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Star Wars, The Danish Girl, Joy, The Revenant, Room

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On tonight's show, a little film you may have heard of.


Luke, Han and Leia return in The Force Awakens.


And what's coming out over Christmas and the New Year,


Jennifer Lawrence in mop biopic Joy.


Revenge epic The Revenant starring Leonardo Di Caprio.


And Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl.


I believe that I am a woman. I believe that, too.


Plus, we'll be looking at festival hit, Room.


Joining me on our vaguely festive sofa is the wondrous Danny Leigh.


And seasonal super-critic Ashley Clarke.


First up is Star Wars: The Force Awakens, director JJ


Abrams' much-anticipated continuation of George Lucas' sci-fi


Those stories about what happened... It is true. All of it.


The Darkside... The Jedi... They are real. The force is calling to...


Chewie, we're home! People will be worried but we will not spoil


anything, I promise. We will have to be very careful. Imagine if we said


it was terrible! Luckily, not, it is blended and spectacular. This


frothing last whirlpool of fun and no flammable be disappointed but


more important, there will be grubby tendrils that will be brought along


for the ride and that is more important than that because we were


both veterans of the playgrounds in the 1980s and what made Star Wars


everything was not affected our parents were into it, it was because


we loved it. On the subject of offspring, we took our own offspring


and they loved it, we loved it. I don't know if you have read any


reviews. A friend of the show said he cried three times, I felt


emotional and I looked at my boys and they were screaming, can we go


again? I don't have kids but I'm sure they would have cried! It was


great from the action point of view, it reminded me of mad Max this year,


a film that understands the primacy of action, out of the blocks, not a


lot of exposition, the way that the director uses his frame, there is so


much going on and you always know where you stand, great action


directing and action storytelling. The first 45 minutes, particularly,


is spectacular. There are a Lord Rose dollops of nostalgia and this


moment when the Millennium Falcon comes back to life, and I keep


coming back to that idea, you can love the movie without reliving your


childhood. You mention nostalgia but I don't know how much of my welling


up, and we had a bunch of people who should be grumpy and just wanting to


watch it, journalists, and people were screaming and crying and the


moment you heard that music, there is something so thrilling about that


stature. He is very faithful to the tone of the previous films. The


casting director deserves great credit for bringing in such new


talent and John Boyega is fantastic, he nails that hero role, Daisy


Ridley is great and Adam Driver, in particular, deserves credit because


he does that capital acting we have seen, he brings real pathos. Daisy


as well, she carries a lot of it. We have seen John Boyega being


fantastic before, we knew what he was capable of but Basie Ridley has


done casualty, and it is interesting to see her coming out of the locks


and becoming so on. Did, having a good time. That scene, running


towards the camera with this tomboy grimace. Some of the more


experienced actors, Domhnall Gleeson, has a particular knack with


this dialogue, Harrison Ford was talking about that line, George


Lucas can type it but it is harder to say it. Domhnall Gleeson has to


say, we are using those ventral cannons and the ventral cannons were


used. That is not a spoiler! JJ Abrams has swept the boards, he has


raised those prickles from the past. No one is talking about those


prickles, this is what had to happen, George Lucas has been put on


the patio chairs and left over their with Jar Jar. Not just for the super


fans, you can come to this is not having seen any before and still be


entertained. It has kept the meaning of Star Wars, this billion-dollar


spectacle going on and also this slight creepiness, which is what the


original films had, for all of that money and expectation, it is like an


old dude in a tank top. The art sign is fantastic. I thought I must get a


lunchbox! -- design. Jennifer Lawrence teams up again


with director David O Russell in this real life story of a woman


who risked it all to invent You are going to grow up and be a


strong, smart young woman. And you are going to do wonderful things.


And that is what is going to happen to you. To me, it is about the


promotion, across those three major areas of time. The pure innocent Joy


of a child playing in the snow. Making things in your Room, and then


when you get married to somebody, very special and euphoric and it


feels like you have won the lottery. A nice man, this lawyer. Are you


talking about this? And the Joy of after being divorced. And you need


to pick yourself up and you find yourself as a single mother and you


have to become friends with her ex-husband. This will be a musical,


we should sing this together. ... Until you think you have the time to


spend an evening with me... He is married to my daughter and that is


already a mistake as far as I am concerned and it gets worse and they


get divorced and that is good but then he moves into her basement and


that is not good and then I get thrown out by my ex-girlfriend. What


are you doing here? Returning him to you, I don't want any more. What? He


is damaged, he has nowhere else to go. He is very keen understanding of


all the layers of the family dynamic. It might seem like a


dysfunctional from the outside but what family really is functional?


That is a very strange question. It is multi layered. The story about


getting to know yourself. There is the story about family. You are like


a gas we don't see you or smell you but you are silently killing all of


us. And imagination, faith in yourself. It is very serious. Good


luck, here we go. And what it means when you find success. The world


does not mean anything, it does not owe you one thing. There are so many


different elements that I hope people can walk away with all of


them. My name is Joy, by the way. Ashley?


Just like that. Straight into it! Sometimes you have to hold up your


hands and say you have been utterly confounded by a film. There are


these hairpin tonal shifts all the way through, I did not know if this


was a satire or family comedy and I was trying to work that I that the


stakes stakes were so low. I did not feel invested in anything. I cared


about her about a foot family, interesting to see David O Russell


saying this is about Joy. What? That the surname that that family was


vile, I cannot write this off, I don't want to tell people not to see


it but I want them to explain it to me. It is about mops. It is about


mops! It is about the invention and the salesmanship of mops and that is


a weird film, you called it. I would be there enthusiastically but my


hands are staying here because it is a strange film in that strange


seductive way, strange like half a bottle of cough syrup. Nothing makes


sense. This is the in-flight movie, it does not make any sense at all. I


am with Ashley, and quite admire the film I can think, I have no idea


what this is about, inside the brain of David O Russell, I have no idea


what I thought was being hatched. He has done heightened, surreal things


before. Like Huckabees, he built that world and it felt consistent


but this is like a very big ensemble cast and they feel that they are all


in different films, Robert De Niro does that act from Meet the Parents


and Jennifer Lawrence... She is not doing David O Russell any favours


after this! What film is she in? Very strange. I like the fact that


somewhere in Los Angeles at that moment and Executive on a treadmill


is the man that created this, Green let this film that David O Russell


sold them as a Christmas movie and then Joy arrived! I think maybe I


preferred this to that one, to which Mr smoothie man thought that he had


requested. I want to see this another 20 times. I cannot wait to


see what people have to say about this in 15 years, whether it was


some sort of social commentary? Like recaps Popeye? David O Russell has


no idea who I am but they have nurtured a dislike of him first very


long. He is so friendly. These howlers, cinema history is littered


with them and in 30 years, people will think that Joy is the best film


ever made! Joy is out on New Year's Day, let us know what you think!


Next is director Alejandro Innaritu's Oscar-tipped


Leonardo Di Caprio is left for dead after being attacked


I am not afraid to die any more. I have done it already. This is a


story based on the real anecdote of a man 200 years ago in the middle of


the United States in this manner is part of the company of trappers and


he is attacked by a bear. He has been taking care of by his


colleagues. And they decide to abandon him and take his rival. And


then he has to drag himself and heal himself in the midwinter form with


them 200 miles. It is an epic augmentation of the journey of Hugh


Glass through harsh conditions and difficult terrain and natural


obstacles to seek vengeance. We were shooting in very remote places with


the most beautiful light possible, with very complicated shots. So


those long takes and wide lenses and the right light and his continued


shots always allowed people to really be submerged in that 360


degrees in motion, it was very hard to make web when it happened it was


a beautiful movie, it was like a wing into a painting, you become


part of that. -- but when. I mean, whoo! I did not see this film so I


am terribly sorry, I have read brilliant things, if it is like that


last shot! I will certainly see that!


The idea is they have taken a lot of technology and money and used it to


basically drag people back into this brutal, bloody place and time. You


are put right there amid the elements, and if you ever wanted a


film that would leave you the feeling of being savaged by an angry


grizzly, this film does that. It is interesting because the film makes


all these hints towards things like Apocalypse now, but I don't know if


it is on that kind of level. You feel this film physically, you can


smell it, but I don't... That sounds perfect. I felt it physically, but


it was also boring, I felt like it was a 90 minute movie trapped inside


this three-hour beast. It was a very straightforward, simplistic film


that takes itself incredibly seriously, and I have got to say, it


works more than anything is a brutal satire on the lengths one actor will


go to try to finally get that Oscar. He deserves it, doesn't he? He


suffers, only survives. He eats some liver, he swims a frozen lake, he


takes a kip inside a dead horse. I do get the bare grills stuff, they


will be a T-shirt handed out at the end, but I think there is a genuine


darkness to it. It reminds me of Cormack McCarthy in the novel Black


Meridian. There are arrows in the sky and blood in the water, and this


is a place in the world where you are either killing and eating or you


are being killed and eaten. Birdman had it too, this arrogant. But


Birdman was tight. It is difficult to make this film timidly. There is


a certain virtuosity to it. Some of the landscapes and action pieces are


as good as any I have seen this year. Will Poulter has a tricky role


but he brings the heart to it amongst all the grunting and


shouting. It would be so easy for the actors to get lost, and you have


to have actors capable of going big. We know that Tom Hardy can do that.


Tom Hardy and will Poulter are this incredible double act. Tom Hardy is


the dark voice we all here at three o'clock in the morning. Will Poulter


is the angel. He has already bought the mop! We also do have to talk


about Leo. It is interesting casting, because he is playing a


father, and that is weird, because I see him and I still see two


eight-year-old boys standing on each other's shoulders. It is a step up


for him, so I am a big fan the new. The revenant is out on the 15th of


January. Next, Eddie Redmayne


and Alicia Vikander star in The Danish Girl, the story


of transgender pioneer, First time we met, she propositioned


me. She seemed so sure. I was sure. I still am. It is an extraordinary


love story about a young couple in Denmark in the 1920s establishing


themselves as artist, and one day the wife has to ask her husband to


stand in. Could you help me with something? And he is putting


stockings on and holding address, and we see this character starting a


process of reawakening, a sense of being a woman that was suppressed


throughout his life. Hello! We are going to call you lily. And they go


on this extraordinary journey of them starting to explore lily, and


it happens through the art, and she starts to paint lily. But lily's


sense that she wants to live as a woman puts her up against society at


the time. You are different from most girls. I


feel I would need to ask your permission before I kissed you.


Exactly what happened last night? There was a moment when I wasn't me.


A moment when I was just lily. It is a love story that is extremely


related double, and I found it quite iconic. We were playing a game.


Issues that lily faces are very much issues that people in the


transgender community still go through today.


Are you all right? When I first read the script, I knew nothing about


Lili's story, and what I read was this story that questioned the


boundaries of love. But also within this was a story of authenticity,


and what it takes just be yourself. The fact is, I believe that I am a


woman. And I believe it, too. I love you because you are the only person


who made sense of me. And made me possible. Let me just start by


saying that I loved this film. Why would you both do that? I thought it


was nice and exceedingly tasteful... Did we watch the same film? It was


brilliant! It takes a tricky, complex subject matter which a lot


of people are talking about now and sands it and to this job postcard


Oscar bait, and I think they are going to have to make a new Oscar


Freddy. The most quivering. I thought the depiction of Copenhagen


was beautiful. I love their relationship. She is wonderful, he


is fantastic. It is to tasteful, we can't bear this much taste. The real


people that this was a stone were Bohemians, they were impolite


people, and they have been sprayed with air freshener for the film.


Sanctified. They are a gift set of bath salts now. It isn't all right.


They are not! Would you also have a problem with him that he depicted


the French Revolution in Les Miserables? He has turned things


down a little, so instead of he stole a loaf of bread, we have a


tinkly piano in the back of everything. Tingle, tinkle.


Tinkering, drinking, sweeping. So we were not moved? I was sobbing. I


thought it was good. I wasn't moved. What about their relationship.


Alysia they candour brings so much to it, she seems frustrated she


isn't in a better role. She brings a lot of voice and character to


something that isn't written that well. I am totally shocked, she is


completely written, she is a pure person who was an artist and is in


love with this person. Everything is too pretty. Eddie Redmayne is


pretty, the background is pretty, and he doesn't know where to stop.


The snow is just so. I think Alicia Vikander is very good, and I think


Eddie Redmayne is very good. A giant man stuffed into a tiny suit. All


you can see is an M T thought bubble above his head. It worked in


Amadeus, you have all of these actors from different places talking


in English. I don't think, and I don't mean to be offensive, that you


are right. And I want to say that in a nice way, but I think everybody


else who will go and see the Danish girl will see masterful acting and


beautiful directing dealing with a sensitive but important subject. So,


sorry. It is out on New Year's Day. Next is Irish director


Lenny Abrahamson's Room. Already a hit on the festival


circuit, this tense thriller stars Brie Larson and seven-year-old


Jacob Tremblay as a mother and son Good morning. TV persons are flat


and made of colours, but me and you are real. Wider the aliens never


screamed back? I guess they can't hear us.


The movie starts in what looks like a crummy little tiny apartment, but


as the story progresses and you see their simple sparse lifestyle you


realise that they are actually trapped in this space, and this


woman was captured at 17 and has been never seven years. I have been


locked in here for seven years. There is a world on the other side


of that door. What other side? You will love it. What? The world. But


that is just a setup for the two of them to work together to escape.


You have to play dead, and all the neck will come and take you outside,


and I will be in your head talking to you. I'm scared. I know.


Most of the movie takes place outside with them seeing the world


for the first time and learning about it and it is rinsing it and


growing and feeling a sense of liberation. There were two main


challenges. One was how do you preserve the tension and dramatic


intensity in the second half of the story after they have escaped, so


after the most immediate danger is over. How do you replace that with


something as compelling in the second half? And the other challenge


was, how do you capture the story being told from the boy's point of


view? And at the same time, you are looking at the reality of it from an


adult point of view. When I was four, I only knew small things. But


now I'm five, I know everything. They will never find us.


I can't talk about this film without crying, which would be not festive


and weird, so you begin. It would be an appropriate response. I wish


there was a better word than oppressive to describe Room, but it


does a similar thing to what the Revenant does. It is and in the


great outdoors, it is an incredibly small space, it is a prison drama


with flyboarding strip lighting. The as you physically and you start to


feel quite uncomfortable. Then you open up, and it has this tricksy


structure which is difficult to pull off, and I don't want to talk about


what happens to much, but it is almost similar to Psycho in a way. I


think the film is very brave in the way that it throws you in without


expectation and allows you to figure out their world. They are already


advanced in this life, and it isn't gloomy. They are in a terrible


situation, but there is a lot of love them but emotional power comes


from the performances and the bond they have. The boy gives the best


child performance since Gary Coleman in different strokes. He is just


stunning. And Brie Larson equally is fantastic. And it captures the kid's


eye view, it is about capturing it from a low angle, but also your


attention wanders, so something very important might be going on in one


corner of the room, and you are looking at carpet fibres or a


cardboard box, but also as a kid you see things the adults miss. And


Jacob Tremblay, what a discovery he is. He doesn't seem like a trained


child actor. He does it without being cute. And you have to give


credit to everyone involved, to the director and to Brie Larson. Jacob


Tremblay was seven when they made this film, and my sense was that she


had to mother him through the role a little bit, just hold his hand and


collectively the whole set had to get involved to coax this


performance out of him. This is absolutely my film of the year. I


can't stop talking about this film. It was they with you, it is about


motherhood and about how much you need and out much bigger things. It


will resonate, and then you will want to read everything the author


has ever said full of do you agree? I think there are a lot of


metaphorical things going on. They don't do a big scary villain, he is


just on the fringes, so it is about them and it is quite hands off in


places. There are lots of chunks you don't see him. My one criticism


would be that some of the choices were heavy-handed, and the music is


overbearing, which was a surprise, because when you look at Lenny


Abrahamson's other films, I think maybe he would've replicated the


hands off technique, because the performances are what drives the


emotion. We should all talk about -- also talk about Joan Allen, who is


fantastic, and William H Macy, who is probably only in two scenes. He


only dropped in for a couple of hours! Is made for it. And we are


sitting here as to parents and a nonparent as yet, and it does pull


on your nerves as a parent, but you don't have to have a kid.


Danny, you just quickly wanted to mention one more film.


Creed is coming out, it is part of the Rocky series, but the best way


to think of it is as a sequel to Rocky Balboa. As a boxing movie this


film is superb. It has everything. Rocky means a lot to me, but I think


is a technical film, a film full of soul and heart, it deserves it. Star


Wars and Room my films of the week. Room and Read our both out in


January, as is Star Wars. Well, that's all for


this week and for 2015. But playing us out is


a seasonal favourite. Made in 1965, The Sound of Music


stars Julie Andrews, Happy Christmas, go and see Read!


# So long, farewell... # I hate to go and leave this pretty


sight # So long, farewell, adieu to you


and you interview # So long, farewell I'd like to stay


and taste my first champagne... Yes? No!


# So long, farewell, goodbye # I leave and heave a sigh and say


good I # Goodbye


# I'm glad to go # I cannot tell a lie


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It cannot.


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