Episode 15 Film 2013

Episode 15

Film reviews. Claudia Winkleman and Danny Leigh take a look at the latest film releases, including Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

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Hello and welcome to Film 2013, we're live. If you would like to


ghet touch the details are on the screen now. Coming up on tonight's


show: The Legend Continues, Ron Burgundy and the boys are back in


Anchorman 2. You have to do the thing that God put Ron Burgundy on


this earth to do, have saloon quality hair and read the news.


Dreams become reality in The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. Hey. Hi. How


was your weekend? I had an awesome weekend. Ben Stiller talks about his


prolific career. Ecs-terrifying. I like that. We look at some of the


big films coming your way over the coming weeks. Danny is here. Hello.


We are excited about our guest the brilliant critic Camilla Long.


Hello. First up, Will Ferrell recreates the role of legendary TV


newsreader Ron Burgundy in Anchorman 2. Oh, I'm so sorry someone put the


story in all capital leaders I thought I was supposed to yell it.


We find yourselves in the year 1980. We are starting a 24-hour news


channel, the first of its kind. A new opportunity to join a brand new


station that's going to begin 24-hour news and he assembles the


team once more. Welcome to GNN, the Global News Network. That is where


we find them. Then it goes down hill. Linda Jackson is a winner. Are


you, my friend. This is Linda. Oh, black, black... . Ron. It's amazing


how people have taken to this group of guys. I think people like the


kind of sense of a rock band you have these four guyes who are


hanging out and a sense of fun behind them. That will make one hell


of a story. They are buffoons. They can say the most racist, offensive


horrible things and you laugh. What are you doing? I'm breaking down the


barriers of race by asimulation. Which one of your convicts with the


longest record can pass me the mash potatoes. They mask the pain with


their own... Can I help you? You are staring at me? Do you want my


autograph. He was explaining who you are and I was looking at you. This


cast specifically is speaking about Paul, David and Steve. Are just so


comfortable with improadvisation. Brian I read somewhere, tell me if


this is true, some of the silicone implants were filled with taco meat.


The improving is not about competition, it's about trying to


make each other laugh. We can improvise for days. Then they will


approve upon what they had in the first place. I like the parts of


your face that are covered with skin. A rot lot of the time it's us


saying, no, let's please not do that, what you wrote is so funny. I


don't have any legs, Ron. It's because you're wearing green pants.


Over the years Anchorman has grown in notoriety. If the fans demand it,


if the oddients is out there we would consider a three. This was too


much fun. We will do at least eighth. The very minimum eight. The


news team is back. I want to do Anchorman movies for the rest of my


life because it's so much fun. That is your foot between my legs No. It


was my hand. When I watched that I think that might be the funniest


film I have seen seen. I will trend carefully. The good news for


Anchorman fan this is has been tailor made for them. It takes them


and smoothers them in polyester and sideburns and gags, miles of gags.


Some of the gags are funny of the for an Anchorman will love the gags


and will quote them for 10 years until they make Anchorman 3, which


is the point. I have made myself comfortable on the fence with


Anchorman. It does have some very, very funny moments, I don't think it


has enough funny moments for two hours. What I do like about it is


that Will Ferrell has worked out there maybe aren't enough jokes for


two hours. He has made this other movie which is this slide middle


finger of the film about TV news and why it's so terrible in America and


why working in the media will suck the brain out of your ears. I'm not


sure when he decided to make that film, I'm glad he did. A mixture of


disappointment and relief. Relief it wasn't as bad as the last film which


I didn't particularly enjoy. Disappointment it's still the


same... I agree some of the jokes were really very funny, but some of


them were really awful. We saw that scene in the... When he goes to take


his... Girlfriend. Girlfriend's parents, I thought it was... It felt


racist and made me feel really uncomfortable. I didn't think that


worked. I thought that, you know, it's a slightly better era for the


Anchorman brand. It's the 80s now, which is kind of like broadcast news


territory. The satire is, comes much easier. They have this really funny


montage where they bring in the car chases and bring in fluffy toys and


font font font is doing, h why, what are your Top 50 Greatest Vaginas


Ever" and the ratings go up. I quite liked that. That was funny. In terms


of memorable, kind of, scenes, memorable lines, I just... It goes


out of my head with Anchorman. Maybe Will Ferrell isn't funny. The thing


is if you didn't like the original, this is kind of completely


pointless. From the point of view of reviewing a film it's like reviewing


an avocado. Do you like the green fruit when you open it up has a


paler green and creamy inside, then you don't... I love that talking


about avocados. I think I'm possibly too old for this film. I am e old


for everything hand on heart other than lying down and watching Miss


Marple if I was 16 and went to see Anchorman 2 I would laugh until I


was sick. Great Friday before Christmas film. Very funny. Nothing


in this commercial big bluster type of thing. If you are a 16-year-old


boy you wouldn't see Disney's Frozen, which would be my choice on


Friday night. It's slicker than the last one. I liked the last one. The


problem is the last one was made almost by accident. They would make


an entirely different movie at one stage... What were they going to


make? Annan orrorman, a different Anchorman. You had so much mayhem on


set they carved it out. All that quotability happened by accident. I


think the problem with this movie is it is working too hard and it


doesn't feel like nobody cares. It feels like everybody cares and awful


lot and every single line is designed so people will be quoting


the lines for the next 10 years. A bit self-aware. I agree. Will is a


good battle scene. That is all I'm saying. Next, Ben Stiller directs


and stars alongside Kristen Wiig in daydreamer remark The Secret Life Of


Walter Mitty. Danny went to meet him. Hello, are you still there? Can


you hang on a second. Go, go, go! Get out, she's going to


blow. Go, go! Ben, thank you for joining us today. You are welcome.


The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty it feels like the film you couldn't


have made without a personal connection with Walter himself, is


that true to say? Definitely. You have to feel a personal connection


when you are playing a part. Have you to figure out what that is. For


me the story and what was in Steve Conrad's script was an identifiable


thing, how we see yourselves in our head that doesn't translate in


reality and the potential we have and being able to somehow get in


touch with that. It did feel personal. Are you still there? Hey.


If you had to encapsulate the experience of making the movie in a


word, what would it be, ebbing sill rating, terrifying?


Ec-ra-terrifying. You should be scared going into making a movie.


It's daunting. That energy is good energy to have because you feel that


and it means you are pushing yourself in some way and you are out


of your comfort zone. That is always a healthy thing, I think. Hello! Oh,


hi, sorry, the door was... So I just... Yes, she's getting dressed.


Has been almost 20 years since you made Reality Bites, do you dig out


the DVDs and watch those, or is it a case of the movie is done and you


are always moving forward? The movie is done, I don't go back and watch


them. You look beautiful. You look like a Doyly. Unless I show my kids


something or if they ask. If you see something, if you are flipping


channels I will watch a scene to see how it holds up. The chance to see a


movie that you made long time ago with an audience is always


interesting. You ever watched pornographic videos? No. I mean,


well, I don't... Yes or no? I should say I'm a very, very big fan of the


Cable Guy. It didn't get the due it deserved. When that happens, is that


frustrating to you? Does it bug you, are you happy now, 17 years later,


there are people like me who can proudly say I love


Can the Cable Guy? I'm happy that anybody still cared about it. By the


way you, might want to put on a bathing suit because you will be


channel surfing in no time. We had so much fun making it. We got New


York Times Blu-ray came out 15 years after the movie and finally they


wrote something nice about. It all right, we got a good review for that


movie. OK, I'm going. Take off. See ya. Bye. When you make the movies


you make them for yourself and for the audience, hopefully they have a


life and it's nice when they do. Sure.


There are rumours floating about a see kwul to Zoolander, can you


confirm that? I don't know. I mean possibly. It is a matter of trying


to figure out the right situation for it in terms of how it all comes


together. There is a script we wrote that the I like and, I think it


would be fun to do. I'm not sure if it will happen. It might. It still


hasn't come together the right way. Zoolander was fun to make, but it


was not an easy shoot. The studio were not totally behind it, so there


were challenging times on it, but a lot of fun situations came out of


it. What is your trademark? I am best known for blue steel. What does


that look like? A big part of it is the developments of the new look.


You are someone who grew up in the business. Your parents were


comedians and you performed as -- as a child. Have you ever had a moment


when you thought you would walk away and do something else entirely? I


was going to be a glass blower. Is directing something you now prefer


to focus on, or do you want to get back in front of the camera? I love


acting, but directing has always been what I wanted to do since I was


a kid and what I enjoy most. So I look forward more to directing and


acting also, but maybe not both at the same time as much. Hey! Was your


weekend? I had an awesome weekend. It was incredible to watch him where


all these hats - producer, director. And he is in every scene and he


could not be calmer about it. I think every direct is a


perfectionist -- every director is a perfectionist. That is also the fun


of making a movie. The eyes, she moves like a woman.


Cheryl. He is very meticulous. He knows what he wants, and he knows


how he wants things to look and sound and feel. That attention to


detail is one of the reasons the movie is so good. Perhaps I could


contact you through my poetry Falk. I like that. Do you think if I hit


him with a paperclip, you would move? I wonder what you wanted


audiences to come away with. When you see them filing out of the


cinema, what do you want them to come away with? I hope they went to


a movie they connected with, that I made them feel something.


I can't talk, I am on my way to a volcano. I like movies that you can


both disappear into that take you away from reality, and also hit


something inside you so that you are connected on both levels.


That is what I was hoping. Life is about courage and going into the


unknown. What did you think? And by the way


my favourite thing is to start a sentence like that. What is the


point? Sorry. It is beautiful. It touched me occasionally, but I came


away thinking I have not changed in any way by seeing this film. Ben


Stiller is pretty good as Walter Mitty. He is not dreamy enough to be


that carrot to. -- that character . You can see him acting, which is a


bit distracting. This is a very short story that has been stretched


into this two-hour film. Like you said with Anchorman, there is not


enough material. There are great action sequences. You are never sure


whether he is in a fantasy or not. I thought, whilst it is very


beautiful, shot on location in Iceland with volcanoes and


everything, I just came away feeling the. -- empty. See, I am sick and I


found it quite poignant. -- I am sick. I know it is just me and Ben


Stiller's mum who think that. No, I could not agree less with you,


Camilla. Most Hollywood movies if you feeling like you have been


slobbered over and had your pocket picked at the end of it, but this is


not that movie. It would take a cynic to call it cynical. There is


an unusual sense of melancholy and sweetness about this and also


sincerity. It is the sincerity people will take from it. People


recoil from that. But this is an open hearted movie, and it is great


for that. We should embrace that. Actually, it felt like a vanity


project for Ben Stiller. You see there was not drool on your shoulder


when you came out, but I felt that a bit. I felt I was being a bit


manipulated by the story, which has been jazzed up for the film. It is


nothing like the original and I do prefer the 1947 version with Danny


Kaye. It works better. It is much more of the time. The film has a


very old-fashioned vibe, this story is from a time before. They have


tried to pimp it up and it has not worked. It is the lack of pimping


that I like about it. How can you say that when there are these


enormous set sequences that last it past you? But then Stiller always


takes the dead hand option. It would be so easy to milk it, but he is the


same Ben still you was. It would make so much more sense for him to


do the Gurney, but he underplays everything. It is a noble


achievement. Were you disappointed that it was not funny? Yes, I think


I would have preferred... Is Ben Stiller ever going to get away from


the fact that he is a comedy star? Probably not. He is so good at that.


There are some comedy sequences in the daydreams, they are fantastic.


There is a Benjamin button type sequence. Imagined David Fincher's


face during that. I think sometimes you have to admit that a movie has


made a personal connection with you. I am a middle-aged man and this is a


middle-aged movie. I mean that as praise. You get to your middle


years, the V neck years of your life. You are a younger person. But


at that stage, you think, the person I thought I would be when I was 18,


I have not become him . I have come this flabby mess that looks out on a


kebabs shop. I want a movie that says there are worse things in life


than that. There is nothing bad about simplicity and sincerity. The


Secret Life of Walter Mitty will be on cinemas on Boxing Day. Now a look


at some of the treats you get to feast on over the coming weeks.


My name is Solomon. I am a free man and you have no right to detain me.


You are no free man, you are nothing but a runaway. This is the true


story of someone who was a free man in the 19th-century and he was


drugged and sent to New Orleans, where he spent the next 12 years as


a slave. I am not trying to redress the balance, all I am trying to do


is look at that time in history and asking people to acknowledge it. To


know where you are going, one has to look back. This is a very modern


story in its own way, which is what is terrifying about it. It talks


about a society we recognise. In the end, more than anything, it speaks


about human respect. That is something that it is never late to


reflect on. If you want to survive, do and say as little as Zobel. -- as


little as possible. I don't want to survive, I want to live. With this


script, I am going to teach the and everyone of you to be the best. This


is the greatest company in the world! I was becoming a legend.


Aren't you married? Married people can't be friends? I was making so


much money, I didn't know what to do with it.


The real question is, was all this legal? Welcome to Las Vegas! I want


all of you to get in trouble. There is a huge audience of people of our


generation. There are a lot of us. Soon the audience will be pining for


movies about young people. We had a great time, and a movie came out. I


feel like I am getting drunk and electrocuted at the same time.


You are the biological father of 533 children. What? It is about a guy


who, when he was younger, gave generously to its own bank. It is


impossible to be the father of 533 children.


When you are young, you don't think of consequences. These kids need


someone to look out for them. They need a guardian angel. When you are


looking out for these kids, will you be wearing some kind of cake? I did


not see superhero, I said guardian angel. This is the BBC.


Forces in Singapore have surrendered to the Japanese. A lot of films have


made about World War II, but you have to dig a little bit here to


understand quite how heroic these men were. A lot of men went through


something you can't imagine. I'm afraid the museum is closed. I'm


surprised you don't recognise me. I did not expect you to be alive.


There are a lot of people with untold stories, thousands of them,


that badly needed this story to be told. Some time, the hating has to


stop. We will fight for our freedom! This


is your final warning! I am not breaking any laws.


The bits of racism I might have seen as a young kid living in east London


was nothing compared to what happened in South Africa. To get the


offer to play someone like him was a massive moment for me. It is an


ideal for which I am prepared to die.


We had a premiere in South Africa, and people who had been imprisoned


with Mandela were all there as well. And when the lights came up, I


realised people were crying in the theatre. So I felt so proud. What


they have done to my wife is their only victory over me. There is a


love story at the heart of it, and that has helped choose the best


moments in his life. Lots of stuff coming our way. At


this point, I normally ask for your film of the week. But because it is


the last show of the year, I will ask for your favourite film of the


year, Camilla. I have a few. First, I would say Gravity. Loved it. I


would also say the great beauty, a wonderful Italian film about Rome.


Go for the crowd scenes, the music and the jokes. And a documentary I


thought was incredibly powerful, the act of killing, about men who killed


people in a communist massacre in 1965 in Indonesia. It is an


extraordinary film about life, death and human misery and breakdown. I


would also say the act of killing and Gravity. And also a Japanese


movie called I wish, a beautiful film about childhood. And spring


breakers, an altogether different kind of beautiful. I see Captain


Phillips. That is all from us. We are getting an extra long Christmas


holiday and will be back on Tuesday the 21st of January. Teacher


O'Toole, who died on Saturday, was a movie legend. -- Peter O'Toole. We


remember him the Lawrence of Arabia, probably the most brilliant debut in


the history of Hollywood. Thank you for watching. Good night. You mean


the Turks have gone? No, they are still there, but they have no boots.


We took them prisoners. No, that is not true, we killed some. Too many.


I will manage better next time. There has been a lot of killing, one


way or another. Cross my heart and hope to die, it is all perfectly


true. It is impossible. Yes, it is. I did it. You had better talk to


General Allenby. He is in command now. That is a step in the right


direction. First, I want a room with a bed, with sheets. Of course. It is


for him. Right. You want a bed yourself, don't you? I will see


Allenby first, though. Will he see me? I think so. Good night. I had


better shave. Yes, you had. You had better get into some trousers, too.


Claudia Winkleman and Danny Leigh take a look at the latest film releases. These include the return of Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, directed by and starring Ben Stiller. Plus a look ahead to some of the films due for release in early 2014.

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