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Hello and welcome to Film 2012. We're live and if you want to get


in touch the details are on the screen now. On tonight's show:


Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Janice Edmonds a man who is keeping


secrets. I want you to be my number two man. I need you. Ralph Fiennes


takes on the barred as he directs and stars in Coriolanus. Sweet as


my revenge. It is pay back time for an all star cast in Haywire. Tell


me right now why you sold me, or you can tell me when I have your


hands around your throat. Last, Terence Davies talks about Distant


Voices, Still Lives. Janice Edmonds a biopic of the Federal Bureau of


Investigation is staring Clint Eastwood and stars Leonardo


DiCaprio. A society unwilling to learn from


the past. Is doomed. We must never forget our history. We must never


lower our guard. J.Edgar you will rise to be the


most powerful man in the country. Edgar Hoover has been a dark figure


in American history. There was so many salacious rumours about him,


not only a personal but political level. Is that leefl Sometimes you


need to bend the rules a little to keep your country safe.


fascinating character and human. He did dispeckable things. It is my


belief when a man becomes a part of this bureau, he must conduct to


alleviate the slightest possible bit of criticism. At 22 years of


age, he went from law school and starts this bureau of investigation,


and fingerprinting and becomes a pioneer of that. Imagine every


citizen was uniquely identifiable by the pattern of our fingers,


imagine how quickly we would find him. Was an interesting portrait of


a man that kept the same idealistic beliefs what was right for our


country from the 20s, to the 60s, when our country was changing


immensely, so he didn't adapt. So it was a how a power corrupts


absolutely and how horrible things can happen if there aren't checks


and balances in political systems. I want four agents on him at all


times and photograph him at any dinner, you can walk back. We don't


miss lunch. You pulled away from me there. I had to look at this as a


tragic love story, they felt so much for each other, but was never


able to consummate it. He trusted Tolson and Gandy and that was


probably the extent of it. three main characters that worked


in the FBI were never married, they never had personal relationship,


like a priesthood, they gave up their personal life. So it is an


interesting psychological portrait of the family unit they had to


create. I'm not interested in getting married, my work comes


first. Then, perhaps you would consider a


position as my personal secretary. I tried to tell it so the audience


can make their own opinions. The audience can decide how they feel


about him. What was fascinating was how he's


had a tight knit group of people who he worked with for years, like


J. Edgar Hoover, you can never get out of the image with his monitor,


leaning in the wall piercing you, and it motivates you to tell the


truth. Tell the truth. I'm going to tell the truth. Sometimes, one


aspect stands out. With Janice Edmonds itch to mention the make-up.


Leonardo DiCaprio has the huge challenge, who is J. Edgar Hoover


who ages, he's let down by the make-up department, particularly as


an older man. The make-up department confused what an


overweight 70-year-old, is made up. His face is made of rubber. Clyde


Tolson fares worse. At the end he resembles a wizened albino


character, a character who can't tell the world how he is, Janice


Edmonds can't tell how he is. Given it is two hour and twenty minutes,


you never find out how J. Edgar Hoover went after the mafia. You


see the obsession with surveillance and bugging, and you never see the


lives that he ruined because of that. The problem is it is less


interesting film because of that. It is a fascinating how the small,


petty obsessive little man, who became so big in America. Instead


you have the stodgy, ploding biopic. It is like it is running in real


time in ways. It was interesting looking at the characters


interviewed, they all said he is fascinating and interesting, they


had to convince themselves, because it is not unfortunately a


fascinating film. I would like to mention the set. You would want to


go home and cover your whole flat in mahogany or foam mahogany, you


want to live in the dark world, and it should have been a bit more


interesting, if that's unfair. The problem is the script if you like,


it was brilliant by the brilliant guy who wrote Milk. You can imagine,


they're all sitting around together, going, "Well let make this and go


to the Oscars" and they haven't. feel bad giving the film a kicking


because there were good things. DiCaprio when he is the younger J.


Edgar Hoover, he was a friendless weirdo. You can see there's a good


performance, you tell the story of a J. Edgar Hoover closeted in a


affair. He was a fantasist and liar and you couldn't believe him which


is genuinely interesting, and thrown in the air. But it is like


Clint Eastwood can't keep them in the air and it feels botched as a


result of that. The problem is after the time, and 77 years, it is


like J. Edgar Hoover get away at the end. You don't feel you know


him or anything you could read from reading the internet. You have to


know the character. Also, he's sympatheticly drawn if you like. We


didn't discuss the Iron Lady, but, the same problem with that, which


is they might have been horrible but now they're old. And they like


cats. There's nothing more than a biscuit they like.


There may be more. Directors stars and adaptation of Shakespeare's


tragedy, Coriolanus. My name is Gaius Marcius Coriolanus. If ever


again I meet him he's mine. Or I am his I felt it had such epic scale


in it as a play, a story, that and had such high definition characters


and strong themes or questions in it, that I feel those are the


things that work well on film. Coriolanus himself is


confrontational, and deliberately hard to sympathise with, until you


understand he's trying to hold an integrity. Shakespeare wants us to


have a complicated reaction, there isn't a message, it is like this is


a world, dysfuctional civic society, where people are angling for


position, and in the middle there's a man who wants recognition and


doesn't at the same time. What would you have, nor peace or war,


the one that fright you the other that makes you proud, he who finds


hears, foxes geese. I'm amazed how easy it has been to slip into the


language, and have it work in the context of where we are. Nobody


quite like Aufidius in his ranks, if it there was one man who would


match is Coriolanus. I'll fight with none but three, for I do hate


three. We hate alike. Coriolanus isn't a bady. He is a soldier, and


he has a very rigid set of values. But, where it leads to is that he's


timely broken by the person whose made him what he is, which is his


mother. My good soldier up, my gentle, Gaius Marcius Coriolanus,


and by achieving on newly named, what is it, Coriolanus, must I call


three. I found it difficult to think of a woman glorying in her


son's battle wounds. I found it difficult to put myself into the


skin of a woman who would not cry if her son were killed. I had to


take the road of entering the mind of a woman whose parents,


grandparents, great grandparents have all been military men. It is a


different mind set. A hundred thousand welcomes. In times of


strive a lot of people want insurance of extreme leadership.


For this film, I wanted the accessible of a modern world we've


seen with Shakespeare's dialogue. Make you a sword of me.


All right it is early on in the year. Second show back. Let us not


go, mention that again. This is my film of the year.


Just want to say that, it was brilliant. I thought I had a body


blow, it is powerful, exact. John Logan who adapts it has done a


magnificent job. He's written fantastic things like Gladiator.


Coriolanus I love it, but it is unweldly, but that TS Eliot said it


was better than ham het. The point is, he's done a brilliant job and


it is powerful Vanessa Redgrave is fabulous, Gaius Marcius Coriolanus


is his flaw, his mother, which makes it brilliant. Ralph Fiennes


did an excellent job and at the end there's a powerful speech.


I'm losing my voice. I thought how are they going to do


that. He does it absolutely brilliantly.


It is easy to forget, it is Ralph Fiennes' debut as a director. It is


a you have to play, one of the things is about is how people are


thick and easily led. It is a message that makes us feel


unfortunately. The flip side is that it doesn't


get performed, so it has a sense of freshness. I think not a lot will


come to stage, it is an energy to it. A film that is about soldiers


and war, you expect a sense of agro to the fight season, it has that,


but the whole thing is kept at boiling point. I liked, you have


the overtones of Iraq and Afghanistan, and it is interesting,


it is shot by acknowledge acknowledge acknowledge the same


person who hit a Hurt locker. But he doesn't overplay, that here is


another one nudging new the ribs, I was impressed. Ralph Fiennes'


himself is so good, because Coriolanus isn't somebody you want


to have a beer with? The soldier in a world of politicians and PR men


and doesn't fit in, and he wants to tell the truth and rule the people,


but he is not carries matic, it is a you have to job, because he has


to play this character. Vanessa Redgrave walks away with the movie.


Volumnia his mother is superb, the shake speersian language comes so


naturally to her, where it wouldn't to I. Gerard Butler who knew,


actually, Jessica Chastian alies less successful. And Jon Snow I was


impressed by Jon Snow the best news reading performance all week. Now


it is time for the top five. Countdown, his famous film speeches,


and it does contain strong language. Cinema is full of great


inspirational speeches. Those moment when one man and it is


usually one man grandstands in a gaggle, and whips them in a frenzy.


On this very night, you shall hear my first five great speeches of all


time. At number five, it is Animal House, where inspiration was when


brothers were insprierd to stand up against oppression. He does so by


Manningling fact. When the going gets you have to. My God it is


magical. The tough get going. Who's with me? Let's go.


Come on. At number four it is Independence Day. People love


restraint, where you can get your teeth in a monologue, you know what


goes well with meat is cheese. fourth of July will no longer be


known as an American holiday, but the day where the world declared


with one voice, we will not go quietly on the eve of the night.


gives the speech, that outShakespeare, Shakespeare. Today,


we celebrate Independence Day. Edward Norton N25th hour. In spite


of the hour, Manuel Antonio Noriega pops to the bathroom, there he sees


something rude on the mirror are are mirror. Sparking a six minute


diatribe, with where he raves everything that is wrong with New


York and himself. Self-styles master of the universe, Michael


Douglas, Gordon, mother lockers finding out how to rob poor people


blind. Send those ass holes to jail for


locking life. Number two, in William Shatner in Star Trek II:


The Wrath Of Khan. He wants to save the end price, so it fall toss


William Shatner Kirk to perform the eulogy. He doesn't allow the eyes


to twinkle. Of all the souls I encountered in it my travels. He


was the most human. Number one, it is Peter Finch in Network,


dishevelled and news caster, deliver a live rant on aifrplt


I know first you got to get mad. You got to say I'm a human being,


God damn it, my life has value. Finch won as Oscar in Alarming


Pretty in Sat fire. He won this for this speech alone. I want it to get


up open the window and stick your head out and yell "I'm as mad as


hell and I'm not going to take this any more". Brilliant from Chris.


We've had so many tweets. Dave, 29, said, Gladiator in the forum and I


will have my revenge in this life or the next. Woody's speech in toy


story, Ross says Pacino in Any Given scab Sunday.


Great dictator. Next up is Huawei which focuses on the affair between


King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson as seen as a contemporary woman in


New York. How come all Americans are such good dancers. I wouldn't


know Sir. The Prime Minister won't stand for. Then I'll give up the


throne. And I will be the most despiseed woman in the world. The


film explores the life of Wallis Simpson and seen through the eyes


of a future fictional character who as spires to live like Walsh.


What it must feel to be loved that much. You're dealing with two


historical figures, and there's a vast amount of information about


them. Much of it is contradictory, the wonderful thing is the script


was clear, the story that Madonna wanted to tell. Every time I would


go to dinner, it would like bringing a cocktail on the table.


Suddenly the table would erupt and get into an argument. That I read


the story, my feelings toward them kept changing. One thin I was


enthralled and swept up in it, the next minute I was kind of, irritate


with them and thinking of them as superficial. The next minute, I


thought they're human beings like all of us. This guy gave up the


throne, what dref him to do that. If it was for a woman and love,


what did this woman have. I have nef known one person, so ut


territorial possessed by another, as he was by her. I have found it


impossible to discharge my duties as King without the support of the


woman I love. They were exiled from each other after he abdicated. And


that is the letters they brot to each other, are in books now. And


it is every bit of passion national as the love affair that we all


remember, when we first fell in love.


Jo do you understand, you can go wref you want, whatever you do,


I'll follow you. She is the most famous woman on the planet, so yes,


she comes with an enormous amount of perceived information. As indeed,


do walllies and J.Edgar ward. What is wonderful about the film is it


explores more fully the life of Edward, and give the audience a


chance to see Madonna in a slightly different light. Darling, they


can't hurt you, unless you let them. Would you say I can't talk about, I


have a personal connection to it, my husband worked on it. And can I


hand it over to you. What do you want to know. What do you think tf?


The good things first. Andrea Riseborough is very good, I'm not


just saying that, because she's genuinely very good and the film


comes to life. The set design, and I am he a being genuine about this


is great, if films were about glass wear and door handles, it would be


walking away with Oscars. I'm slightly running away with good


things to say. What did you not like about it The thing about the


film is it is in two halves. A contemporary issue section, set in


1998, which is part of the problem, it is slightly Hainness and


deranged, the modernish, because it is the story of Wally, this girl in


New York. Lives in a world where Russian security guards turn out to


be poets, and where Mohamed Al Fayed comes on screen and comes to


the rescue in an office filled with teddy bears. It is like a veeg


began cheese drink, I'm not feeling The period stuff is a lot better,


scripted and acted and she should have made a period film. The stuff


about Wallis Simpson and Edward it works, it works better, shall I say.


The problem is it is Janice Edmonds syndrome. I know why he wouldn't


want to make a conflict, but we have a fop and walking heart of


gold, that's not interesting ultimately. The thing is it is not


terribly directed. The director is competent the writing wants to make


myself set myself on firement up, Fatal Attraction is 25 years


old, Catherine Bray takes a look back, containing some spoil


spoilies. The plot of Fatal Attraction is simple, Anthony


Douglas plays Dan, a successful lawyer with charming wife and


daughter, as an American as apple pie. But it is when he has aen an


affair with Alex Forrest that all hell breaks lose. I'm going.


don't you come over here and say goodbye fiesly, let's be friends.


Playing with our expectations, screenwriters, created a character


that seemed like the most modern leb rated woman, only to reveal an


unbalanced figure. Your hands are all wet. By the first wrist-


slashing, I would have probably gone home to high husband and


confessed all. This is the way do you T showing up at my apartment.


What am I suppose today do, you don't ignore pie calls. Her key


line is "I will not be ignored", she has a point, if you have a


whole weekend relationship with her, and I think he expects an easy get


off and she makes it hard for him and makes him pay. You don't get it.


There's a valid voice she gives to the other woman, that you don't


oven hear. There are points when you say, you've had your fun, you


think you can throw me in the trash can, damn right, he wallets her, it


is like hutch and dump her. pregnant, I'm going to have our


child. You think, hang on, it is to do with you, and you really think


this is a good point, I am on her side, and then you negate this when


she goes mad. I thought you would get away with it, well you can't.


Many thought the idea of unstable career woman was deeply weird, you


can argue it. Two women, Anne is gorgeous housewife and glen close


unbalanced career woman, sides with Conservative and Archer afternoon


femnipt, it is like stick with this, this is what you want this, is good.


I don't think Alex get a good deal as being a career woman and


obviously therefore she's lonely and hasn't got any children. But I


don't think that Dan gets a good deal, as just a man, it is the idea


that even if a man has steak at home, he's going to have a dirty


cheese burger, just because he can. This swe well. As a woman, you


think the 80s, as women strideing in shoulder pads, it is working


girl and Margaret Thatcher, this one feels like a slap in the mouth


to all that. This film is directed by line line line, that brought


nine-and-a-half weeks, and Flash Dance, and all credit to him,


there's this infamous scene where they're having sex over the washing


up, and this is a man that makes dirty dishes look dirty! They're


explicit and aggressive. What's interesting is she's very much in


control. And what I like about the sex scene is they're realistically


clumsy. He's trying to step out of the trousers, so from the start it


is messy, it is not romantic. way the darkness and madness


escalates is so perfectly done. The idea of coming into your house, and


knowing, instipgively knowing that something is wrong, and different,


but, really it is just a pan on a hob, that's all it is, but you know


that something's wrong. As she's walking towards the pan, the


audience is starting to realise something is wrong, because it is


with the little girl running towards the rabbit, towards the


rabbit. SCREAMS. When a therapist sits you down for �170 an hour in


her 0s, and say did anything happen to you when you were a child,


that's the first one out of the bag. People have said it is a metaphor


for AIDS, that this woman infects this family. It is a metaphor for


the end of the 80s, at the end is you have to pay the piper, you had


your good times and fun, that's it, fun's over. If you ever come near


my family again, I'll kill you you understand. At the time, audiences


were cheering with the wronged wife finally puts a stop to the woman


that's threatening her family. Yet it would be a fine nationaly


without the testings, the end Alex is dead. But the studio decidesed


the test audiences were weren't meant to decide. Who will you root


for, so then you have to see the afternoon aifpb afternoon character


giving it all to Glenn Close. don't think I would have bought the


ending, she slashed her own throat, there was mileage in her.


If they shnt shot Alex, she wouldn't have been able to lie in


the bath, with her eyes open, and then suddenly pop up for that final


go with the knife. When you hear the story that audiences zooed and


cheered at the idea of pregnant woman shot in the stomach, there's


part of me that wants to disapprove of that, but I sat in my house and


watched it the other night, and after a long time, by the time Beth


arrives with the gun, you're like "kill her". I would have shot her


again. As well as contributing the moreal phrase, buner boiler, Fatal


Attraction left its mark on American cinema. The film converted


none of the six Academy Award nominations into Winthorps. And


whether the downbeat ending would have found fave with an Oscar is a


mystery. Brilliant from kathry, I would have shot her in the head


from Grace. Next, Haywire, from Steven Soderberg. He said he would


pick you up. You're really to cut into my vacation time, so can we go


now. You're not going to get in the car are you. I kont think so.


That's like a black water special worker, she works for a private


company, that gets contracted out for the Government and finds


herself in sticking situations. She doesn't know who to trust. My


experience is I got really blessed, because Stephen shoots fast and


surrounded me with the best business, he knew his vision for


this movie. And he gave the opportunity of a lifetime, by just


seeing me perform at something that I was passionate about.


The story was compelling. It had element of Bond in it, and the


borne supremacy, it had the covert operatives, and in a world we've


always been interested in. It is interesting to bring fresh people


in, non-professionals into the world of acting, because there's a


willingness to jump in head first. And Gina is like that, having a


fight training, you can see she's a winner, so she wants to get things


She has a war mentality, she can fight, she's a professional fighter,


it is a similar mind set from war specialists, her battle is one-on-


one. I hope you decided to turn yourself in. You can tell me right


now, why you sold me out and what you're in, or ten minutes, when I


have my hands around your throat. You're swinging as hard as you can,


and sur' missing each other by that much. When you have someone like


her, who knows their body so well and knows control so well, it is


just it just sinks. You better run. I was a bit down on it, when I


walked out of the cinema having seen this. But with the clips, I'm


like I'm going to see that again. She's tough, the whole film is


exact. The end something lovely. That's a good word for it. The only


problem was the sound track, which is deeply unnerveing. It feels like


you're watching the sound track to a different film. It is like ding.


A bit jazz. What I liked about it, it doesn't rest on the laurels, it


is like we're making a Born born woman, and it let's her to be a


real woman. When she's walking around the


apartment in the Chinese silk robe, you can see how heavy her footsteps


are, there's a sense of realism. know the fact you know the details.


I like that, and the realism in the fight and action scenes, is great.


That makes it work. The music, I take your point, but it drops out


whenever there's a fight scene, so all you hear are thuds and caex and


people's noses being broken. I like it. What do you think of the all


star cast, Ewan McGregor, and Puss In Boots, Antonio Banderas, and how


will they work out? They have experience in juggleling the cast,


he did the same last year, and Traffic. It is fine, all the people


orbiting, for a fan, it is interesting. It is lock like the


limey. Film of the week? I'm going to go with Haywire. I'm going to go


with Huawei. I'm going to go with Huawei too. Then I can buy hair


bands. How director he is cut. Terence Davies talks about distant


voices and still lives. I wanted to do something by bi- my family,


because I'm the youngster of ten. It got a wonderful press. And that


was completely unexpect, people saying they've spent their lives


there. One or two of my one sister and brother, got angry and said you


shouldn't have made it. My mother said he told the truth. And that


was the best compliment. Occasional showers in the north, visibility


otherwise goods. When you got up in the mornings, those days in the 50s,


and my mother was always first up and put the radio on. It was the


shipping forecast, and I didn't know what it meant. It was like a


magic mantra. As soon as you use that, you are back in the 50s, it


is immediate. Where the second shot came from, God alone, I don't know,


we were in the tiny terraceed house, how do to did a 180 degrees track


and pan was hard, I still don't know how we did it. When you grow


up in an era, it is not just the way it looks, but the way it feels.


I'd heard of this process called the blaeched by pass progress,


where it changes the colour. I wanted the colour palette in


Distant Voices, Still Lives to be where it can go to pink, but I just


knew that was the palette. We did a lot of tests and then that's it,


The sing songs in the pub, absolutely memory, seeinging them


hearing them and going when I was old enough to go to pubs, everyone


did that. But pop music was meant to be sung, not like now, that's


not the function, then it was you learn the words, you oven got the


words on the back of the sleeve. # I love the ladies #


I've always, I'm always looking into other people's windows,


especially when it is Christmas and you're a child. People had few


decorations but they seemed magical because it was only used once a


year. You saw in the Hollywood films, and it was always Christmas,


and ut territorial perfect. I mean, so that influenced the way you


perceived the world, do you that when you're a child. God bless kids.


You junction supposed that with him being sentimental. You say why


couldn't you have been nice to hem when they're awake, not sleep. Like


all tyrants, he confused sentimentality with compassion. But


Christmas was special. Because we had so little and then it's


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