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Hello and welcome to the new series of Film 2015.


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The Hunger Games saga draws to a close.


Sex, love and everything in between in Gaspar Noe's erotic drama


And we have a close encounter with legendary director Steven Spielberg.


I'm not going to tell you a bloody thing. Fair enough!


Plus we'll take a look at Australian drama The Dressmaker,


With me on the sofa, as ever, is always on-trend Danny Leigh,


and joining us is the equally delicious Peter Bradshaw.


First up is the last instalment of The Hunger Games quadrilogy.


Back in 2012 when the Games began, Jennifer Lawrence didn't have


an Oscar and Katniss hadn't even contemplated rebellion.


My dear Ms. Verdeen, make no mistake, the game is coming to its


end. It's a bleak story about the reality of war, so all of the movies


have been a build-up to this final battle. Our future starts tomorrow


at dawn. When we march together into the capital. There's rebellion


building and Katniss is building in her position as the Mockingjay. In


this film it is the final collision of all the conflicts that have been


building throughout the series. One way or another this war is going to


come to an end. Of course it is darker. It has to be by necessity.


It is a gradual progression towards tend of the world or the beginning


of a new world. The movie becomes a war movie. This is a girl who has an


objective to go kill a dictator and she's going to do whatever it takes


oing to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.


# Are you still trying to protect me? Real or not real? Real. That's


what you and I do. Keep each other alive. I want it to be intense, I


want it to be emotional. I didn't feel the need to explore carnage and


gore and blood and guts. To me it was always about the emotional


impact of everything. These books have always been intense. These


books have always appealed to teenagers and I think they are about


ideas that are important for teenagers to learn about and think


about. What you are seeing is how people have changed through the


experiences of war and how one person manages to stand by her good


morals and values and do the right thing. Tonight, turn your weapons to


the capital. Turn your weapons to snow. And if there's any question as


to what it is an allegory for, of the the powers that be in the United


States of America. It's profiteers. War is for profit. It is not to save


the world, for democracy or King and country. No, bullshit. It's for the


profit of Top 10% and the young people who


will see this film must recognise that in the future blind faith in


their leaders, as Bruce Springsteen said, will get you dead. Snow has to


pay for what he's done. Make no mistake, the game isn't over.


Danny? I feel very sad, very bereft. The longer this series has gone on


the more I realise how rare and special Hunger Games was. The


gargantuan blockbuster franchise, which asked wild and interesting


questions, I'm competing with Peter Bradshaw here. You used the word


interesting I'm pleased it is end ing with this narrative arc clicking


into place and it is still spectacular. I agree. It is still


smart. There's some wonderful Kat acting as well. Is a hug


appropriate? I will cuddle you after. But you're wrong, I'm sad


that it ended like this. I'm not talking about the last 15 minute of


the film but the whole nine hours of the film, which I thought she had


much less power, much loose oomph, I thought hit be taken away. I've got


to say I agree with that. This is the franchise that refused to die.


All the other ones have died. Divergent died and Twilight died but


this for me stayed stubbornly alive. This was a weird nihilist dystopian


power behind it. I don't buy into it, I'm not a believer like Danny,


but I still think Jennifer Lawrence carries it. Oh my God, can you


imagine if she wasn't there?! Oh, I feel physically sick. ? The action


hiller seen where they take the capital and it turns outs the be


booby-trapped, I thought it was a great scene, Tiscali good. I don't


think it is any great shakes, but I do think it stayed alive in the most


interesting way. This felt very drawn out and there were long


periods where it was like group therapy sessions, where there were


long shots of them all having the same conversation. The endless, if


you want to kill me... That's because it is more of an action


movie. It is a sturdy and competent action movie, and that's what it is.


There is an old line about movies you can't make an antiwar movie. As


soon as you show this stuff on scene it becomes exciting and glamorous,


but Hunger Games makes a spectacular thinking action movie which also


brings out how flat out sad it is. There's a very thrilling and


spectacular action scene but that's only 12 minutes. I don't think it is


about war in the sense that Donald Sutherland thinks it is. It is a


really interesting or semi interesting algae about -- allegory


about how young people feel. The way she gets keep getting shot in scenes


unseriously and wakes up the next day in a hospital bed. And in the


books she is so powerful, so strong, she speaks from the heart, she's a


wonderful figure, and here in one miniature speech she goes OK... It


is frustrating. So many movies treat us like kids but this one treats us


like an adult. I'm not. The tigress, I take it all back. It is like face


painting. All Jennifer Lawrence needs to do now is overtake Russell


and we are all set. For lots of people, Steven Spielberg


is the uncrowned king of Hollywood. ET, Schindler's List, Indiana


Jones, Jaws - just one of those films would make an entire career,


but Spielberg made them all, and with his new film Bridge of Spies


opening next week, Spielberg's roll Our own Danny Leigh took him


back to where it all began. He put a generation off going into


the water in Jaws, snatched our breath away in Jurassic Park. And he


created the most loveable alien in movie history. ET... Steven


Spielberg plays with our emotions better than anyone. Is it a boy or a


girl? He's been doing it for 40 years, but it so nearly didn't


happen. Steven thank you for joining us. I wanted to talk to you a little


about Jaws, which has had hits 40th birthday. Famously the story was you


were repeatedly almost fired from that film. Had you been fired what


would have happened? I think they would have shut down the picture.


The head of the studio was never going to allow me to get fired, I


knew that, but a come under him determined I was off the picture. We


were 100 days off schedule. Anybody else would have fired that director


Ben he was seven days over schedule, but he was my mentor, he discovered


me, I owed my career to him and I said, I will finish this picture, I


can't tell you when, I won't make false promises, but I will finish


it, and I can't tell you whether it will be good or not, but the end is


in sights. He said go ahead, finish the picture.


If you hadn't made Jaws would your career have ended up in the same


place eventually? If I hadn't made a movie that was such a quantum


success I wouldn't have had the freedom to decide what movie I


wanted to make next. I would have been a director for hire, attaching


myself to projects that the studios had preapproved as opposed to


creating my own projects and being able to get a studio to agree to


finance a project they didn't see eye to eye with me on. Success


allows you to get the financing, if the studio doesn't believe in the


project but you do. It sounds like you've reached the stage in your


career where a Steven Spielberg movie is a genre in itself. Do you


think these are separate pieces? I try to tell different kinds of


stories, especially stories I'm not personally familiar with. Stories


that are outside my comfort zone. I think I do better work as a film


maker when I'm not in my comfort zone and I have to learn a whole new


set of precepts. Your films are always so good at capturing that


child's eye view. Do you still feel like a child when watching your own


movies? I feel childlike when I watch a picture that evokes those


feelings of innocence and wonder, awe. So when I see a movie like


that, I completely convert to a child. I think all of us do. That's


the effect certain movies have on audiences. It feels like your films


have unique gift of touching everyone emotionally. For me it was


ET. I saw it when I was ten and I was never the same again. When you


realise you have that power and gift, do you feel you have to -- use


it wisely? . I never use that word. It is like kismet, luck and timing.


The movie has to be good but there has to be other factors involved in


it too. Even the culture, the social temperature in the air. Bridge of


Spies is connecting with people for a lot of good reasons, good


performances, and an intriguing story that no-one had ever heard of


until Matt Sharman, the British play right brought it to me. Wow! Not


sure I want to pick that up. This is the fourth film you have made with


Tom Hanks. When you have that relationship with an actor, is it


strictly professional, or do you strike up a friendship off camera.


Is a personal friendship part of that? Of course it is friendship.


You enjoy the company of the actor, and in Tom Hanks' case we were


personal friends for 12 years before making Private Ryan. Private Ryan


was a test, can a friendship survive when two personal buddies become


professional colleagues. And it did. Bridge of Spies I think is your 11th


film in the last 15 years. That's a scary work ethic. Does there come a


moment when you think, actually I'm going to walk away for a while? I


have walked away twice for three years. After shinned shinned,


because -- of Schindler's List, because it was a very tough and


emotion experience to get through that. After private Ryan I didn't


work for three years. It is not that I'm ever not working or active but I


have taken breaks from directing. Especially when the movie has had an


impact on me personally. Are there any films of yours which


you feel were underrated? Munich perhaps. I think that was


underrated. And there is of movie I am really fond of called Always, and


perhaps that is the most underrated movie I have directed. That is one


of my favourite films that I have made which nobody has seen.


Literally I have spoken to people who have never seen it. I have seen


that movie, it is a great movie. If the director of Bridge Of Spies


could go back and give some advice to the Steven Spielberg who was


making Jaws in his 20s, what advice would you give? If I could go back


in time and talk to myself? That is a movie, you see! That is a very


good plot! The most important advice I could give myself is to say, I am


not going to tell you a bloody thing because the most important thing and


the greatest thing about life is the surprises. Just take them in your


stride. So, did you love him? He is adopting me. Excellent!


And we'll be reviewing Bridge of Spies next week.


Next up is Love 3D, a seriously erotic drama from French


director Gaspar Noe, featuring unsimulated sex and a memorable


ejaculation in 3D, which we can't show you, even on late night telly!


Even so, there are some scenes of a sexually explicit nature coming


They are not many movies which portray passionate love for what it


is. In my case, I really wanted to do a movie which seemed to me to


portray what these universal experiences are. What happened? It


broke. Did you come? The story of a young guy who wakes up in the


morning on the 1st of January and he is next to his girlfriend and they


have a baby. This guy is remembering his passionate love affair with a


girl which lasted two years and it was very extreme. The movie


describes how it goes when you are at it did to someone. Got to take


care of that baby. Leave me alone, please. Trying to get the movie


financed was not so easy, because when people ask you how you are


going to shoot those love scenes, I say... Yes, but how much are you


going to show? Yes, but what will the rating be? I do not see why when


people get naked touching each other, you should cut and go to the


next morning. Watching them naked is fascinating. I could have done the


movie also with other people. I don't know if the movie would have


been that touching. Because it seems they make a perfect couple


on-screen, although the guy is not always bright, there is some kind of


perfection. It is touching. All these sex scenes or the love scenes


are tainted with that sadness of somebody who lost a lot. They are


emotionally arousing. From a heartbreaking point of view, yes,


you can get aroused but I have not heard of anybody masturbating in the


cinema. All right, then! I have not heard of anybody doing that, either.


I think like all of his films it is about basically three things. It is


about hard-core penetrates sex, cocaine and sulphate, really. It is


about depressive self-hate. And of these things I think the third is


the most important. It is what is driving it. I was fascinated by this


film. It is less technically ambitious than his other films. It


is lower budget even though it has this 3D novelty thing going on. I


think you need a sort of a sense of humour to buy into it. But there is


something fascinating about it. It is just fascinatingly obsessed with


sex. And it is unapologetic about that. I think it is great, because


everybody pretends not to be affected by sex. There are lots of


sophisticates who will say when confronted by a film like this, it


is very boring. Absolute rubbish, it is not boring at all. But I think it


is such a strange thing. Clearly it is a film with a lot of bare flesh


and so many tongues! But actually... It is not about sex or rather it is


about sex and also the Messi stuff which goes on. I think once you have


wiped off the surface of this film and see what is really going on, it


is quite a poignant, plaintive, old-fashioned, doomed romance. It is


briefing counter, but more sticky. That is how I took it. It is about


men and women. And his stupidity. Absolutely. I think we are allowed


to quote. He actually says, I am addict. And he is, here's a massive


dick. I could not cope with the whispering voice over, and actually


the dialogue. The sex is excellent. It is surprisingly soft core in a


way because it is all about consenting sex with a condom. It is


very, very responsible stuff. Considering it is Gaspar Noe, who is


usually the most shocking, hard-core of them all. And if you listen to


who is being asked and told to do what, who is really interested in


who, it does tell its own story. So I will go and see the film again. So


when people see me watching the film, be aware that while I am


sitting there watching it, all I am thinking about is narrative subtext


and compositional... You mentioned controversial - there is that scene


which is 3D, straight at the lens, I had never seen anything like that


before? It sticks in the mind. You do find yourself flinching. I think


the most outrageous character is the one played by Gaspar, the gallery


owner who has a sex scene in the film. It is not beyond the bounds of


possibility that Gaspar Noe has made this entire film simply to get


himself a sex scene with a very beautiful woman. It is the most wish


fulfilment film ever. His last film left everybody who saw it fried and


twitching so he is allowed to be melancholy and reflective and expose


himself in every way. Next is Aussie costume drama


The Dressmaker. Set in 1950s outback Australia, Kate


Winslet plays seamstress siren Tilly Myrtle, you grew up, you got out.


The murderous is back! I need to remember the truth. They say she


killed a boy. Where do you go from here? I reckon you came home for one


of two things - revenge or... A dress cannot change anything. Watch


and learn, Gertrude. I can make you the most striking girl. Take your


clothes off. A murderer and a lesbian.


This film is completely and utterly unhinged. I think I might mean that


as a condiment. It is not the film you think you are going to get. You


think it will be a quite sweet tale about Kate Winslet arriving in this


dusty place running up these lavish frocks for the bored ladies. But


actually it is not that movie. Real movie is the evil twin of that


film, which is this quite dark movie, which is actually like


Carrie. It is a better remake of carry them Carrie was. I don't know


what to make of it but it is not the film you think. I saw it... We saw


it altogether. Not altogether! No, but I found it unbelievably


enjoyable. Oh, my god! Please tell me... I think the choking awfulness


of this film settles on you like acid rain. It is just appalling. It


is not! It is an unfunny, small-town comedy which tries to be an an


interesting tragedy. And the sheer tonal misjudgement is just terrible


and horrible! It is totally odd. I don't know what genre to put it in.


You can put it as terrible. Kate Winslet is so strong, so brilliant.


For her alone... I think Kate Winslet does a professional job of


work but she is marooned in the middle of a terrible film. A bit


like Juliette Binoche in Chocolate with that same sticky horribleness.


She is not saying dressmaking is life affirming! And tries to get


away with it! I am completely with you, Claudia. I don't know how this


film got made the way it was. The Coen brothers talk about directing,


and the job of directing is time management. But that is what is so


fascinating about this. The town has been totally mismanaged. I do not


know what the tone is, how would you describe it? It is dark, it is


weird, it is like nothing you have ever seen. It stays with you. It is


profound humourlessness. Come of it! The tone is left home alone with a


box of matches. Fantastic! Please! Have you abandoned all... I would


like to say that this was kept between the three of us, but I like


this film. Even five minutes of this film! Each minute lasts an hour how


can you say that after you watched nine days of Mockingjay?! That went


fast in the blink of an eye by comparison. I think this is really


darkly funny. I do not want to give anything away. It is darkly


unfunny, yes, sort of. I am saying it is darkly funny but I'm not sure


it is trying to be. Yes! I think it is trying to get points. It is


trying to be darkly funny or darkly this, that or the other. OK, Film of


the Week? I will give it to me Love. I will give it to Hunger Games.


Playing us out tonight is Quentin Tarantino's True Romance


You Said Last Night Was One Of The Best Times You Ever Had. Yes, but I


am talking about the whole night. I never had such fun. It is true, you


are like Elvis, you are like Elvis, UI like kung fu movies, you are like


the Partridge family. I don't like the Partridge family! I feel really


goofy saying this after only knowing you one night. Me being a call girl


and all. But I think I love you. Wait a second. Let's try and keep


this whole thing in post. You just said you loved me. If I say I love


you and we throw caution to the wind... I am not lying to you. I


will never lie to you again.


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