Episode 5 Film 2013

Episode 5

Film reviews. Anthony Hopkins goes Psycho in Hitchcock, Nicholas Hoult stars in zombie rom-com Warm Bodies and Rafe Spall and Rose Byrne get close in I Give It a Year.

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Hello and welcome to Film 2013 with me, Claudia Winkleman. And me,


Danny Leigh. If you want to get in touch then please tweet or e-mail.


The details are on the screen now. On tonight's show.


Directing Psycho. Anthony Hopkins is the Master of Suspense in


Hitchcock. More anger.


Love Hurts for Ralph Spall and Rose Byrne in I Give it a Year.


Something in our marriage does a lot click.


And Nicholas Hoult in Zom Com, Warm Bodies.


Plus there's Gael Garcia Bernal in No, and Chris Hewitt is here with


his Top 5 Bio-pics. First tonight, Anthony Hopkins stars as Alfred


Hitchcock and Helen Mirren as his wife, Alma Reville in Hitchcock, a


film that explores their marriage and the making of Psycho.


Mr Hitchcock! Should you not quit while you are ahead?


It is about their relationship, if a marriage. About that


extraordinary moment when one of the most famous movies in film


history was made. I need something fresh and different. There is a


project out there waiting for you, I promise. The film is the untold


story of Hitchcock and his wife. It is sort of a love story about this


creative collaboration behind the scenes. It uses the making of the


film Psycho as the backdrop. Just think of the shock value, killing


off your leading lady halfway through. You are intrigued, are you


not? Admit it. Admit it. Actually I think it is an huge mistake. You


should not wait to halfway through, do it after 30 minutes.


I'm not a huge film buff but I do know some things. I did not know


about the contribution made by Hitchcock's wife to all his movies.


She was a critical component to his creative process. She was involved


in the script, in casting and in editing. So it was about this


unique creative collaboration. was the life that a moment later


cut off her scream, and her head. Charming. Doris Day should do it as


a musical! You do not get movies made without


an obsessiveness and an ability not to let go of something. We see


Hitchcock like this in his movie. do solemnly promise that I will not


divulge the plot nor the many secrets of Psycho.


Directors also need a voyeuristic element which can be twisted or


perfectly healthy. He is always watching. There is


darkness. The take on the shower scene. Hitchcock is pretty out of


control and crazy. He was immensely contradictory and enigmatic and


fascinating. That is why we're still talking about him.


He may not be easy to live with but you are more entertaining than any


of your plots. I do not know what Hitchcock did to


the makers of this film but they must be nursing a grudge. It is so


flaccid and flimsy and grubby. They are selling this as the untold


story. Half of it is not true and almost all his tedious. It is that


which Hitchcock with the spinning in his grave about. It is fine to


make it up but make it interesting. Hitchcock was the genius and Psycho


was a masterpiece. This is at dull film about a slightly creepy middle


aged couple having Marrel full problems. I watched this film on my


own and I stood up and looked it at the end. I'm going into Twitter


world and many people agree with you. One says it is painting by


numbers as a biopic. Another one says it is disappointing week


average that says little about the man that has not been seen before.


Helen Mirren was good. I liked it more than you did. 5 o'clock on a


Sunday, eating biscuits by myself. The shame is that this is such a


fascinating story and should be a fascinating film. Psycho was a film


that turned all the rules on its head. But this is not about his


wife, this is about the cramped up missing link. Constantly on the


verge of having an affair which never happened. Where is Hitchcock?


And spent the entire film wondering where he was. I just kept seeing


this random fat man, that is not Hitchcock. Is it because you have


so much information, because you come to it, for the rest of us will


a bit about Hitchcock, is it because you know too much? I do not


think it is. I just want something interesting. By all means take


liberties but makes something that grabs you. Not something this


insipid. Once you get past the make-up and the fat suit, which is


quite an achievement, what is left of Hitchcock? Had deep Sims can


says it is a formidable duo. A fitting home Irish. As a portrait


of Hitchcock is less openly Sandra's that others. But in a way


just as insulting because it shows him as an E D E who was making a


violent film because he himself had these repressed violent urges. We


heard the director talking about the creative processes. But fruit


has a better understanding of the creative process than that. Helen


Mirren is nominated for the Best Actress BAFTA and you can see if


she wins, and who the other winners are this Sunday on BBC One from 9pm.


Next, I Give It A Year, written and directed by Dan Mazer, the writer


of Borat and Bruno. It is only seven months and some of you think


we're crazy for getting married. Yes, I Give It A Year. It examines


the first year of a marriage. Where in a bit of a dysfunctional


relationship immediately. You're watching a film where you want a


couple ultimately not to be together. Whereas normally you root


for the two protagonists to get together. But here it you want them


to be a part. There is something in our marriage that has not quite


clicked. You think there could be someone


better looking's other terrible sexual problems? I wanted to make a


modern and contemporary comedy about romance as opposed to


something that felt hackneyed and traditional. That is almost a


pejorative term now, Rom Com. I sort you looking at it online the


other day. It is a hybrid of the previous work I have done and the


more romantic, emotional story. Bringing those together was


difficult. I naturally gravitated towards the more extremely


outrageous. That is the hotel. And that, that


is a doggy style. It needs to be rooted in a logic.


That is the thing with all comedy. You get these obscene situations.


But they need some reality in them. You should just cut your losses now


before your life becomes a series of squabbles. It has taken scenes


from my own life. I infuriate my wife. That is the manifestation of


hate and hate is funny. Here we go. Television. For words. First word.


Hanging. Impotent. Stupid. The famine that. Annoying idiot.


Disappointment. Shane. Doctor, not the first thing you think when you


look at him. That is hilarious. I should just


say I have a personal connection to this film, my husband worked on it.


I am delighted to be in this situation again. It is


substantially better than WE. But I think there is the identity crisis


going on. It wants to be like love actually. But I prefer it when it


sticks two fingers up at the fluffy side of things. It works better as


bad taste sketch show about a doomed marriage filled with


terrible family Christmases. Then Tim Key comes on and is hilarious.


He steals whichever parts of the movie are left to be stolen. It is


a very fine cast with a lot of funny people. Sometimes doing funny


things. Good, we are done. It is hilarious. For the sake of my


conscience, my problem is that you have to care about the couple. Deep


down you want them to have a happy ending but I wanted to reach into


the screen and kill them. Ralph spall is playing as likely arrested


but secretly full himself writer. That is basically myself and I


still hated it. There is a very good use of London scenery. And


some very funny moments. Watch out for the bullfrog and the monkey.


has spoken about that all day! Cannot get enough of it. Twitter


again, and one saying it is a hit. Hello and welcome, Chris.


What's your Top 5 this week? Because of Hitchcock it is Bio-pics.


Normally you come in and say top five, perfect. But they have been


some omissions. We have all kinds of things here. We can all jump in.


Was it easy for you? It was tough. Psycho is up my street. But for me


it is a bit like homework, a bit like a history lesson that keeps


going on and on. I think we were both scarred by Gandhi. Not what he


did? Not the man himself. Let us start with number five. It is a


personal choice. It got me into a love of film. And remember sitting


up into the small hours of the morning watching it over and over.


It is James Cagney. If you think he was always a gangster, this will


disabuse you of that. He can't sing and dance. -- she can. Of course,


# She is my Yankee doodle joy. I am a yankee doodle boy. Number four?


This is Social Network, the biopic of Mark Zuckerberg, but her life


could also be commodities the biopic of a phenomenon, Facebook.


You have 42 days to study our system and get out ahead. Used old


our whole idea! You really do not need a forensics team to get to the


bottom of this. If you guys were the inventors of Facebook... That


just makes me think, why are we not watching that together? Why does he


do that thing? Just to disabuse people. Just because he can. Nobody


is going to say to him... This next one changed at the last minute.


my original number three was really embarrassing, and then I woke up in


a cold sweat - I cannot have that! You are not going to say what it


was. I will not say. This is an amazing film, Schindler's List,


obviously about a broader canvas, but also about one man's


conscientious awakening. Oskar Schindler, this salesman who


becomes a selfless saviour. It is absolutely magnificent. If you want,


you could run the company for me. Let me understand - they put up all


the money, I do all the work. would make sure the company is in


business, I would see that it has a certain panache. That is what I am


good at - not the work, the presentation. I promise you, I am


not going to reveal what your original number three was, I would


just like to say that your original number three would not have


approved of your new number three. Nor of any of this! If you can


guess the original number three, we wheels and Jukic. What is number


two? If I had not put this in my list, I would have been killed. It


is Lawrence of Arabia, by David Lean. Nearly four hours long,


beautifully shot, beautifully directed. It can fall into kissing


the bottom of the person they are betraying, the biopic, but this one


does not do that. In fact, TE Lawrence is quite unlike a ball at


times in this. -- unlikeable. It is only flesh-and-blood. You're a


It damn well hurts! Certainly, it does. Well, what is the trick?


the trick, William, is not minding that it hurts. And the first choice


for you... Look at what you have done. Rules are there to be broken.


That would be the motto of this film, Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas.


Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, fantastic cast. But Martin


Scorsese's direction, for me, has never been better. Let's have a


How are you? Good. How are you doing? I gave them $20 each. Over


there. Excellent. What do you do? am in construction. There has been


a lot of action on Twitter, but I had to pick just one film, and that


has been mentioned a lot - Raging Bull. Yes, when it comes to boxing


movies, I think I would go for being more of a rocky IV person.


am just speaking - Chris, you are brilliant! Next, to the Oscar-


nominated Chilean film which charts In 1988, due to international and


national pressure, Pinochet - I assume everybody knows who he was -


had to legitimise his power in Chile through a referendum. This is


the story behind the publicity campaign which accompanied the


movement of No, basically, the opposition against Pinochet. It was


very important to us in the campaign to show the common Chilean


people that there are famous people who are supporting the No position.


Superman, Richard Dreyfuss, and others as well. Remember, the


future of your country is in your hands. The pair in a Chile over


these young -- long years has been the pain of all of us. The egg and


emotional journey throughout the story is based on their anecdotes


and their experiences. During the campaign, it is a very strong


moment, because your brain is exploding, your heart is bumping,


everything is very excited. I think it was also a very good opportunity


to do a homage not only to them, the real protagonists of the


campaign, but also to the millions of exiles from Latin America that


shaped the world in the last It is interesting home --


interesting, a little bit like Lincoln, this film is a smart


operator, because there is not a single second which is stodgy all


wordy. It is a bit like a thriller, but very funny in places. One very


obvious comparison would be Mad Men, because they are both about


advertising, and why we buy what we buy. Except in Chile, what they are


buying is democracy. I loved where they used proper footage. The way


it was shot, it was slightly murky. The was a total masterstroke. It


was like absolute bottom of the barrel, fuzzy video tape, like they


used to do TV news within the 1980s. You're right, you feel you are


right there in Chile in 1988. I suppose it is a similar approach to


the makers of the The Artist. It draws you in much more. Gael Garcia


Bernal is fantastic, but it is also a great character to play. He is


not a soul this con man, but also, he is not a starry-eyed idealist. -


- soulless. I would also like to mention Alfredo, he has got this


fantastic phase, perfect for the part. For me, No is highly


recommended. Finally tonight, a zombie movie. This is may best


friend. It is told from the character of Marney -- from the


point of view of my character. He is a zombie. He meets Julie, and


instantly, thinks she is the bee's knees. Then he captures her, and


rather than eating her, he decides to protect her and keep her safe,


and they form an unlikely friendship. And then, through our


love, it moves on to the zombie community, and I breathe life back


into him, and he does the same to me. We have a balcony scene.


obviously likes her instantly, but he cannot talk, he cannot express


himself. He is dead. And she is terrified that he is going to kill


I accept that I did not have to learn my lines, and I got to watch


to Reyes at acting, which was very enjoyable. But then he would still


forgets his lines sometimes, four lines in one scene! Why did you


save me? Safe - keep you safe. have met people who have seen the


film who say that they feel that way around girls sometimes, they do


not know how to express themselves. People can feel connected to this


material for so many reasons. changing everything. Properly great.


My memory of being a 17-year-old boy is that there was an awful lot


of grunting and shuffling... I can only imagine. Not un zombie-like


behaviour. This film tweaks a little bit of that kind of thing.


Zombie. Were purists might be a bit annoyed, but I thought it way it


tackled that was quite likeable. think it is cute but also quite


cool. And I think the soundtrack is a knockout. And they are both


brilliant in it. I should mention the Twilight connection, because


this is made by the same people. For me, that is the biggest passion


killer imaginable. Some of the has just tweeted in, Warm Bodies just


seems like a version of Twilight. But then again, she is almost eerie


like a blond Christian Stewart. But for me, this is everything that


Twilight is not. This has genuine warmth and wit. It is not banging


you over the head with that pompous stuff that Twilight was famous for.


And of course, there is John Claudia Winkelman. I am slightly


this up by the fact that in the post- zombie era, John Claudia


Winkelman will be there. Film of the week? What is your film of the


That's all for tonight. We're back at the same time next week - 11.05


- and we'll be reviewing A Good Day To Die Hard, This Is 40 and Lore.


Playing us out tonight, Ocscar- nominated Wreck It Ralph, a 3D


animation from Walt Disney. stars John C Riley and Sarah


Silverman and is in cinemas from Friday. Thank you and good night.


The he abandoned his game! Trains for all destinations now boarding.


Everything changes now. Stand by. Get out of this game! You are game


Anthony Hopkins goes Psycho in Hitchcock, Nicholas Hoult stars in zombie rom-com Warm Bodies and Rafe Spall and Rose Byrne get close in I Give It a Year. Plus Chris Hewitt reveals his top five biopics.

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