Episode 3 Film 2013

Episode 3

Film news and reviews. Claudia Winkleman talks to Steven Spielberg about his film, Lincoln. Danny Leigh reviews Zero Dark Thirty and Catherine Bray lists her top 5 movie mothers.

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Hello and welcome with Claudia Winkleman and Danny Leigh. Tweet


wore e-mail, the details are on the screen now.


Coming up: Hail to the chief, Steven Spielberg


talk about his new film, Lincoln. I like our chances now.


Hunting Bin Laden, Jessica Chastain stars in Zero Dark Thirty. I'm not


your friend, I'm not going to help you, I'm going to break you.


He's back, Schwarzenegger returns in The Last Stand. How are you


Sheriff? Old! Plus, we have the Top Five Movie Mother. First up Steven


Spielberg's Lincoln, it stars Daniel Day-Lewis and is nominated


for 12 Oscars. Mr Lincoln, I hate them all, I do, I'm a prejudiced


man. Congress must never declare equal those whom God created


unequal. You are going to try to pass the


amendment to abolish slavery, no- one has as much in the people as


you, don't waste that power. chose to tell the story about one


of the little known events in American history, about the fight


to pass the 13th amendment to abolish slavery. To explore that


story in as much detail as we felt it deserved, we counted on the


audiences for Lincoln to supply the now universal understanding that


slavery was horrific, the same way we count on the audiences'


awareness of the horrific Civil War. We will win the war, it is enI have


table. It ain't won yet. You will begin your second term with semi-


divine statisticture, imagine what peace will bring, why tarnish the


battle luster with a battle in the Congress. It is the same hacks that


rejected it ten months ago, we will lose. I like our chances now.


you began to think about the subject that you are taking on in


the case of Lincoln, you would never get out of bed, would you let


somebody else do it T I think you create for yourself a certain


irremember regins. It is not disrespectable, dr irreverence, it


is not disrespectable but necessary to do the work. We focused on the


last four months of his life, because we wanted today show


Lincoln accomplishing something great, that was abolishing slavery


and ending the Civil War. Come February the 1st, I intend to sign


the 13th amendment. We are coming to oppose peace. Abolishing slavery


settles the fate of millions in bondage, and unborn millions to


come. It is either the amendment or confederate peace. Slavery is death.


It is interesting that it is Spenceful even though you know what


Spenceful even though you know what will happen. I had that feeling


when I was writing it, it is dramatic, democracy is a dramatic


process. We wanted to include Lincoln's family dynamic, only in


the moments it actually collided with the public events that this


whole story is about. You think I'm ignorant of what you are up to


because you haven't discussed this scheme with me as you ought to have


done, when have I been so easily balm boozeled, I believe you when


you insist amending the constitution and abolishing slavery


will end the war. Since you are end sending my son into war, woe unto


you if you fail to pass the amendment. Seward doesn't want me


leaving big muddy footprints all over town. No-one has every lived


who knows better than you the proper placement of foot falls on


treacherous paths. Seward can't do it, you must, because if you fail


the the necessary votes -- you fail to acquire the necessary votes, woe


unto you, circumstance you answer to me. It was her incyst tense that


he was brilliant, and she would never let up on that, and telling


him how brilliant he is, and what he was going to do. She never had


any doubt that he was going to be President, and he was going to


change the world. He was so open, and that was one of the most


beautiful surprises of getting to know him. Was how insanely


accessible that man was, at a time when it was physically very


dangerous, in his case, to be accessible. Think of all the boys


who will die if you make peace. can't end this war until we cure


ourselves of slavery, this amendment is that cure. We need two


yeses. Get out and get them. How? I'm the President of the United


States, clothed in immense power, you will procure me these votes.


Lincoln certainly guided the country through the worst crisis in


the entire history, more than any other single person he helped the


United States to survive. Doing this he helped the idea of


democracy, as a viable political system to survive. And more than


any other single person, Lincoln helped end slavery. Today we will


What did you think? The challenge for Steven Spielberg was to not


take a $07 million museum exhibit. I don't think he has, it is a


little bit polite and respectable. There are a lot of well-loved


actors in historically authentic facial hair. It is absorbing, and


not quite the movie people expect it to be. I totally agree, it is


Daniel Day-Lewis, it is about a hero, who Steven Spielberg himself


says he was obsessed by from the age of four. It is Spielberg, John


Williams, it will be rousing, there will be moments where they want you


to stand up and weep. It is not like that, I felt everyone


underplayed, definitely Daniel Day- Lewis, and Spielberg, it is three


hours of men talking. But I loved it. I could have watched another


three hours. It is a less pithy West Wing. It is about politics and


I found it deeply interesting. I liked that it wasn't sentimental?


will agree with you. It is a much smaller movie than people might


expect. Most of the action takes place around drawing room tables.


You are right, there is an absence of rousing speeches, it is about


the dirty work of politics, really. I think it is a sturdy film about


politics and a politician, and you don't feel like you will be grabbed


by the shoulders and led into the grift shop afterwards. Lots of


people say it is a bit of a bore, "painfully dull, a badly performed


film". Someone else says that Day- Lewis is full of ease and charisma,


and Spielberg's best. Let's talk about Daniel Day-Lewis? Let's talk


about Spielberg first. I have to be honest and say I think's a great


film maker. He has a career-long smaltz problem. I think here he has


it under control. If I was going to be picky, I would mention the John


Williams sko, I wish it could be turned down or scurgically removed.


It gets everywhere. If Spielberg is showing you a battlefield with dead


bodies, you don't need the mournful orchestra to see that. It is a


great film. In terms of Daniel Day- Lewis, we almost risk taking him


for granted, what he does here is phenomenal, really, he does that


thing which actors talk about a lot, I have very rarely seen, he


disappears inside the character. If you look at Meryl Streep, in the


Iron Lady, it is a comparable role, it is a great performance, but you


are aware of a great performance going on. Here you are unaware of


the performance, Day-Lewis Louis isn't there any more, it's


unnerving, it is like an old photograph coming to life. There is


not another actor alive who could do what he does here. I feel I


shouldn't have said that, someone is getting the stove pipe hat and


beard ready. He is brilliant. It is worth mentions Tommy Lee Jones and


Sally Field, across the bored? There is not a duff performance. As


an actor's film it is great. Kathryn Bigelow directs Zero Dark


Thirty, the story of the decade- long hunt for Osama Bin Laden.


You really believe this story? Osama Bin Laden. Yeah. What part


convinced you? Her confidence. Zero Dark Thirty chronicles the


hunt for Osama Bin Laden, that look place over ten years, from 9/11


2001, to May 21st2011. My character is working in the CIA as a targeter,


she finds a lead that will lead her to the compound and Bin Laden. Many


people doubt her, but she stays on it until the very end. There are


two narratives about the location of Osama Bin Laden, the one that


you are most familiar with is that UBL is hide anything a cave in the


tribal areas, and surrounded by a large contingent of loyal fighters,


but that narrative is pre-9/11 understanding of UBL. Mya, is


somebody that gives up everything in her life for this mission. She


believes she was chosen for this, that she was called to do this. It


take as fanatical behaviour to catch a fanatic. This woman was


fascinating to me, I was surprised that I was surprised that there


were so many women who work in intelligence. The more research I


was doing in women in the CIA, they have been trained to be unemotional


and analytically precise. If she appears to be an emotional person,


no-one will believe anything she says. Third floor, north-east


corner. You don't think she's a little young for the hard stuff.


Washington says she's a killer. writer, who wrote The Hurt Locker,


comes from an investigative journalist background. He prides


himself on the reality of the facts, as much as possible. But what that


then does is not incorporate any back story. If you think of the The


Hurt Locker, we didn't find out much about the guy, we were with


them doing what they were doing, the same is true of Mya, you don't


find out about her past were she comes from, or who she is. All you


are really concerned with is her relentless drive to capture this


guy. Bin Laden is the one who keeps telling them to...When I first go


to a script, I make two lists, one list is everything my character


says about herself, the second thing is everyone else says about


her n those lists there is clues everywhere.


Can I be honest with you? I am bad news. I'm not sure friend, I'm not


going to help you, I'm going to break you.


Any questions? Do people really think that Kathryn Bigelow and Mark


Bole will make a movie that says torture is a good thing. To have


omitted harsh tactics or the detainee programme, as part of that


ten-year journey, would have been whitewashing history. It was very


important to us to keep all the elements of the story intact. The


fact that depiction is some how conflated with being pro--something,


is extremely -- pro-something, is extremely confusing to me. We lay


out the story as it exist, it in no way articulates one's endorsement


of T personal lie I think it is reprehensible, and that is the take


away of the film. You will never find him.


He's one of the disappeared ones. It is no good that I want to swear,


I won't, go ahead? Don't swear, we will end up in a situation! Zero


Dark Thirty has been so smothered in controversy, you feel like you


have to give it two reviews, you have to review the film and the


controversy. As cinema I think this is staggering. There is a lot going


on here which I think is knocking on for flawless. You have a


thriller, where going in will know the ending in the simplest terms,


and yet you are gripped and transfixed, it is a movie that


takes you by the scruff of the neck and doesn't let go. In the last 30,


40 minutes it becomes an action movey, it is a masterclass of an


action movey, it doesn't put a shot wrong. We are talking about this at


a time when TV is supposed to have overtaken movies, and we are


supposed to sit at home and watch the box sets rather than the cinema.


This is a reminder of what cinema can be. There are programmes out


there with similar subject matter, it makes Homeland look like


Hollyoaks. I should watch more Hollyoaks! Watching that clip again


makes me want to watch it. When it finished I wanted more. It trips


you up all the time. She did it also in the The Hurt Locker, just


when you think we are going down this route, or maybe there will be


a Roman, maybe she will do this or this, every single time it pulls


you up. It goes, no, this is not what's happening. Jessica Chastain


is phenomenal in it. It is a thriller, I'm going to read out


some tweets. Jay is trying to come up with a new word to describe it


"overrated", that is not true. Another viewer says it is a triumph,


some of the most arresting and breath-taking cinema. Eerie, wasn't


it. Chas chats chas is fan it is a -- Jessica Chastain is fantastic,


and it is interesting talking about her in the same week as Daniel Day-


Lewis. We know that he's making a believable human out of a


historical film, Jessica Chastain has to take a character and make a


story out of no back story. We have to talk about a cold and troubling


film about cold and troubling event. Is it pro-torture, people will have


to make their own minds up. From my side, is it pro-torture, throw


another question back, does it show torture working? I don't think it


does, it is the portrait of a botch job. The CIA took ten years to


track one man down. This film doesn't shy away from the


incompetence, and torture didn't deliver results and it ruined


America's reputation in the process. We have to ask are these people


heros, including Jessica Chastain. As well as a great thriller and


action movie, it is a great revenge story. Like all revenge stories the


Searchers, Straw Dogs, Dead Man Shoes, you are feeling uneasy and


queasy, and you don't know what taking revenge has taken out of the


people responsible. What I do have a problem is in calling it


journalism, this isn't journalism, they have made a mistake doing,


that but it is a great movie. Welcome Katherine. Hello. I know I


said this, not recently, quite recently, this is the best top five


ever. Top *Five Mothers. There is so many, all amplified. Why have


you chosen it this week? It is a tribute to Sally Field, who have we


have been talking about Lincoln, the ultimate movie mother. She has


a film out this week. What's number five? Number five we have the


formidable Angel Lansbury performance in The Manchurian


Candidate, she is just probably the most evil person on this list.


Let's take a look at her. This is a clip.


But now we have come almost to the end. One last step. And then when I


take power they will be pulled down and ground into dirt for what they


did to you. And what they did in so con temptously underestimating me.


That is all together eerie? One of the greatest pleasures in life is


take people who have only seen Angel Lansbury in Murder She Wrote,


and showing her in Chanderpaul. That is the her The Manchurian


Candidate. That is her with her son for those who don't know it. There


is a link isn't there? The role of number four Angel Lansbury was


interested in playing. At number four here is to her, Mrs Robinson,


it is Anne Bancroft in The Graduate. This is the most brilliant clip, we


could watch it all day. In your head put in Angela! Oh God. Let me


out. Don't be nervous. Get away from that door. I want to say


something first. Jesus Christ. want to know I'm available to you,


if you won't sleep with me this time, you can call me any time you


want and we will make an arrangement. Do you understand.


me out. Do you understand? Yet yes, let me out. I find you very


attractive. The best thing is the noise he makes, it's like, make it


stop. It is so terrible for Anne Bancroft, Dustin Hoffman is six


years younger than her. She has to say she's twice his age. He has a


side parting, that will take years off. The next clip is my all-time


favourite, it makes me cry. next one is traumatic, it is a film


I first saw when I was three, it still upsets me just as much now.


It is Mrs Jumbo in Dumb bow. # Baby mind


# Don't you cry # Baby mind


# Dry your eyes # Rest your head


# Close to my heart Do you know what I love about the


clip, when we showed it earlier, all the cool boys behind the


cameras, who were like, all right Claudia, eating cookies, scratching


their heads, were like sniffing and cute mum! Disney know this stuff,


if you are a mother in a Disney film you are ending up dead,


separated or something awful. is number two, a fantastic one?


is another horrible one, I'm afraid. You know me. Here we have Kenneth


Whiteside played by Piper Laurie in stef -- Laurie White played by


Piper Laurie in the Stephen King movie Carrie. He's not gonna come.


Stop it momma. Stop hurting yourself momma.


He's gonna laugh, they are all going to laugh at you. They are not


going to laugh at me. It is not too late, you can stay with me. I don't


want to stay with you momma. I will answer the door and tell them that


you are sick and you changed your mind. Sit down and be quiet. Can I


say I watched that a bit too young, even still now, I'm not ready, I'm


not grown up, even though I'm 74? It is one of the most banned books


in high schools, apparently. that true, I didn't know that.


we talk about Twitter world? Interestingly there is a lot of


unanimity, an awful lot of Jackie Weaver in Animal Kingdom, and


Aliens, and the Psycho conundrum, nor man and Mrs Bates. For the life


action ones I wanted actual actresses, exempt for Dumbo. Julian


Moore, the film she's in is out this year. Number one, did you know


it would be number one? I did, not agreeing for form's sake, this is


genuinely, this one is head and shoulders above all the rest for me.


There can be no other contender it is Sarah Connor, from Terminator 2.


Men like you built the hydrogen bomb. Men like you messed it up.


You think you're so creative. You don't know what it's like to really


create something. To create a life. To feel it growing inside you, all


you know how to create is death and destruction. Mom, mom! We need to


be a little more constructive here, OK! She is the coolest of all time.


It is such an evolution, we have seen her in the first time, this is


what being a mother has done to her, that and the threat of nuclear war.


That will do it! Who is your favourite? It is a great list, I


have no problem with it. It is David Lynch's birthday, it might


have been nice to have Wild At Hard, with Diane Ladd, she plays her


real-life daughter, Laura Dern's mother, as a monstrosity, that is a


movie mum. What is the next top five? It is sequels, I'm looking


forward to it. Aliens, otherwise we will have a fight. Predator 12.


is ten years, everybody will be happy, he's back, Arnie stars in


The Last Stand. There is the elephant right there,


boys. I thought he wasn't working today.


Hey ray, how you doing. Good to see you. You looking jacked, you been


working out. Give me that damn thing. It is an


underdog story where I play basically a Sheriff that has just


come back to his home town to spent the last few years in my home town,


and then retire. When all of a sudden this town gets hit by


violent criminals. Sure, the FBI, I have a violent


criminal making a run for the Mexican border. A couple of


truckers stopped in town, there is something off about them. Complete


your mission. Get me across that border. Something big is going on


here. I want a roadblock right here, right now.


I picked this movie because it was fantastic script. The story was


great, it had intensity, drama, it had a lot of action, which I love,


and which my fans expect me to deliver. It is, without any doubt,


a tense action movie. But, with Comic Relief. The FBI says there is


an escaped fugutive heading our way. When it rains it pours. I'm not


going to let that guy come through our town without a fight. How will


we come up against all that fire power? I got an idea.


I was back in an action movie where from the beginning to the end I was


punching, I was shooting. I was running, I was climbing. I was


kicked, I was beaten, and I was in cars and crashing into cars.


the hell are you? I am eight Sheriff.


It was from the beginning to the end. All action. It was


unbelievable. How are you Sheriff? Old!


They are selling this as the any comeback movie, and a lot of


shoppers will check carefully the contents of their burgers this week,


people should know there are limited quantities of


Schwarzenegger in this movie. Maybe he's at a certain age where the


action stuff isn't doable, or maybe he has better things to do. This is


the kind of movie where you think the golf clubs are out of shot. He


goes missing for long periods of time. It leaves the movie with


space to fill. The movie tries to do that by, Johnny Knoxville, and


it even has a go at becoming another Fast And The Furious, the


Pablo Esqobar, drug Lord who he's coming up against, is also a


champion racing drama, competing in South America under an assumed name.


Forest Whitaker had the job of explaining that, and I haven't felt


so sorry for an actor. Often you don't know you have missed


something until it is become, mouse saki, give it a Government any,


welcome. He is the colour of teak. I can only dream about being that


colour. He's a mountain, he can't move any more, because he's full of


foetus, I don't know what he's full of! He's walking along, nothing


makes sense, give me the keys, somebody gets in the bus, nobody is


in town, nothing, but it is also about 40 minutes long, the other


films we have done are three-and-a- half. The things that don't make


sense, why does a small two-horse town in Arizona have a 65-year-old


huge as youry ian for the Sheriff. Film of the week? Zero Dark Thirty


Lincoln for me. Next week we are back on Tuesday, who knew! He


earlier time of 11.25 we will review Hyde Park On Hudson. Michael


Claudia Winkleman talks to director Steven Spielberg about his latest film Lincoln, starring Daniel Day Lewis. Plus a review of Katherine Bigelow's Oscar-nominated Zero Dark Thirty. Catherine Bray reveals her Top 5 movie mothers and - it may have been a decade, but he is back - Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in The Last Stand.

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