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This programme contains very strong Hello, and welcome to film 2012. If


you want to get in touch, details on the screen. Coming up on


tonight's show. A cast of national treasures seek retirement in the


sun in the best exotic marigold hotel. -- The Best Exotic Marigold


Hotel. They simply refuse to die. Woody Harrelson plays a bad cop in


Rampart. I am not a racist. The fact is, I hate all people equally.


And the winner is... We take a look at the nominee's ahead of this


Sunday's Academy Awards. First tonight, the best exotic marigold


Hotel, directed by John Madden, starring Judi Dench, Bill Nighy and


Maggie Smith. And this is the day. Where are you going? Why not spend


your autumn years in an Indian palace. It is a luxury development


where all of the residents are in their golden years. Like the Costa


Brava? You s, but with more elephants. I play a character


called Sonny, who has an idea to sell to old people, and they end up


in India with all these guys, but they end up finding that all is not


what they think and lots of craziness happens. Your first time


in India? This country seems more civilised than one originally


thought. Welcome The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel! Here is an Indian,


isn't he? It is primarily a comedy that has a melancholy undertow


because it deals with people at a point in their lives way you do not


know what is left and what is coming, and it is a story of


cultural collision because it is about how the people cope with the


madness of modern India. How can you bear this country? What do you


see that I don't? A light, colours, smiles. All life is here. Do you


think we will be all right? The romance of India is very much


in our history. If this film has got this magic work in it


Catalonian, if it has that word in it, it is OK. That was a gin and


tonic. I know that now! Almost every one of those actors, the key


ones you can see, they are people who have worked with each other,


often several times, and that is an incredible resource for a director.


You don't really have to do very You can read that it is like the


Guardian saying it is a festival of luvvies, but you have a tradition


of actors being on tour and spending time together and it was


sort of like that, and it was delightful. It was like a


travelling theatre company. John Madden brilliantly kept us in order.


Everything will be all right in the end. So if it is not all right, it


is not the end. High. Hello to you. I thought this storm was adorable.


I note your are horrified. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago


when the Descendants came out, and I mentioned they had booked seats,


but 12 of them are going and they have already planned their snacks.


They are going to love this film. I thought it was charming,


brilliantly played, especially by Bill Nighy and Tom Wilkinson. I


thought the whole thing was lovely, but I can tell you didn't. I just


think it is a chronically mixed bag. Some of it is smart and funny and


the premise of a motley crew of OAPs being outsourced to India is


funny, but I think there is a side to the film which is rather


traditional. The fact they turn up at this derelict hotel run by a


bumbling local is a plot device taken from Carry On abroad. And a


lot of the jokes were of equal vintage. The first joke in the


script has everyone getting diarrhoea and locking themselves in


the toilet. I think he has a split personality. But the film is canny


and clever. There is at huge boulder audience out there. A lot


of the stuff we talk about is an especially terribly relevant to


them. They probably went to see The King's Speech and have not seen


much since. It does a job for them. And as a way of spending the grey


pound, it could be worse. My grandma spends it on facts and


scratchcards. I like your grandma. I think the performances are good.


The masterstroke is getting the cast together. They could read it


assembly instructions for flat-pack furniture and that -- it would work.


I am not hostile, but I wish he didn't rely so much on things like


it Ain't half Hot mum. Next, Rampart stars Woody Harrelson


caught on tape abusing a suspect and defines himself entering a


The only thing that is wrong here is that a camera caught him doing


police work. You first read the script and you think this guy is an


asshole. I am not a racist. The fact is I hate all people equally.


Personally, I didn't think I could pull it off. I can't even imagine


playing a cop. It is the only profession I really cannot imagine


playing. Why are you looking to hand me? I know you are setting me


up. Answer my question. Of all the rotten cops, why are you after the


one guide who gets it? The one cop who get sick? Are you Fokine


kidding me? Let me remind you that several years ago you killed an


alleged serial date rapist primitively. -- Prix meditatively.


I can prove no shooting was dirty, like I can prove that you have done


it. As a director he creates an environment that is very safe.


There is a lot of play, improvisation, spontaneous things


and he never says cuts. I consider him a maestro. He is really a


master of his craft. It is only his second movie, but I cannot wait to


see what he does next. I hope I get to do it with him. You can't just


walk in the house like you still live here. You are a dirty cup, and


you have made us all dirty. I do not know if this character has made


-- redeemed himself or even what the Arc is. It might be like the


Paul Simon Lin, as things change, we are more a less the same. Have


you thought about retirement? you force me to retire, I will have


my own show on Fox News, and you'll be my first guest. So you have


It is a beast of a performance from Woody Harrelson, and is almost in


close-up in everyone, and he dominates there film. But it also


belongs to James Ellroy, and people will associate him with LA


Confidential and it is not a disgrace to compare Rum par with


that. La Confidential is a mystery at heart, but Rampart is two hours


in a character's head. I kind of enjoyed it. He's a true James


Ellroy policeman, and I think him and the film are the saviours


because they are repulsive and magnetic. That is my dream night.


Repulsion and cannot help myself. I know I am being keen, but I am


about not to be. I think this film was brilliant. I thought it was


mind-blowing. I do not understand why he is not up for an Oscar. I


think it is one of those films where you decide early on whether


you're getting on the train for the ride, because I think it is


beautifully directed, but there are these 360 degree shops, and there


is amazing supporting cast of Steve Buscemi, so put -- Sigourney Weaver,


Robin Wright, and I decided early on that I was with it. Like he is


falling apart, some of the shots are as well. I thought it was


brilliant. The direction is very stylised. It is a big presence in


the film. Oren Moverman's direction is a big presence. Sometimes you


are looking through a steroid pumped body, but when they pull


together it is powerful. This is Woody Harrelson's movie, but an


Mahesh has not been treated well by Hollywood, and make BT is always


perfect. Instead of our usual top five, we have people picking out


top Oscar travesties in the beer mat - Best Film nominations that


never won. Clint Eastwood With Dirty Harry once said there are a


lot of great movies that won the Academy Award and a lot of great


movies that happened. Here are my choices for the ones that got away.


Apocalypse Now, losing to Kramer vs. Kramer in 1980. I love the smell of


napalm in the morning. One time we had a bomb, 12 hours and it was all


over when I woke up. Perhaps the Academy thought it had


congratulated Francis Ford Coppola with the Godfather films, or


perhaps the fiasco surrounding the making of the film was still so


intense it was hard to see the incredible thing behind the mist.


On the other hand, Kramer vs. Kramer is an issue film and has a


very Oscar style undercurrent. came here to take my son home. And


I realise he already is home. losing to the English Patient in


You should see the other guy! was very cool, very sly, funny, but


the Academy had not learnt to embrace the directors. But the


English Patient was the first film to be really pushed by Hardy Wine


Stein -- Harvey Weinstein with his infamous campaigning. I know you


will carry me out of the Palace of winds. The English Patient changed


the way movies won an Oscar for ever. Oscar travesties go way back,


and my first choice is one of the all-time classic Callas. Citizen


Kane's 1941 lost to how Green Was My Valley. It would be one thing if


it film had beaten Citizen Kane and the Maltese Falcon and was a time


this work of genius, unfortunately, How Green Was My Valley, set in a


Welsh mining community but filmed in Malibu does not stand up well


today. Come on, lad. You can walk. Apparently the Academy preferred


John Ford's daffodils to rosebuds. Whether you agree if Citizen Kane


is the greatest film ever made, the movies to watch today because it is


great. How Green Was My Valley is a maybe watch to find out what beats


its intake. That was 1941. 70 years later The Social Network loses out


to The King's Speech in 2011 and it seems the Academy are still


favouring traditional fare over more radical story telling. David


Fincher's brilliant The Social Network is the Digital Citizen Kane.


He has security. They need a user name and a password. It betrays not


a newspaper baron, but a social networking entrepreneur. What won


the Oscar? A nice as pie biopic about a king. I am not saying The


King's Speech is not a very nice film and terribly well acted, but


come on, it does not compare. choices, but those Academy mistakes


pale in significance, shining examples of when the people's


champion was looked over and they look stupid. First up, Goodfellas


losing to Dances With Wolves at the 1991 Academy Awards. Where is my


Fokine drink? The Oscars is a cavalcade of wrong, fit only for


generating pub quiz questions. He should have won his first Oscar for


his pulsating gangster classic, Goodfellas, and the cast is top


You little flock. Now he is moving! So naturally it lost to a dull,


overlong epic. What one best picture in 1991? Dances With


I hope I never have to fight him. He seems to be honest and very


direct. Really? Next up, Pulp Fiction losing to Forrest Gump at


the 1995 Academy Awards. Everybody be cool, this is a robbery. Any of


you fuckinpricks move and I'll executed every mother fucking last


one. Forrest Gump had a great Tom Hanks performance but it's no Pulp


Fiction? Do you want to continue this in the car or in the jail


house with the cops. It's dialogue is more enduring than... My mum


always said life was like a box of chocolates. It works as a character


study, a thriller and a love letter to cinema itself. It just plain


works. I love them. They did that brilliantly. What, for you, go on?


1980 was the year of Raging Bull, The Shining, The Elephant Man. The


Oscar went to Ordinary People. I don't know if crack was invented in


1980 but they were smoking something. We had so many tweets.


Helen is with me "I will never forget Crash over Brokeback


Mountain". I was working, the cast of Crash were like "no, no" Sandra


Bullock was like... Did you not see that? Absolutely. I love this guy


"Raging Bull, fight club, Goodfellas and while we are at it


Blade Runner". There is a lot of grumpy people. People are livid, in


only a gad way. Next Black Gold a tale of greed and betrayal set in


the 19 3o's Arab states at the dawn of the oil boom. It stars Antonio


Banderas and Mark Strong. All I want is your friendship. It's a


reflection about the power corrupting the appalling power


money has in human beings in a very specific context. Get ready to be


rich. How rich? Seriously rich. a human being, you know, he's


blinded by the power of this new source of wealth. He goes from the


"us" to the "me". It's dangerous when you are talking about politics.


That is a mirror of possibly the modern Arabic world that has


suddenly come into an awful lot of money and how it's going to deal


with that wealth and which direction it will go in. Because,


you see, my son, everything you see in this room was one with either --


was won with either blood or love, never money. Because anything that


can be bought has no real value. It's amazing we have come full


circle in the Tunisian elections have just happened and the


revolution was happening during filming. Interesting to make a film


about revolution, about a new way, which is being mirrored in the


politics of the real world, in the very place that you are filming it.


That was extraordinary. I will not betray you like you betrayed me.


You were born to rule. You are the next Sultan. Follow me. Now, you


are a man. It's, basically, Pus In Boots in the dessert. Of course, it


isn't. Imagine he is wearing boots. I won't do the voice. I love


Antonio Banderas. I cannot get that character out of my head. Whenever


he speaks I think "why isn't he wearing a hat and a feather in it"?


What did you think? This was to be the start of a new era. I don't


think it work. The cast are dressed up in costumes that lack look like


they were pulled out of a storage trunk after a Turkish delight


advert. A film about Arab history have you a cast drawn from Malaga,


Mumbai and Wembley. The director takes a do your own thing approach


to accents. The thing is wobbley. Freida Pinto comes on and


disappears. She is off screen, I assume she is on the phone to her


agent. Antonio Banderas is close to Willow Twanky. I will be positive.


How? There are moments when this epic approach that Jean-Jacques


Annaud takes pays off. Between his casting and his relentless owe old


fashion quality you want Nicholas Lindhurst to arrive on a magic


carpet. That spoils the illusion for me. Tell me I'm wrong? You are


bang on it. It feels incredibly long. If people go "they are being


mean" you will go into the cinema and come out in June. You were a


bet iger fan of seven years in Tibet. I want to say is that the


landscape looks beautiful. Wonderful sand in this film and


wonderful camels. What is your Film of the Week? It's Rampart. I loved


it but I want a nod to marigold. The Oscars take place on Sunday,


here is a quick reminder of who is leading the race. Hugo leads the


Oscar race with 11 nominations with the much rewarded The Artist with


10. Six nominations, Money zs ball, and War horse. The Descendants


starring George Clooney has Fife as done the re-make of The Girl With


the Dragon Tattoo. The can The Help has four nominations alongside


Woody Allen most commercially successful film of all-time,


Midnight In Paris. Oscar has cast a wide net and made notable snubs too.


Spiel spiel spiel has been locked out of Best Director category while


their films got an impressive number of nominations. The


Adventures of Tin Tin wasn't put forward for the Best Animation. For


some Mr Oscar seems more reliable. Meryl Streep the most nominated


actress in Oscar history received her 17th nomination. Woody Allen


his 23rd. John Williams gained his 47th, almost as many as the most


nominated of all, the great Walt Disney. Gary Oldman got his first


nominations. And Best Director for The Artist. And the screenplay


Bridesmaids bucking the trend for not taking comedy seriously. Who


will go home with the Oscar on on Sunday, maybe they will surprise us.


Here with us to preview the awards ahead of Sunday night's ceremony


are Peter Bradshaw and Robbie Collin. Thank you for talking to us.


It is late. A sacrifice we will make. I was... Every year I go,


they missed out, so-and-so. I suddenly got a proper surge of


excitement. It's the Oscars. They are on Sunday. We will all stay up


and watch them. What is not to love. Sadly without Eddie Murphy. Thank


you. It's not that I wasn't looking forward to a change? I was mentally


prepared for it. Billy will do it great. Tpwho what he will do.


will do what he has done before. will pull viewers. American viewers


love Billy Crystal. He will hit it straight down the middle. Let me


state now, officially, I'm looking at you. It's bad form to always


star every Oscar's chat with, they missed out so many films, I try not


to. This year there are so many. need to We Need To Talk About Kevin


and all kind of things. Maybe the DVDs didn't get. There let's look


at the nine films nominated for Our families are just as screwed up.


Our heart aches are just as painful, but we're going to make it out OK.


My dad said, the way I saw the world was a gift. After he died, I


found this key in my dad's closet. He must have wanted me to find


something. If things were easy to find... They wouldn't be worth


finding. Every black house should have a separate bathroom for the


coloured help. I will have to kill that woman. Have you lost your mind.


It's scandalous. Courage sometimes skips a generation. Thank you for


bringing it back to our family. are you? Hugo. Where do you live?


It's a secret. Yes. Good, I love secrets. The story is not over yet.


I want to walk around Paris with you. I keep forgeting you are just


a tourist. That's putting it mildly. What time did you get in last


night? Not that late. I'm m a perplexing situation. There are


rich teams and there are poor teams. Then are 50 feet of crap, then


there is us. We're going to shake things up. Tell him. Do you want me


to speak? If we win with this team, Unless you love, your life will


I love War Horse. Watching that makes me go,... Please. Does this


belong to The Artist? Is that piece won it? It does belong to The


Artist I spent so long banging and banging on about The Artist I can


hardly make a claim for anything else. This list is remarkable, not


that it's merely disappointing, there have two films on it which


are bad, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and War horse.


That is possibly the worst reviewed Best Picture candidate of all-time.


I bet you're right. It might well be that it's badly reviewed. It's


more than that, it is bad. War Horse is an appalling film.


you... Did you watch. It you need to watch it with me? It's made out


of plastic. I adored it. I'm grumpy on many levels. No. If it's not The


Artist. We would like it to be The Artist. There can be a shock?


Possibly the only film to take it from The Artist, one film it's The


Help. It's well liked in the academy. He shivers here. Bad news.


Bad news culturally for us all. Best Actress nominations and


supporting actress nominations. It appears to the academy voters. 94%


of them are over the age of 60. That harking back to a certain type


of film making. Both of you like The Help? I also like War Horse.


Suddenly confronted... I don't like The Help. It's well acted and well


put together. We can have that conversation about what else can


win. It's a foregone conclusion it's The Artist. The thing about


Michel Hazanavicius is whether it will be history repeating it in


1998 when Life Is beautiful Cleaned up. Maybe it is the same thing


again. Maybe this will be a one time deal. In 1998 the world fell


in love with him and then he disappeared. We have had so many


comments coming in, I feel I will only read out the admissions


tonight. Kevin, We Need To Talk About Kevin, Drive. Yes. That blew


my mind. He will be winning Oscars in five years time when the academy


gets on to what a Best Director he Moving on to Best Director, Michel


Hazanavicius. Alexander Payne. Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen,


Terence Malick for the Tree Of Life. Who would you like to win and who


do you think will? I think it would be Michelle have an assiduous, but


I would not expire if it was Martin Scorsese. Having ignored him, the


Academy decided they would like him. I think it will be Michel


Hazanavicius. Both of these songs are tributes to old film-makers. He


paid tribute to French cinema, and Michelle has no vicious is paying


tribute to all Hollywood. cannot rule out Woody Allen.


agree! A very nice film with a feel-good vibe, Midnight In Paris.


I have seen it three times, once as an honest to God paying member of


the public and everybody loves it. The crowd, they love it. I will


bang on, and I am not making eye- contact, where his Steven


Spielberg? And Lynne Ramsay. Le in Ramsey's a future mission. It is


essentially a Hollywood closing ranks. It is not a great time for


Hollywood, and this is a circling of the wagons. Something like Steve


McQueen, directing a Shame, a British film made in America, and


he has been excluded. There is a parochial, chauvinist American


films. They don't like smart-ass liberals from Britain making films


about Columbine. That does not play well. They its have a look at best


actor and Best actress. Let's have a look at this lovely video. Popper,


why did you have me? Because I love you, and you are the most important


thing in this world. That is why I love you. You're my reason to live.


Who easy? I want to know who the guy my wife was seen is. -- who


Ricky has been helping us. He has been telling us all about his


adventures. I want to milk the last man to baseball you have been you.


And you want to stay in the show. Let's do that. You won't tell them?


What is your name? Albert. You will real name. Albert. A I thought I


might write my stories down and read them to you. Did you know


growing up that you thought she would be made? You yes, I did.


to think about being something else? I have taken myself since I


was 10. She has had a rough life. Let's not make it rougher. We have


always lived alongside evil, but it has never been so efficient, so


avid for carnage. You literally when nothing in bed but perfume?


And as I am in England, I will say piously be nothing but Yardley's


Lavender. I have not seen a better life. Is it going to be George


Clooney? I think we all rather like that. George Clooney, I have gone


off him a bit. Famously Steven Spielberg watched him in the arm


and said if that man can stop waggling his head about, he will be


a star. And he has stop waggling his head about but he still keeps


doing it. There are lots of mannerisms and tics and weird


things he does. He pulls a lot of faces. If where is Brad Pitt


doesn't look like he is doing anything at all. He is an above the


title Hollywood star. He is absolutely brilliant. The this year


he has done all his best work, Tree Of Life was terrific. My issue with


the best actor race is that it becomes a competition between which


carried take you liked the most and that is why people like Gary Oldman


and can get overlooked. People are being obsessed with simpered --


being sympathetic. I think it is depressing it has come down to


George Clooney. It's a decent performance, but I think you'll be


an anti-climax, and fish on the job than his charming. What Gary Oldman


has done is the difference between favourite performance and Best


actor. Gary Oldman and carries the film without seeming to do a film.


He should have won the Oscar three or four times already. I'm not


saying it because I'm being patriotic, Gary Oldman and is the


best actor of this year, plain and simple. He won't win. Forget it.


They talk about Best actress. We didn't have fisticuffs, but we were


having a conversation where everybody sort of disagreed with


who might get it, or rather you came out with me and said it might


be the only Davies. I think that is the sort of performance the Academy


votes for. It is easy to overestimate how well the Margaret


Thatcher thing has gone down. They are familiar with it over here, and


people really bought into that, but there is a weird archness to the


performance that might turn of American voters. But for Viola.


very bland performance. I don't think the help these that well-


acted, but Octavia Spencer is much more of an interesting support


since -- more interesting performance. The would you like


Meryl Streep to win? The two is an inspired piece of mimicry. People


ask if it goes beyond mimicry, but what a piece of mimicry. I am


astonished you would say that. Why did faze Brown not win an Oscar for


her remarkable mimicry of her at the time -- face Brown. I will


breathe a sigh of relief if Viola Davies wins. What she's doing is


better than what Meryl Streep is doing. But we have to talk about


emissions. Elizabeth Olsen, Tilda Swinton. Kirsten dance.


Charlize Theron? D Denny one not watch Young adults? The very


quickly, best actor in a supporting role. Kenneth Branagh, Jonah hill,


McNulty, Christopher Plummer, Max von Sydow. I think you are not


allowed to put to better on Christopher Plummer, it is him.


Academy loves a plucky old man, and they don't get more plucky or Auld


than Christopher Plummer. He lost out last time he was nominated, so


every chance they will see this as a chance to redress the balance.


still like Kenneth Branagh. I would have liked to have seen Albert


Brooks will Drive. The supporting characters matter - category is


where they give some nods, so they might be some surprises. We have


literally got 18 seconds. It is going to Octavia Spencer. We will


wake up Monday morning if we haven't lost it all night long,


what is the headline? Will it be the Artist? A absolutely.


artistry of Harvey. That is all for tonight. In next week's show we


will review project X, wanderlust and this means war. Casablanca is


back in cinemas now. Maybe that is my form of the week. Thank you for


watching. Good night. -- film of the week. Play it, Sam. Play as


Times Goes By. I am a little rusty Sing it, Sam. # You must remember


this. # A kiss is just a kiss.


# A sigh is just a sigh. # The fundamental things apply.


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