Episode 6 Film 2013

Episode 6

Film reviews, including Bruce Willis in Good Day to Die Hard, Paul Rudd in This is 40 and Saskia Rosendhal in Lore. And Catherine Bray reveals her top five sequels.

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Hello and welcome to Film 2013 with me Claudia Winkleman. And me Danny


Leigh. We're live and if you want to get


in touch then please tweet or e- mail. The details are on the screen


now. On tonight's show:


It's A Good Day To Die Hard for Bruce Willis.


Coming to terms with the past in Laura.


And life begins for Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann in This Is 40. You get


so mad at me. I do want to kill you. Plus Keanu Reeves poses the


question, "is film dead" in documentary, Side By Side and


Catherine Bray is here with her Top 5 Sequels. First tonight, A Good


Day To Die Hard. It's the fifth instalment in the 25-year-old


franchise and this time Bruce is Jack. Dad? It has to do with me and


the relationship I have with my son, Jack which has been a pretty


contentious relationship. I have kind of lost track of him so I


thought I would go to Moscow and try to find him and there was a


nuclear threat in this film. This is what you have been doing


007, a playing field New Jersey. Relax, you're safe now.


Jack is actually deep cover, CIA, he is over there working for the


Government. It is an extraordinary circumstance they find themselves


in and certainly, no one else has either of their backs, you know, in


Moscow so they have to band to go in order to stay alive. What is


this, a gun? I guess you thumped it before.


John McClane abroad. John McClane overseas. John McClane in a


different culture. That's what was really exciting because whatever


about him being a fly in the ointment, he has been a fly in


American ointment. It is really fun to take that idea and put it in a


global setting and just throw him right in there to a world-wide


geopolitical situation and see what John McClane does.


This guy is bad news. Terrorism. Someone has got to stop him.


Knock, knock. They have replaced James Bond five times. They have


replaced Jason bOrn. No one will replace Bruce as John McClane. He


You are not going to die today. This film comes with the big ticket


items of big action sequences and It is a big rocking Die Hard movie.


You go looking for trouble, or does it always fin you? I used to ask


myself the same question! Well, I don't know who this Die


Hard is for. They have cleaned everything up that the famous line


is, "Mother." We will leave the rest to everyone's imagination. It


is safe for the average 12-year-old, but I don't think the average 12-


year-old will have any interest in seeing this film. It is in the look


of it, it is in the feel of it, you have got this father and son son


plot where the son is essentially an idiot and John McClane spends


his time complaining about the younger generation. You squint and


this could be a hotel with rocket launchers. I am confused.


I would like that. Get Maggie stuff to do. I loved the Die Hard


franchise, I loved the first within and the third one. This one, I know


what you mean. There is a brilliant tweet and it is from Louis who said,


"I never thought I would hear John McClane say I'm suffering from


jetlag." There has been lots of films with old guys and they have


got them up and given them a spray can tan and gun. We had the last


one with Arnie and Sly Stallone and the only one that made me laugh was


Arnely. Let's not -- Arnie and let's not go there again.. You are


so wrong about the Arnold Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. The action is


fine. The action is not the problem. It is everything that goes in on in


between. A Die Hard should be filled with great one liners and


you have got one great one liner and. This is an actor who used to


be famous for his smirk and now as he does throughout his career, he


is somewhere between narked off and depressed. I loved Die Hard 2. I


will dual anyone who says this doesn't feel like a real Die Hard.


Here, the bad guys are from a pound shop! For future future reference


because they are making a sixth Die Hard, if you are going to be a


villain, you need more than chewing a carrot!


Good knows, I know that from personal experience. The action


scenes are well handled, but it done seem like the real deal to me.


Nick Nick Nick tweeted to say, "It is a good day to stop stop making


Die Hard films." Next, This Is 40. Judd Apatow


directs his wife Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd in this sort of sequel to


2007's, Knocked Up. Why does it 38 and not 40? Because your mum wants


to be 38. Let's not mention it again!


Your son is an animal. If he insults my daughter again, he will


be so sorry. You touched my nipple. This is about a family and it is


the week that the couple turn 40 and decide how they are going to


make their life work better. I play this character, Pete. We


have issues that we never quite addressed and I don't think we have


still addressed and there are new ones thrown in.


It is the fourth time you have gone to the bathroom today. Why is your


instinct to escape? Stop Stop treating me like a child.


They are in this little like transition in their lives and they


decide to try and make things better and the harder they try to


make things better, the more things seem to fall apart.


You need to get outside more and do some playing outside more.


Yeah, you could build a fort outside, yeah, build a a fort.


a fort outside and do what in the fort? It seems like ideas are


inspired by things that have happened in our marriage or with


our children, but it is fictional. It isn't, I don't watch the move


why and feel like, "That's my life." My life is much worse!


She never kills anything. She goes further. She will say, "I think


this scene would be funnier and more dramatic if I was topless."


And I go, "Really?" And that's the way we're going to go with it.


Have you ever thought about killing me? Yeah.


How would you do it? A wood chipper. Did you see Fargo? Yeah.


Feeling at ease with things is not such a bad deal.


I can't afford to sit in my apartment. Getting hair on my chest


to start crawling up over my shoulders ready to attack my back


is not cool, but it is a small price to pay for knowledge!


Anyone want to get a massage. It is fun.


I'm turning 38. Well move on. Isn't it weird our birthday is the same


week and I am going to party? don't think it is weird at all


because I'm turning 38 and you are turning 40.


It is almost like Outnumbered and it is that slapstick sketch show


about troubling orifice and it is this bleak drama about being


married with kids and being mid-led aged. Each of the films has its


moments and sometimes it is funny and sometimes moving. I have to say


what it adds up to is a big sprawling mess though. You look


even more unimpressed than me. Can you see it in my face? It is


two hours 13 minutes long and unless you have got that somewhere


for me, you know, I am getting old, unless you have got that, there is


a DeLorean coming, I have a problem with this film which is they are


all awful. I think they are supposed to be awful, but when


there is a scene about "how would you kill me me? "call me, I will do


it! The main problem I have are the details. They keep on talking about


this financial crisis while they are sitting in an eight bedroomed


house, I have got a feeling. One in a BMW, and the other one is in a


Lexus and they are going away for a mini-break and they have got a


Christmas tree that alFayed would think it is huge. She has a shop


that sells tie-dye scrunchies. Just work in the shop. They are just


annoying. I hear you. I hear you. I feel like I am being mean.


This should be called This is Judd Apatow. You have got Judd Apatow's


playing the kids, it is uncomfortably personal. It feels


like an acquaintance coming up to you at the party and you make small


talk and he shows you pictures of his wife and and kids and tells you


about his money worries and his sex life. I hear you as well about the


money problems. I mean, it is financial crisis, are large in this


film for a family that appear to own half of America and that


doesn't ring true and the other thing that doesn't ring true,


anyone who got kids, real kids, know that is the first thing they


do wherever you live, however much it costs, they destroy. Not only is


this house expensive, but it is spotless. I can only assume they


live in a cage well away from the house because that's not real.


Should you not keep kids in a cage? Because that's where mine are!


The relationship with the dads at the end moved me because that was


because I was in there half my Hello Catherine. What's your Top 5


this week? We are doing Top 5 sequels.


Most people go, "Why would they do that again?" Sequels have a bad


rap? We don't have any of those fudged categories in here and they


are all sequels and some of the best films ever made have been


sequels. What's number 5? It is from George


Lucas. It is, of course, Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back.


OK, let's have a clip. I will never join you.


If you only new the power of the Darkside. Obi-Wan never told you


what happened to your father. told me enough. He told me you


killed him. No, I killed your father. Can I just say now...


People will be complaining. People will be complaining to say


that is a spoiler. I am sorry. On behalf of Chris Hewitt, he would be


livid that was so low down on the Top 5. I don't want to speak for


him. I am on board. It could be higher up. It is a brilliant,


brilliant film. Where did you go with number four? I have gone back


to the classic universal 30s horror movies for 1935, the Bride Of


Frankenstein. Friend. Friend.


SCREAMING Weren't you in love with her?


a crush. It is a good one for Valentine's Day.


What's your next one? Well, good old Boris Karloff. He used to


present a TV show called Thriller and the star of our next clip guest


starred on a couple of Boris Karloff thrillers. It is from the


Star trek world, it is world. Buried alive. Buried alive.


It is lovely. So it was William Shatner who was on Boris Karloff's


TV show. Another film that is better than the first film and we


can include it in our next sequels list.


They are going to go back in time and save JFK.


What's the next one? The next film is is Godfather II. And this is a


brilliant clip. Anyone who watches this clip will


go, "why am I watching them? I want to watch Godfather II." Apologies.


There is a plane waiting for us to to take us to Miami in an hour.


Don't make a big thing about it. I know it was you. You broke my


heart. You broke my heart. It is fantastic.


Such a lovely moment. Brotherly affection.


All of that. We have had a lot of tweets for godfather II. We have


had a lot of of tweets for Toy Story. Dawn Of The Dead.


I am afraid Zoom bees have been shut out.


Frankenstein is not a zoombie, he is a monster.


What is and I say this with a stern face, number one? There is a man


who I think, his name has to come up, a director, if you are talking


about sequels because he is the king of them. I am talking, of


course, about James Cameron, so the real mystery is which one of his


famous sequels have I gone for? I have gone with Aliens.


Let's have a clip. I guess we're not going to be


leaving now, right? I'm sorry, Newt. You don't have to be sorry. It wean


your fault -- it wasn't your fault. Game over, man. What are we going


to do? Maybe we could build a fire, and sing a couple of songs.


better get back because it will be dark soon and they mostly come at


That's weird. That's the only one of the five that isn't better than


the original. The bar is set so high by that


frans. Frans that franchise. It is a great film.


I am a fan of Aliens Four. He loves anything four.


Next up is Cate Shortand's, Lore. Laura starts the film in a place of


surity. She is a national socialist. She is a Nazi child. Everything is


hierarchical and she is an absolutist so it is either us or


all the other people that don't matter. And then as the film or the


story is - as it pro propels them through Germany, she has this


struggle between her indoctrination and her sexuality and her emotions


because she becomes attracted to And I really loved that about the


story that you have this kind of love story in the middle of all


this mayhem and that was one of the things that drew me to that story


because I love the idea of falling in love with the person that you


have been told is disgusting. When I first read the book, it was


a new perspective on something I thought I knew and it was all the


details and the intimacy rather than it being a big historical


point of view, it was about family The biggest struggle was the


material and looking at it from the perpetrators point of view or the


children of perpetrators and you know, everybody was so afraid that


we were going to make an apologist film and my husband's family are


German Jews and they lived in 1937 so that gave me immense courage


because they were with me every step of the way and believed in the


Wal Lore begins at the point where the German down fall ends. You can


trust no one. There is all the special powers, the film is about


children and war. Lore is no exception. This family of kids go


out to find safety safety at the same time they are trying to


understand what their parents are responsible for. This film is a


hugely impressive piece of cinema. It will not leave your head for a


long time after the credits have rolled.


You are right. What I wanted to say even if people are watching just


that clip and it looks good, it is better than that. It is much better


than that. What is extraordinary is what the director said, it is


coming at it from a different point of view. We have seen films about


this period in history before. The acting is phenomenal and her slow


realisation that you can't stop watching it.


Saskia Rosendahl is perfectly cast here and she has this prettiness


and it is a great performance because she is a complex character


to play. All the kids performances are great and we shouldn't take


that for granted. The star is the cinema to go cinema Tographer.


So the film is like like filled with horror and beauty right next


to each other and that's a real achievement to do that. Cate


Shortand the director hadn't made a film for for nine years and I only


hope it is not nine years before the next.


I agree. Lore is on limited nationwide release.


A documentary about the future of film in the digital age.


Are you done with film? Don't hold me to it, Keanu, but I think I am.


We are going through a transition in cinema and the digital process.


I think without digital video, I don't I would have been making


movies. You have got to be a dude who operates machines to do this


job. There isn't yet a superior or an


equal image in technology to film, but we are being forced into


transition. You can't shoot 3D on film so film has been dead in high


heart. I hate 3D. The whole 3D fen on nem is a marketing scheme.


thought I should call film on the phone and say I have met someone


because this is the future. How do you use to tell a story? It is up


to a film-maker. This film is glorious. It is a joy


and such a pleasure in hearing these great film-makers talking


about film. You have David Lynch and Danny Boyle.


It sinks its teet into the gritty of movie making in -- it sinks its


teeth into the nitty-gritty and says maybe time didn't stop in 1973.


Maybe re-invention is as important as inhaven'ting things -- inventing


things. The history of about things dying and things being born. If it


it wasn't, we would be still watching shaky black and white


films of trains pulling into stations.


Keanu Reeves is cute. He is not over awed and B, it is not about


him. He must be tempted to say, "They did that with me in this


film." He is respectful of those he is interviewing. Most people


whether they are proper film buffs or whether they love cinema l come


into this film with an opinion and I swear to god, it might be flipped.


That's right. It is a fascinating watch.


There is more than directors going on here. You have editors and


people from across the film making spectrum. The one group of people


who aren't represented, there is not a single film critic there.


They don't know the imagination to know what's possible.


What's your film of the week? By Side and Lore.


We're back at the same time next week and we'll be reviewing Cloud


Atlas, Song For Marion and To The Wonder. Plus we preview the Oscars


ahead of next Sunday night's ceremony. Playing us out tonight, A


Place Beyond The Pines. It stars Ryan Gosling and is in cinemas in


I am still his father. I can give him stuff.


I am here to search your house. What for? I am looking for the


money that you may have been given. This is your problem. This is our


problem. I'm bringing it to your attention because that's what I


In this episode, Bruce Willis decides it's a Good Day To Die Hard, Paul Rudd gets older in This is 40, there's a look at the world behind the camera in documentary Side by Side, and Saskia Rosendhal stars in Cate Shortland's Lore. Plus Catherine Bray reveals her top five sequels.

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