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Hello and welcome to the programme, if you want to get in touch,


details are on the screen. Coming up: all is fair in love and


espionage. Reese Witherspoon and Tom Hardy *


In This Means War. Jennifer Aniston and Paul ride are


suffering from Wanderlust. should make love some time.


And things Burrell added control in Project X. -- spiral out of control.


Plas Edgar Wright talks to us about the making of Shaun Of The Dead. If


Such a delicate touch! Sheer magnetism, darling. Plenty more of


that later. Charlie Higson told us why he loves to play seven. First,


Shaun Of The Dead, starring Tom Hardy, Reese Witherspoon and Chris


You're my best friend. I would take a bullet for you. What would happen


if James Bond was best friends with I was doing the same thing. You


want to see her? That is Lauren They respect each other, but would


one have acquiesced to the other? Never!


You date her. What does that mean? I think we should lay down some


ground rules. Let her decide. But left the best man win. It is like


the classic straight man, funnyman. He wants to have a family, led a


solid wife -- life with his wife and kid. His colleague is like a


labrador, let's play, let's have fun. Lauren is the woman who makes


their friendship stronger. He teaches them what it means to be


Really? Have you ever killed anybody with your bare hands?


this week. We were having a great time making


a picture like this. Life is very difficult to stop we have all had a


great deal of tragedy in our lives. We can all do a bit of dreaming.


That wonderful. So you are not I imagine this is your film of the


year. At the EU know me so well! This is like if fiendish Hollywood


film, the perfect beach movie and rum,. As a film, it is mostly more


enjoyable than being kicked between the legs. As an experiment, it is


doomed to fail. The action elements do not work. It is sloppy and


flaccid. A great action movie is a great thing but it needs to be


added with a scalpel and this is edited with a fish slice. The


romance is rather strange, because there is a love triangle at the


centre of the movie. There is only one side of that. He doesn't mean


it. It doesn't involve Reese Witherspoon. The romance is so


overheated that if I were a woman and my boyfriend didn't deceive the


movie, I would raise a quizzical eyebrow afterwards and wonder if


they won't try to tell me something. We do you think, Claudia? Only just.


We have had a lot of tweeds. Andrew Jones says, at this is painful.


Gail Smith says, this is not tinker, tailor. Life is about expectations,


so I went in like that. It is not great, but I liked the fact that it


is a nonsense. The job is a nonsense, the house, the boys at


the CIA is sit around at desks, and occasionally Angela Bassett says...


What about international terrorism! No, it is an absolute nonsense.


Chelsea Handler saves it for me, she is hilarious. She has a couple


of moments, but they are laugh out loud. Once you get it into your


head about the tiny hands, you never look at anything else.


Somebody says, why is she listening to that old man? I quite liked the


fact that it is all out ridiculous. What Reese Witherspoon where it


doesn't make sense. She constantly dresses as if she's going to a


black-tie ball. I'm not going to argue with that. But I think Tom


Hardy is better than this. Everyone associated with it is better, I


take on board what the director says one East is not everything has


to be about the human condition, but surely a movie should be more


than a barely adequate way to fill the time on a long-haul flight


between finishing the in-flight magazine Andy Baddeley and kicking


in. Breaking news that quite on the poster if they want! To a mention a


Hitchcock film and talk about chatting up a goal in a video shop,


because that is what they do in 2012! He says the great thing about


Hitchcock is he could make these movies which were action movies,


romances, thrillers, blended into one. You think, oh my God, this is


what they think they are doing here. But to create a movie like a


Hitchcock movie, you need to have such delicacy, lightness of touch.


This is like watching a didn't making a souffle! Let's move on.


am not very good with a souffle. Next, Project X, the story of a


group of teenagers who want to throw the ultimate house party.


It is my birthday today. You should swing vital stop it is on Beacon


Street. That is your party? See you guys tonight then!


Project X is the story of these three kids from an anonymous call


the one to make a name for themselves. They have the


opportunity to throw a party, they want to change something in their


lives. The whole idea is to get pictures to recognise this. How do


you not to the point? It is the ideal scenario 20 teenager, you


parents Garway, you have a certain amount of time. -- your parents go


away for the weekend. The party because bigger than it anything


they had imagined. It is more crazy that it is even funny. It is just


like, what is going on in this movie! It is not a straight out


comedy, honestly, it is really just a maybe about a few bad decisions


and things spiralling out of control. My dad will go crazy if


anything happens to my car. -- his car. I like the idea of some of


these partygoers being part of the moody, let's give them cameras,


phones. It was amazing, there is a lot of the ditch to go through, but


you find that little gem. -- a lot of footage to go through. It is


Look at her! We should it mostly chronologically, so the


transformation of our physical appearances was real. It is time to


shut it down. Shut down or I am calling the cops. It is all on


tape! All I got was you punching his face. This was a real house,


real people partying. That really added to the whole chaos and the


real Miss of this movie, which gives it the texture it has.


will have a whole day. What if my parents see it? This high school


party, have you seen the footage? This film is absolutely not by me.


I am and little old lady. And I was on the side of that poor neighbour


who was tasered. We are all on his side. I was very anxious, and they


are creating a mass, this is a very bad. I did not what -- don't know


what insurance company will cover this. The characters are repellent,


I could talk to you for now about the depiction of women in it. --


have fallen apart. But the point is, if I was 17 and I sneaked into this


film with four of friends, with weird hot dogs, I imagine that I


had died and gone to heaven. It is a nonsense. There is no character,


no story. I think one moment, they say, party till the break of dawn.


You think, that is a moment. But this promise not for people like me.


The Oscars last week, there was a huge celebration of the past, but


the elephant in the room was the box office figures across America,


the end degeneration seem to be getting away. So what do the job


catches do, the perfect time to unveil Project X. It is a time to


start off with a stone the Yorkshire terrier on a bouncy


castle. A garden gnome are full of Ecstasy and the right chord


arriving. But that is it. That is what is grimly interesting. You try


and review this film, you think of it, performance, characterisation,


number of this matters. -- none of this matters. I have feeling this


film is going to be hugely successful. It to music is good,


the director has struck lot of videos. Her you are watching it,


you think, I have never been to a party like this. But you think,


that was a whole youth I didn't have. It is so strange seeing a


film made up entirely... Jackass was so real and imaginative, but


this is made up of clips from people's cameraphones on YouTube


commander had this horrible feeling, if the Oscars was all about cinemas


past, you have the strange feeling that this is maybe the future of


cinema, in which case I may take up rambling. This is fine for this


film to have an audience, but if you're on legal, to see this film,


it means you are to hold for it. Now time to the top five, now the


top five film teenagers. Teenagers - can't live with them,


can't make them tidy their rooms, and you cannot begin to


excruciating -- understand their excruciating text speak. They are


usually smarter and sassier on film. Here are my top five.


At No. 5, Jim Stark in Rebel Without A Cause. The cinema has


been full of surly, rebellious teenagers, but one of the first and


best remains James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause. The film was one


of the first which showed him railing aimlessly at his school


mates, parents, his life, everything. You are tearing me


apart! What? You say one thing, everybody changes back again!


Deanna died a month before its At 4, it is Superbad. I am McLovin.


He is a hapless geek, whose journey of discovery as two bumbleing cops


show him the time of his life is heart-warming. How is it going with


the ladies? It is not the going with the ladies I care about. It's


the coming! I get it! It features tonnes of cracking dialogue - this


is important - it sounds like stuff that a teenager might say. I've got


a bona. Good. So it is not Shakespeare. At three, it is Carrie


in Carrie. Take Carrie, a sweet soul... It is Carrie... Carrie is


abused at home by her nut-job of a mum, shunned by her teachers and


bullied by her classmates. She is a melting pot of Torment and rage


which boils over at the school prom. At two, it is Olive in Easy A. Here


is a teenager who can restore faith in the future of the human race.


She's smart, articulate and schooled enough in pop culture to


know that she is living her life inside a John Hughes' movie.


Whatever happened to chivalry? I want John Cusack holding a Boombox


outside my window. I want Jake waiting outside the church with me.


I want Judd Nelson thrusting his fist in the air because he knows he


got me just once. No, no, John Hughes did not direct my life.


one, it's Marty McFly in Back To The Future. The hero of Robert


Zemeckis' time-travel flick is special. He is smart, resourceful


and self-possessed enough to be best friends with a crazy white-


haired old man. Wait a minute, Doc, are you telling me you built a Time


Machine? He's also seriously cool, whether he is taking care of


bullies, Marty is the ultimate teenager. He invented the Blues.


You know that new sound you were looking for? Listen to this!


the skateboard, and the concept of repeats! Great Scott, he is


amazing(!) Brilliant. We have had so many e-


mails. One has to be Ferris Bueller. Saturday morning detention has


never been so fun. That is only a few. Thanks very much. Next,


Wanderlust, a comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd.


ready for your meeting? Yeah. them dead, all right? I'll call you


later. Know what I want to do? I want to take off that robe. Why are


you not at work? I got fired! Linda and I are this couple who is kind


of, I kind of think hanging by a thread. As soon as we can get back


on our feet, we'll come back to New York. Atlanta is the best place for


us to be. The bottom drops out of their life. They stumble into a


bed-and-breakfast which is this commune and they have an amazing


night there. It is coming after us! He wants to make a suit out of our


skin. You guys OK? There he is, my homeless brother. Where's your


cardboard box? Your body is... think you are making everybody


uncomfortable. When it is such a nightmare, George's brother, Rick...


You want me to enter this data? questioning me? Are you serious?


They final decide why not, let's go for it and move into this place.


Welcome to the community. It is not like we are signing a lease. We


will give it a month... Two weeks. I felt very close to Linda, coming


out of your shell and getting out of the rules and letting your guard


down. George, I hear Eva asked to have intercourse with you? What?


Yes, thanks(!) That was what I was going to tell you. Apparently, they


practice free love. She's found her, as Paul would say, her Wanderlust.


She doesn't want to leave, she's contributing, she is finally being


part of the community and helping and giving and making a difference.


This place is incredible. I feel I'm part of something that is real.


What is this? I can fly! You can't. I believe I can fly. If you are


going to get literal with an R Kelly song do Trapped in a Closet.


I'm not having an on-air nervous breakdown. There is something that


was very funny. You have this New York couple whose lives are


unravelling and there is a pace and a rhythm that feels like a


screwball comedy. After that, their lives take a different take and


they end up in this old-fashioned New York commune. The comedy is


often a bit creaky, it is a bit repetitive, bup there is a lot of


funny stuff -- but there is a lot of funny stuff in there as well. I


am detecting a lot of hostility from you. Yes, correct. Why so


hostile? Well, it is not funny enough! It is not funny enough and


I found it ever so painful. The screening, everybody else was


laughing so maybe there is something wrong with me! LAUGHTER


Don't! Don't tweet about that! Be a love. The point is, it is not funny


enough. I think if I'm honest, I have a problem - I love her as


Rachel Green, but Jennifer Aniston, it is the same mannerisms. Paul


Rudd is great. The stereotype of this commune come think and fast


and in a minute somebody will make a gift out of twigs and oranges -


there it is. In a minute, there will be a naked guy making wine -


oh, there it is. I just found it - it's sad because you think it is


going to be funnier and it just isn't funny. Life is very short.


I'm not going to spend much of it defending Jennifer Aniston. I will


stick up for her seeing as she "trips her balls off". Paul Rudd is


in every American comedy that has come out over the last ten years.


His timing here and his responses are fantastic. Listen, this isn't


Some Like It Hot, this isn't Airplane, but there is a warmth to


it - even the minor characters get something to do. There are some


classic lines. Another week I would be less charitable about it. Listen,


it is perfectly decent. I will settle for that. There is a bigger


conversation to be had about who these films are for, both Reese


Witherspoon's film, This Means War, and this one. I don't think they


have done very well. We will have to ask Charles Gant. I don't know


who they are for. They should be aimed at me? It is Hollywood's


problem. Yeah. The film which we are reviewing this week is Project


X, that will make money. Next, Charlie Higson, author of the Young


Bond series tells us why 007 will James Bond has been a huge part of


my life. I can actually remember the first film I went to see in the


cinema, it was Thunderball. I can vividly remember everything about


that night, the excitement of it, the scale, the music, the action,


the jet-pack. The villain's boat that splits in half. The underwater


scenes where you haven't got a clue who anybody is. For me, and for


everyone else in the '60s, James Bond was the coolest guy in the


world. He must have followed us. think he got the point! And James


Bond has managed to remain being the coolest guy in the world by


constantly adapting to the times. Sean Connery's '60s bond handed


over to Roger Moore's camp '70s disco Bond and then we had Timmy


Dalton's politically correct Bond, the '90s gave us Pierce Brosnan's


designer Bond and Daniel Craig has brought the character right up-to-


date with his portrayal of James Bond. He perfectly captures these


murky uncertain times in which we are living. Like everybody else, my


James Bond will be the one that I grew up with. I'm much obliged.


all began in 1962 with the release of Dr No. While they were filming


it, there were no great expectations. Certain things came


together on that film to create the perfect storm. Sean Connery had an


animal sexuality, he knew how to wear a suit, fire a gun and deliver


a one-liner. It's a Smith and Wesson and you have had your six!


Sean Connery was... Bond, James Bond. And then there was Ursula


emerging from the sea in the Caribbean. It led to a succession


My favourite Bond Girl - Diana Rigg and Ava Green were classy, Britt


Eckland appealed to my teenage years, but I'm going to go for


Madeleine Smith because Roger Moore got to try out a gadget - a watch -


that unzips dresses. Such a delicate touch. I can't find one


anywhere! The next killer ingredient was Ken Adams' amazing


sets and there will never be a better set than the volcano in You


Only Live Twice, the ultimate Bond villain's lair. Many of the Bond


interiors have been shot here. What made the film stand out right from


the start was the use of genuine exotic foreign locations. James


Bond has been everywhere and done I only have to hear those opening


twangy guitar notes and I am back there as a seven-year-old boy in my


seat, in wonder at James Bond. Add in M, Moneypenny, the villain, the


cars, the guns, the gadgets, you have the most enduring hero in


You expect me to talk? No, Mr Bond, He has no wife and kids, no boring


domestic life and he is allowed to kill people - fantastic. Brilliant.


Next, Carancho, a thriller about an ambulance-chasing personal injury


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 109 seconds


In an odd week, finally we get to a film which is worth the ticket


price. I should explain a bit about the plot. It is about ambulance


chasers in Buenos Iris, doesn't sound exciting, but it really is.


It is a warped love story, and the end is the best climax ever. Well,


not ever! But this week. We have talked a lot about Hollywood and


its failings, one of the things they used to do well in the Fifties


was churn out these tough films about real issues, which were


gripping dramas which were not afraid to have characters with


murky pasts. Hollywood doesn't make those often any more, but


thankfully, someone does. Film two is a punchy little film noir. --


film two. He has got this great are haunted presence, he is haunted and


great for the role. You so wanted to work. He is so well cost, there


is a love story, it is the one chink of light in this otherwise


dark moody. I wish I could get another director in to watch this.


What is your film of the week? is this one. But I'm going to stick


up for Wanderlust. What I was obviously in a slightly odd mood!


Now it is time for director's cut. Edgar Wright talks twice about


Shaun Of The Dead. Some strong When we first pitched it, we said


it was like life is sweet with zombies. We didn't want it to be a


So, to be true to form to the sum the films we loved, most of the


The first day of the shoot was this shot where he walked from his house


to the corner shop and back. I remember wandering out on a Sunday


morning, just walking up the road and across the street to the corner


shop and back again without seeing any cars. What if you walked out


here and there were zombies, what if you saw it from the point of


view of somebody who was hung over It could bigger based on the


distance between the two locations. We couldn't find a flat we liked


and a corner shop we liked. So we had to make that interesting. The


cameraman on the film said that he believed the shot would be cut out,


his be said there was no way it would stay in the movie. I said, I


am going to make it is as -- interesting. So why did it with


some background jokes, because I was annoyed at this guy had


suggested it would be cut out. It has been a funny sort of day.


When I look back did come are the thing I most proud of is the scene


with his mum. It was kind of distressing to shoot, as well,


because it was her last seen. So literally, her laughter shock when


she was on -- her last shot when she was on the screen was heard


getting shot. She is not going anywhere! She is my mum! He was


right towards the end of the shoot, everybody was really tired. You can


see that Simon is really emotional. Because we were kind of tired and


We relied may be too heavily on some very lovely fans of Space that


he came out and worked for essentially nothing. They were


pouring on those windows for two weeks street. When they eventually


came into the pub and attacked Dylan, you can see this bloodlust


rising, because they were trying -- finally getting to do something.


They are a bit crazy because they had been waiting around along time.


Can I have two sugars? Adventurist! I might pop into the garden for a


bit. The joke is that he gets the best of both worlds, he gets to


live with his girlfriend, but keep his best friend, his childhood


Some people have said that it is a romantic comedy between two dies,


which they think is probably pretty accurate. -- two dies. Brilliant.


You can see more of that interview on our website. That is all for


tonight. Playing as at, a look at the branded the trailer for --


playing as out a look at this brand War has started. And we are


Are you trying to get me back in the world? Trying to save it.


need you to come in. A what if I What are you asking me to do?


called the Avengers initiative. thought I didn't qualify.


Apparently I was a volatile, self- How desperate to buy you? -- had


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