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Episode 5

Film reviews. Claudia Winkleman and Danny Leigh look at Lars von Trier's controversial Nymphomaniac, Jim Jarmusch's Only Lovers Left Alive, and A New York Winter's Tale.

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Hello and welcome to Film 2014. We are live. If you'd like to get in


touch the details are on the screen now. Coming up on tonight's show.


Lars von Trier explores the explicit in his psycho-sexual epic,


Nymphomaniac. My name is Jo. I'm a nymphomaniac. Tilda Swinton and Tom


Hiddleston are bound for eternity in Only Lovers Left Alive. I have what


you need. Not that I need. Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson star in the


adaptation of the bestseller The Book Thief. You've kept me alive.


Don't ever forget that. Plus, we review Colin Farrell in a A New York


Winter's Tale. Danny is here and we are joined by guest critic Kevin


Kmare. That was very well done. First up, Nymphomaniac Parts One and


Two, the story of Joe, a self-confessed nymphomaniac who


looks back on her erotic encounters. If I asked you to take my virginity


would that be a problem Not a problem. You have to ask him if he


wants to have sex with me. I'm a nymphomaniac. We say sex addict. The


story of a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac. From the age of about


50, told by Charlotte Gainsbourg. I play Joe, so from 15-31. When


Charlotte comes she tells a story I come into the flakbacks. Joe is in


her self-discovery. Take them to the laboratory and you have sex with


them. What if it's nasty? You think of a bag of chocolate sweeties.


Because I was playing Joe when she was discovering herself by the time


Charlotte takes over Joe is more self-assured. She knows what she is


doing. I don't know if they'd ever have been able to cut the film in


about two hours. It would have been impossible. So that Lars can put all


the things he wanted to put in. It needed to be in two films. I mean


the sex scenes, I mean it is strange, you know. I'm not going to


lie. But it's also, you're provided with prosthetics. You are going to a


porn double, there are all these effects. Immediately you go - it's


fine. If I can stay within my comfort zone and still be able to,


you know, act in this film and work with Lars then, great. I'm going to


jump in. Would it be all right if I show the children the whoreing


built. They have a stake in this event. It was daunting. It was also


extremely fun and it was a really great challenge for me. It was my


first first role. My first job. To be surrounded by these amazing


actors, oh, my God, Uma Thurman, Christian Slater Hollywood actors


hes, these are the big guns I'm not even a pistol. Perhaps the


difference between me and other people is that I've always demanded


for more from the sunset. More spectacular colours when the sun hit


the horizon. That's about my only sin. As soon as you bring up


sexuality, immediately it creates a problem. I think maybe that's why


they see it as controversial. I don't think he's trying to say this


is what sex is, I think he's also trying to show that sex isn't always


romantic, as you see it in the movies. It doesn't have to be


romantic. You always see it with silky sheets. Then they kiss, oh,


they are done. It's like - wait a minute!


I've never met a bad human being. Well, you have now. Before we talk


about what you both think of the film we should say it's accent week.


Hence Kevin went off on one, which we loved. Will you do that the whole


time I'll try! What do you think? Is There is no end of grunting and


heaving and sweating and moaning and grinding in Nymphomaniac. There are


all kinds of sex going on, I learnt a few new things myself. It's about


everything at once, religion, families, fly-fishing, it's abouts


Lars von Trier and anyone who knows Lars von Trier in any one scene in


his films you feel about applauding and strangling him. That's true for


Nymphomaniac for the duration of the four hours. There would be moments


of boredom and where you think of writing a stern letter of


complaints. This film is intensely funny and wildly inventive and


almost heartbreaking. The world is a more interesting place for having


Nymphomaniac in it. I found someone who disagrees. I can't find out what


accent is next. Frank Lamb says, "it's dross, like a film made by an


art student trying to impress the pretty girl in the class" Is it


Frank? Yes? Is I feel we saw different films. The film I was saw


was intriguing. It's two films. The film I saw was intriguing for the


first film and a bit of the second film. It had an interesting motor


and idea which was to marry explicit sex with intellectual curiosities.


In doing so it seemed to be trying to lift the veil on humanitarian


where we all -- humanity where we live in a place where it's a battle


between mind, soul, in ellect verses the gut. Somewhere maybe, at the


point where Charlotte Gainsbourg's body double was getting their bum


whacked38 times the film anded me and Lars von Trier lost interest


interest in what they were doing. It suddenly fell apart. It became


boring. You saw, this is what he was doing. Because it was very long


Would you preferred, we should explain you watch the first one,


there is an interval, then you watch the second one. Would you prefer to


watch the first oned and be done with it? It could be a size issue.


Too big to handle. Will get into trouble! It's the repetition. I


think after four hours it's a four hour sex marathon. After that much


time the cracks start to show. I don't think it's as clever as he


thinks it. Lars von Trier makes films like he thinks he is the


cleverest person in the room. Thought most of it was supposed to


be funny. Did I... It's volatile cocktail. You have the art house


gloom and despair going on. The other half is Carry On, Frankie


Howard. I don't think he thinks he is clever. It's unfashionably


sincere. No. I think he means it. It can't be Carry On and sincere at the


same time. It's studently funny. It's the idea of - let's have a


wacky fight of about 95% of paedophiles are all great because


they don't act on their impulses and more sex - That's not played for


laughs You are being poked and prodded all the time by an Iish


student. That is Lars von Trier's whole thing. Did you not like the


marriage of this woman who was desperate to shock her audience.


She's Lars von Trier. I quite like... OK, right. Thank you. But


against him, who is unshockable? Did you not like those two... That's the


mechanics of the movie. It's not a story. It's like, without being


pretentious, like dialogue where he's just, a, verses b, put them


together am they bang about a couple of ideas. Quickly. Can we just


mention performances. Anybody stand out for you? Is Mixed performances.


Jamie Bell makes this fantastic. Shifting sadist. Uma Thurman steals


the film in five minutes. Given the film it is takes doing. Christian


Slater looks like it wasn't the career he was expecting when he was


doing Pump up the Volume. Sheila's accent comes from a country we


haven't discovered. I'm horrified - So down on it? Absolutely. Films


like this don't come along so often. The sooner or later Lars von Trier


his career is like a therapy session for him. Sooner or later he will


crack it and work out of his systemed and make Legally Blonde. At


that point we would have lost something. You say lost, I say gain.


Nymphomaniac 1 and 2 will be in cinemas for one day only this


Saturday and then on general release from Friday 28th. Next, Colin


Farrell stars as a man in search of a miracle in A New York Winter's


Tale. There is a world behind the world, where we are all connected.


What winter's tale is a fairytale for grownups. A thief who falls in


love with a dying heirest hes and hopes he can save her life with his


love. It squeaks. You have a gun? Just robbing the place, you know. Is


that still your intention? No, it isn't. Well, then, I suppose the


polite thing to do would be to offer you a cup of tea. It's a piece of


fiction. His journey through it was very much born of his... A lot of


his experience of love and loss. My My wife passed away while I was


trying to figure out how to turn it into a navigatable object. It became


a kind of love letter to her. What's the best thing you've ever stolen?


I'm beginning to think I haven't stolen it yet. They have a love


affair that transcends time and ends up kind of existing in some way


shape or form for the 100 years that the story takes place. These two


people have never believed that that would ever be part of their life.


The that they fall even quicker and even more madly. You are impossibly


beautiful. So are you. It's about the most unedgy script that I've


ever read. It's so sentimental. It's so sweet and it inspires to such


lofty notions about love. It was one of the things that scared me about


it, but one of the things I loved about it. Are you all right? I'm


Abbey. What is your name? I don't know. I've had no memory for as long


as I can remember. I appreciate the help. I hope it finds its place. It


is a utterly romantic, utterly uncynical object. The Her name was


Beverly. What's happening here? Their love is so strong it agenda


Tats the shades of light and dark manipulating the existence of all


human beings. You will not be saving anyone. Maybe there is something you


are still meant to do. It was definitely, you know, it continues


to be a very, very pro emotional experience. -- profound emotional


experience. Is What do you think? Best Film I have seen. Can we do


accents. It's indignified to carp on about accents as they are trying to


do their best. Russell Crowe's Irish accent is straight out of The Little


People. Never heard it spoke... Low pressure are corn. That for me


up-ended the film. Maybe American's don't complain about Liam Neeson's


American accent. It's Showgirl's cheese. Yeah, it's the Showgirl's


version of you know Princesses Bride of a romantic movie. Even mentioning


the Princess Bride. It's difficult to make a cult movie nowadays. To


make a cult movie it has to be accidental. Everybody know what is


they are doing. Everybody is knowing. This is a true cult movie


in waiting. I don't think anybody knew what they were doing. If you


went to see tie tantic having been force fed cough medicine and been


asked what you saw, it's kind of this film. Russell Crowe, it's


extraordinary what he is doing. The only explanation I think is that he


came off the set of Les Mis, and thought, next time I will take it up


a notch. He has. Will Smith? There is a gem of a nice idea in this.


Half way I got it, OK, it's Gangs of New York meets the mortal


instruments this is what they are doing, angels and demons in New


York. Maybe with different director, different script and cast this could


have been the film - With do you respect the sad circumstances this


came out, to have the same writer, same producer, if any film was


calling out for a producer to stride on set and say, no, no, it's this.


Will Smith and Russell Crowe are extraordinary. If you were


directoring a panto you might say "tone it down, loves" here they


don't. They think they have gold dust in the bag. Everyone in the


screening room was aghast. I can't explain what it's about. You know,


there is a horse, he's good. Other people are bad. The horse is really


a dog. Yes, there is that. Don't pull on that string.


Now, Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston team up as a pair of


vampires who have been in love for centuries in Only Lovers Left Alive.


When it first met Jim, all he said to me, he wanted to make a film


about love. And really, it was about two people, Yemen and yang, black


and white, the sun and the moon. They were very rare, sensitive,


allocate beings. And the twist was, that these two creatures were


vampires. They are vampires that lives without


reflection. But I think they reflect each other. That is the way that


they operate for one another. So there is something unique about


them. Having said that, there may be a pair of vampires living on every


corner, you don't know. I can think of some people who might very well


be described as such. 1868. I look so young. That suicidal Mt scandal.


Let's hope he is just Ron Antic. Being so reclusive and everything is


probably only going to make me more interested in your music. What a


drag back in our contemporary culture, vampires are everywhere.


Blood on a stick. Delicious. Jim was taking something that was very


popular and making it his own. Why don't think I have ever met anyone


like him. He is a poet. He is a poet of cinema and music. We're going to


have so much fun together. I don't think I did anything particularly to


prepare for the role. I hung out with Jim Jarmusch for, I don't know


how long. I have hung out with him for 15 years!


You have been pretty lucky in love. If I'm a say-so. -- if I may say so.


I have what you need. Not what I need.


Danny? I have always had certain preconceptions about the kind of


people that were sunshine to lack -- sunglasses in nightclubs. But it


turns out they were just vampires, Jim Jarmusch vampires. They are


these affable, slightly depressed and cats. I think that works. As Jim


Jarmusch movies go, this is slight and sweet. It is charming. I can


find nothing to objective. I agree totally. -- nothing to object to. It


is hard and depressing to see you do not object to anything but it is


like Jim Jarmusch is hit and miss. He made an appalling movie a few


years ago and then Broken Flowers before that. He is up and down. This


felt like his challenge was to make a vampire film after twilight. It


seems like it is such a dead genre, excuse the pun. Post Twilight, it is


so difficult to make something original. Identity was reasonable.


That was arthouse vampires. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. Struggling


at the edge of the genre. Jarmusch's question seems to be, can


you make it his own a of hipster guitarists. And it is fine. It is


much better than fine! The answer is, yes. I think the casting is


great. Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton, they are fun to watch and


they are having fun. It is smart casting, because they have that a of


dilapidated aristocrats, who might have been around for thousands of


years locked in a spare room in Mick Jagger's house in Performance. It


did not want to be a vampire film. I thought it was about true love and


they just happened to be vampires. It was not all about vampires. A lot


to their characters and therefore they were great together. -- I love


their characters. I would tell people to go and see this film.


There was some voluntary -esque name-dropping. Shakespeare and


Marleau... -- voluntary. It has to keep nudging you in the ribs to let


you know that it is really into the White stripes. But there are funny


moments. Jeffrey Wright, Tom Hiddleston, there was the scene


where he arrived at his hospital, covered in blood and he was the


world's least convincing Doctor. Every one of those scenes makes the


film worth it. And Detroit is a fantastic location, these skeletal


ruins. I've been waiting for a film that was not a remake of Robocop to


come and use Detroit as a location. Finally, Geoffrey Rush and Emily


Watson star in The Book Thief, adapted from the best selling young


adult novel by Markus Zusak. It is set in a small town in Germany


in a very ordinary little street, with an ordinary little family.


Everything is seen through the eyes of a young girl who arrives as a


foster child in this home. There is an archetypical mean stepmother and


an archetypical gentle woodcarver of a stepfather who teaches her to


read. There is a secretive that the family has which is that a young


Jewish boy asks for their help and they hide him in the basement for


two years. Quickly! Who seek? -- who is he. His name is Max and he needs


help. Are you hiding from Hitler? I am in. I am a Jew. If anyone saw


him, they would take you away from me and I cannot tell you what they


would do for him -- from him. No melodrama, no sentimentality.


Honest. No acting. Because we have to believe what these characters are


going through. They are checking the basement. What is this about? Max!


Max! It is an odd thing. I think if they


are wrecked decides to take on an adaptation, he doesn't because he


really the original source material. They would not do it if


they did not like the novel. Did anyone see UQ back -- see you? We


will make this our secret. It is very interesting. We are now seeing


audiences and people engaging on a strong emotional level. You have


kept me alive. Don't forget that. Words are life. If your eyes could


speak, what would they say? I wanted it to appeal to a wider audience. I


wanted 12-year-olds to go to the film got it has such a positive


message and because it deals with a part of history that should not be


forgotten. There once was a girl who had a


friend that lived in the shadows. She would remind him of how the sun


felt on his skin and Bobby air felt like to breathe. -- wanted the air.


And that reminded her that she was still alive. What did you think? It


is cuddly blanket of a film but it does that by telling you that war is


not as bad as all that. It looks lavish and lush. It has that look


that can only be achieved by sending people out to polish everything


between takes. If you want a World War II movie where even the book


burning looks nice, this is the film for you. So harsh! So harsh! They


are meant to be nice! It is a look at Germany during World War II.


Possibly a very pretty Germany, but I've thought that was great. I


thought the idea that you going into the classroom and there is a


portrait of Hitler and nobody is freaked out by it and the kids are


singing anti-Semitic songs and no one is freaked out and then they go


to the book morning and night and no one has bothered, halfway through


that I was unnerved. -- book burning. I thought this was


subversive. But you think, they are OK, they are not really Nazis.


Germany was not really full of Nazis(!) Book was number one in the


New York Best Seller list for 230 weeks. -- of the book. I love to the


first three pages so much. I thought character, Death, did not appear in


the film, so I'd got the film. -- the book. Markus Zusak is very good


year and Emily Watson is incapable of being bad. But when you think


about what they have to work with. There is a rich streak of guff in


this film. The first scene, boy is brought to Emily Watson, a stern


hausfrau. She looks at her, and she says, cannot even have her in the


house because she is filthy. And she looks like she has been in the spa


for a week. She is radiant and glowing. She looks like a friend of


Coleen Rooney. That all business runs through the whole film. You


know what that is, that is casting. -- that bogus mess. It is made by


Brian Percival, who cut his teeth on Downton Abbey. So it is going to be


traditional film-making. I believe what Truffaut used to call the


cinema to Papa. It is traditional, non-challenging. If you accept those


parameters, it is dignified storytelling. I did not find it


dignified. And there is the most crass moment of product placement I


think I have ever seen in the history of cinema at the end. It is


a pivotal moment and it is kind of out of nowhere. It is like Schindler


is list being interrupted so that Liam Neeson can have a can of juice.


The director said he wanted 12-year-olds to go and see it. Maybe


that is why it is softer? A World War II movie doesn't have to be


gut-wrenching. It doesn't have to be existentially ruined. But it was not


a nice time. Moving onto film of the week. Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac.


It has to be The Book Thief. Nymphomaniac is misogynistic, wildly


misogynistic. As a woman, how can you not notice that? I think


everything is such a mystic. But did not think that was particularly.


Now, we have to debate this for hours. That is a brilliant time to


bring that up. We will chat, off a. -- off air. And The Book Thief will


be in cinemas from February 26th. That's all from us. We'll be back


next Wednesday at 11:05, when we review Liam Neeson in Non Stop,


Danny meets Wes Anderson and we and talk all things Oscar. We're going


to play out tonight with Noah, the new film from Black Swan director,


Darren Aronofsky. It's in cinemas in April. Thank you so much for


watching. Good night.


Man corrupted this world. He polluted it with violence. So we


must be destroyed. A great flood is coming. We must make a vessel to


hold the innocent. Father! Ham! There is nothing for you here. You


define me? I am not alone. The choice is in your hands, no. --


Noah. When they come, they will be desperate and they will be many.


Take the arc!


Film 2014 returns to review the latest movie releases. Under consideration this week is Lars von Trier's controversial Nymphomaniac Volumes One and Two, starring Charlotte Gainsbourg alongside an ensemble cast. Tilda Swinton stars in Jim Jarmusch's Only Lovers Left Alive, and Colin Farrell leads the cast of fantasy drama A New York Winter's Tale.

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