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Episode 2

Film news and reviews. Claudia and Danny review Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained and poignant drama The Sessions. Plus Chris Hewitt reveals his favourite movie shootouts.

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Hello and welcome to Film 2013, with me Claudia Winkleman. And me,


Danny Leigh. We are live. If you want to get in touch, tweet or


email. The details are on the screen right now. Tonight: Jamie


Foxx saddles up in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained.


Django. The "D" is silent. There is true life crime in The Wee Man.


John Hawkes and Helen Hunt get together in The Sessions. Is it


possible for me to know a woman in the biblical sense? Are we talking


about sexual enter course. Chris Hewitt is here with his Top Five


Shootouts. First it's Django Unchained by Quentin Tarantino.


Good cold evening, gentleman. I'm Dr King Schultz. What is your name?


Django. You're the one I'm looking for. No sale. Oh, very well. It's a


film about an exslave who become as bounty hunter. He has his freedom


he has this talent with the pistol and legality behind him he rescues


his wife who is still a slave. sold my wife. I don't know to who.


Will you help me to do that? I'll give you your freedom and take you


to rescue your wife. When are we going? I play a slave who become as


bounty hunter. She is my wife who gets separated from me in a brutal


way. When I meet my friend we go from plantation to plantation to


find her. You kill people and they give you a reward? Certain people,


yeah. Bad people? Ah! The Bader they are, the bigger the reward.


The film is this epic western cowboy western film, but it's in


the name of love. I like the way you die, boy. I have wanted to do a


western for a long time. I thought Pulp Fiction was a rock-and-roll


western. Now, it's time to do one for proper. Bull's-eye. I can only


think about five other westerns that have dealt with slavery as a


subject. It's an issue America are afraid to bring up, they are


embarrassed about it. I wanted to deal with. It We have a fight going


on. It's good fun. A lot of films touched on it that make you think


slavery was this thing where people sung songs in the fields and picked


cotton and they were OK. It wasn't. It was a horrible institution.


said, you said you didn't know him? I don't. Yes, you do. Mr Stephen, I


don't. Why is you lying to me? Lying? Why is you crying? You're


scaring me. Why is I am scaring you? Because you're scaring...


Action! Coming from America, if you are going to do a movie about


slavery it will be a hot potato. That is good. People are having


real conversations about slavery, in a way that hasn't gone on for at


least 30 years. We had a great laeter in Quentin Tarantino. For


the most part, it's been fantastic -- leader. It takes pressure off


myself and Carrey. We are the African-American people in the


movie. It will be laid at our feet if it were to go awr e. It makes


you step back. It is nowhere near as horrible as the stuff that


happened. What is your name? Django. This would be a good time for, in


our relationship, you told me your "D" was silent and I could call you


Anne. I'd rather you didn't. Flagging it up. I am don't come at


this movie as Quentin Tarantino. She talented. A lot of what he has


done for 10 years could be filed under "self-pleasure. Django is


funny and brutal. It's recognisable. It couldn't be made by anyone else.


It is insanely entertaining. For those of us, like me, who have felt


iffy about Tarantino, going back to Jackie Brown this is welcoming back


an old friend. A talking old friend. On that note? On the subject of


fowl mouth, if you see this film you will stand up and you will want


to shout obscenities in a good way. Possibly punch the air. Will you


love. It you will feel invigorated. Can I read out some tweets, because


we said the thing, they have come in. Quentin Tarantino back to his


best. The Best Film maker of his generation from Nathan Polly. Ryan


says - Django is fun but massively overrated. Django being the least


interesting character. We will talk about the actors in a minute.


Before we move off the subject, I want to talk about Tarantino more.


I think, listen, no-one sprays blood across a screen like him. We


all know. That when he is on form there is so much more going on here.


Dialogue, the rhythm of the dialogue, you can nod your head to.


It you could dance to it. It's a thing of beauty. He is over rated


and he doesn't get enough credit if that makes sense. It makes absolute


sense. There are moments in this film that funny. He is wearing blue.


A moment when he says "say goodbye to Miss Laura." I will not say


anything else. When you see it, you will know what we mean. I have seen


it with someone who loved. It I watched it again. I think it's


worth bringing up with somebody who found the violence too much. It was


in the news a lot. Silly not to mention. There has been talk about


Tarantino and violence. By this stage of his career if you don't


like gun play you are better off having a Radox bath than watching a


Tarantino film. The violence is more interesting than the violence


he doesn't show than the violence he does show. There is a lot of


slap stick. You never doubt how seriously this movie takes slavery.


You don't have to be Spielberg to make a point. I want to say


something quick about the actors. Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz get


all the attention. I want to say something about Leonardo Di Caprio.


She a very smart move casting him here. The thing about Leonardo Di


Caprio, he has ruined any number of films in the last few years.


Whatever the role is, he looks like this over fed man baby. In fact,


here that is the character. That is exactly the character he is playing.


He is a perfect fit. Very, very smart move casting Leonardo Di


Caprio. Samuel L Jackson extraordinary? Yes. Next, Helen


Hunt and John Hawkes star in The Sessions, the true life story of


Mark O'Brien, a polio sufferer paralysed from the neck down, who


sets out to lose his virginity aged Oh. Shit. I had not heard this


story told before. You know, a guy who was spent most of his life in


an iron lung. All of a sudden he wanted to lose his virginity.


possible for me to know a woman in the biblical sense? Are we talking


about sexual enter course? My penis speaks to me, Father. When I read


the script. I thought, this is a new story. A world I have never


seen before. You go, this is like this movie but they are on Mars. I


have not seen this story before or met this woman before. So. Your


money is on the desk over there. Yes, it is. Thank you. That was the


wrong way to start of. It really was. Shall we start again? Please.


You start. Although the aim is for us to have sex. I'm not a


prostitute. You don't have to pay me up front. I have nothing against


prostitutes. There is a difference. We can talk about that later.


sorry. The concept of a sex surrogate. What is this role, a


woman who has sex for money, it's not prostitution? It weighs


irresistable. I understand you are able to have an erection. Yes, but


not by choice. The First question I had for the director, who had also


written the script was, why not a disabled actor, Ben is disabled


himself, a polio survivor. He had met with actors with disability and


actors without disability trying to find his character. He hadn't found


the right actor, he felt. I'm glad he thought I could do. It I'm glad


I decided to do. It God wasn't actually denying my sexuality, he


was just pointing out to me how useless it was. It's amazing to me


how often God is brought into the sex act. I understand, even among


non-believers the most common expression of sexual ecstasy is "oh,


God." To find the humour in this film was hugely important to me.


The fact that the audiencience is laughing so loud they can't hear


the neck line means when I come in they are more open and engaged and


vulnerable. I said to my boyfriend at the premier in LA, before I come


in and get naked, "it's very quiet in here all of a sudden." You will


listen to signals from your body. That way you will be able to have


control. One of the unique things about the movie, often when two


people come together in a movie or in real-life, they are really


looking out for themselves. Whereas, in this case, they come together


for one of them. They come together for him. I think, it works best as


a relationship movie. It's kind of like, a hidden love story, really.


I was ready to often comfort to the furlong. I would love to hear it.


Love is a journey. I like it already. That's it. That is all I


have got. What do you think? terms of award season,th Sessions


hasn't been invited to the party. I think that is a shame. The reasons


it has been ignored are exactly the reasons it should be embraced.


Unstayed and under played. It tell as movie story without leaving your


heart strings feeling like they have been molested. It has a really


great refreshing attitude towards sex. In big Hollywood blockbusters


they try to pretend sex doesn't exist. People in Christopher Nolan


films I don't think have gentals. Here, John Hawks' character is


learning a new language from Helen Hunt's character. Sex is fun and


healthy. The movie industry spends a lot of its time catering for


virgins and over grown virgins. It's nice to have a movie which is


a truly adult film in the best sense. Absolutely adult.


Performances brilliant. It is funny. What do you think of the


performances? Helen Hunt has an Oscar nod. It's well and good the


film having this sense of being matter-of-fact about sex. She has


to embody. That she has to play this part. She spends half the film


in the altogether. Very brave. Fine, fine performance. There are two


fine performances going on. It's a film about two people. John Hawkes,


who I think is superb here. Because of the nature of the character he


is playing, he can only ability act with his eyes and voice. Have you a


physical performance. To me, this is impressive as Tom Cruise on top


of a hotel in Mission Impossible 4. There is a real beauty to this. I


think, I don't know, what do you great being under stated and under


played? That is what John Hawkes is here. You sit at the back in the


Oscars unnominated while Bradley Cooper is nominated as Best Actor


for doing Silverlinings play. That is a travesty. Bradley, well done.


Now the Oscars, do you have gripes. Are you OK? How do you feel about,


I'm scared to ask, Best Director? That is a real problem. The


omissions are more interesting than what has been included. Best


Director is fascinating. You can reel off a list that haven't been


named, Tarantino not being named. Paul Thomas Anderson hasn't been


nominated for The Master. It is not up for Best Film. Not among the


best ten films this year, that is crazy. Ben Affleck with Argo.


won at the Globes. Another one, Zero Dark 30. We will talk about it


next week. Anyone who watched the live stream of the nominations that


Catherine Bigglow, people were clapping. Every time Zero Dark 30


was mentioned there was a silence. Interesting stuff going on in play


I don't even dare say I liked it again for fear you will get...


Please don't. Please don't. Listen... Also, Tom Hooper got


nominated but Les Mis... We have just named five directors - it's


the alternative Best Directer list, an interesting thing. I am pleased


the Southern World got nominated. It has picked up several


nominations. I can't help but thinking this is just the academy


proving they have seen a foreign and an indie film this year. And


Moonrise Kingdom. That's enough for Hello, and welcome, Chris, into Top


Five world. How are you? I am gl. How you? You have top five


Shootouts? I have. Because of Django? Because of Django and


because we're going to shoot each other. Hopefully not - definitely


not. Can I converse with you about Shootouts? You can. Many your head,


is that a mass of people because I just want it to be defined by you.


Yes. We're differing on this. slightly differ on this because I


would have thought Shootouts was two people. That's a due. Then


there is a gunfight which is a couple of people. I would say it is


usually a lot of people. Listening to you, I think you're right. You


think a shoot-out is two people with guns. Listen, we could do this


all night. If I am shooting at you and you shooting at me it's a


shoot-out. People shooting anywhere... Out of a bush? Anywhere,


out of a nightclub. Immediately, when you got the phone call, did


you go, that's easy? I am doing that with my eyes closed? I knew my


number one. I knew any number two, then the rest with my eyes closed.


I love John Wu movies. I am wearing the T-shirt but Die Hard didn't


make it. It was very, very tough. There is a disgruntlement about the


absence of John Wu on twit. They're livid. Let's start with number five.


When I think of shoot-outs I think of bank robberies and westerns, so


I went for a western for number five. There is another one in there


later on, but I wanted something that felt realistic, a realistic


shoot-out. If we were shooting at each other we'd be missing because


we'd be nervous. You would be missing! You'd be hitting me in the


face obvious by but I went for Kevin Costner's Open Range which


has a fantastic climactic shoot-out where bullets blow people apart and


they did realistic physics but also people missing. OK. Let's have a


clip. Looks like you're losing your Army,


Snoop couldn't hit a barn door. No. Number four totally - anybody does


a cartwheel in slow motion wins. think you're going to give it away


with this one. This is my style over substance choice. I was going


to go for a John Wu film but decided I had to go for The Matrix


for the noughties in many ways but Keanu Reeves looks very, very cool.


You say cool. I always think, what a coat. Let's have a look.


Don't you think that looks dated, though? I look at that and go, God,


1999 - that looks so... But every film that came after copied it. It


still looks pretty fresh. Yes, that lobby scene - I remember seeing it


for the first time and I remember seeing it a million times. "We're


going to need guns, lots of guns." What's next? A western. This one I


think influenced pretty much every major action film-maker for the


last 30, 40 years including my beloved John Wu. It is the ultimate


blaze of glory, the ultimate electric shoot-out. It's the end of


Wild Bunch. You know with The Wild Bunch, they


had six cameras going at six different speeds, six different


frameworks, six different cameras at the same time - that was the


only way he could get that sense of time. There would have been no The


Matrix without The Wild Bunch. Half of cinema would have been taken out.


He didn't shoot in FPS, did he? What's your next choice? I had to


go for a comedy. I love the movies of Jim Zucker and David Zucker, a


World War II film called Top Secret!. It plays on all the


cliches and conventions of a shoot- out, and it's just hilarious.


My favourite thing about that - we have watched it all day - I can't


imagine how many times you have seen that - still like a four-year-


old giggling. Not even the best joke. There are better jokes in


that sequence. Are there? There is an amazing joke with a machine gun


you have to see to believe. You have to. Very good. So number one -


I am hoping it's going to be what Twitter want you to choose as


number one... Yes. Otherwise there is going to be a ruckus.


disqualified John Wu, so... They did want this one at number one.


You may have noticed a young Val Kilmer in Top Secret! That was his


first movie. I have gone for another Val Kilmer movie for number


one. It is an amazing shoot-out in Heat where the characters are


trying to get away from Al Pacino and his Army of cops, and they use


incredible military tactics to get away. It's fantastic. OK. Here's


It's a fine choice. Nice wig on Val as well. Is that a wig? I am saying


it is. I am not taking anything away from Heat. One comes from


Twitter. I feel strongly about it myself, the Third Man - I don't see


how you can do this without mentioning that movie. It's not a


shoot-out. My God that cinema. need at least a dozen people for a


party. Scarface - you could do this on the top five movie - Scarface.


How can you leave that out? considered my Blaze of Glory moment


but The Wild Bunch pipped it in the end. Everybody has a favourite.


nightclub scene in Scarface where Octavio - you know, he's the


cocaine weevil - he gets caught up in the shoot-out. You're an amazing


man, but... Number six - I am looking for two words, Star Wars.


don't know. We're out of time. Next week with Catherine Bray. Now a


clip from Wee Man. It's time you took the ladder. I chose to be a


gangster. The Commonwealth always despised


him. You leave Ferris to me. I have grand plans on him. Someone has put


a price on his head. This has to stop if we're going to have a


future. You know who he was. You knew what you signed up for. I want


you to pass on a message. I am scared, so scared. It's gone too


far. It's taken over your life. It's possessed your soul. If you


want a moment, you can have it. it begins. We don't have a lot of


time, so I am going to ask you, is it worth seeing? If you like


Scottish gangster films - I don't know if you're in the mood - it's


aiming for I am Bruce Scorsese. It has some swagger to it and fine


performances. The director also directed Love, Honour and Obey,


which is one of the worst films I have ever seen. He has been in


prison for the last 30 years because of that. Martin Compston is


very, very good. Next, Chained, a dark and disturbing horror film


from director Jennifer Chambers Lynch. If you scare easily, close


your eyes now. Hey, hon. It's us. We're in a cab.


We're on our way home. Love you. Excuse me. That was our exit.


Mum? I've got a child back here, and you're beginning to scare the


bejesus out of me. Chained is in my opinion a story about how monsters


are really made, and it's the tale of a serial killer who drives a


taxicab who picks up a fare, a mother and her son, and takes them


home instead of to their required Mom! Stay in the car. And he ends


up killing the mom and keeping the boy for ten years, and it's the


story of that experience. Mom! wanted to explore the dynamic


between the man and the boy and try and figure out exactly why this man


was doing what he was doing and maybe create a dialogue about child


abuse and why humans do bad things. I didn't ask for you, but since


you're here, I'm going to make the most of it. You will have one job.


You do what I say. SCREAMING


Jonny Evans -- Evan Burd is an incredible actor. Yes, he's a child.


If he wanted to change something, he had the room to do that. I don't


think somebody needs to be tortured in order to look like they're being


tortured. It is for some people a very tough watch, but I think it's


You will serve me for the rest of What's your name? I'm Rabbit.


long have you been here? Since I We have run out of time. Should


people buy a ticket to this? It's claustrophobic and evocative. For


horror fan, absolutely. For non- horror fans it's undermined by


having a plot twist which even a dog would find implausible and not


even a clever dog. Agreed. It's released on February 1. Your film


of the week? Django Unchained. But it can't get into cinemas because


of that terrible singing, Django Unchained is great. Go and see


Sessions too. That's all for tonight. Next week


we're back at the later time of 11.50pm, and we'll be reviewing


Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty. Plus, I sit down to chat with Steve


Spielberg. Playing us out tonight the new trailer for A Good Day To


Die Hard. It stars Bruce Willis and is in cinema's February. Thank you


and goodnight. Jack? Dad? This is what you have been doing, 007, a


playing field in New Jersey. Relax. You're safe now. Save my ass.


guy's bad news - terrorism, weapons grade European Union -- uranium,


nukes. Someone's got to stop him. That a boy. Knock, knock. Whoa!


Quentin Tarantino returns to the big screen with Django Unchained, starring Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio; John Hawkes and Helen Hunt get up close and personal in poignant drama The Sessions; and Chris Hewitt reveals his top five movie shootouts.

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