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This programme contains some strong language.


Hello there, this is Film 2017, and I'm Lauren Laverne.


It's probably well past everyone's bedtime,


but we're live and - crucially - awake,


Tonight, we're celebrating the career of Sir John Hurt,


Drop us a tweet and tell us - what's your favourite Hurt


All that glitters. We've got a gold mine. Matthew McConaughey stars in


adventure romp Gold. What a goddamn ride! Would you marry


me? Ruth Negga stars in race drama Loving.


And bless, she is killing for two, murder and motherhood combined for


Alice Lowe in pregnancy slasher flick Alice Lowe.


I'm gonna cut you. Plus, we'll be looking


at German vater und daughter With me to talk all things


movie-related are critics Gentleman, hello. Hello. Hello. As


the opening hello awkward question, what is your cinema snack of choice?


Harrow Borough at all times. I would bring a large fruits direct -- fruit


salad and help myself. How classy! Kicking off the show tonight


is adventure drama Gold, starring a fat, balding


Matthew McConaughey as Kenny Wells - a money man on-the-make,


who misguidedly goes in search of gold and fortune


in the jungles of Indonesia. I had a dream. It was like I was


being called. It was a gold calling. It was a gold calling.


It was 1988, gold calling. It was 1988, I lost my house. I lost


everything. Most people would have been dead, but I'm here. We've got


our gold mine! We got a gold mine! Yes!


Do you believe you're sitting on a larger scald find of the decade? We


are talking over $30 billion. How does it feel to be a rock star?


There is no way I could possibly describe the feeling. Amazing how a


little gold can just change everything. It almost seems too good


to be true. It usually is! Better or worse, the right had begun


and what a goddamn ride! What happened at the meeting? You


want to talk about the truth? FBI! $17 million disappeared


overnight. I'm not in a die! -- I am touching a


tiger. Not even a metaphor, he was touching a tiger.


Seven years since the last film of Stephen Gaghan, have we missed him?


His last film was really good, I am not sure about Gold, it is all about


Matthew McConaughey, I have never seen anybody so childishly excited


about this paunch and this boldness, I think he thinks that his acting


and it becomes a test of strength. How much of his twinkly Hollywood


charisma can withstand the indignity of sitting in his Y fronts? He has


done big transformations before, Dallas Buyers Club, very thin in


that movie and a wonderful film. I liked him in that. He is


insufferable in this. He is absolutely unbearable. His self love


pulses radioactively from the screen, it is just unbearable! He is


so high risk, he is a big gun and he goes off with a loud bang! Sometimes


he is a loose cannon. He needs a tight script and a close directorial


hand, he gets neither here and the film itself is such a Turkey, it is


stodgy and shapeless and rubbish. It was the makings of a great story,


the great American metaphor, the search for gold, it is part of the


National identity, and I felt they were determined to stay in the


shadows and make it a broken and is. Yes, there is a great story about


gold fever but they are not interested in that. They are


interested in the first ten minutes of the Wolf of Wall Street, which


was electric and Matthew McConaughey almost walked away with it. They are


literally thinking in terms of numbers, people like that for ten


minutes, how much would they like it two hours? Like they will like 200


times, they they are not mathematicians. This film has


nothing like the human interest. It does not have the wit or steel to be


a proper satire or the humanity and warm and genuine humour to be a


human interest drama. There is no bromance, Edgar Ramirez is just


phoning it in. I would not want a bromance with him. What about Bryce


Dallas Howard? Underwritten, she comes in at the start and Matthew


McConaughey explains mining and drilling with the metaphor of a


handbag like she is a pigeon and we are pigeons who do not understand


it! He establishes his own mastery of the situation. The treasure of


Madre rate is terrifying because it seems that all Stephen Gaghan has


seen is Martin Scorsese films, but it is the one you see down the


market where they have misspelt his name, it is a pound shop version!


That is brutal! Stick that on the poster! Really? And the central


character, one of the problems is that we are supposed to like him.


Exactly, it wants its cake and eat it and it wants to portray Matthew


McConaughey as an entrepreneur who carries out this huge fraud but he


is the victim as well, so it wants to give him the glamour and appeal


of a Jordan Bell for a figure and make him a nice guy, so it really


tries to play both sides. At times, you almost smell him, there is a


cloud of overflowing ashtrays and cheap cologne and Scotch but the


actor is a terrible person and the movie should be about that and that


is what Wolf of Wall Street is about. I expected that and it never


came. No, it never did. All right. Also out this week,


director Jeff Nichols' civil rights love story,


Loving. Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton star


as Mildred and Richard Loving, an interracial couple


who were threatened with prison in Fifties Virginia when they dared


to marry and fall in love. Like it? I'm going to build you a


house right here, our house. Would you marry me? This is a film about


Richard and Mildred Loving, married in 1958 in Virginia, he was white


and she was black, that was against the law.


The police broke into their home in the middle of the night. The rest of


them. And they were exiled from the home for 25 years.


It is one of the most sincere love stories I have ever witnessed.


I can take care of you. I know that. I can take care of you. We wanted a


film that represented these people as we interpreted them. A political,


very quiet. Sometimes, words do often get in the way. What intrigues


me about human beings is often what we don't say. It is an amazing


opportunity to talk about race and marriage equality but at the end of


the day, we are really just talking about two people that loved each


other. Is there anything you'd like me to


say to the Supreme Court justices of the United States?


No. Tell the judge I love my wife. Richard Loving being a white person


and Mildred being a coloured person did unlawfully cohabitate as husband


and wife! Are you nervous?


I suppose. I think that we must recognise that everybody's story


needs to be told. I think it's all right. This is not


African American history, this is American history. And these are


American stories, I would argue more than that, these are universal


stories. Do you realise this case could alter


the constitution of the United States?


Do you think you will lose? We may lose the small battles, but we will


win the big war. Peter, Loving, this is prejudice as


corrosive rather than explosive. It is very understated. Very tense and


beautiful. I agree, I think Ruth Negga is the beating heart of this


film, she is absolutely brilliant, she is calm and gentle and


incredibly intelligent in the way she understates every scene and


every line reading and she creates this incredible aura around herself.


If I could give her the Best actress Oscar right now, I would do, I would


put it in the post to her right now. She is absolutely brilliant. What


you think our chances with stiff competition? She should get the shot


went boat and Natalie Portman gets it for Jackie. But I think Ruth


Negga should get it, she is absolutely brilliant. I think she is


slightly better than the film. This is a lovely film, but I think the


scenes of the Supreme Court and the legalistic scenes toward the end,


they are a little bit too deep and maybe there is something a little


constrained and oversensitive about the way Jeff Nichols dramatises


their intimacy. And I think maybe we could have seen more of their


passion in a way. But I don't want to sound like I am bad-mouthing this


film because Ruth Negga is so wonderful. Danny, I loved this film


and what I liked was that in civil rights movies, there had been so


many fantastic ones and there are these scenes of great oratory and


excreting drama -- extreme drama and people overcoming it, but these


people are not that. They are not especially political or great


orators, they cannot stand in court and have their say, they are just


living their lives but they make a huge difference. Absolutely right,


there has been a decision not to make it to the stirring and rousing


civil rights movie and even at home, they do not talk to each other very


much. I agree with Peter, it does not always work but when it does, it


works beautifully. You see characters who are not saying they


love each other the whole time coming you just see it the way they


are, physically the way they are with each other. So when America


turns on them, you realise, of course they are a couple, we have


seen them. It is not a question of telling each other, it is a question


of being a couple. It seems monstrous when the night police


burst in the darkness and they are in a cell block. Loving feel


slightly different talking about it now than it did when it was first


made in 2011 and even when it started screening last year. Now you


see those scenes in 1958 which seem like something America some should


have moved out from and there is a President in the White House who


thinks this is buzzing the storage and a stroll down memory lane. So


the film feels much less comfortable. There is a disconnect


and it makes it more urgent. Director Jeff Nichols is very


eclectic. Midnight Special. Shelter. How does this fit with his work? It


is interesting, it meshes with the calm and ambient nature of his


film-making. His gift for magic and got atmosphere and calm and


gentle... Not doing anything dramatic. In Midnight Special,


eading you something weird and occult was going to happen. Take


shelter as well. It is different now, what is looming over the


horizon is a racist, horrible event which is not just a question of bad


and bigoted good old boys at the law of the lands, it is entrenched


within the law of the land and that is the important part of the film.


The law enacted by 10,000 strutting... Yes.


Next is actress Alice Lowe's directorial feature debut,


Prevenge - a tale of a heavily pregnant woman who shuns


NCT and pre-natal yoga in favour of murder,


I'm really sorry about your loss, I know it must be very difficult for


you. At the end of the day, you've got this force of nature now inside


you. Baby knows what to do. Baby will tell you what to do. It's just


nature's way. I think nature is a bit of an ask,


don't you? Prevenge is a pregnancy revenge


killer, it is a very dark comedy about a pregnant woman, Ruth, who


takes revenge upon society. I am a working mother.


I did it when I was seven under half months pregnant. Children these days


are really spoiled. Money, I want a PlayStation, money, I want you to


kill Batman. I guess I felt that it was quite an alienating experience,


well I was supposed to be a different person because you're


having a baby -- I want you to kill that man. I'm scared of her. I


thought, if I did a pregnant character, it must be the opposite


to any assumptions you have about a pregnant person. Why are you telling


me that? So you know that you have no control over your mind or your


body any more. This one does. I really want the film to show the


powerful sensory experience of being pregnant and the weird hormones


going through you. You have dreams. Listen to the sound of my voice.


Things seemed really brightly coloured at times, I had a powerful


sense of smell. It was like being a werewolf. You wouldn't believe what


I've been doing. I wanted to put that into the film, there are lots


of close-ups and intense sound design. Sort of replicating the


experience of being pregnant. Negativity's not good for the baby's


spirit. You think? What are you doing? Fucking hell!


I mean, who doesn't want to see a heavily pregnant woman having a


knife fight with the Queen of the Ironborn from Game of Thrones? I've


been waiting for this film. It sounds bad to say is less funny than


I expected but it is a compliment. It is dark. This isn't that kind of


comedy horror, with some slapstick zombies, there's something very


disturbing going on. She's made a fine horror movie. It is a film


about obsession and your body being taken over. Peter and I will explain


the pregnancy! Shaping, out -- shaving, ouch. It is like Henry,


portrait of a serial killer. It is like Alien, waiting for the birth


scene, something malevolent and violent because that is what


pregnancy is, it shatters the hushed tones of hypocrisy around pregnancy


and you realise it is a horribly transgressive event and this film


pays a condiment to that truth. It's really powerful and very authentic,


it feels like a video diary dictated by Alice Lowe's id. I want to know


what you think about it because from the outside, it seems more of a


primal experience than it already did. Thinking back to my time in NCT


classes with ladies talking about water retention, it feels different,


but you have gone through this. I mean, you know, we all have our off


days, I don't think many people go on a killing spree! It is stressful.


I love the film and I love the quirkiness of it, the fact that it


is telling a different story about pregnancy, albeit a very gory and


violent one. Alice described it as art is an old pot -- artisinal pot.


She wrote it in two weeks and filmed it in 11 days when she was seven


months pregnant. Yet, I'm impressed by that. It was very cheap, it must


have cost the same as Matthew McConaughey's bald wig. She must


have filmed it with hidden cameras, it feels so real. It doesn't stand


up logically. It is dreamlike, woozy. She has a great way, she's


great in front of the camera and also behind it. She whips up quite a


troubling mood. I've been having sleepless nights. As it stayed with


you? Absolutely not. Ten hours a night! Like a log. She captures that


kind of English Grotte. That almost smell, the pet shop smell, like


particulate coming off the screen. What about the boring is? -- the


gore level? I feel like she put a finger in my ear and is having a


waggle. This is one of those subjects where the is to the point,


it is one of those experiences where you experience serious horribleness.


-- goriness. We are brave soldiers! Haven't you done well?


And Prevenge is out in cinemas next Friday.


Now, earlier this week, film lost one of its most eclectic


and original actors, Sir John Hurt.


In a career spanning over 60 years, he worked on everything


from Hollywood blockbusters like Alien and Harry Potter


to smaller, artier projects such as David Lynch's second film,


There is something that I've been meaning to ask you for some time


now. What's that? Can you cure me? No. No, we... We can care for you


but we can't cure you. No. I thought not. Oh, man. What are your


favourite performances? I wish you hadn't played that scene, it is not


a sentimental film but it is also a film, there are line readings that


just met you, that gets me every time. Something so spend about John


Hurt and so human. Elephant Man is the perfect role but you can go


through his whole career. Jackie, a lovely parting note for him, he's


very good in that. He was a one-off, which performance stood out for you?


I would say Scandal, about the Profumo affair of the 1960s which


had Ian McKellen as Profumo. John Hurt played Stephen Ward, the


osteopath. He was brilliant. He was a strong and weak character, he was


defiant and transgressive, he wanted pleasure and challenged hypocrisy


and yet he was fatally in all of the establishment. A brilliant and


detailed performance. Absolutely wonderful. We have some of your


tweets here that you been sending in. Jack says it is hard to choose


but he was great in Little Malcolm And His Struggle Against The


Eunuchs. Another says that they loved John Hurt in ten Rillington


Place and in An Enlistment In New York. Another says that they loved


him in 1984, playing Winston. I wonder if anybody has been watching


that this week! Now, a two-hour-42-minute long


German comedy may not sound like it would make


many movie posters. Nominated for an Oscar last week,


Toni Erdmann is the story of a father trying to reconnect


with his daughter, I know, it's really busy and the


moment. We were fighting over who had the most horrible weekend. I


probably had the worst one, my father, without any warning... I am


Toni, Toni Erdmann. I am Ambassador Toni Erdmann and


this is my secretary. I have to arrest you. I'm sorry, my


father made a stupid joke. All right, then. Peter, starting


with you, three hours of laugh a minute 's German comedy. It is two


hours 40 minutes. I thought this was a brilliant film, very emotionally


touching, I love the father daughter story but I wasn't rolling in the


aisles. It is a tragedy really, the tragic moment, the two tragic


moments in your life, when you are growing up and you realise your dad


isn't funny any more. The jokes that had you rolling in the aisles when


you were ten years old and then you become a teenager and you think,


stop it, stop trying to control me with jokes and it gets worse in your


20s. It happens again when you are a parent and your kid says that you


aren't funny any more. It is a film about someone trying in a very


misjudged way to use jokes, not genuine humour, but stupid jokes to


break through to your daughter. Going into the wigs and the teeth.


It is not funny and it is tragically ambiguous because you think, is this


a nice thing to do, or is it just abuse, passive aggressive control?


We should say that there is no umpah music. Practical jokes are central


to it because if anyone has known a practical joker, there is a strange


pathology. There is a savagery to the film, you keep expecting them to


have this kind of gooey reunion. There is something quite brutal


about it. It reminds me of 70s British sitcoms like Fawlty Towers


where Basil and Sybil hated each other, there wasn't this reservoir


of affection. This taps into that. That's why we love those shows. Does


the same apply? It reminds me of a more sentimental Hollywood movie


like About Schmidt. It has a European hard-core sensibility, like


Lars von Trio's The Idiots. There is a chill of fear because this guy is


stalking her. He wouldn't dream of doing it to his son, if he was in


that situation, undermining his professional standing but there is


something gendered about it. She has to deal with her colleagues a lot as


well. By a female director, Marian Ardagh -- Maren Ade. People talk


about the length of it but it's interesting I don't think it would


be half the film it is if it wasn't as long. It is madly long, it is


like a Met fix -- Netflix series, it is like she couldn't bear to throw


away any of the scenes they did. It wouldn't have the flavour without


the vast reach. It is like a huge epic. Last 30 minutes is so


unhinged, you need a couple of hours to work up to it.


OK, so an interracial love story, a pregnant serial killer,


Matthew McConaughey and a German comedy.


Toni Erdmann. Toni. Fantastic. Prevenge for me.


This time next week, the wonderful Clara Amfo


will be sitting right here, on this very sofa.


But I'll leave you with an exclusive look at "Mad to be Normal",


which gets its World Premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival


David Tennant stars as radical Scottish psychiatrist RD Laing,


who set up a medication-free community for psychiatric patients


Good night. I'm told that at your mental institution you advocate


treatment for schizophrenics without any medication. It isn't a mental


institution, it is a household of people with different states of


mind, living together as people. Never taken drugs. LST sends you


mad. We are friends, right? We look out for each other. What's the


matter? It is people that nobody else gives a Funk about. -- fuck


about. I've seen what families do to each other, I'm not putting my


children through that. A coward walks away. A brave man walks away.


Ooh! Drop it! It's not a prison, it's a


hospital, it is a, not a punishment. Your name is Toby.


Argh! You brought this upon yourself.


No, you brought it on my family!


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