Bunch version of a relationship. I found it to be


pretty identifiable. This is my daughter, mickey. Excuse us! Sorry.


Hi. I play an exprobaseball player. Coming in. You are crazy. He sees


the things in mickey that keeps her from connecting from Gus and vice


versa. Who are you, Dr Phil? That is quality television. Yeah.


did you handle that by yourself? didn't. He sent me away. Only a


coward leaves her kid. You don't know half of what you think you do.


I did what I felt was right. I didn't want you to have life in the


cheap seats, that is all. Spending every waking moment with my dad,


watching baseball eating food no good for me, playing pool and


staying up too late, those were the best seats in the house. If is


surprises you are after buy a kinder Egg. He plays the same


character he has been playing for the last 15 years. A film no


surprises. Do you feel differently? No. I think I liked it more than


you, I can tell. It's predictable. If anybody else was playing these


parts you would put it down to a Sunday afternoon movie that you


would not feel guilty about getting up and leaving and making a toasted


sandwich. However. Amy Adams is brilliant. I love Clint Eastwood in.


It I like Justin Timberlake. Yes, you know what is going to happen.


When she goes out there you think - she is going to wear a leather


jacket, they will be in a bar with sawdust on the floor. It happens. I


don't think it actually matters. I found it enjoyable. And, I think it


ends well. I think you are crazy. I accept there is more to - there can


be more to a movie than originality. What this film does have, this much,


is proper movie star magnetism. It comes from Amy Adams who sinks her


teeth into this cliched cartoonish role. She brings the movie to life.


She makes it more or less watchable. It's not a quote you will see on


the poster "more or less watchable". It's the Clint Eastwood character.


The plot too, it is one giant celebration of doing things the old


fashioned way. One middle finger to everything about the modern world.


Clint's character and possibly Clint himself think that is


everything in the world could be make instantly bet fer we stopped


emailing each other. He is not wrong. He is not wrong. John


Goodman is in it. It's not enough. OK. The script more or less


watchable. The script is unwatchable. The script's idea of a


cliff-hanger is when cliff and his prostate attempt to answer the call


of nature. It's not a nail biter in the real world. I will not spoil it


for people out there by revealing what happens there. OK. Thank you.


I know what you mean. I thought the third, third, as it were was OK?


It's not enough. None of this is enough. I understand. Sightseers,


the latest from Kill List director Ben Wheatley. Written by and


starring Alice Lowe and Steve Oram. It's a black comedy about serial


killing and and caravanning. Show me your world, Chris. I thought we


would start with Crich Tramway Museum. Dear mum, Yorkshire is


lovely, not like you say at all. They can smile. The caravan made us


quite (inaudible) but Chris is a sensitive lover. Sightseers is a


serial killing road movie/comedy about a bearded man and - Angry


woman. An angry woman. Who go on holiday and get carried away and a


few people die. It's a romcom with some blood. Good girl. You are


going to pick that up? I don't do that. If you don't pick it up


immediately I have to inform the National Trust. As we were writing


it we thought, we will have a murder and a bit of sightseeing and


another murder and another bit of sightseeing. Pretty much. It meant


each murder had to tell what you was happening between them and


between their relationship. That is how we plotted that course.


have to be aware of making sure there is something funny going on


every minute or so to remind the audience it's meant to be funny.


It's I easy to take a mis-step and they do something terrible and you


lose the audience and they won't laugh after that. Say one word and


it's... It's thinking outside the box. It's an American genre, the


serial killer genre and road movie genre. You had to work out how you


do that in Britain it's a tiny place. Have you to make a break


for... Isle of Wight. I was surprised when people say - Britain


looks beautiful. It was. It is beautiful. Getting outside was


exciting for me. People said - comedy is never made in the wild. I


disagree. Sit. You are like your mother. Has it gone wrong? Yeah, a


bit. You didn't let him see you do number twos, did you, Tina? They


are not happy bunnies by the end of the film. If you are a serial


killer you have a limited span - Future. Limited career. Have you


had a nice holiday? Yeah, I've had a brilliant holiday. There is no-


one better better than Ben Wheatley of capturing the side of Britain


line that is mundane and deeply sinister. Sightseers is genuinely


very dark and very funny. The easy way to describe it Mike Lee's Nuts


in May meets Natural Born Killers. It's so naturally British. It's a


very good point. I went with all the team here. I have to say we


came out of the screening room and punched the air. I have to read


tweets. We had so many. B251 "it's a blast. Disagree with my opinion


at your peril." another one "easily the best comedy I have seen in


years, comfortably the darkest." The characters are brilliant. I'm


obsessed with Ian and Janice, her mother is fantastically portrayed.


I wanted to see it immediately again? I talked about Ben Wheatley.


We should talk about Steve Oram and Alice Lowe who co-writ the script


and star in. It it's down to them that the blackness and comedy are


kept in balance the whole time. That is rare. That make it is a


special film. The secret of Sightseers for all the blood being


cleaned off the caravan wheels at heart it's a great romance. A


horribly believable, creepy love story. That is the genius of the


film. That is why it works so beautifully. To go back to Ben


Wheatley, he has made three great films now. This is the third. Just


Around The Corner is special. Sightseers is a great British


comedy. Embrace it. You feel so bad for anybody they meet. That is all


I want... You go "no, take a different turn!" There is a


plausibility about this. Anyone who spent their childhood being dragged


around National Trust places. This could easily be the couple across


the cafe from you, across the gift shop from you in the tram museum at


any moment. Please go and see. It we are begging. You must. You won't


be grumpy with this. Next this Welcome Antiona. Hello. You have


Road Trip, good one? Hellish. So many good road trips. Cinema was


made about stories for travel. In so many ways cinema is travel. You


are being shown places you have never been to before and people you


have never met. You are seeing it through the windscreen of a car.


The perfect medium for tales of the road. When we were told your Top


Five. They save it for us they don't want us to get grumpy we both


went, there was whooping. I was a happy man. I get blank faces when I


tell people my Top Five. They are nervous about it. People like their


Top Five. We were grinning like religious cultist. I must warn you


that there is strong language in some of tonight's clips. How did


you choose No Five and what is it? America in the '60s and '70s. Could


you look at Bonnie and Clyde, Jules... It's a road movie. Easy


Rider. You coo choose any of these and you would have had a great time.


I thought let's pick one that is just as good and has been curiously


overlooked. I picked Thunder bolt andlight Foot. He directed the


Deerhuntser. Overlooked, when you see this clip you will notice two


very familiar faces. Let's have a look. I saw that, that was really


good. Where are we headed, man? I'm ready? I don't know. Sometimes when


there is nothing to do, it is best to keep moving. Can you smell


something up here? No. Smell that? I don't smell anything. It smells


like shit. Oh... Racoon shit Hang your head out the window and let


the rain get at it. Would you like a little... No, get out of here.


Remember not to pick your teeth. God! For Jeff Bridges alone. At 25.


What a sight. This is the incredible thing about that movie


and one of the great ingredients is that you have a cynic and innocent


forced together. Think about Rainman, Tom Cruise is great in


that film. Change happens in a road movie more than any other genre.


This nail it is. After the Deerhunter he bankrupted the


company. Clint Eastwood gave him two takes. What is No Four?


Steps. We went back to the 1930's to Hitchcock. I remember seeing


this when I was a kid being overwhelmed with the sense of


cosyness. Something to terrificically cosy and safe about


the road movie. When you are young and you have seen a few you are


aware of the way they do things you know what will come next. You know


the people will fall in love am you know they will spend an evening


sitting around the fire telling stories. In road movies there are


moments when people check into motels and tell stories or spend


the night in the back of a freight train in an empty car ainkdr


carriage. In this clip, two wise cracking people falling in love.


Must be a mile away by now. Don't do that! WHISTLING Do stop


whistling. You are the white man's burden. I can't tell you what


comfort that thought gives me. Those policemen will get you as


soon as it is daylight. They are not police men. When did you find


that out? A brilliant choice. What's next? Wizard of Australia.


Go ahead. -- wizard of Oz. Go ahead. You are often on the road with


friends who - you are making new friends you are never going to see


again. The whole thing can feel like a dream. There is that


sensation of waking up at the end of the film. Yeah. You see in this


little clip how beautifully that theme creeps in here at this point


in the film. Here is the clip. We know each other now, don't we?


We do. That's right. To Oz. # We are off to see the wizard


It is not like me to bring David Lynch into the conversation. He


took a lot of that movie and put it into Wild At Heart. This is the


other thing about "Road" movies, it is a place where the most crazy


things happen. You were there. is your next one? Next is Red River.


This is John Wayne at his best. Many of the Great Westerns are


"Road" movies. It could have been The Searchers. What you get in


these movies is not just a sense of being on the road, it is a sense of


a scale of an entire continent which is just an extraordinary


thing to get across. Cinema gets the sense of motion across,


particularly. Look at this clip. There they are. 14 years of hard


work. They say we can't make the drive. They could be wrong. Better


John Wayne and Monty Cliff didn't get on off-set. Now, I love your


number one. It has to be everybody's number one. I will go


to my death saying this is number one because it is THE best. It is


Midnight Run. It's just - they are on the road. The two guys together


are on the run. It is the definition of a road movie. We are


in a car. We are in a van. We are swimming. We are walking down the


street barefoot. We are in the back of a truck. It goes on and on and


on. Yes. You tend to think a hundred cigarettes have been smoked,


a thousand cups of coffee have been drunk, the hair is standing on end.


That is the... I love it! We have to have a look at the clip.


Jack, let's be fair about this. You lied to me first. What?! At the


river. Get the... At the river... You lied to me first. You have some


locking nerve! You lied to me first. Yes. You had no knowledge I was


lying about my fear of flying. At the river, you lied to me. I can't


argue with you. I don't know what you are talking about! Fantastic.


The great movies must feel like a string of pearls and each bead is a


sketch. That movie has it all. are brilliant. Very good. I love


your... My hat is off! Next, director Mike Newell's


adaptation of Great Expectations. Great Expectations is a story of a


kid who is shaped by his desperate attempts to make himself worthy of


this unreachable character. What do you think? She is very pretty.


you wish to see Miss Havisham. Havisham lives in his local village


and she is the lady of the manor. Let me look at you. Come closer.


She introduced Pip into the household and wants him to play and


she is not the warmest of characters. Let me see you play


cards with him. He is a common boy. You can break his heart. She is the


epitome of his ambition to get out of the life he is in. He is


everything that is wrong. He has come into a handsome fortune and he


has great expectations. It is the desire of the benefactor that he be


brought up as a gentleman in London. Dickens' worlds, the characters


work themselves into our awareness. Hold your nose. Magwitch receives


the gift of Pip's courage and generosity in his desperation and


never forgets it. You acted noble, my boy. Pip is a nice person. It is


all about him becoming not a nice person in a way. You must


understand... What must I understand? That I cannot renew our


acquaintance. My life has changed since then. As a point of


recognition for all of us in Pip's journey, I think the young person


looking for meaning in the world and getting it wrong and the hard


knocks of trying to get it right. How can you do it? Give your


affections to that man? All sorts of ugly creatures hover above a


lighted candle. Can the candle help it? You can. It's a story of


ambition and obsession taking over people. I have loved you since I


first saw you in this house. touches nothing. It is not natural.


It is natural in me. I love you. We talked about Sightseers. Great


Expectations feels like a movie which is for tourists, it is the


kind of familiar Dickens' adaptation, it is filled with top


hats and mutton-chop whiskers. I think it is the kind of film that


belongs in some commemorative tin that you give to your gran.


give it to your gran or you give it to me. I enjoyed it. It's been


adapted before. I thought it was directed beautifully. I'm saying


that. I thought that Ralph Fiennes is brilliant. I could watch Helena


Bonham Carter talk about sausages, or maybe do an ad for home


insurance - I don't know if she feels strongly about that! She is


watchable. I enjoyed it. In terms of performances, they have taken


half the cast of Harry Potter and imported them into this. The pick


of the bunch is Ewan Bremner. Helena Bonham Carter - you can't


help thinking her Miss Havisham is going to do a Kate Bush B-side!


There is nothing wrong with it. going again on Sunday!


Next, The Hunt starring Mads Mikkelsen as a teacher whose life


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 75 seconds


falls apart after he is falsely What did you think? Given its


subject matter, The Hunt could have been a heavy-handed movie. It is


chilling. It is one of the best films I have seen this year. It is


deceptively calm at first but when the false accusation is made,


everything spirals very quickly into a nightmare. It's the kind of


film that I defy anyone to see this film - and people should - I defy


them not to get physically caught up in it. Some of it is almost


unwatchable. There is a scene in the supermarket, and in the church


- I haven't spoilt it - where you will be sitting and he is


outstanding in it. It is Mads Mikkelsen's vehicle. He won the


Best Actor at the Cannes Festival. There is great performances all


over this film. Annika Wedderkopp plays the little girl. She is great.


It is such an important role. Thomas Bo Larsen is also fantastic


as Mads Mikkelsen's best friend. Yes. I think after that, lots of


people, me included, expected Thomas Vinterberg to have the kind


of career that maybe he hasn't. This is a welcome comeback. This


film feels relevant and resonant at the moment. If that prompts more


people to see it, fantastic. There is something timeless about this


film. It is a joy. Yeah. Flawless. Yes. It is. People need to see this


movie. That's all for tonight. Next week


we're back to Wednesday night at the ever so slightly earlier time


of 11.15pm. We'll be reviewing Celeste and Jesse Forever, Seven


Psychopaths, I Anna and Love Crime. Playing us out tonight - Tom Cruise


as Jack Reacher. It's in cinemas Boxing Day.


Thank you and good night. Jack Reacher is a ghost. A brilliant


investigator. A troublemaker, too. And two years ago, he disappears.


You don't find this guy unless he wants to be found. Excuse me, Sir.


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