Film 2015

Film 2015

Live weekly film review show, with news, features and interviews covering the British and international movie industries.

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Episode 8

8. Film 2015: Episode 8

Featuring previews of Brooklyn and Kill Your Friends, and an interview with Aaron Sorkin.

Episode 9

9. Film 2015: Episode 9

Featuring previews of Steve Jobs, The Lady In the Van, Tangerine and The Hallow.

Episode 10

10. Film 2015: Episode 10

Featuring previews of the last instalment of The Hunger Games series and Love (3D).

Episode 11

11. Film 2015: Episode 11

Featuring previews of Black Mass, Bridge of Spies and Carol.

Episode 12

12. Film 2015: Episode 12

Featuring previews of Victor Frankenstein and The Night Before.

Grandma, By the Sea, Hector

13. Film 2015: Episode 13

Previews of By the Sea and Grandma, and a look at the enduring appeal of Star Wars.

Star Wars, The Danish Girl, Joy, The Revenant, Room

14. Film 2015: Star Wars, The Danish Girl, Joy, The Revenant, Room

Previews of the new Star Wars film The Force Awakens and Eddie Redmayne as The Danish Girl