Episode 6 Film 2014

Episode 6

Film reviews. Under consideration this week is Non-Stop, an action thriller set on a transatlantic flight. Danny Leigh talks to Wes Anderson about his career.

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Hello and welcome to Film 2014. We live if you would like to get in


touch. Coming up... Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson take


a flight into the unknown in Non-Stop. He is hijacking this


plane, I am 27. Wes Anderson talks about his career.


I do something so different with each film.


And we look ahead to Sunday's Oscars.


We take a look at Godzilla, the new film from Gareth Edwards. We are


joined right Danny and Camilla Long. First up, fast and your seat belt


for Non-Stop. Liam Neeson plays an air marshal trying to keep control


of a transatlantic flight. I hate flying. The crowds, the delays. I


always kind of liked it. Six hours, nobody can get to you. Welcome


aboard our service, New York to London. Do you fly much? All the


time, actually. It is a brave film in lots of ways.


97% of it is filmed on board an aeroplane. Somebody on this flight


is threatening to kill somebody every 20 minutes unless $150 million


is transferred to this a number. The written element that is like an


old-fashioned whodunnit? It must be him, maybe it is her. We are midway


across the Atlantic, how do you kill summary in a crowded plane and get


away with it? -- kill somebody. You introduce this entire cast at


the beginning. It is old-fashioned, it reminds me of films in the 70s


when you had a large cast in one situation and you would wait to see


who would survive. In the cockpit, now. You are going to come in, sit


down and shut up. I am a big fan of disaster movies, where all the


characters have to come together at the end to face an impossible


situation. We shot the film over two months. Every day we were with the


same extras who were playing the passengers, and the same set, it was


a real challenge for the film-makers and the director of photography, it


didn't just have one set, you have to make it interesting for an


audience will stop --. I love the idea of putting the audience in the


middle of the action. The audience should feel like a passenger on the


plane. This is a setup, something else is going on. That's what these


films are about, thrills and suspense and the unexpected, not


knowing at all what will happen, not being able to anticipate it and


being surprised and genuinely entertaining. A squad has you in


their sights. We or any out of time, do you hear me? -- we are running


out of time. I can't help but smile, I don't know


if that was the aim. You would assume a bad guy on a plane would do


a runner when you see Liam Neeson. He looks disturbed from the word


go. Clearly


Claudia Winkleman and Danny Leigh return for another episode of Film 2014. Under consideration this week is Non-Stop, an action thriller set on a transatlantic flight, starring Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore. Plus a discussion about the runners and riders for this year's Oscars. Danny Leigh interviews much-loved film director and screenwriter Wes Anderson about his career.

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