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Welcome to Film 2012 with me, Claudia Winkleman, and Danny Leigh.


If you want to get in touch, a week or e-mail. Coming up on tonight's


show, mind-games with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in


Silver Linings Playbook. You have a problem. David Tennant in Nativity


2. Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena are brothers in arms in End of


Plus, documentary The House I Live In, and Catherine Bray is here with


her top five top earrings. First of all, End of Watch. Jake Gyllenhaal


and Michael Pena start in that the David Ayer film. This is my partner.


End of Watch is the closest thing you can get to being in a cop car


with two police officers, the closest you can get to being in a


relationship of two partners who truly love each other. First they


his dinner, and a respectful kiss, then uncomfortable silences when I


discuss anything of Merit. Then it is on to the next one. This world


they live in is terrifying, the deep love they have for each other


that happens to be threatened on a minute-by-minute basis on their job.


The combination of those two is End of Watch. We call on the streets of


South Central, we are good policeman, we are thrill-seekers.


We discover a cartel, we go up against those guys. They're not


pushovers. We are shooting our way out of here. It is a cross between


found footage and traditional coverage, whatever works best, had


the audience inside the movie. put them through an incredible mind


of tactical training, riding along with different policemen, see how


they work, how different departments work. Somehow, through


the process of the training and some very real danger they face


together, the next thing I knew, these guys were so bonded. For the


first two months, it was not working. I was annoyed. We grew up


differently. We both have egos or other things. We did lots of


tactical training, hanging out with cops. We saw how they got on,


because they have to get on. It gave us our understanding that we


need to do the same. Good evening sir. Why did you get nervous? You


want him. I'm not gay but I would go down on him. Sometimes I do not


know when you kidding, and I need to know when you kidding. I'm not


kidding. We saw this together and have not discussed it since. It is


funny, it is deeply old-fashioned, it is like John Wayne. What I think


it's fantastic about it, the sheer electricity it has. The energy.


Michael Pena and Jake Gyllenhaal, you have a double-act, bickering


double-act. You know deep down they would take a bullet for each other,


a little light you and me. Everyone is going to be grumpy because


everyone like this film except me. I thought it was full of cliches. I


like when they are in the car, but I think the footage when they're


filming themselves is annoying. At one point I laughed when there are


three people with machine guns. The end of it, it is ridiculous. Can I


just go straight to Twitter. Don't be livid. You are calling in


Twitter to balance it. I need help in this, because I always say to


get in touch. This person says, I do not get a lot for this film,


terrible drama. Too much Hollywood for found footage. Another person


said they loved it. Another person says it is one of the best movies I


have seen, very moving. What have I missed? The relationship green


Michael Pena and Jake Gyllenhaal. That sort of chemistry, we look at


Ron cons every week with no chemistry. -- romantic comedies. It


is not always that easy. I am tempted to just flick your ears and


say you should be admitting you're wrong, but I think the found


footage does not add very much. The script gets cluttered up with Jake


Gyllenhaal having to constantly explain why he's putting down a


video camera to make an arrest. That is a problem with found


British generally. It screws up the script. But there is something very


slick and thrilling about the film making. It gets your hands around


its throat. That is a good thing. Michael Pena has been very good in


some bad films for many years, so this is a genuine breakthrough


performance. Let's not be dismissive and sniffy about it.


was the best thing in it. Jake Gyllenhaal not being able to find a


girlfriend, really? It is not a documentary. I'm always intrigued


when you don't like a film. I don't like it. You're not liking the


wrong film. I am going to press you in a minute because I don't like


something else. Next, Silver Linings Playbook, David O Russell's


What is this? He said yes. What did the doctors say? Can I do an


interview for a school project on mental illness? I feel motivated,


not angry. You are rooting for this Hemingway guy to survive the war.


It is 4am. I cannot apologise. Ernest Hemingway is to blame.


10 call-offs up and apologise. -- haven't telephone. Tiffany and


Tommy. What happened to Tommy? died. Tommy died. I used to be a


lithium. I would take a lot of it. I'm tired and I want to go home.


Are you going to walk me home? have poor social skills. You say


more inappropriate things than appropriate things. She is crazy,


she knew where I live and followed me. You're crazy. Do you want to


have dinner here? Pick me up at 7:30pm. How is your job? I just got


fired. I had sex with everyone in the office. Everybody? I was very


depressed. We don't have to talk about it. How many were there? I go


to a lot of therapy, and I messed up? Idea dance partner. I'm not


going to dance with you. Did you write about me? She is my friend. I


am happy. He is happy. I don't know what Jennifer Lawrence got paid to


star in this, but whatever it was it is not enough. Whatever charm


this has is solely down to her. When the awards come, she will get


lots of them, rightly so. Without her, this film is in sincere,


tasteless, it will win Oscars, because it has been made for that,


I could be wrong, but I have seen muggings at cash points less


cynical than this bill. I sense a falling out. I can even make eye


contact with you. And are no words to describe how much I love this


film. This is the film. I watched it, I thought it was sincere,


Bradley Cooper, who live always ignored, I don't like good-looking


boys, he is brilliant in it. Jennifer Lawrence is brilliant,


Robert De Niro is brilliant, it is a fabulous, gripping, funny and


romantic film. If you see this film, you will come out weeping, you will


telephone people you love and want to go and see it again. Someone has


tweeted me asking if I liked it. I didn't love it, I adored it. Deal


with that. I'm a bit nervous. this film at the Toronto Film


Festival, and on either side of me was professional film critics


hopping up and down with glee during this film, like six year-old


having too much sweeties. This film cannot tell the difference between


someone been by polo and quirky. That's a real problem. -- bipolar.


Cheese. It is like a Hollywood executive's idea of a Mike Leigh


film. I have no problem with that. I have a terrible feeling this will


sweep the board at the Oscars, there will be pictures of Bradley


Cooper waving a statuette. All the scenes with him running along, he


was waving a model Oscar. If that happens I will weep with happiness.


I will feel like I'm his mother. I will write to him, I'll say, Greg


ready, I love it. Silver Linings Playbook is in the cinema as from


today. Now it is time for this An enormous welcome to Catherine


Bray. Last week, we love that. have not heard my list yet, and


you're criticising me. Two bits of housekeeping. We are doing top-five


pop duos, and I have to warn you there is some strong language in


the East. -- cop duos. When you heard the category, did you think


you had a list already? Yes, absolutely, but more fool me. I


thought it would be 1980s films, it would be easy, when I went back to


a lot of them, they are remembered fondly but, I don't know by you,


they have got a bit tired. Lethal weapon, except for her. -- Other


films. There will be some angry tweets. I will have pursed lips.


What have I done? Number five. is really easy to go for the


classics, critically respectable. This is a very recent film and I


think I could rival your passion for Silver Linings Playbook. It is


a brilliant recent comedy, we have the slightly dumb cop, the brighter


chap, and it is Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum as Schmidt & Jenko


Funny, and you chose it because everyone loves it. Everyone loves a


montage. It is not the funniest clip we could have picked. After


that led pence there is a very big swear word. You need a training


montage in a cop film. It is funny. We collectively owe an apology for


for Channing Tatum. Your next one? This is a film,


having gone from the bromanc of 21 Jump Street, this cop duo don't get


on. They come towards the end. It is Brad Pitt, it is not Brad Pitt,


it is Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe. Here is a clip.


I realise this is difficult. Give your career a rest. Leave her


alone. A naked guy with a gun, you expect anyone to believe that?


away from me. How will it look in your report. You don't know the


meaning of the word you ignorant What's your next one? It is indeed


Brad Pitt and Morgan free man, -- Freeman. Here a clip.


Get out of here. Get out of here. Lock you. I got your picture.


you. How did they get here so locking quick? They piss me off.


is impressive to see a man feeding off his emotions.


Brad Pitt in every top five. Can we go to tweets? Are people happy with


that? There is a ground swell in favour of Lethal Weapon. I have a


feeling the tweets are coming from Mel Gibson. He doesn't like either


of ours. I was watching the Seven Blu-ray and David Finch says he


asked his cinema to go grafr to move away from Lethal Weapon.


Gibson is tweeting again! You are included as well? What's your


number two? We have a lot of beefy, shouty men. But it is, you know, it


is the ladies turn and it is a little bit more calm. It is


forensic. You condition be running around -- you can't be running


around and shooting guns, you have got to get your Sherlock on and do


detective work. It is Fargo. Let's have a look. We have got a


shooting. These folks drive by. There is a high-speed pursuit. It


ends here and then this execution. Yeah.


I would be surprised if our suspect was from Branard. I will tell you


what, from his footprint, he looks like a big fella. You see something


down there, chief? No, I just think... Are you OK? Yeah, I'm fine.


It is just morning sickness. That's a fine choice. Weirdly from


that clip I know what I'm watching on Sunday night. Me too. A Rising


Damp DVD. What's your number one? Well, I


feel like my number one is my weesily attempt to get out of


angering the people who wanted to see Bad Boys and Turner and Hooch.


This is a tribute. In a way, they are all number one. Does that work?


Yes! I can get away with that. So number


one, we have a fantastic British comedy written on a lot of of


American cop duos. It is hot fuss. -- it is Hot Fuzz.


Here a clip. You mothers.


He has gone through there. Through the gardens? What's the


matter Danny, have you never taken I'm watching that one tomorrow.


Brilliant, brilliant choices. Danny, what would you have liked to have


been in there? How could you not have the French Connection? I am


saving it for top car choices. is not cop duos in car chases.


I am not satisfied. Very good top five. Next this is it,


# Father Christmas and his little elf making stuff for you #


It is a heart warming Christmas film, the sort of thing that


Christmas films are dubbed heart warming fun for all the family, but


it is and I thought well, this you know, I will give it a go.


Nativity 2 is about an insane classroom assistant and a bunch of


kids and new teacher who comes into the school and the classroom


assistant takes them on an adventure to Wales.


This was going to be the best Christmas ever.


Are you all right? There is an outline, you know what


each scene is and what the thrust of the store story will be, but


beyond that you don't know where it is going to gopm I love Christmas.


I am glad that we are here and that we have moved away. What was the


head mistress like? She seemed good. She seemed as if she knew what she


was doing. I was terrified, not knowing what


the plot is and what she wants and you relax. If you know your


character and what you want from the scene, everything sort of comes


out anyway. That's the trick in making a film


like this why the kids are so good at is responding honestly and


truthfully which children do automatically, grown-ups try to


sensor everything before we say it. # I say no, no, no #


There were days you thought this won't stick together to make a


story, but that's what Debbie does. Looking back on the process, I


think, "How did we end up with this lovely film?" I'm here for the long


haul. I'm here to make these kids lives better.


Audiences loved the first one. To have an audience that is ready and


waiting for your work is a rarity, you know, not having to go out and


fin an audience really, but to sort of have one waiting. It is just a


privilege. It is very unashamed. It is proud


of what it is and it does such a good job.


I defy to you come out without a tear.


# Now something that will really get you bopping #


# Yes, we can keep on trying # Wonderful, well done.


We will say film of the year and move on. Jessica Hynes is always


excellent. She is excellent here. It is an ongoing travesty that


British film hasn't found something more substantial for her to sink


her teeth into. Jessica Hynes aside, this film is brutal. I am not sure


we can talk about it as a film because it is half a panto and half


a pitch for a West End musical which is I am sure what it is going


to end up as. Some of the kids are very good and I would say on


balance, professionally it is probably for them to do this than


sweeping a chim thee! -- chimney!


Oh my god. I can't speak! Well, I love, let me just say the


acting is really... Do you love it? No, I don't love it. But I like


everybody that's in it. They are all good, but the story is about an


irresponsible teacher who and I am very old, I am 84, I mean I am! I


know that. All I'm doing is watching a baby being stolen and


kids being held by a rope down a cliff and I am too old and too


boring and too tense to take such a thing. They can't go to Wales,


maybe I am taking it far too literally and then all these kids


have to watch somebody give birth to twins.


Yeah. Is it bad that I say that? Mr Poppy


is a figure from nightmares. This parker shrouded man child. No


school in the country would let him within 50 yards of the gates let


alone into a classroom. I still still prefer it to Silver


Linings Playbook. Oh, you can't! By the way, I think


if you are ten, you will love it. Or under ten... Ten or under ten.


As I I just said I am 84. I think it is for for kids, don't even


listen! Next, The House I Live In, a


documentary which looks at America's 40 year war on drugs.


have to understand the war on drugs has never been about drugs.


America's public enemy number one is drug abuse. What will you do


when someone offers you drugs? We intend to end a drug menace and


to elimb nat this dark -- eliminate this dark, evil enemy within.


strikes and you are out. Right, from one end of the spectrum


to the other? This looks at links in the chain from the use users and


the dealers through to the politicians and the very big


business that are prisons in America. It that sounds like the


Wire, it may not surprise people, the creator of the Wire pops up


here as the lead talking head to connect the dots and he is


compelling and the film is compelling. It takes what you might


think is an argument you are familiar with and it makes it new.


For me, this is film which as angering and as heartbreaking.


This is a phenomenal piece of work, I love Silver Linings Playbook but


I would urge you to make it a double cinema week, and I will


babysit for you! To go and see this film. It is extraordinary. It tells


you what you know, you spend the whole time nodding, but it fills


you with rage. I went online and looked for petitions to sign. It is


a brilliant piece of work. I am sure there is a petition you


can sign. What's your film of the week?


People should see a double bill. Silver Linings Playbook and The


House I Live In for me, but anyway, we had a little debate. Nobody is


saying Nativity 2. We will leave as friends.


That's all for tonight. Next week we will be on Tuesday night and


we'll be reviewing Great Expectations, The Hunt, Sightseers


and Trouble With The Curve. Playing us out tonight Life Of Pi, Ang


Lee's adaptation of Yann Martel's best selling novel. In a couple of


weeks Danny has an exclusive chat with the director about this and


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